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Caroline hadn't known what to expect when the box was delivered. She ordered a fair amount of things online - especially now that her shopping hours were so limited - but she was pretty sure this wasn't one of them. She was even more sure when she opened the box and discovered a bottle of perfume inside. She definitely hadn't order that.

It wasn't until a few days later that she actually tried it on. And when she did, it actually good. Like, really good.

And so, the next time she had a night off, she decided to pull out a super cute outfit, spent half an hour on her make-up, put on a generous amount of the perfume and headed out the door. She wasn't exactly sure where she was going but it really didn't matter. She just knew it was going to be an exciting night.

[Caroline's perfume has some strange properties, naturally. It will make her highly attractive to anyone of a different supernatural type and utterly repulsive to any vampires. There is no effect on humans. Feel free to run into her anywhere in London that is at least somewhat safe for a vampire to be.]
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What: Dinner party! Hope you like appetizers for dinner. And wine. And disaster.
Where: Nancy's flat in Enfield
Who: Eames, Arthur, Cooper, Kyle- time to meet the boyfriend, everyone!
When: September 1st.

Though the affair is set to be somewhat casual, Nancy has spent hours on that Thursday cleaning her flat, preparing food, and generally getting ready. Thursday night because Friday nights tended to be good nights for business, so she wasn't sacrificing nearly as much if she had everyone over on a Thursday.

The idea she'd had was to introduce everyone to Cooper officially. Get Eames to see that it was a great idea to date him, and maybe Kyle would be completely smitten with the idea of Cooper's existence in her life and allow Nancy to invite the vampire in to their future apartment. Cooper was important to her, she loved him. And she wanted others to see what she saw in him as well.

When the first guests arrive, Nancy's already had a glass of wine in her hand, ready to play dutiful hostess immediately. There's wine, magically chilled, as well as whisky and gin and some beer. For food, it's a lot of little appetizers, finger food, really. She has no idea what she's doing, truthfully, and just hopes that everyone has a good time.

Oh, and she made a cake.

If you're wondering where Juliet is, she's trying to eat the shrimp.
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The month has become a little rough for Lancelot. First there was his suspicions regarding Jean-Claude, then Raymond's declaration, then... then everything got a little worse. It was only a weekend hes spent in the basement with Raymond's lackeys, but he's still recovering from the blood loss -- and it's shaken him more than he'd care to admit.

i) Semi-Open: At Home, Richmond.
[ How long is this confinement for ] )

ii) Open: Night Council territory & various others.
[ How long before I stray off course ] )
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Kyle had been away for too long, first following Alex and then focusing on his own leads to try to find an old commanding officer. The hunt was futile, leaving him feeling played and used all at once. With Alex out of touch in her search and too many dead ends, the former soldier finally returned to London, feeling a bit reckless and angry while simultaneously eager to connect with recent friends.



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Sometime in early June, some posters start appearing in the halls of Hillingdon house. They read CLAN MEETING at the top in big bold letters, with the date, time, and location of the meeting below. Arthur's not looking to give a lot away here, but he tells a few people about it and how important it is to attend, hoping that the word will spread through the faction.

Arthur doesn't know what to anticipate. So far it's been a lot of stand-offish hunters and shifters, and they might not be eager to participate in an initiative that unites them and begets communication. Arthur was like that too, but now there's a need to be prepared and a need to act; getting the information out there is important.

People are late, of course. Arthur waits until it seems like people have stopped filtering in to start, waiting patiently at the front of one of Hillingdon House's grand ballrooms. He doesn't like being the center of attention, but he's been the lead on more than a few military briefings and debriefings in his day, so he's not totally out of his element in front of everyone there.

He starts with a small introduction, explaining that he's been with the clan for about a year and a half and before that he was in the US military. He leaves out the bit about his special-ops vampire-killing team, of course, but the fact is that he was trained to kill by the biggest military complex in the world.

He then goes on to explain why he called the meeting, telling everyone that Millicent has been murdered - just to get them all on the same page - and that she's been replaced by a far worse leader. Raymond Harris' new rules that Islington's vampires are allowed to feed on locals and that shapeshifter kills are reason enough for Hillingdon to start getting a little more pro-active, not to mention the fact that he'll allow children to be turned now. It's critical for Hillingdon to be prepared, not only for the inevitable rise in bounties, but for a more aggressive vampire population in general.

Not only that, it's critical for the faction to start sharing information between members a little more freely now. Information and skills.

He invites anyone who has more information to speak, and says that he'll offer anyone who wants them some extra training on marksmanship, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, any of the skills he has. He makes it clear that he's not looking for Hillingdon to go on a hunt - they don't need to be tracking down innocent vampires and killing them for sport - but it's time that they become a little more unified so they can use their skills to help deal with this if it gets worse.

[Please use the appropriate headers below if you character wanted to speak up during Arthur's presentation or for mingling! You can also start threads if you want to consolidate any threads that come up as a result of this, so skill sharing etc. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or to plurk me at [ profile] dreamalittlebigger!]
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Vigilantes are a go )

[ooc: Kyle is trying to put together a vigilante squad. What the group does will mostly be up to the group, but may include bounty hunting, saving people in trouble, killing 'villains', and so on. Anyone is welcome to chat with him about it, regardless of their interest in joining.]
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i. a nightclub
spending most of my time forgetting at all costs )

ii. outside a tube station
like some ridiculous team uniform for some ridiculous new sport )

iii. late night wandering
i got a date with the night )

iv. wildcard
(any time during the month. choose your own starter, or talk to me on plurk [[ profile] posolutely] and i'll set up another prompt!)
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I. The Department Store [OPEN]
Waltham Forest, Morning )

II. The Mansion [OPEN]
Westminster, Night )

III. The Bus Stop [OPEN]
City of London, Early Afternoon )

IV. The Diner [CLOSED to Illya] (backdated to a couple weeks ago)
Camden, Evening )

V. The Confrontation [CLOSED to Kyle] (backdated to late February)
Kyle's Flat, Morning )

VI. Choose Your Own Adventure! [OPEN]
Anywhere, Any Time
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It could be you )
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Dance In The Dark
(February 13th)
Lately, there's been a rise in parties at hidden venues. Secret locations around London that you can only get to if you know the right people. Getting there is difficult, but once you're there, it's sure to be a night you'll never forget- if you remember it in the first place.

Tonight's party is held in an abandoned tube station. Climbing down what feel like thousands of steps you step off through a dark tunnel, the old stone walls slick with condensation. After following the winding walkway, you emerge in a cavernous room, with alcoves filled with pillows, the entire place is lit by candle light. Music blares through speakers as a DJ plays all sorts of dance and techno rave music. Alcohol is plentiful, in multi-color cocktails, and the air is thick with the smell of sweat and magic.

But behind all of that is a new nest of five vampires, watching, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. At the signal, the lights will be doused, the doors shut, and what will later be called the Valentine's Eve Massacre will begin.

If you're lucky, there are some ways out. Back tunnels, sewers, ways to escape. You could always fight, too- the vampires are young and inexperienced. Either way, it's up to you to save yourself: there's no mobile phone reception down here.
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Why do you care what people think?
Department store, early February )

Try to remember how it felt
Jolly Roger, all February )

Fall in love with yourself
Coffee shop, mid February )

The only one you've got
Simon's flat, February 17th -- closed to Simon )

A broken mirror to reflect
North Pole, late February )


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