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Havering was at the back of the East End Packs territories in London; which seemed to be - by general consensus - a Bad Thing. Emboldened by their ability to vote, the wolves of the East End pack rally behind their Alpha (or would-be Alpha depending on who you asked) and his choice to take the territory. Some decide that acting on this is in the interest of their safety, some are simply hungry for more, some want to see the Fae out of London - whatever their reason, people are rallying.

The affair is not without bloodshed however, but the fighting is not horrifying. The Fae knew this was coming and had prepared to struggle against it - but what they could not know was that the wolves brought numbers in the form of allies.

Daybreak witches mainly accompanied groups of wolves to help clear out areas and keep the fae from individually doing too much damage. Among the Daybreak witches, there is a small number of Midnight witches - spearheaded by Abigail Widdowson herself. Apparently there was some sort of agreement between Memon and herself.

Eventually, the Havering territory - after a day of little fighting and more than enough protests - falls to the wolves.

(Feel free to use this post as an event log! Make starters, tag other people, ect.)
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May threads for Shea's characters.

Want something specific? Toss it here, or ask me on [ profile] sheakespeare
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I've been here for a million years
Through the joy, through the tears.

Redbright Institute, Beltane : open to all )

But when I am gone this will go on
And the circle starts again...

Geap Manor, early May : closed to Alex )

I've watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust

Geap Manor, early May : closed )

I had cried when the oceans died
And the circle starts again...

Westminster, mid May : open to all )
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If you want a prompt, PM me or hit me up at [ profile] notverywool!
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Private for Sylvia

Show me how to lie )

Private for Norrell

You're getting better all the time )

Private for Abigail

And turning all against one )

Private for Eames & Finnick

Is an art that's hard to teach )
Drinking - Jolly Roger

Another clever word )

Settling pack disputes - Redbridge - first responder

Sets off an unsuspecting herd )

James can be found anywhere in the city you would like to encounter him, if you would like something more specific tailored to you - we can work that out, PP [ profile] cupcakepantry or PM my journal!
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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt, Eames, Lancelot, Simon, Alex, and assorted welcome guests!
What: Mind Control School is in session, Elizabeth has a mind to shut it down.
When: March 14th-16th
Where: Fontaine's School for Young Women in Camden, a cafe in Westminster
Warnings: Violence/mind control in Part III

make me feel like someone else )
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I. The Department Store [OPEN]
Waltham Forest, Morning )

II. The Mansion [OPEN]
Westminster, Night )

III. The Bus Stop [OPEN]
City of London, Early Afternoon )

IV. The Diner [CLOSED to Illya] (backdated to a couple weeks ago)
Camden, Evening )

V. The Confrontation [CLOSED to Kyle] (backdated to late February)
Kyle's Flat, Morning )

VI. Choose Your Own Adventure! [OPEN]
Anywhere, Any Time
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It could be me )

It could be you )
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Why do you care what people think?
Department store, early February )

Try to remember how it felt
Jolly Roger, all February )

Fall in love with yourself
Coffee shop, mid February )

The only one you've got
Simon's flat, February 17th -- closed to Simon )

A broken mirror to reflect
North Pole, late February )
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[Hillingdon - closed to Annie]

A Chance Encounter )

[Barnet - Shopping, early February]

Stuck in the mundane )

[Valentine's Day and Lupercalia]

Holidays and Sirius Black don't get along )

[Choose your own adventure]

A whole month of adventure )
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i) The security
Redbright Institute, early January

The security... )

ii) The scout
Enfield, early January

The scout... )

iii) The renter
Ealing, mid January

The renter... )

iv) The observant
Westminster, mid January

The observant... )

v) The watchful
Croydon, late January

The watchful... )


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