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Mab Lady of Air and Darkness ([personal profile] rules_winter) wrote in [community profile] undergrounds 2015-07-19 10:08 pm (UTC)

Mab rides astride a tall white horse, her long white dress draping down the horse's side and mimicking it's own extra long mane and tail. As the horse pulls up next to Maera she looks down at the changeling and her bevy of drinks, a small lift of the corner of her lips, her horse barely even breathing hard though they've been going for some time now. The horse dances a little and the woman's eyes glow with delight at the spectacle of the hunt mirroring the horse's attitude. "Well met, Mistress Maera are you enjoying the festivites?" Hounds call around them and smaller prey than the white hart continuously scatter ahead of the fae riders and their packs.

A woman ahead makes a motion to Mab who waves a hand indicating she'll catch up without even looking. Their hounds continue on ahead as the red-headed fae laughs in delight and her horse leaps after them.

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