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i - Blame the New Guy (3 May - locked to Lancelot and Faolan)

It turns out that putting a bounty on the head of a mostly harmless human stalker is not the best course of action when one is a Guardian representing the Night Council, particularly during the elections. Simon's made an even bigger mess of things than usual, it seems. Or at least that's the impression he got from Lancelot's reaction to the news.

"Daryl assured me he wasn't going to hurt her," Simon says for what feels like the twelfth time. "He just wanted to get information that I could use to get her off me." To blackmail the blackmailer. That was Eames' idea, though Simon isn't going to mention that to either of them. He's deep enough in the shit as it is without bringing a fae into things.

ii - Will Wonders Never Cease (7 May - locked to Daryl)

Simon has been expecting the worst for days now. It's hard not to, given his own overreaction and the reactions of those around him. So when he finally hears from Daryl that the job is done, he's mostly expecting there to be a body involved.

He certainly didn't think it would end up like this.

"And she just...agreed to stop?" He's completely dumbfounded. "What did you do to her?"

iii - Matinee Idol (13 May - OTA)

It feels strange to be around normal people. Simon has become so accustomed to being surrounded by the supernatural world in almost everything he does that even doing something as simple as going to the cinema with some friends from Uni and taking in Hollywood's latest semi-annual installment in one of its most venerable superhero franchises seems...wrong, somehow. It's a feeling he can't seem to shake afterwards, as he and the others loudly debate the merits of each member in the pantheon of heroes and how they'd stack up against each other in a fight. It's hard to compare hypotheticals when he personally knows people with powers just as fantastical as the ones dreamed up on screen.

After a while, his friends decide to continue the discussion at another pub, but he makes his excuses and stays behind, scowling at a mostly-untouched pint. The movie was supposed to take his mind off of things, and it was only making them worse.

iv - Choose Your Own Adventure (Anytime - OTA)

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Who: Lancelot and friends!
What: It's a birthday party! With both regular people and supernatural types. What could go wrong?
When: May 05
Where: Lancelot's flat & garden, Richmond!
Warnings: Gratuitous doggy! Probably a punch up later. Possibly some drunk kissing.

Lancelot's garden is not exactly an acre-large tented paradise.

He's not made of money.

It's big enough to just about fit the people invited across the patio and grass, with Lily variously herding them and rolling around, and he's flitting between them and the kitchen and living room and generally doing his best to butterfly around all of them making sure they're happy. The garden is relatively tidy, as tidy and well kept as a garden that suffers an enthusiastic dog can be. The hedges are neatly trimmed, the tree in one corner healthy and big enough to throw a little shade, and the one flowerbed border seems to mostly have some roses that are yet to fully bloom.

For those who he's only known since the incident last year he's given them a warning: not everyone who will be there is aware of the supernatural side of things, so try not to blurt it to people you don't know.

Despite it being his own birthday Lancelot is, of course, playing host. There's a table set up outside with finger food, salads, drinks and all sorts -- and food strategically inside for those who can't be out in the sun too. He appears to still be checking on more in the oven every so often too, but Lancelot does like to cook -- and he seems quite focused on making sure everyone has something they could eat.

Some of the drinks are alcoholic. The punch isn't that strong, but he has a few other drinks along the side for people who want them and some bottles of beer in an ice bucket. If someone decides to do a little mixing of course then it might wind up stronger.

His sound system is playing the soothing strains of Dire Straits through the place and all in all, for now at least things are going smoothly. So long as nobody says the wrong thing to the wrong person, it will probably be a nice evening. With the mixture of factions present alongside those who have no idea what a faction is, of course... that may be difficult.

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#herodog trended in the UK for a grand total of forty-eight hours in early March, long enough to spark several articles about the incident in various local tabloids and newspapers, a fifteen minute segment about it on BBC Breakfast (complete with an animal behaviour expert), and two @herodog and @londonherodog Twitter parody accounts. Then the world turned and the sensation died down and few people remembered Maria Mitchell's little brush with fame.

Except Maria herself, of course.

She had been at a low point, but the hero dog ended all that when it dragged her off the tracks and away from danger after she'd drunkenly fallen off the platform, right in the path of an oncoming Circle Line train. The dog had done more than save her life, she'd tell her friends. It had given her purpose, a reason to stop drinking and start living.

She became obsessed with finding the London Hero Dog. If she could find it and thank it, or--well, they obviously shared a bond so maybe she could give it somewhere to live for the rest of its life! Right! The universe was telling her she was meant to adopt this dog.

She just had to find it first. And maybe look at some cell phone video she'd drunkenly recorded later that night...

i - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (18 April - Open to Previous CR) )

ii - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (21 April - Open to Hillingdon House) )

iii - The Statute of Secrecy (29 April - Closed to Guardians) )
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Private for Sylvia

Show me how to lie )

Private for Norrell

You're getting better all the time )

Private for Abigail

And turning all against one )

Private for Eames & Finnick

Is an art that's hard to teach )
Drinking - Jolly Roger

Another clever word )

Settling pack disputes - Redbridge - first responder

Sets off an unsuspecting herd )

James can be found anywhere in the city you would like to encounter him, if you would like something more specific tailored to you - we can work that out, PP [plurk.com profile] cupcakepantry or PM my journal!
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i. a nightclub
spending most of my time forgetting at all costs )

ii. outside a tube station
like some ridiculous team uniform for some ridiculous new sport )

iii. late night wandering
i got a date with the night )

iv. wildcard
(any time during the month. choose your own starter, or talk to me on plurk [[plurk.com profile] posolutely] and i'll set up another prompt!)
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Who: Elizabeth DeWitt, Eames, Lancelot, Simon, Alex, and assorted welcome guests!
What: Mind Control School is in session, Elizabeth has a mind to shut it down.
When: March 14th-16th
Where: Fontaine's School for Young Women in Camden, a cafe in Westminster
Warnings: Violence/mind control in Part III

make me feel like someone else )
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I. All right - the panic recedes
Redbright Institute, early February )

II. All right - everyone bleeds
Valentine's Day, Guilty Pleasures )

III. All right - I get what I need
Lupercalia, Tenter Street Brothel )

IV. And nobody needs to know
End of February, Matt and Simon's Flat (Closed to Simon) )
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I. WESTMINSTER - Closed to Night Council )

II. HILLINGDON - Closed to Hillingdon )


IV. LANCELOT'S FLAT - Closed to Lancelot )

(ooc note: as stated, this is really only for early february, everything up until feb 14? that should still be long enough to catch working with the new guardians and everyone else besides, though! c: )
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Choose your own adventure! Do you have an idea that I haven't covered here? Not a problem at all, just go for it!!
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January 7th-14th: Once the purge really gets going, it's pretty obvious that Croydon's being targeted disproportionately. It's less of a surprise than some might like; the area's a source of numerous bruised egos - Eames' included - but more than that, every side involved clearly wants to put this to bed. Daybreak, unfortunately, has a lot more backing and more official channels to go through to get the upper hand. Numerous people are taken in by the Night Council on whatever charges of using dark magic can be used against them, and it leaves a not insignificant dent in their power. Clever, one might suppose, reduce the numbers before Daybreak - Norrell, let's all be honest here - send the bodies in to take the area. Eames has the fae on his side and the people in his employ do what they can to undermine this though. Moving people out of the area quickly and under the noses of the Council guardians sweeping the area, goods hidden, the odd person stored away safely in Faery. More than anything, it's a move of solidarity with those living here. A gentle suggestion that those witches, fae, metas, etc. in the area can trust him and his to look after them.

January 15th: This is a losing fight, and Eames makes it clear no one is obligated to join in before things start. There's too many extenuating circumstances to have a hope of keeping their hands on Croydon. Still. Eames is too frustrated with the current state of affairs to let it go easily, and he amasses a small militia of the like-minded. They may not be able to keep Croydon, but they can make it difficult as hell to take. The plan is simple: In the early hours of the morning, before the sun has risen, they'll attack. The intent was to avoid bloodshed last time, but this time the intent is clearly to kill as many as possible. By the evening they'll have withdrawn, and Norrell can have fun explaining to the families of the deceased that they died for a shithole like Croydon.
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i) The Build up [ Locked to Faolan ]

It spoke as if I wasn't me )

ii) The Jail Bird

Sort of like a changeling )

iii) The Free Bird [ Pick a location to meet the fae! ]

It acted and spoke the part )

iv) The Chase [ Late on Wednesday onward ]

But her essence it couldn't sing )

[ ooc; Plot details here if you missed it! ]
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Date: Mid-December to New Year's
Who: Matt and Open
What: Matt loves Christmas and wants to make his first holiday in London the best one ever

The rising of the sun, the running of the deer, the playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir )
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Mama told me not to waste my life
Department store, Havering, December 5th

Mama told me not to waste my life )

Don't let what they say keep you up at night
Jolly Roger, all December

Don't let what they say keep you up at night )

Then they can walk on by
Southwark, mid December

Then they can walk on by )

And I can't hear a sound
for Nancy, December 14th

And I can't hear a sound )

Walk, walk on over there
North Pole, December 19th

Walk, walk on over there )

Your words don't mean a thing
Birkbeck Tavern, December 26th

Your words don't mean a thing )
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Who: Matt and Simon
What: Matt discovers Simon's secret
Where: Simon's Flat
When: November 5

The One with the Waggly Tail )
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Date: 30th of October, pre-Samhain celebration!
Plot: Smug Victory Dinner, with political manoeuvring
Areas: Westminster

It may have been a struggle, but Lambeth has finally been won over. A week of hard work to drive out all the unspeakable sorts, and another week of trying to keep control and tidy up, and it's looking like things are slowly beginning to settle. Gilbert Norrell is very pleased by this. Now he has proven he can be a leader, can lead them to victory -- and over a difficult area too! Of course, there were difficulties. Were small problems and losses along the way, but that does not matter now.

A dinner is not normally his style, he refused to hold one himself, but Childermass persuaded someone else to hold this on his behalf and -- well, it would be rude to decline. So he attends, if reluctantly (he does not like parties) and smiles as people applaud him. It is a rush of success, of ego, and as people come to congratulate him and find ways to carefully bring up their own causes and beliefs Gilbert Norrell feels that finally he is beginning to be recognised.

The table is carefully laid with glittering crystal glasses, candles and flowers. Not too ostentatious but still elegant and respectable, suited to the style of Norrell himself. Waiters and waitresses silently move back and forth serving people and taking requests or preferences, and the food is plentiful. If people can suffer the small-talk and ego coming from the head of the table, it will at least be a good meal.

[ ooc; log for the Daybreak victory meal! You can give me a ping if you want to be involved and replied already! It's set on Friday night so people can get drunk and slouch home without having to worry about the following morning, and can still attend Samhain things later. Entry is free, food and drink is free! The meal is being held by a lackey of Norrell's who wants to suck up to him since he's on the way up, and Norrell is therefore the ~guest of honour~. Dress code is black tie, thread with each other and mingle! ]


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