Apr. 13th, 2017

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Well, here they are again. Eames doesn't want the dismal borough, but it's their best route into the city, and the best way to disrupt Daybreak. It's only going to be fuel for Samantha's fire, but at this stage does he have it in him to care?

It's a quick and quiet operation, enough fae who remember the borough from before Daybreak took it to know where the best places to set up magical protections and suchforth are. The 10th & 11th Sees various fae scoping out the area, but not much else. Always in pairs at least for worry of coming across a particularly arrogant or powerful witch, but otherwise they're here solely to take notes. Make sure they're right about where things are placed, where covens meet, which establishments are witch-run.

Come the 12th, they attack. Fast and targeted, under instruction to avoid bloodshed where possible but not to allow themselves or any other fae to be hurt or tricked for their mercy. There's a precedent Eames wants to maintain, that his violence only comes in full force when he's threatened, but he doesn't want to allow Samantha and her ilk the chance at any more power. The attacking fae move with the intent of pushing the witches out, away from any magical strongholds so their seals can easily be undone.

The 13th & 14th are spent on securing the area, breaking witch seals and replacing them with those of fae, setting up patrols where they border against Daybreak boroughs. Witch-owned businesses are allowed to stay, but under a watchful eye. Otherwise it's a quiet day, celebrations are sedate affairs of glamorous meals and expensive wine rather than the full-on parties the fae are well-known for. It's just hard to feel more than a moment to breathe in the aftermath.


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