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Fuel for Thought

The final bell had rung for the weekend, and good lord if there wasn’t anything that was going to stop Laura from a cup of coffee for her way home. Some genius had decided the optimal place for a Starbucks was across the street from her school, and Laura couldn’t have been happier. Given that it was a primary school, she didn’t have to really risk running into any students, more so their parents. Still, it was a a sacrifice she was willing to make, and most parents weren’t getting coffee after picking up their kid, anyway.

She pushes her way into the crowded cafe where a line was already starting to form with others that had the same craving for an afternoon coffee to start their Friday off right. Already knowing what she wants, she’s lost in her phone when she feels someone brush up against her, pushing into the spot ahead of her.

“Excuse me,” she begins, tapping them on the shoulder. “I believe the line starts behind me.”

Which Way?

Despite having been in London for a few months now, there was one thing that always managed to confuse Laura. The Tube. She should have been able to figure it out- DC had metro transit, and she’d lived in upstate New York most of her life. But being a politician, she’d never had to worry about getting anywhere, someone would drive her. So her knowledge of how to navigate the underground system was severely lacking.

Which is how she’s found herself on some track, looking up at the sign telling her the next train would arrive in 7 minutes. It had been at 7 minute for the last 10. She wasn’t even sure this one was headed in the right direction- but the color was right. Circle line. So… where was the train?

She sighs, and starts peering down the hallway toward the other side of the track where a train just exited in the opposite direction.


“…was that the Circle going toward Monument?” Honestly, it sounds like gibberish to her.

Fun Den (For Ghoul)

"...Fun Ghoul, did I hear you say?" Laura isn't about to judge the youth for his colorful name, but it gets a slight eyebrow raise. She'd been in London for a few months, getting to know the city, but now it was time to truly get to know her pack. She thought she'd start with a tour of the den and was promptly put in contact with a Mr. Fun Ghoul. Something something Americans something, she figured.

Fine by her. she figured the younger man would be honest with her about the tour, and she liked being around younger people. probably why she was a teacher.

She extends a hand to her guide. "Laura Roslin- you can just call me Laura. I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to give me a tour. Would you like something to drink before we start? Coffee?" She had something of an addiction.

What's your rush? (For Joss)

the sun has set about an hour ago, but Laura was still out. She'd had a few errands to run before returning to her small flat for a glass of wine and a smoke before grading homework. Best way to do it, maybe with some trashy Housewives tv show on in the background.

really, that's all she was thinking about as she made her way through the neighborhood, purse over one shoulder, bags in hand. She should have been paying better attention to her surroundings, but all she was really thinking about was just how comfortable her slippers we're going to be when she walked through her front door.

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The meeting between Cesare and Samantha had gone well. Surprisingly well. Cesare had promised her money for her centre, some large donations had been made and now all that was left was seeing how Samantha felt about the deal.

Not intending to waste time, Cesare sends Samantha a text the morning the payment goes through: Dinner? -C . Normally he would sign off with both of his initials, but he thinks now is a time to invite Samantha to be on first name terms with him, if she would like.

He invites Samantha to dinner in his hotel, in a half power move, half attempt to give them some privacy. It would be unfortunate if the two of them were seen together and rumours started. As such, they're in a private dining room with their own set of waitstaff.

Their conversation goes well and Cesare enjoys it, but they don't talk business. It's only when the two of them are sipping their nightcaps, looking over the night view of London that Cesare finally mentions something.

"So have you thought about my offer?"
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It's the lunch time after the night before, and Lydia is nursing a champagne hangover. She keeps her sunglasses on even in the little cafe she's tucked away as she nurses a strong coffee.What a stupid night. Lydia's dreading seeing the papers. Although the incident with Samantha was minor, and the woman perfectly polite, Lydia sees it differently. In her mind, it's a massive blow. It's like she's been rejected, a little bit, from the best society.
Feelings hurt, she's text Nancy to meet her. Nancy listens. And Lydia loves to be indulged.

She pulls out her phone and texts Nancy.

'Hurry up. So much to tell you! MWAH! xx'
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[Catch-all for Shade's characters! Specific starters in the comments. If you want anything with either Cooper or Rorschach, PM me or let me know at [ profile] Light_shade!]
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It had all been a surprising coincidence. Cesare had merely been chatting about the political climate as he always did, when he mentioned Natasha in passing. Someone happened to know about Natasha. Know a lot, in fact. And eventually, as more drinks were poured and they had some discussions, so did Cesare.

Now, part of Cesare thinks he should keep this information to himself. After all, he might need it at some point. But another part of him, the more persuasive part, is too tempted to watch Natasha squirm. She's always been so composed and stoic. Cesare is curious to find out if, all in good fun, he can make that facade crack.

He invites her to afternoon drinks, as he's grown accustomed to doing. (After all, it's always helpful to keep the door to fellow vampires open when they've chosen to sit on the wrong side). For Natasha at least, it seems like any other day.

"How have you been?" he asks politely, standing when she enters because he's a gentleman like that. And also because he's old as sin.
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It's after careful deliberation that Finnick decides he's going to track down the well-known Seelie fae Mrs. Lotus. He hopes he can find her along with the rest of the kidnapped fae and cut off that source of Daybreak's power before it's too late, but it's going to take some investigation...

multiple prompts within! )
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[Fagin made it very clear that celebrating Easter was not for him. Bringing in chocolate eggs and other sweets? No, not for him at all, but all for his boys, his good boys who did the work he asked them. Easter wasn't his holiday - though it can't be said that Fagin recognized the Passover all that well either, for as much as he would proclaim Easter was his treat to them.]

[Still... least the chocolate's alright.]
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Jean-Claude sits in the office of Guilty Pleasures, staring down at the account book laid before him on the desk. He is usually a lot more productive than he finds himself at such a time as this, but the air in the room is somewhat oppressive with the weight of time and memory that he feels bearing down on him, and he finds it difficult to concentrate on much of anything for long periods of time. The city is in turmoil over this business with the witches and the fae, and the wolves have begun causing trouble of their own.

He has made decrees of his own in response to these problems -- all vampires sympathetic to the Daybreak cause are to be expelled from the Nest. And the wolves? Well, since they were going about killing any vampire on sight that set foot in East End Pack territory, Jean-Claude made his own declaration in return. Any werewolf caught trespassing will be subject to punishment of that vampire's choice. He does not want an all-out bloodbath on his hands, to decree that they might kill on sight in return would be downright foolhardy. But he cannot let this go either. Perhaps he should have thought things through more, but he had been a bit preoccupied of late.

And that preoccupation had everything to do with the new portrait hanging on the wall above his couch. New, in the sense that it had not been there before, but definitely not new in age. Oil on canvas, painted over five hundred years ago, depicting three people dressed in the style of the 1600's. The woman wears white and silver with a square bodice showing quite a bit of decolletage, her brown hair styled in careful ringlets, with a red rose held loosely in one hand. A man stands behind her, tall and slender, with dark gold hair in ringlets over his shoulders. He has a mustache and a Vandyke beard, so dark gold they are nearly brown. On his head he wears a large floppy hat with feathers, his entire outfit of white and gold. It is the third that the onlooker will recognize. Seated just behind the woman, dressed in black with silver embroidery and a wide lace collar and cuffs, he too has his own wide-brimmed floppy hat, with a single quite feather and a silver buckle, this one black. Though he does not wear it, instead resting it across his lap. His black hair falls in ringlets across his shoulders, and his face is clean-shaven, his eyes strikingly blue even despite the medium. The other two depicted are smiling, but the third man -- Jean-Claude -- is solemn. A darkness to their light.

Jean-Claude does not know why Belle decided to send this painting to him. He has not gathered the courage in himself to ask, just yet. Neither has he gathered the courage to do anything with it but hang the piece on his wall. It is a reminder of what feels now as if a different life. He should have known, as the portrait artist had done, that he would bring a darkness in their lives. These two people he had cherished the most in all the world. Julianna. Asher. How happy they had been...

He pushes himself back from the desk with a sigh, feeling their gazes heavy upon himself. He will get no work done on this night. Perhaps he should take a turn about the floor of the club instead. Though he doubts that will do much to lighten his mood.

[ooc: feel free to visit him being maudlin in his office, or as he mopes around on the floor, or perhaps once he has found himself a corner of the bar and a glass of wine to nurse as well! c: ]
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[The scavenger hunt is closed to those characters who signed up, but the rest of this event is open to everyone! Feel free to mingle. If you have any questions about the event, please ask here.]
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Well, here they are again. Eames doesn't want the dismal borough, but it's their best route into the city, and the best way to disrupt Daybreak. It's only going to be fuel for Samantha's fire, but at this stage does he have it in him to care?

It's a quick and quiet operation, enough fae who remember the borough from before Daybreak took it to know where the best places to set up magical protections and suchforth are. The 10th & 11th Sees various fae scoping out the area, but not much else. Always in pairs at least for worry of coming across a particularly arrogant or powerful witch, but otherwise they're here solely to take notes. Make sure they're right about where things are placed, where covens meet, which establishments are witch-run.

Come the 12th, they attack. Fast and targeted, under instruction to avoid bloodshed where possible but not to allow themselves or any other fae to be hurt or tricked for their mercy. There's a precedent Eames wants to maintain, that his violence only comes in full force when he's threatened, but he doesn't want to allow Samantha and her ilk the chance at any more power. The attacking fae move with the intent of pushing the witches out, away from any magical strongholds so their seals can easily be undone.

The 13th & 14th are spent on securing the area, breaking witch seals and replacing them with those of fae, setting up patrols where they border against Daybreak boroughs. Witch-owned businesses are allowed to stay, but under a watchful eye. Otherwise it's a quiet day, celebrations are sedate affairs of glamorous meals and expensive wine rather than the full-on parties the fae are well-known for. It's just hard to feel more than a moment to breathe in the aftermath.
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It started as an absolutely routine trip to the store. Nancy'd ducked into her nearest magic shop, looking to replenish a few of her supplies. You could never have enough candles or sage, after all. With a small basket tucked under her arm, she'd picked up a few different items, looking at new herbs and books on charms. She almost didn't notice him- but when it was almost too late she noticed his soft, dirty-blonde hair. 

As soon as she saw it, she knew who it was. It was the boy- Joss, Cooper had told her- the one she had taken in after she'd found him. A child vampire, she'd been heartbroken for him, though Cooper alleged he'd truly been over six-hundred-years-old. She could hardly believe it, and honestly it was the very last thing on her mind when she saw him. She'd spent hours imagining where he was, hoping he was okay after he'd run out of her apartment. To her, he'd been a sweet, lost boy, not some old, cruel man.

But isn't that how it always went?

"Joss!" She called, and immediately ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his small shoulders. "You're alright!" 
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[A general catchall for Arthur for April! PM or plurk me if you want to plot!]
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Well, it's not much, but it's home. Lydia grimly shuts the door on the very basic looking student hall. It's right on the border of Lambeth and Lewisham, just about in the good side, the safe side, to keep her mother from fussing. On the other hand, what mothers don't know can't hurt them, and Lydia is quite thrilled to be living so close to the border. For her at least, it's a little bit edgy, a little bit exciting. Even if it's thoroughly grotty as well.

(Mid day, March 11th, Lost in Lambeth) Read more... )

( Morning, 13th March, down along the Thames in Lambeth and Westminster)
Read more... )

(18th March, Shoreditch, 3AM)
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They've done their research. They know where the fae in Bromley are hiding out, their movements, their numbers. As far as intelligence gathering goes, it's not a bad effort. They have a plan too. This at least is an improvement over some past witches that Mogget could mention, though in his opinion the plan is rather crude. Samantha could get a lot more resistance than she bargained for.

Which, it turns out, is exactly the case. Of course, Mogget is the one on the ground with the other witches, trying to control a situation that swiftly spirals out of control. Samantha is nowhere to be seen; she gets others to do her dirty work.

He's not looking forward to telling her what went wrong.

[ooc: Planning post here, individual threads for each day below! Feel free to make your own subthreads and let me know if you have any questions!]
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23 February, Early Morning

He wakes up in the middle of a field - actually, a football pitch in Hounslow, but it seems vast and strange to him. He feels a nagging sense that he's lost something important, but he can't remember what it is. On further thought, he realizes that it's not the only thing he can't remember. He has no idea who he is, where he is, or why he's standing in the cold rain. The only thing he can remember is the feeling of an old ring hanging on a chain against his chest, under his sodden clothes. It's familiar and safe, and he knows that if he removes it something very bad will happen.

So the boy crouches in the mud and puzzles through his odd predicament.

A woman at a bus stop opposite the park is the first to see the small figure in the rain. She approaches the pale child and asks him what he's doing out so early, offering her umbrella, but he doesn't seem to understand her questions, growing increasingly agitated and confused the more she tries to help him. He's obviously lost, and the thinness of his arms and legs concerns her. She calls the police.

That night, the evening news broadcasts a picture of a boy, believed to be between nine and eleven years of age, who has been taken into care by Child Protective Services. They are looking for anyone who may recognize him since he does not seem to recognize himself. It generates a bit of buzz online, but it's hardly a leading news story with everything else going on in the world.

There's a follow-up the next morning, but this time it leads the program: a nurse in the mystery boy's hospital room was found dead late last night, drained of blood, her throat ripped out. The child is nowhere to be found.

[Specific prompts in the comments!]


Feb. 15th, 2017 09:17 pm
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It's been decades since Mogget has wandered around London this freely. It's almost like discovering the city all over again. At first he sticks to exploring mainly at night, keeping his nose to the ground and sniffing out magical activity. During the day he switches to crow form for a bird's eye view of the city, updating the mental map in his head. He has a specific mission, however, and so in the latter half of the month he begins to target certain locations:

Bromley and Bexley )

Hillingdon House (17th-19th February) )

Abbott Mill, the East End Den (around end February) )
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Evening, February 14th )

[[OOC: Thomas will be going around and talking to everyone, but this is a party mingle log so feel free to post amongst yourselves.]]


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