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June Catch All for Dodger

[The Artful Dodger can be found anywhere about London during the course of a full month. Anywhere there's a crowd, there's work to be done, and if you know the hat, you'll be able to spot him easily. Or if you want to be spotted... well, he's always paying attention]
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Roddy had been in a nearby abandoned building, the sort of place he frequently spent time in when he wanted to let his rat instincts run wild without fear of being spotted by quite as many humans or predators.

Of course, once his 'rat time' was done, he shifted back to human, got dressed, and carefully snuck back out of the abandoned building through a window since the doors had been boarded. He moved cautiously as he headed out to rejoin civilization, his eyes, ears and nose focused completely on the world around him as his rat instincts lingered a bit, reminding him of all the potential dangers of the world.

It wasn't long before he noticed someone not far away, though he doubted he really needed his rat senses for that. He may have only seen the guy once, but he'd recognize that hat anywhere.

Quickly deciding that since while what he was doing was technically illegal, he didn't have too much to worry about, Roddy kept walking, acting like climbing out the window of an abandoned building had been a perfectly normal pastime and why should anyone find that suspicious at all?
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"Yeah, I knew that."

Even though his paranoid demeanor seemed to imply otherwise. Of course, a lot of that was his paranoid rat instincts, but not all of it. Although at the moment he was more worried about witches retaliating for the things he did to the Innovation Center than police. Not that he'd mind doing it again if it would help make his point that the summoning and familiar crap was not okay.
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Roddy was about to try and think of some excuse about being twitchy when Dodger followed up his thought with something that he really was not expecting the kid to know.

"Wait, how do you..."
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Huh. He'd have to figure out where he slipped up and fix that, but since this guy seemed to be pretty relaxed about it, Roddy figured he could work that out later. For now, he wanted to hear more about this work. Being perpetually broke, Roddy could use an extra revenue stream.

"Yeah? For what?"
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Huh. Well, that sounded interesting. And the thing was, the risk for Roddy...well, it would be pretty high, to be honest, since if he was caught as a rat he could be killed, but if he got away he'd be able to get off easy, because who reported the activities of a rat to the police?

"What kind of jobs are we talking?"

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If it seems like Fagin's in a bad mood today, the reason becomes fairly obvious when he comes out of his office with Eames and points Dodger out. He'd come asking for his best thief, promised a decent pay if the kid's successful, but then Fagin points out a changeling and Eames can't help but feel like the old man's intentionally sabotaging him.

It's just gonna have to work. Eames certainly isn't about to give Fagin any more details than he has to, and telling him a fae won't work isn't information he fancies sharing.

"Dodger, right?" He flick's the kid's hat, not hard enough to knock it off but it'll probably knock it at an angle, "I'm buying you lunch, come on."
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"A nuisance," Eames answers dismissively, ignoring the way Fagin forces a laugh like it's a joke between friends and not an insult. He's not interested in being here any longer than he has to be, it stinks of rotten memories and cheap gin, and he nudges Dodger's shoulder on his way out.

"That free meal's not going to be on the table forever."
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Eames does exactly that-- Lewisham's managed to stay away from the wave of gentrification so far, so there's a pretty decent greasy spoon nearby. He doesn't fancy taking the kid to somewhere nice, but moreover it seems a little more Dodger's speed than some upscale bar or fancy Italian place anyway.

He's also not hugely in the mood for small talk, so unless the kid has any questions they'll be travelling in silence.
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He knows Dodger's probably trying to figure out what kind of business Eames wants him for exactly, not exactly like Eames doesn't know all the ways Fagin keeps himself afloat, he's seen enough kids fall into the old bastard's clutches, but he doesn't care to dispel any anxieties about it just yet.

Eames is all smiles with the owners, a bit of polite "how's it going?" and all that chit chat, and he orders a couple of cups of tea and takes two menus to a table near the back with a good view of the door and the rest of the place. He slides one across the table, noticeably more relaxed now they're out of the den, and offers a tired smile, "said you're going to eat well, right?"

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Inside the den, the angry footfalls of a petite ginger storming up the stairs could be heard before her voice called out, "Plummy and slam-!" No sooner did Nancy slam the door behind her did she look around the room. "Everyone out! Except you, Dodger." She pointed a dark-painted nail at him.

"Nancy, my dear, surely-" Fagin started as he approached the girl, his hands out to calm her.

"And you too, Fagin, you make sure to leave as well," she turned to the old man. "I've got words for the Dodger and they ain't for any of your ears."

Rather than risk the wrath of a very upset Nancy, and judging by the way the glassware was clattering around her, it was far better to disappear out the front door. Keeping her finger on admittedly her favorite of the whole gang of thieves, she waited until the last of the boys and the old devil himself was out before she spoke again.

"Where the fuck d'you go about getting off, Jack Dawkins, telling Cooper something that wasn't none of his business?"
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Oh, there are no smiles in the den today. Just Nancy's lips set in a firm line as she puts her hands on her hips, glaring at the boy.

"You know exactly wot I'm referring to, Jack, don't play dumb with me." The Cockney in her accent always seems to rise whenever she's mad, with no need to try to disguise it.
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"Oh, are they?" She crossed her arms over her chest, continuing to glare at him. A few cabinets opened and closed.

"What are they then? Come on. let's hear the brilliant reasons you've got to tell my boyfriend about Bill!"
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"People an' things? Oh, real specific, Dodger. Real bloody specific. D'you know what else? Cooper an' I've been talkin' and things were bein' said and NONE OF IT needed to be done! Why do you fucking thing I hadn't told him a damn thing about BIll? That wasn't your story to tell! D'you know what that does t'me?"

If anyone was going to know anything about her, she had to be the one to tell them.

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