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"Scotland Yard continues to search for Ellis Harvey, the seventeen-year-old wanted for questioning regarding the three fires in the Havering borough. The young man was last seen on August 4th, according to his mother. He is likely driving a 2005 blue Audi RS4. He is believed to be armed and dangerous."

"The Night Council seeks to bring Ellis Harvey, a suspected metahuman, to justice for the arson of three buildings in the Havering borough. Citizens are advised to contact Guardians if Ellis is spotted. He is rumoured to have powers connected to fire, which include being able to summon it at will, hot enough to burn blue."

Two reports, ultimately very similar. If Harvey was found by Scotland Yard, there could be no doubt that it would be officers who were also involved with the Night Council. They had their ways, after all.
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Some witch holidays were meant to be enjoyed by all, regardless of species, alliances or preference to magic. Holidays like Lammas! Think of it as witch Thanksgiving.

An old woman by the name of Agatha Chapman was of the personal opinion that there was just too much infighting between her fellow witches this year. Those Circle Midnight witches were practically children! Agatha had raised enough children to know they were just going through some rebellious phase. It would pass. But this wasn't the time for expressing such things. This was a time of togetherness! Which was why Agatha had, through her daughters and granddaughters, sent a very public invitation to the supernatural community:

~Lammas Day Celebration~

Come celebrate the great tradition of the first harvest and shorter days with a beach party and bonfire!
Food, fun, and sun! No limits on guests, bring your friends!

AUGUST 1st 2015
12 PM - 2 AM
(public rituals @ 10 PM)


Transportation from the city will be provided from Victoria Station. Present this invitation at the ticket office.

You totally want to go right?

Party time! )
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Tinker Bell goes people watching.  )


Booze with Tinker Bell  )


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Clara doesn't always snoop around the city and sometimes her work isn't always needed in the school. Sometimes she likes to stay in the shop. Sometimes she enjoys listening to idle conversation of the customers, not really listening in on them, that'll be rude, but nonetheless enjoying the buzz of activity the shop has during their busiest hours.

And sometimes that isn't enough. That's when she goes over and pokes around the lost and found box, seeing what's there and if anything is something that belongs to a current patron she can give back to without them looking. It's there that she finds a pair of marigold gloves during her search and about them draws her to them... Naturally she reaches out to and concentrates a bit to have a goodish grasp of it to see if there's a nametag anywhere when she notices a peculiar thing:

It feels... solid under her touch, real and tangible without the strange numbness to her fingertips she's become accustomed to at this rate. It takes her a second to realise what this means. She can touch them! She can hold them! She can do it with ease, most importantly of all.

Oh, what an exciting day for her as she mutters one little apology under her breath and zips off to the back of the shop with her new item. Already she has a little million ideas for them popping into mind, the excitement of the discovery along with the possibilities just enough to drown out her guilt for taking something out of the lost and found box that isn't hers.


After the last few days of activity, Clara decides it's time to be both proactive and to use her gloves to her advantage.

She'll now be found in areas that she usually doesn't snoop around in her attempts to glean information: The darker parts of the city, the seedier alleyways of the town, and etc. She'll peek through windows and go through walls, doing her best to stay invisible and quiet as a mouse while going through things with a newfound ease thanks to her gloves. (When she can bear the itching for long as she can, of course. Goodness do they chafe her skin.)

From Haringey to Hackney to Waltham Forest and then some, she'll be exploring and peeping into a lot of people today if she can. It's risky but she does her best. If she's to be a good observer of information, she needs to dig deep and hope she finds some things out, see what's going on in the heart of the city.

[ OOC: Or make your own scenario in your comment! Prose and brackets welcomed! A note, though, is that only one person can step in to help Clara get rid of the medium that she'll run into on July 25.]
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A. The Curious Incident of the Vampire in the Nighttime
The Curious Incident of the Vampire in the Nighttime )

B. We don't Want no Education
We Don't Want No Education )

C. Wildcard!
Feel free to make your own starter, or PM me and I can set up one specifically for you!


Jul. 17th, 2015 12:20 am
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A. Redbright Institute

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B. Everywhere

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C. Wildcard

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[Prose or brackets okay by me!]
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1) No remorse and no shame

No resmorse and no shame )

2) Fire, fury and flame

Fire, fury, and flame )

3) Cause the devil's to blame

Cause the devil's to blame )

4) And the angels proclaim

And the angels proclaim )

5) It's a dangerous game

It's a dangerous game )

6) Wildcard!

Wildcard! )


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