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Mab Lady of Air and Darkness ([personal profile] rules_winter) wrote in [community profile] undergrounds 2015-07-20 12:02 am (UTC)

Maera was truly a child of the fae. Like a human with Christmas, Maera looks as though she is ready to open all her presents. Mab's horse tosses it's head impatiently and paces one direction before Mab nudges him back beside Maera continue the conversation without interruption. "There is something infinitely satisfying in the simplicity of the predator and prey dynamic the hunt provides." Mab agreed, her smile widening, "Yes I am enjoying myself."

Something in her eyes danced at the offer of drink. Ever has that been a favorite manner of capture for the fae. Even amongst peers in her own court. "A refreshment freely given with no expectations. Such a kind gesture my dear. Perhaps you are in the hunt more than I had previously guessed." There is something like approval in her tone.

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