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A. Late August; Open

Girl stood underneath the low awning of a shop, wrapped fish and chips held to her chest. It was late enough that most of the buildings on the street were closing up, natural light dying and artificial street lamps casting a sallow glow. Girl murmured gently, the noise lost to the hissing and screeching of the tabby hunched atop the awning.

Girl held up a chunk of the fish, trying to feed it to the upset cat. The creature swiped at her fingers and Girl jumped, dropping the corner of meat. She stuck her fingers in her mouth, sucking off grease and blood with a whine before trying again. There were enough red marks on her hands and so little of her meal left to show it wasn't the first time it had happened. There was probably something to be said about doing the same thing over and over, and still expecting a different result.

"Come on, kitty," she said sweetly, ignoring that the cat hunched further as she got closer with another piece of food. "You don't have to be scared of me. Just come down."

B. [Wild card it or pm for a specific prompt. Closed starters are in the comments.]
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It's just another night at Guilty Pleasures. Which Jean-Claude supposes is part of the problem. He has had a lot of 'just another night at work's lately. Perhaps because work is where he feels most safe, most at home, but even there he is struggling.

He has not been in a good place, as of late. Not since the loss of the election, if he is being truthful. Not since Asher blew into his life, and then out of it again, and left Jean-Claude's heart heavy with the weight of the past and his mind spinning with the loss in the present. The loss of the election, for there is no cleaning up after what happened at his fund-raiser. Asher's debacle was too public, and it left the city with too many questions with nowhere near enough time for him to address them all.

And now they are left with Cesare in the seat. And though he supposes there are worse that might have taken that place, it stings. The fact that he had wanted this. The fact that he knows he might have been able to make a difference there. The fact that he remains where he is, clawing to hold together the scraps of their nest, under a regime that will never appreciate their people. He has failed them. And he has failed himself.

So he may or may not have been hiding away licking his wounds this whole time, depressed even despite the passage of time. And he may or may not be doing a very poor job of hiding it.
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[Catch-all post for Joscelin. Contact me via plurk or PM for specific prompts, or just post here and we'll go with it!]
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August 15
One of the things Laura always did to try to take care of herself was running. She loved it, a brisk jog through the park, though now with school out, her runs were becoming longer and longer. She loved using it as an excuse to explore the city and it's green spaces. That way, she could always come back on the full moon, when she had more control.

Stopping on a bench in Hyde Park, Laura paused to catch her breath pulled out her bottle of water. The bottle was opened effortlessly, but the trouble began as soon as she lifted the bottle to her lips. The water would not touch her lips.

Frowning at the bottle, she looked at it. It was plenty full. She tried again. Nothing.

Well. She was a well-educated former-witch of a woman. She knew what this meant.

She was cursed.

Later on August 15
Okay, no water. She'd tried again when she'd gotten back to her flat, but there was no drinking it. Showering was fine, but when she opened her mouth to try to get water, there was nothing. Not a single drop hit her mouth.

So after the shower, Laura had gotten creative. She emptied out her fridge and began to go through everything, trying to take sip after sip of milk, orange juice, iced tea. Nothing.

Nothing, except for the dark green bottle she had. Honestly, she hadn't thought to try wine- after all, wine? But beer had wielded no results, and neither had an attempted shot of vodka. Not to mention, the later it got, the thirstier Laura was.

"Frak it." She said to the empty apartment, and pulled the cork out of the bottle. She raised it to her lips and at long last, took a nice long drink.

Well. Shit.

August 16th
So wine it was! Laura Roslin had found something she could drink, and that was great, but she knew the thing about water was that you needed it, or you would die from dehydration. Not a fun way to go. At least most of her foods contained water (there was a lot of celery in her, right now) so she could hopefully prolong her inevitable death long enough to find a way to get rid of this curse.

This is what brings Laura to the grocery store, her cart filled with a few different bottles of wine. Her water bottle contains the same, and by the time she makes it out of the grocery store, her eyes are a bit heavy and she can tell that the wine is having it's effect on her. Not like she can even drink water to try to sober up.

At least, Laura thought as she left the store, she wasn't in the middle of work.

August 17th
Frak it! It was day 3 of nothing to drink but wine, and by the time Laura made her way to the den, it was clear that this forced bender was no good. Her skin was pale, her cheeks red, and gods damn it if she wasn't really fucking thirsty. Wine did nothing to quench thirst, though she'd been trying to convince herself that.

She missed her magic.

Sitting in the kitchen, her glass of wine in front of her as she tried to at least pretend she was doing something productive. Her eyes lazily followed another one of the pack members as they started a new pot of coffee.

"I'd kill someone for coffee right about now," she muttered, taking a sip of her wine. Nope, still not coffee.


(feel free to make your own during the three days that Laura is forced to only drink wine.)
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[Catch all for Zara's characters for August. Starters inside. PM/Plurk if you want a thread! Or just post and we'll go with the flow]
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It takes Lydia some time to cool down after Mogget's revelations about Cesare.
It takes a smashed plate, several ripped photos and her holding her Louboutins over the dustbin (she couldn't let them go: the shoes don't deserve to suffer because of Cesare's actions) before she gets it together enough to text Cesare.

We need to talk. 10 minutes. You know where. (angry face, angry face)

Then she goes to the hotel, and stomps up to the room where they always meet, door slamming as she enters. Nobody stops her. The staff know Miss Lydia by now. By the time Cesare arrives, she's sat on the edge of the bed, scowling.

"I am gonna kill you, Cesare Borgia," she snaps.

Guys No

Jul. 27th, 2017 10:34 am
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So the march had been a mess. As Cesare sat hidden, watching from his office and paying close attention to the news, it became pretty clear that nobody knew quite what they wanted. At least it seemed that nobody could quite agree.

For Cesare, that's actually pretty helpful. When anything is vague, that means that he gets to define it. With the attack on Newham and the wolves getting increasingly audacious, something needs to be done. Tensions are escalating and he doesn't want this to end badly. He schedules a press conference for the next week. It's time to make a political play.

As he makes his way to the press room he has a carefully crafted speech already prepared:

"This month the people of London expressed their feelings of concern regarding their city. They used their voices and I have heard them. Peace and unity are vital to the strength and security of this city and for too long we have allowed London to be ruled by violence and crime.

Politics is one thing. Violence is different. There is never an excuse for bloodshed and enough is enough. From now on, all crimes, whether used for political purposes or not, will be treated as the crimes that they are. If you commit a crime, no matter the reason, you will be prosecuted. If you are violent, you will be punished. This applies to all races, all factions, everyone.

It is time to be peaceful and united. Any of those who act against that can either leave or face punishment."

[OOC note: This will in no way stop territory claims. It's mainly empty talk, supporting laws that are already in place. While Cesare is attempting to discourage violence, any actual punishments for such behaviour will not be properly enforced. Keep on doing your thing. Cesare is just firmly taking a personal stance against crime and bloodshed.]
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It's official. She's failed out of uni. Lydia Bennet, the thick sister of the bunch. The useless one. The disappointment.

Well, her mum won't be disappointed, once Lydia tells her about Cesare. She will quite understand that Lydia spent the time she should have been studying for her exams in Cesare's hotel making him happy. When Lydia tells her. Right now, Lydia doesn't dare: her mum is the biggest gossip and it will take two minutes for word of her and Cesare will be everywhere.

Lydia heads for her favourite haunt, a cosy Starbucks close by. She fancies an extra large double shotted caramel macchiato. What she actually gets is a small tea. Because she's broke. She's failed and she's broke.

Why is life so hard?
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As with most things involving werewolves (or just Ghoul in general), it happens fast and without much warning. Tensions between wolves and vampires have been high lately- there have been a number of small spats throughout the month, but nothing particularly noteworthy or lasting happens.

The 25th seems to be a day like any other, until night falls. It starts small, with a handful of wolves deciding to strut their way around Newham like they own the place. The pack has been feeling stable and stronger lately, and the wolves themselves are ornery. Why not take back what's theirs?

Word spreads quickly, and by the 26th, the wolves have committed to a full-blown invasion. It's when the fighting begins in earnest, and each side takes turns rapidly gaining and losing ground. The standoff continues in to the 27th, with neither group able to make their claim stick. Newham is a lawless mess, unsafe for either faction as violence continues to escalate. No one seems to find surrendering an option. There's no telling how long this will last, or how much damage Newham will suffer for it.
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Closed to Girl

As the moon grows to full so too does Johanna’s innate desire to hunt. Johanna though, is disciplined. She can control herself when not immediately threatened.

This time though, the change is different. It’s the first time Johanna has changed so fully – feeling so awake, alive. Every time previous, she’s been drugged to her eyeballs, purposely weakened with the concoctions pumped into her body. But now, her desire to hunt, to kill has become unquenchable.

When she turns, she begins her stalk. It begins with a human, but quite quickly, Johanna loses interest. Why would she kill a human, just for the hell of it? No, Johanna’s grudges are against those who hunt werewolves, and against the vampires, those stinking corpses that destroyed her pack. Even in wolf form, Johanna grins. Let’s chuck a firework into the bonfire. Let’s kill a vampire.

She slinks through the streets of London, small for a wolf, and mangy. Patches of her fur are missing and she’s thin. But her eyes are keen and her teeth are sharp.

She runs for Islington. And she doesn’t stop until she realizes she’s being followed.


When all is said and done, and Johanna regains her senses, she realizes that she’s screwed. She’s killed a fucking vampire. There’s a bounty on her head and, she is sure, several corpses quite willing to murder her.
And Johanna kind of loves it.
She’s not an idiot though. She’ll totally call Cesare and his gang out but she has no intention of dying at a vampire’s hand. The problem is though, she has no pack to fall back on. No one’s obliged to help her, and Johanna isn’t exactly the type to actually ask for it.

She moves from her usual camp in the woods of the country park to a derelict house. It’s damp and unfurnished but that doesn’t bother Johanna either. She sleeps with her back against the back door and her axe in her hand. She is so ready. If anyone tries to attack, heads will roll.
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1. all of july: job hunting )

2. all of july: bird's eye view )

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Cesare Borgia thought that Nancy and he were getting along well. In fact, he thought they were getting along very well indeed. They had shared drinks at this point, joked about the failures of their past lovers and even sassed about each other's prowess on occasion. Overall, things were going great.

So Cesare is....surprised when Nancy comes storming into his office with a look on her face that tells him nothing good is going to come of this.

"Please, Nancy. I'm in a meeting..." he says, sitting at his desk, gesturing at the young, beautiful woman opposite him. It's an excuse though. Quite frankly, he has no interest in the conversation that Nancy is about to throw at him, even if he has no idea just yet what it's actually going to be about.

(It's become gently NSFW in this thread btw with mentions of sex.)
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Following This Thread

It's almost morning when Natasha shows up at Evie's doorstep. She looks good, her color better than anyone in in London would have ever seen. There's more energy in her step, in her stance. Subtly, more confidence. She feels better too, at least physically. It's been well over a year since she wasn't on the edge of starvation, and if she'd ever managed to convince herself that it wasn't so bad, that illusion is thoroughly dispelled now.

Emotionally... she's still sorting that out. Maybe that's why she came here instead of going home.

She can't escape the suspicion that Evie will know what she did the moment she opens the door. And for good reason. The clues are all there—and Natasha didn't pick herself a stupid woman.
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There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg.

The Countryman took the eggs to market and soon began to get rich. But it was not long before he grew impatient with the Goose because she gave him only a single golden egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough.

Then one day, after he had finished counting his money, the idea came to him that he could get all the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when the deed was done, not a single golden egg did he find, and his precious Goose was dead.

-The Goose and the Golden Egg, Aesop's Fables
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Daryl wasn't happy to be doing this, but in terms of property matters, he had little recourse. He could keep Daybreak out of the center so long as they insisted on breaking Hillingdon laws. Once they stopped - and they had to stop if they wanted to be seen as doing things the proper way - he had no legal recourse for continuing to keep them out of the building. It wasn't like Hillingdon had the means to get away with occupying it.

Shame that a fire hadn't broken out at some point, too.

He sat on the steps outside the main doors in much the same manner as the day he'd forced Daybreak to retreat. Local stray cats gathered around him to both keep him company and to help him if the negotiations went bad. Daybreak had broached the topic of the center being returned to them as soon as the law was voted through. Trying to salvage something out of it, no doubt. Getting the Center back would feel like a win, however Pyrrhic.

So he was there, as the one that had led the take over, to be the one to return the Center to Daybreak's control.
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Open prompt; June 15th, border of Hounslow and Ealing
Luckily for Ellie, her school was safely located in eastern Hounslow, and her home not far from there. It's not werewolf territory, but it's not territory where anyone will try to kill her or anything like that, according to her various pack members.

However, it was far enough away from the den that it made trips to and from a pain in the ass, particularly because she had to skirt around vampire territory to get there.

Still, Ellie was celebrating her last day of school by...not being in school. At about nine in the morning, she managed to slip away from the building and was walking down the street, backpack slung over her shoulders and headphones in place. She was trying to hum the guitar riffs, which didn't work out so well, but it was kind of fun in its own way. The only problem was that she wasn't really paying attention to the area around her. That made it easy to stumble into someone.

[OOC: Prompts for specific characters to follow, and if you want to leave your own prompt that's fine too!]
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In the last week, Party's does his job to set up a truly momentous party thrown by an anonymous organizer. To some he's admitted that he knows the organizer, to others he's only said that he'd heard of the party second or third hand, but those that know him best could probably tell whose handiwork is behind this. The fliers are artless and plain and they're everywhere in the days leading up to it, or at least everywhere Party can reasonably get them without getting police attention that would shut it down before it even starts.

It starts small and slow, a few high kids playing music on their cell phones and dancing, but it grows from there, a few DJs with small and portable setups and broken bottles in the street. Central to the whole affair is the Magical Innovation Centre, but it spreads out from there, disturbing the nearby neighborhood and hiding seedy activities with only minimal effort. At some point, there's even a series of wolf howls that seem to echo through the streets.

It's only a few hours from its small beginnings before it's broken up by the cops, but with no ringleader known, only interspersed random arrests are made. There just aren't enough police to get everyone.

(OOC: Party post! Post top levels, tag around and have fun!)
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[a catchall for june; prompts will be added to the top post as I write them!]

open to hillingdon & visitors )

for eames )

for jean-claude )
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WHO: Mako & YOU
WHAT: Mako does stuff everywhere 
WHERE: Everywhere; Hillingdon, near East End, etc etc
WHEN: June! 
NOTES:  Wanted: Full Moon Woofs, Shifters, Fae,  Everyone.

I see you... )


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