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But mooooom (closed to Nancy)

Cesare Borgia thought that Nancy and he were getting along well. In fact, he thought they were getting along very well indeed. They had shared drinks at this point, joked about the failures of their past lovers and even sassed about each other's prowess on occasion. Overall, things were going great.

So Cesare is....surprised when Nancy comes storming into his office with a look on her face that tells him nothing good is going to come of this.

"Please, Nancy. I'm in a meeting..." he says, sitting at his desk, gesturing at the young, beautiful woman opposite him. It's an excuse though. Quite frankly, he has no interest in the conversation that Nancy is about to throw at him, even if he has no idea just yet what it's actually going to be about.

(It's become gently NSFW in this thread btw with mentions of sex.)
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They were getting along well. The best they'd ever gotten along, truth be told. She found herself enjoying Cesare's company far more than she ever had before, when she got to spend time with just Ces. Not Cesare Borgia important historical figure and current Night Council President. Nope. Ces, this cool guy who she'd slept with for a few years and now she drank with. Even Cooper could accept that.

But, that being said, Nancy knew Cesare. She knew him incredibly well, and she knew Lydia Bennet. and the moment she found out that Lydia Bennet was still indeed Seeing Cesare Borgia, she knew this was not going to end well. For anyone at all. Unable to keep her hands to herself, she found herself down at the Anglo, storming into his office.

"Shut up, Cesare. We need to talk. Jill," she looked at the girl she recognized, "-get out of here, he'll call you." She waved her out of the office. She wasn't sure if Cesare would ever call her, but she didn't particularly care at the moment. She needed to save Lydia's heart. And probably Cesare's reputation.
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Nancy doesn't say anything until the door is shut.

"Lydia Bennet? After you told me to get her off our your case? D'you have a good explanation that wasn't 'you taught her how to give great blowies, Nance'?" She crosses her arms and glares at him, treating him like how she would one of her brothers that had gone and done something incredibly stupid.

Like this.
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"I can't be happy for either of you when I know it's going to blow up in your faces. Lydia's never touched a dick before you, and you're a dick expert. Lydia thinks you were dating from a one night stand! She spent all night crying to me about you, too. Imagine what it'll be like when you actually do break her heart?"

Seriously, save her from having to deal with that. She's been heartbroken before and she was not a great person then.
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"I'm not a prude. She is. She has no idea what she's doing, and you're going to make her fall madly in love with you. You're charming and great, and we know you're hot, and you treated me very well while we were working together. But Lydia... She's going to put your entire career in jeopardy."

Seriously, why would you trust her to keep such a big secret? No offense to Lydia, as Nancy did indeed adore her.
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"Oh, trust me, I am not jealous." Things were different with Cooper now, but she wasn't jealous.

"You're also a heartbreaker, Cesare. You can be callous. Lydia wants a Disney Prince. And when you break up, she's going to want to get even."
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She rolls her eyes at him. "I'm not jealous. My boyfriend has the sex drive of a teenager, and over 200 years of practice, I'm quite happy with him. THis conversation isn't about me and Cooper. This conversation is about you and Lydia who has every power in the world to run straight to the media because she'll be so bloody mad when you break up with her!"
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Nancy isn't even going to take the chance that Lydia is aware.

"You get bored easily, Cesare." He had plenty of girls, she knew that. They were disposable- he'd cast her off like it had been nothing, after all.

"He's far taller than me." She smirks.
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This time, Nancy chooses to ignore Cesare's jabs at her boyfriend. Cooper had been the one to step up and tell her he loved her. If Cesare had wanted to date her, he could have asked But he hasn't. Ergo, his point was moot.

"No, I don't. It's because Lydia is a naive, foolish little girl. And I don't want either of you to get hurt!"
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Nancy presses her lips together, scowling furiously at him. "That's not the point," she says. Yes, thank god Lydia is far older than she had been. But Nancy had never really had that girlhood that Lydia still did.

"No, she doesn't. She has no idea what she's doing at all."
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Nancy clenches her jaw, hardly able to believe this.

"Why, Cesare? Seriously. Why? She's not your type at all."
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Yeah? Well, maybe she should! How about that?

"Someone who knows what they're doing." Like she had.
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Nancy huffs at him. "I'm not even mad about that- Cesare, I'm telling you this whole thing is going to blow up and be a complete disaster."
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"Sensible?" Nancy really just looks at him. "She thought she was dating a man who's name she didn't even know. That's not sensible."
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Nancy looks at him, her green eyes cold. "Don't you dare, Cesare. You will not tell her I'm involved at all- after all, isn't it your fault I'm involved in this in the first place? You're the one what asked me to see to Lydia in the first place! You can do it gently. It's better to do it now before she gets really attached."
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Nancy's jaw tightens. Surely Cesare could tell something was up, if he shared an office with Cooper. That things between the two of them had changed.

"My relationship is perfectly fine. Yours is about to become a huge trainwreck."
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Nancy lets out a growl of frustration. "It's not about the money. I have my own, legal job. I make my own money. Cooper doesn't have to pay me. I don't want him to pay me. And you know very well that he has never paid me for sex ever and I intend to keep it that way. Can you remember that?" Her ponytail swishes behind her head with irritation.
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"No one needs to pay me for my time like it's some big trouble to spend time with you. It's not a bloody service rendered." Did Cesare have to pay people to be his friend, because that's what it was sounding like.

Nancy looks at Cesare and deadpans: "I've been living with him since September." So yeah, she was pretty clued into how wealthy her boyfriend was.
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"No." She says coolly. "He gives me whatever I want, when I want it. Here's the thing: I don't want it." She likes earning her own money. Sure, she lets Cooper treat her, but she's a strong independent woman who doesn't need no man.

Except she's a strong codependent woman who really does need a man.
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Nancy glances down at her Valentinos.

"You bought me things because you wanted me to wear them. I never asked for them." Seriously, she never rang him up to tell him she wanted a new pair of Louboutins or anything. He just happened to give them to her.

"They were gifts. I accept gifts from Cooper, yeah. I just don't ask him to let me have his credit card so I can go to the high street!"
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Nancy narrows her eyes. Apparently then by his definition she's almost always been a "kept woman".

"I don't like to. It's a simple as that." She smirks tightly. "And I do like all the gifts you've given me. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't wear them, I'd just fence 'em off."
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"It's not! Did I say it was? Because it's not!" But she never asked for them, was the thing. Cooper gifted her things as well, but she did ever ask for things. Of course, Cooper was incredibly rich and liked caring for her. He wanted to spend the money on her.

Nancy leans back. "It doesn't matter- point is, this thing with Lydia is going to be a complete and total disaster."
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Nancy gives him another arch look. She holds it for a moment, and then sighs.

"Fine. But don't say I never warned you."

She sits down, the moment the words leave her lips. "D'you have anything t'drink?"
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Nancy grins over at him and allows herself to relax a bit, laughing. "That's what I thought." She takes a drink of the top-shelf scotch.