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[OPEN POST] The game is on

This event runs from 20th-25th July 2015.

Hello, Londoners! Bit hot, isn't it? Blimey, you might even get a tan at this rate, assuming you're not a vampire.

But there's no time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. No. This is the third and final week of the hunting season in the Other Realm and the magic of the hunt is about to bleed into all of London...

Basically, if you're a predatory type, your hunting instincts may be sharper than usual this week. By how much? Not a lot, we're not talking rabid wolves or losing self-control here, but conditions are perfect for hunting. You can feel it in the air. Hunters of all kinds can expect good fortune – yes, that includes humans who track down other supernatural species too.

As for everyone else... try not to be lunch. Welcome to London.

1) HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF. Bare those fangs and sharpen those claws. You're feeling a little... peckish.

2) THE WHITE HART. The hunt for the legendary White Hart has begun. Fae hunting parties compete to pursue the beast, and upon its capture much merry-making ensues. Should a party pass through into the mortal realm during this hunt, they will appear as drunken louts searching for a pub.

3) HUNTING PARTY. No reason to let the fae have all the fun! Choose your quarry, gather your team and pursue your prey. This could be a serious hunt-to-kill party or something more light-hearted.

4) CAPTURE/KILL. The moment you've been waiting for. Your prey, cornered. Do you allow your instincts to take over and let rip?

5) I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS. I just got to London and now I'm being chased by a vicious pack of supernatural beings. FML.

6) CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. What's the first thing you see when you set foot in London? Make up your own scenario here.
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Maera beams as she offers the canned drink to the lady, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "It's just my duty to my Court, milady. That's all. I'm glad you appreciate it, though." It's nice to get thanks for her work, especially since she never gets much attention for the little errands she runs. "I'll be around helping the Court just like this for as long as I can help it." Of course, when the time is right, she'll start climbing the ranks with a vengeance - and won't it be nice to have Mab on her side when that day comes?
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Mab takes the drink and tucks it into the pouch on her saddle bag. "Ahh yes, I always enjoy a trick well played. And you can always be counted on for speed and discretion." She might not necessarily trust her, after all what fae ever really trusts another fae, but she respects Maera's dedication and she has proven to be reliably interested in her own self preservation. Mab would certainly consider aiding such a promising girl. And considering who her mother was ... well, there's no reason not to show an interest in the young lady.
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"I'm sure your mind is far above such petty mischief, milady, but if you've got any messages you'd like to send to the other parties, just let me know." Trust is a bit much, even for Maera, with her cheery disposition and honest nature. But respect - she certainly has respect for all those in the ranks above her. She knows that will get her places. "I wish you good luck. I'm sure the White Hart will have much to fear from you."
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Mab inclined her head. The girl was wonderfully polite. With just that touch of flattery all fae enjoyed. "We were all young once." Forever ago. "I shall always keep you in mind."

"Enjoy your own hunt, Mistress Maera. I look forward to seeing the results." Mab flashed the girl a smile and nudged her horse forward again. The steed took off at an instant canter.