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[Here we go again, new month, same ladies. A few starters in the comments, hmu for something specific. I just want a place to put stuff. Carry on!]
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Cesare was reading the paper, sipping his morning coffee when the news of the Sylvia Redbright scandal broke. Good. He appreciated that so far Samantha had held up to her end of the bargain. All things considered, he had hoped she would but certainly hadn't expected it from her. Over time, Cesare has learned that people can be slippery like that, especially when you give them an opportunity for it. So far, Samantha has been solid. He likes her.

That morning he arranges a meeting with the press in one of the private function rooms of his hotel, somewhere private, where he cannot be interrupted. He's dressed in a suit, though his normal, somewhat ostentatious cufflinks are traded in for something more modest, and he's standing at a lectern on which his speech is written, a speech that he had written weeks prior.

"I am not the representative for my Nest and I speak solely for myself. However, I am certain when I say that President Redbright's behaviour has been shocking, appalling and harrowing. She has lead not one, not two, but three of the most prominent factions within this city and she has done so with underhand deals, deception and subterfuge. It is dishonest. It is corrupt. And it is undiplomatic.

When given the opportunity to be the voice of the people, she has used this power not for good, but for her own crooked personal gain. She has betrayed the people she was charged with representing, and that is why it is only right that she surrender a portion of the territories that she has dishonestly acquired, and give them to the Night Council that she has cheated for so long.

I am asking not for my own personal gain, but as a concerned citizen who has had enough of her corruption. It is time that she be held to account for her actions."
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They've done their research. They know where the fae in Bromley are hiding out, their movements, their numbers. As far as intelligence gathering goes, it's not a bad effort. They have a plan too. This at least is an improvement over some past witches that Mogget could mention, though in his opinion the plan is rather crude. Samantha could get a lot more resistance than she bargained for.

Which, it turns out, is exactly the case. Of course, Mogget is the one on the ground with the other witches, trying to control a situation that swiftly spirals out of control. Samantha is nowhere to be seen; she gets others to do her dirty work.

He's not looking forward to telling her what went wrong.

[ooc: Planning post here, individual threads for each day below! Feel free to make your own subthreads and let me know if you have any questions!]
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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...
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To say that Jean-Claude is troubled with the current state of the city is to put it mildly. The vampires have been free-reign of slaughter within the city, and for those foolish enough to take their leader up on that offer, they are making a bad name for the rest of them. Raymond himself is in hot water with the Night Council for his lawmaking decisions, and after the slaughter of one of their Guardians at the hands of a vampire, Islington is looking to lose its seat on the council. Which doesn't bode well for the future of vampirekind.

Jean-Claude is doing his best to hold the floodwaters at bay as far as his corner of the underground is concerned. But he can feel the tide coming, and he doesn't like it. Not one little bit.

Even Guilty Pleasures is suffering from the atmosphere of the city somewhat. There haven't been any theme nights for the last while beyond Ladies Nights, and while Jean-Claude is the usual gracious host he always is, the dancers themselves can feel it. The tension in the air. They know that Jean-Claude is not going to just sit this one out this time. As Marquess of Islington, he has bigger ideas than that.

And unlike a certain other vampire leader, Jean-Claude makes certain to make himself available. Approachable. He makes certain to make his opinions known. That he is a gentleman, that he does not condone useless violence. That he is proud to be a vampire in London, but not like this. And, a little less widely broadcast, that he is willing to do something about it. With the right support...


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[Faolan - Jul 15] This revolution baby
Proves who you work for lately )

[Natasha - Jul 18] Release the castaways who run amok
From self appointed winds which blow and such )

[Sylvia - Jul 20] When present tense gets strangled in the mire
Made of our cozy decomposing wires )
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What it says on the tin! Want to do something that I haven't written a prompt for! Either run it by me first if you like or just GO FOR IT!! c:
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Private for Sylvia

Show me how to lie )

Private for Norrell

You're getting better all the time )

Private for Abigail

And turning all against one )

Private for Eames & Finnick

Is an art that's hard to teach )
Drinking - Jolly Roger

Another clever word )

Settling pack disputes - Redbridge - first responder

Sets off an unsuspecting herd )

James can be found anywhere in the city you would like to encounter him, if you would like something more specific tailored to you - we can work that out, PP [ profile] cupcakepantry or PM my journal!
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i) The Build up [ Locked to Faolan ]

It spoke as if I wasn't me )

ii) The Jail Bird

Sort of like a changeling )

iii) The Free Bird [ Pick a location to meet the fae! ]

It acted and spoke the part )

iv) The Chase [ Late on Wednesday onward ]

But her essence it couldn't sing )

[ ooc; Plot details here if you missed it! ]
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Back to school )


All I want for Christmas is you )


Guardian work is never done )


Come for the friendship, stay for the food )
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Come, let me clutch thee
Lewisham, early November, day

Come, let me clutch thee )

I have thee not
Approaching Daybreak, November 8th

I have thee not )

And yet I see thee still
Approaching Redbright, November 10th

And yet I see thee still )

Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
Approaching East End, November 12th

Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible )

To feeling as to sight
Whitechapel, mid November, night

To feeling as to sight )
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Anyone want to thread with Sylvia this month? PM me and we'll work something out!
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With a Redbright presence coming into Haringey, there was cause to act swiftly and decisively. The werewolves could be of little help now. Their own political upheaval and the coming Blood Moon meant that they couldn't throw their support behind any one faction of witches, not if they wanted the best chance of protection during their vulnerable hours. Who knew if the considerable truce Midnight had enjoyed with them would even hold after this.

Either way, it meant Enfield might soon have Redbright control to two of their borders within the city. That was an uncomfortable place to be. The situation called for drastic measures.

Which was why Abigail Widdowson had decided that the only safe thing to do -- dangerous as it was -- involved spreading their influence. They had to move, and it couldn't be against the werewolves. There were no direct hostilities with them, and she wasn't going to be the one to fire the first shot. However, Redbright had already made their move in taking Barnet. They could be struck back at.

(An open post for the failed Midnight territory claim of Barnet! I will post a few sub threads that can be used either generally or for threads with Abby. Feel free to post your own headers, too!)
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Faolan doesn't know what to expect, to have been called to Sylvia's office like this as he has. Although he supposes he really should have suspected it. She is the President, after all. And as the President, she should probably be curious as to why a member of the Hillingdon clan, a faction that usually stays well away from any involvement in such activities, should suddenly have elected to nominate a candidate for such purposes. The dilemma is, what is he going to tell her. How much can he tell her? Is that even what she'll ask of him?

A million questions are racing through Faolan's head and he's doing his best to try and keep up and find answers to each one of them by the time he makes his way to her door. Swallowing back his nerves, hoping that he at least appears to be in control of himself, he raises a hand to knock.


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