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Evening, February 14th )

[[OOC: Thomas will be going around and talking to everyone, but this is a party mingle log so feel free to post amongst yourselves.]]
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A. What Do Vampires Do Best?

So, Cooper had won the seat on the Night Council. He had to admit that he wasn't sure that he was going to win the election. The competition had been fierce. But apparently the vampires of London had their heads screwed on straight. When he found out the news, he immediately let out a whoop and holler. Then he remembered that he was now a representative and now had to act with more decorum. He'd accepted the position gratefully.

So how to celebrate? Well, there was the traditional vampire method. He was throwing a party in his apartment, which let's face it, was spacious enough for about three parties going on at once. Everyone was invited. Yes, everyone, even those from factions the Nest was in conflict with, or those people that Cooper didn't particularly personally care for. He wanted it to be known he wasn't just exclusively about vampires and was willing to work with other supernatural types for the greater good. It was as good a time as any to approach with any issues other vampires may have wanted him to approach the Council about.

While he is his usual cheerful self as he goes around greeting everyone, those who know Cooper well will notice that he seems a bit distracted. Lately, he's been picking up on the emotions of those around him. It's not entirely a surprise. These things sometimes happen to vampires when they sire a certain number of vampires, or in Cooper's case, reach a certain age. However, suddenly developing empathic powers can be hard to adjust to. Knowing when everyone's lying, feeling sad, or suddenly horny is not the best thing in the world.

B. With Great Power...

Despite his usual irreverent personality, Cooper is taking his duties seriously. Now they're double-fold thanks to being both a Marquess and the Representative. Only one thing to do when he's got a list of vampires who all want to talk to him about their grievances. Out comes the motorcycle and off into London he goes. First up was the lawyer who specialized in keeping vampires out of trouble. Getting some of them to obey the laws of London and actually serve their sentences when they were caught by mortal police was a pain. Occasionally, calling in for back-up in the form of the Marquess was required.

He went along his day, checking in on one of his favorite blood donors to make sure she wasn't being taken advantage of by the older vampires in the nest. After talking to Shady Heavens, the infamous drag queen and her tally of grievances that ran sky high, Cooper decided he needed a break. Stopping at a fish 'n chips place, he was perched on his motorcycle, gnawing away at his lunch, and occasionally drinking from a flask of blood at his hip. He was bracing himself against the brushes of emotions he kept feeling from different passerby. Oh, he would be so glad when he got this new gift under control.

C. Wildcard!

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Caroline has worked hard to put together the evening's event, which is not only a Christmas party but also hopefully a chance for the Nest to celebrate its new leadership. The room at the Angelo has been decorated with a winter wonderland theme which, while not exactly original, is quite lovely.

A string quartet is playing a selection of Christmas and other classical music. Any attempts to feed on the musicians will result in the perpetrator getting thrown out the party, or worse. But feeding on any of the hired help or performers should be unnecessary, since several varieties of "blood punch" are available to drink. There is also food and other drinks available for non-vampire guests and anyone else who wishes to partake.

There is a strict black tie only dress code and Caroline will tell anyone who is under-dressed to go home and change.

[The event is happening on Dec 17th but I wanted to get it up early so everyone had time to do get involved if they so desired.]
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The Lanky Loon wasn't exactly Daryl's bar of choice on most days, but it did one thing that the majority of pubs in the area didn't: catered to Expats feeling a little lonely on Thanksgiving. Mostly becuase it was run by ex-Expats who'd settled down decades ago and thought it would be fun to do when they were hurting for friends. Turkey and potatoes with stuffing and cranberry were the only items on the menu today and several long tables set out so all the people with no family in the area could sit down next to each other like they were. They got to be as dysfunctional as expected but without any of the baggage that went with it and they could disown the rest when they left. The place was open all day and food was first come first serve.

Daryl had found it through his job since they like to hire state-side and this would be his third year going. He didn't know anyone's names but the owners and didn't really care if he remembered them or not. Didn't matter, the big game was on the tiny little screen that passed for a television and people were already getting loud and rowdy about it. Felt enough like home to be worth an hour or two of his time.

He grabbed a plate, a beer, and set himself down at an empty spot. Turned to whoever he was next to and raised the bottle up in toast, "Happy Turkey-day."

[we have a small cast of american characters so if anyone wants to mingle with each other and not just Daryl, go right ahead.]
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Twenty. Gods, Nancy could hardly believe it. She didn't expect to still be here for this day, truth be told. She knew the sort of life she lived, and the sorts of people she associated with. But against all odds, here she was. Twenty-years-old by Fagin's count, and as wonderful as that was...

It was odd. She'd been a teenager for so long, and now she was officially a twenty-something. An adult, for real this time, not like when she'd turned eighteen.

It didn't exactly help that Charley Bates had decided it was a great idea to call her 'old'. She'd hit the back of his head for that, refusing to consider herself old. She was still so young, at least in comparison to those she spent most of her time around, people that were centuries older than her.

This, of course, caused her some angst. She hadn't particularly wanted to celebrate her birthday. It wasn't anything to be glad about. She was, as she realized, three years physically older than Cooper. And that just felt... weird. She knew, mentally, he was far older than she was. And as he always said she was stuck with him until she was old and grey, but...

Would he still love her, then, she wanted to know? How weird would it be, an haggard old woman next to this cute seventeen-year-old kid. A chill ran up her spine when she thought about it, comparing the wretch that Fagin was to her hypothetical-old-woman-self.

If she lived that long.

Still, people want to celebrate with her. Eames, wonderful Eames, had surprised her with tickets to go see a show on the West End, and taken her out to an amazing restaurant. She'd even brought cake over to the boys', knowing a few of them had saved up to get her something. Or, likely, stole it. But she didn't reach out, not really. If you were lucky enough to know it was her birthday, however, she'd happily entertain any and all plans. There was no need to be rude, after all.


Nancy's 20 aww yiss.
Uhm, this is an open post. A few starters in the comments. Want something specific? Please let me know!
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The Duke of Central London's Samhain festivities are open upon invitation only. Those who are fortunate enough to have received one, either from the Duke himself or from one of his guests, are privy to quite the affair. Raymond has obviously been planning this for some time now, and the bar is fully stocked, the room fully decorated for the festivities. Collected from the fae hunt that their leader had encouraged, fae blood flows freely, available freshly served in punch bowls or straight from the source itself, in the form of kidnapped fae off of the streets. The vampires who partake are drunk with it and high on the euphoria that it offers, a drug unlike any other their kind can partake in.

As promised by Raymond himself, it is a rave the likes that London has never seen before. And it's about to get a lot more memorable still...
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[ooc note: this is an open post for jean-claude's move on the territory of southwark. there are many threads within, some closed, some open. even if your character may not have participated in the claim itself, there is still opportunity for them to participate either talking to jean-claude before or after the claim, or just celebrating their victory with them! if you have any questions pleas private message me or private plurk me on [ profile] lycanthropy101!]
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1. Early evening - for Thomas )

2. The Party Begins - Open )

3. Later in the Evening - Open )

[Feel free to join the party even if your character doesn't know Caroline well enough for an invite, everyone's welcome]
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Cooper was more than just a little dissatisfied with the way things were being run by Harris right now. He wasn't going after the head vampire directly. While he was known to make dumb decisions from time to time, Cooper wasn't as stupid as all that. But as long as they had their seat on the Night Council, he was content with the status quo. When they lost that and therefore their immunity to hunters, Cooper got more than just worried. He got a little scared. If the other factions thought they had lost their edge, they might come after them. So he decided it was time act first and show the other factions that there was still some teeth left to Islington.

He'd taken part in his own fair share of territory claims and come to know what worked and what didn't. To take over Greenwich, he decided that it was best to hit them hard and fast. If they could get an edge over the wolves before they really had a chance to react, they could take over with minimal fuss. So that was the plan: get in, strike hard, and take over. It all seemed rather simple to the vampire. And here people thought his aggressive tendencies were a bad thing.

So on the 10th, the vampires were going be hitting Greenwich with everything they had. If a few wolves got killed in the carnage, so be it. That was the price to pay for making sure that the message was clear: nobody messed with Islington.
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In a pub (Nancy) Painting the Town Red )

In the streets (Open)Wasting the Nights Away )

In an alley, later in the month, toward the peak of the fae hunt (Open)Losing Control )
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It should never be said that Jean-Claude does anything halfway. So too might be true of the claim to try and regain Southwark for Islington.

And so he sends out a proverbial white glove to Daybreak. A formal challenge, detailing what Islington is after, how they believe they have been wronged, and how they would like to take it back. Naming a time and place where the two parties should meet (a quiet area, after the sun has set), where Jean-Claude and those who will join him for his cause shall be waiting. To fight for what is theirs.

It's all very romantic, if he says so himself. Brings him back to an era where such a thing was more commonplace. A time and place that he rather misses, all things considered.

He sends out a call to arms amongst the vampires as well. Letting them know his intentions. Letting them know that he has specified there will be no cheating in this match-up, no silver bullets, no fairy aid. No teeth. An honest match, between the vampires of Islington and the witches of Daybreak. And may the winner reap the riches. It's pretty clear what sort of a stand he's trying to make, a stark contrast to the latest brutality. He can only wait and see what sort of a statement it makes. Regardless of the outcome.

So Jean-Claude plans. And thus they assemble, at the appointed place, at the appointed time. And so do Daybreak and Islington come together in their first honorable battle in decades. As honorable as a battle gets, of course...

((ooc: come tag in and fight alongside your fellow witch/vampire, discuss amongst each other the strategy and your opinion of it before going in, OR react together to how it was handled and the fact that they lost afterwards -- have at it! c: there are not that many daybreaks involved/signed up, as a note, so please team up with each other and feel free to NPC daybreak opponents for yourselves! ))


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