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It's been decades since Mogget has wandered around London this freely. It's almost like discovering the city all over again. At first he sticks to exploring mainly at night, keeping his nose to the ground and sniffing out magical activity. During the day he switches to crow form for a bird's eye view of the city, updating the mental map in his head. He has a specific mission, however, and so in the latter half of the month he begins to target certain locations:

Bromley and Bexley )

Hillingdon House (17th-19th February) )

Abbott Mill, the East End Den (around end February) )
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A. 99 Luftballoons - Hillingdon House

Rorschach was up early in the Hillingdon House. He was down in the kitchen, staring at the jar of sugar like he was going to burn a hole in it by sheer force of will. Many things had faded from his time as a human being. He'd forgotten how to breathe, what sleeping and dreaming felt like, and even what it had been like to be visible all the time. What hadn't faded was the memory of sugar cubes. He'd always had some in his pocket, chomping on them whenever the urge struck him. Right now, he'd give up what passed for a soul to have a bite of just one.

When someone comes into the kitchen, he whips his head around, alarmed, and suddenly disappearing. When he realizes it's just another resident of Hillingdon, he flickers back into existence, taking up residence at the table once again. He doesn't say hello or make any introduction. This is on par for interactions with the quiet, laconic ghost. Rorschach is always just sort of there, like a piece of furniture that they just can't seem to get rid of.

B. Desolation Row - Around London

When you're dead, there's nothing but time on your hands. Rorschach has learned this well after thirty years of roaming around London. Frankly, it's a shame he doesn't have one of his journals in his pocket anymore. He would have filled up a dozen of them by now with everything that he'd seen over the years. This city was much the same as New York: pretty on the surface, but full of grime when one looked at its underbelly. So many supernatural types made this place their home and most of them showed some sort of malice towards human beings. If only he'd been alive, he would have taken great joy in clearing them out. As it was, all he could do was watch, and occasionally point hunters in the right direction.

He can be found in numerous spots all over the city, but he avoids the Thames as an inescapable obstacle. Whether just walking down a crowded street, perched on the rooftop of a tall building, or riding through the Underground, Rorschach watches and waits. Though what he's waiting for, he just can't say. As it is, he can be found only occasionally visible, his odd mask the first thing that stands out. Otherwise, people just feel a cold chill as he passes by or goes through them, a sudden weird feeling making the hair stand up on the back of their necks.

C. Wildcard

Got an idea? Want to run into the ghost somewhere else? PM or contact me at [plurk.com profile] Light_shade
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[ooc info: faolan has just gained a new metahuman power and he doesn't know how to process it. cue him feeling like he's going crazy! :')]



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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...


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[August 31st, during the day] A Very Unhappy Birthday )

August 31st, evening] To Catch Three Killers )

September 3rd onward Job Hunt )

[OOC: If anyone's interested in posting to the plot to catch the real killers, feel free to run into him on the way there, in the middle of things, or after, just specify which. Otherwise, I'll just assumed all went according to plan.]
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 A. Kensington, Early July.

Time for Walkies? )

B. [Hillingdon, Mid-July]

A Bored Sirius is a dangerous thing )

C. [Wildcard]

Open to Suggestions )
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1.Abandoned Warehouse (Open to all) Giving in to Instinct )

2. Hillingdon House (Open to anyone in Hillingdon) House on Hillingdon Hill )

3. Out on the street(Open to all)An exciting world of sounds and smells )

4. Choose your own adventure!
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I've been here for a million years
Through the joy, through the tears.

Redbright Institute, Beltane : open to all )

But when I am gone this will go on
And the circle starts again...

Geap Manor, early May : closed to Alex )

I've watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust

Geap Manor, early May : closed )

I had cried when the oceans died
And the circle starts again...

Westminster, mid May : open to all )
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The joke is it is in fact a head in the box. Thread headers inside. Any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to send me a PM/contact me on plurk/comment on the plotting post!
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I. WESTMINSTER - Closed to Night Council )

II. HILLINGDON - Closed to Hillingdon )


IV. LANCELOT'S FLAT - Closed to Lancelot )

(ooc note: as stated, this is really only for early february, everything up until feb 14? that should still be long enough to catch working with the new guardians and everyone else besides, though! c: )
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[Hillingdon - closed to Annie]

A Chance Encounter )

[Barnet - Shopping, early February]

Stuck in the mundane )

[Valentine's Day and Lupercalia]

Holidays and Sirius Black don't get along )

[Choose your own adventure]

A whole month of adventure )
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Date: Mid-December to New Year's
Who: Matt and Open
What: Matt loves Christmas and wants to make his first holiday in London the best one ever

The rising of the sun, the running of the deer, the playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir )
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*** ooc note: Hillingdon members, feel free to use this as something of an open post if you like -- just note if the thread is intended to be Open To All (OTA) if you do! :)



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