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[general open post for Shea's characters. Starters in the comments! Feel free to leave something, or contact me at [ profile] sheakespeare for something specific.]
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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...
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oh no, it's another catch-all for Shea's characters!
Private starters in the comments, hit me on plurk, or just drop something in.
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 A. Kensington, Early July.

Time for Walkies? )

B. [Hillingdon, Mid-July]

A Bored Sirius is a dangerous thing )

C. [Wildcard]

Open to Suggestions )
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1. For Kyle – Saturday night All I wanna do is stay right here on the floor )

2. Mingle – Saturday night (Open, Roddy likely will not be responding since he's DJing) Get lost in the night and dance like there's no tomorrow )

3. Mingle – Saturday night (Open, Roddy will not be responding because he's not here)Don't care about the sunrise )

4. Open – Sunday afternoon Somebody please just hit the lights )
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Sometime in early June, some posters start appearing in the halls of Hillingdon house. They read CLAN MEETING at the top in big bold letters, with the date, time, and location of the meeting below. Arthur's not looking to give a lot away here, but he tells a few people about it and how important it is to attend, hoping that the word will spread through the faction.

Arthur doesn't know what to anticipate. So far it's been a lot of stand-offish hunters and shifters, and they might not be eager to participate in an initiative that unites them and begets communication. Arthur was like that too, but now there's a need to be prepared and a need to act; getting the information out there is important.

People are late, of course. Arthur waits until it seems like people have stopped filtering in to start, waiting patiently at the front of one of Hillingdon House's grand ballrooms. He doesn't like being the center of attention, but he's been the lead on more than a few military briefings and debriefings in his day, so he's not totally out of his element in front of everyone there.

He starts with a small introduction, explaining that he's been with the clan for about a year and a half and before that he was in the US military. He leaves out the bit about his special-ops vampire-killing team, of course, but the fact is that he was trained to kill by the biggest military complex in the world.

He then goes on to explain why he called the meeting, telling everyone that Millicent has been murdered - just to get them all on the same page - and that she's been replaced by a far worse leader. Raymond Harris' new rules that Islington's vampires are allowed to feed on locals and that shapeshifter kills are reason enough for Hillingdon to start getting a little more pro-active, not to mention the fact that he'll allow children to be turned now. It's critical for Hillingdon to be prepared, not only for the inevitable rise in bounties, but for a more aggressive vampire population in general.

Not only that, it's critical for the faction to start sharing information between members a little more freely now. Information and skills.

He invites anyone who has more information to speak, and says that he'll offer anyone who wants them some extra training on marksmanship, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, any of the skills he has. He makes it clear that he's not looking for Hillingdon to go on a hunt - they don't need to be tracking down innocent vampires and killing them for sport - but it's time that they become a little more unified so they can use their skills to help deal with this if it gets worse.

[Please use the appropriate headers below if you character wanted to speak up during Arthur's presentation or for mingling! You can also start threads if you want to consolidate any threads that come up as a result of this, so skill sharing etc. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or to plurk me at [ profile] dreamalittlebigger!]
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June & July catch-all for Shea's characters.
Private starters in the comments. Let me know if there's anything you want to do ([ profile] sheakespeare) and we can work it out!
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May threads for Shea's characters.

Want something specific? Toss it here, or ask me on [ profile] sheakespeare
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a. keeping the deal )

b. off the clock )

[If you want a different/more specific prompt just PM me or hit up [ profile] dreamalittlebigger. Also if you want brackets instead of prose just do your thing and I'll respond in kind!]
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#herodog trended in the UK for a grand total of forty-eight hours in early March, long enough to spark several articles about the incident in various local tabloids and newspapers, a fifteen minute segment about it on BBC Breakfast (complete with an animal behaviour expert), and two @herodog and @londonherodog Twitter parody accounts. Then the world turned and the sensation died down and few people remembered Maria Mitchell's little brush with fame.

Except Maria herself, of course.

She had been at a low point, but the hero dog ended all that when it dragged her off the tracks and away from danger after she'd drunkenly fallen off the platform, right in the path of an oncoming Circle Line train. The dog had done more than save her life, she'd tell her friends. It had given her purpose, a reason to stop drinking and start living.

She became obsessed with finding the London Hero Dog. If she could find it and thank it, or--well, they obviously shared a bond so maybe she could give it somewhere to live for the rest of its life! Right! The universe was telling her she was meant to adopt this dog.

She just had to find it first. And maybe look at some cell phone video she'd drunkenly recorded later that night...

i - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (18 April - Open to Previous CR) )

ii - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (21 April - Open to Hillingdon House) )

iii - The Statute of Secrecy (29 April - Closed to Guardians) )
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What it says on the tin! Want to do something that I haven't written a prompt for! Either run it by me first if you like or just GO FOR IT!! c:
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Have another idea? Feel free to go for it and/or plot it out with me via PM/PP at [ profile] lycanthropy101! c:
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The joke is it is in fact a head in the box. Thread headers inside. Any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to send me a PM/contact me on plurk/comment on the plotting post!
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[With new lords come new excuses to party.]

[Some time on the 19th, the fae stage a takeover of the club fabric in Smithfield. Invitations are sent out to all the fae in London, touting the glorious coming out of the Lords of Rivers and Illusions, Seelie and Unseelie respectively. It's one of those times where fae of both courts just want an excuse to throw a party, and the invitation is all the notice said new lords get that they are going to be guests of honour.]

[It's a typical fae affair; the magic is heavy in all three rooms, one of which is decorated like a ballroom in Other Realm fashion. The food and drink served at the bar remains untouched by fae charms, but the fae presence itself seems to be intoxicating. Some of the activities happening in dark corners seem to be a little beyond what's regularly allowed at any reputable nightclub, but don't pay attention to that just enjoy the party.]

[If you manage to cause any trouble, a team of large fae is here to escort you out. You may have seen them faithfully guarding the door, sniffing out those who may want to cause harm to the high concentration of fae inside. Vampires can be let through if they have a fae companion with them, and otherwise all types of humans and supernatural alike are allowed in.]

[The party goes on for precisely 72 hours, and on the 22nd the party winds down and mysteriously disappears. The club is left a little cleaner than when it started, the staff left completely befuddled about what just occurred.] (x)
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[Hillingdon - closed to Annie]

A Chance Encounter )

[Barnet - Shopping, early February]

Stuck in the mundane )

[Valentine's Day and Lupercalia]

Holidays and Sirius Black don't get along )

[Choose your own adventure]

A whole month of adventure )
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i) The security
Redbright Institute, early January

The security... )

ii) The scout
Enfield, early January

The scout... )

iii) The renter
Ealing, mid January

The renter... )

iv) The observant
Westminster, mid January

The observant... )

v) The watchful
Croydon, late January

The watchful... )
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Catch-All for January for this lovely Midnight witch, and another lovely Irish hunter. Specific starters can be found in the comments! Please feel free to write your own, or PM me if you'd like something specific!

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The lead up to the claim is deceptively quiet. Although he already knows that most of the would-be interested parties will have their eyes on Croydon come the 8th, Finnick still doesn't want to attract any undue attention. He's quiet as he pokes around the borough, identifying places where he and his group might visit and checking for any large gatherings of Daybreak witches or vampires that might resist them. He's unarmed while he does this, knowing that a trident would attract all that undue attention he doesn't want, so he's ready to open a door and flee in the face of trouble.


When it's time, Finnick gathers his group and they start in the south of Havering, opening doors for allies to walk in and out of as they start visiting supernatural communities in the borough. They stop in any known meeting places along with anywhere they can sense a significant magical presence - a witch or two in an apartment won't draw them, but a dozen werewolves camped out in some basement brings them knocking. Every time they meet with someone, Finnick gently explains the situation: the fae are claiming this territory and nothing has to change, as long as no one tries to attack any fae.

The trident strapped to Finnick's back is ever present - a quiet threat of what may happen if anyone tries to object. He slips in and out of shadows when there are humans present so as not to draw attention, but in the empty streets he walks freely, towing his group behind him or letting them spread throughout the borough without him. He's mostly here to oversee, after all, and he'll appear at a moment's notice if any of his Seelie fae are attacked.


Finnick is a man of his word, and come morning little has changed in the territory. Fae have started moving in (many pre-emptively from Croydon), and a number of doors have been left open for the faery folk to walk freely in and out of the Other Realm. Finnick has found himself a spot near the window of a cafe, still easily found by any fae that may need him, but he's also making sure he's present in case any other factions decide they don't like what's happened. He stays there a few hours, ordering a couple coffees and a sandwich once lunchtime comes around. Waiting for signs of trouble and news of Croydon.

[OOC: As discussed, this is a quiet claim because of the hand-off happening the same night in Croydon, but if you want to make a top-level for yourself go ahead! Alternatively hit me up on plurk or on the plotting post if you want a more specific prompt!]
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It is a mild day, something to be grateful for when you have to spend most of it sitting outside. Siobhan has found herself a nice little perch between the paws of a lion statue, her little paper cup standing next to her. There are a few coins in there but it's a slow day. She doesn't mind, things aren't too dire. She has fastened some of her drawings on the lion, he's a helpful sort so he doesn't mind. If people stop for long enough to throw her a glance she will give them a smile and offer to draw their portrait if they can part with some change.

It would probably seem like a more attractive offer if her sketchpad wasn't so beaten up and she herself wasn't swaddled in ratty clothing that seems about to swallow her up, but you have to work with what you have, eh?

Her mother would think it a shameful thing, of course, begging. Especially since Sio does have some money coming in from other places. Then again her mother doesn't have to eat like a horse just to keep herself from wasting away. No, Mother's slender grace is the result of very careful planning indeed. Appearances are very important after all. You have to play the game.

Siobhan isn't interested in any of that. She just wants to meet some new people and scrounge up enough money for a snack.
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Ringer didn't particularly frequent the House. It was the sort of destination she only recalled when she needed something, be that information, work, or a random need to connect with something beyond her own life. University and her private hunting kept her busy often enough that it could be isolating at times and while she wasn't one to mind the time to herself, the girl knew that she stood a better chance of survival if she had more allies. Besides, sometimes it was nice to spend time with people who could hold a conversation about vampires, witches, and the other allegedly fictitious creatures of the night.

She ran a hand through her hair, a perfunctory gesture to push it out of her face, and took a seat off to the side by the wall. One of the counselors at her old school said she would probably continue to want her back to a wall for quite some time, called it Post Traumatic Stress. The woman may have been right. Ringer considered it a logical and safer choice in places that might be less than friendly. Still, she had taken to talking to strangers and acquaintances alike, trying to follow that whole 'no man is an island' practice. For that reason, she glanced up to the person who seemed unoccupied and offered a simple, "Hey."


Ringer was an intelligent person. Unfortunately, she was also fairly new at this whole hunting thing and made more mistakes than she'd care to acknowledge. When she came upon a dead body in central vampire territory, it never occurred to her that it would be anything other than a supernatural death and supernatural creatures to deal with. Crouching over the body, she turned the young woman's head and pushed her hair back, examining her neck for the telltale injury. Except there wasn't one. Turning the body over completely, she found the mark instead on the woman's breast and rolled her eyes at the cliche, gloved fingers tugging the clothing to cover in a more chaste fashion.

It wasn't until she heard sirens suddenly roar to life not far away, her black gloves covered in blood, that it occurred to her how bad this might look. She stood from the body, frozen with momentary panic, wondering if she should stay and admit to finding the body or if she should bolt and hope there were no witnesses to her presence here.


The London Library was known for its vast resources, one of the largest such public institutions in the whole of the country. It was here that Ringer went to conduct her latest research, seated at one of the many long tables and absorbed in her own world despite the people wandering by. At least she had the table to herself at present.

It was a two birds with one stone kind of day, her homework from uni scattered in front of her with her laptop to the right, while the research she had yet to do stood in stacks both on her left and in the center of the table. She was nearly finished studying for her exam on psychology, at which point she could switch to studying the horde of archive clippings on mass deaths from the London area stretching back the last 20 or so years.

Unless, of course, someone decided to interrupt.


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