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If there's something else you'd rather play out with me, just hit me up and we can work something out! c:
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I. The Department Store [OPEN]
Waltham Forest, Morning )

II. The Mansion [OPEN]
Westminster, Night )

III. The Bus Stop [OPEN]
City of London, Early Afternoon )

IV. The Diner [CLOSED to Illya] (backdated to a couple weeks ago)
Camden, Evening )

V. The Confrontation [CLOSED to Kyle] (backdated to late February)
Kyle's Flat, Morning )

VI. Choose Your Own Adventure! [OPEN]
Anywhere, Any Time
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i) The security
Redbright Institute, early January

The security... )

ii) The scout
Enfield, early January

The scout... )

iii) The renter
Ealing, mid January

The renter... )

iv) The observant
Westminster, mid January

The observant... )

v) The watchful
Croydon, late January

The watchful... )
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Date: Mid-December Onwards
What: Elizabeth comes back to town after being in hiding for a month, and spends her first Christmas outside of captivity

For the Holidays You Can't Beat Home )
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It's a little odd to work out of her livingroom, but in Njoki's experience it's a good idea to have regular clinic hours set up for those that aren't comfortable with house calls. Most of what she does during these times is a bit of basic consulting, the occasional spot of under the table first aid, and listening to people talk through their own worries. It's never very busy, but this is her calling, not her job. Some of her friends and family have been helpful and discretely passed out her contact information and she knows that a little pocket money is a fine thing, but she doesn't believe she'll ever make a living off it.

As she fills and puts the kettle on, she huffs in amusement. At least it's a good excuse to make sure her flat is scrubbed and clean enough for company once a week.
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Everything's been just so much lately, but it's important not to let that keep things from progressing. The day after the disaster at Lewisham, Abigail will have received an invitation inviting her and her coven to discuss an exchange that could be of benefit to her. He's been upfront, admitting on the invite that he's of the Unseelie court - it'll be obvious the second they get to talking anyway.

The restaurant probably looks a bit out of place somewhere like Croydon, it's not a borough known for elegant design and fine dining. Eames has had the place booked out, so no one will be there except them and a small gathering of staff; something to allow for some privacy. The table is set out with seats, glasses, pitchers of water. And menus, because you don't invite people to a restaurant not to eat. A handsome young man will show everyone to the table as they arrive and ask for any drink orders before they order their meals - he's not magic, but he does have the elegance and grace people expect of a fae. No wonder he works here.

At the table, Eames is sat reading with a glass of wine as he waits patiently for people to arrive. And he'll stand to greet them with a smile once they do.
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1 - @ the Seven Sisters (feel free to interrupt if you're not in Midnight!)

Read More )

2 - Tarot Booth

Read More )

3 - Holding Interviews @ the Jolly Roger

Read More )

4 - Stolen Vanity

Read More )

5 - Assulting a Vamp - for first response only

Read More )

6 - Wildcard!

Make your own prompt if you wanna!
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Date: October 8
What: Elizabeth finds her way from Heathrow to her dorm in Westminster, then attempts to get settled in her new academic and magical lives.

says find a home )
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Cooper should have known things wouldn't quiet down for long. He'd been back at his own apartment for only a few days when he awoke one evening to find a group of honest-to-God fairies in his room. They were small, multicolored, and absolutely lovely. They were also glaring at him like he was the devil himself. Their spokeswoman was quick to pipe up and inform him that, during his binge eating during the past month, they had lost several of their brethren and sistern. This was not to go unpunished. Before Cooper could say so much as a word in protest, he felt himself enveloped in a cloud of dust and felt himself suddenly shrinking in size.

When the dust settled, his clothes now on the ground around him, everything looked a lot bigger. He had a mirror in his bathroom and awkwardly walked into the room, perching on his new hind legs to get a good look at....just what was he? Whatever it was, this was not going to be good. He was well and truly cursed.

Wandering Around London (OTA) )

Fairy Tale Ending (Open to curse-breakers only) )
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A- Returning to London , the tub
Read more... )

B - Redbright Institute, because Alice is lost

Read more... )

C - Coffer's Shop

Read more... )

D - Wildcard!

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[An August catch-all! Please note that Nancy has been cursed to compelled to tell the truth. This curse lasts until she reveals 3 things that she never would have otherwise, or until the next full moon (Aug 29). Please mention if a thread occurs AFTER the 29th as for now, she's defaulting to cursed.

Lots of fun. Please see these lovely starters, and check the comment section for a few starters. Want something specific? you know where to find me ([ profile] sheakespeare).]

Option A
white or black, it's still a lie )

Option B
every city that you fly )

Option C
I sit down & wonder why )

Option D
Wild Card. Make your own prompt.
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Some witch holidays were meant to be enjoyed by all, regardless of species, alliances or preference to magic. Holidays like Lammas! Think of it as witch Thanksgiving.

An old woman by the name of Agatha Chapman was of the personal opinion that there was just too much infighting between her fellow witches this year. Those Circle Midnight witches were practically children! Agatha had raised enough children to know they were just going through some rebellious phase. It would pass. But this wasn't the time for expressing such things. This was a time of togetherness! Which was why Agatha had, through her daughters and granddaughters, sent a very public invitation to the supernatural community:

~Lammas Day Celebration~

Come celebrate the great tradition of the first harvest and shorter days with a beach party and bonfire!
Food, fun, and sun! No limits on guests, bring your friends!

AUGUST 1st 2015
12 PM - 2 AM
(public rituals @ 10 PM)


Transportation from the city will be provided from Victoria Station. Present this invitation at the ticket office.

You totally want to go right?

Party time! )
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A: Library
It was a shame it couldn't last )

B: Tarot
but every chapter has to end )

C: Stealing from a Dead Woman (a...again.)
you must agree )

Make up your own if you feel up to it!


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