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In the last week, Party's does his job to set up a truly momentous party thrown by an anonymous organizer. To some he's admitted that he knows the organizer, to others he's only said that he'd heard of the party second or third hand, but those that know him best could probably tell whose handiwork is behind this. The fliers are artless and plain and they're everywhere in the days leading up to it, or at least everywhere Party can reasonably get them without getting police attention that would shut it down before it even starts.

It starts small and slow, a few high kids playing music on their cell phones and dancing, but it grows from there, a few DJs with small and portable setups and broken bottles in the street. Central to the whole affair is the Magical Innovation Centre, but it spreads out from there, disturbing the nearby neighborhood and hiding seedy activities with only minimal effort. At some point, there's even a series of wolf howls that seem to echo through the streets.

It's only a few hours from its small beginnings before it's broken up by the cops, but with no ringleader known, only interspersed random arrests are made. There just aren't enough police to get everyone.

(OOC: Party post! Post top levels, tag around and have fun!)
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It's after careful deliberation that Finnick decides he's going to track down the well-known Seelie fae Mrs. Lotus. He hopes he can find her along with the rest of the kidnapped fae and cut off that source of Daybreak's power before it's too late, but it's going to take some investigation...

multiple prompts within! )
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Catchall for Eames to keep clutter to a minimum! As always, PM or PP to chat it up, or just throw a starter down I'm probably amenable.


Sep. 11th, 2016 08:46 pm
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C. Choose your own adventure!
Do we have another reason to thread? Just write your intro here! And/or hit me up via PM/plurk @ [ profile] lycanthropy101 to talk it out! c:
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1 // Late August // Ye Olde Sainsbury's (Canary Wharf/Tower Hamlets)
one foot on checkered floor )

2 // 5 September // Tate Britain (Southwark)
head hung, but still watching )

3 // 1-7 September // The New House (Camden)
one dimlit figurine )

4 // Wildcard
PM, hit me up at [ profile] FiremanSam, or just tag me. Let's party.
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The month has become a little rough for Lancelot. First there was his suspicions regarding Jean-Claude, then Raymond's declaration, then... then everything got a little worse. It was only a weekend hes spent in the basement with Raymond's lackeys, but he's still recovering from the blood loss -- and it's shaken him more than he'd care to admit.

i) Semi-Open: At Home, Richmond.
[ How long is this confinement for ] )

ii) Open: Night Council territory & various others.
[ How long before I stray off course ] )
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June & July catch-all for Shea's characters.
Private starters in the comments. Let me know if there's anything you want to do ([ profile] sheakespeare) and we can work it out!
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Date: 28th of May
Plot: Southwark Territory Claim by Daybreak
Areas: Lambeth and surrounding areas!

The month has been one of chaos, following the Night Council results. The surprise loss by Norrell felt like a small victory to those who opposed his rather heavy handed tactics, but of course Millicent had still won -- and what followed... Street hunts, murders, robberies, arson, open hunting of werewolves during the full moon. 'Gang violence', they called it, but everyone in the know understood what was really going on. Such actions cannot go unanswered, and someone has to do something about it soon.

On May the 28th a group of Daybreak members and its allies begin to move in to Southwark, and some of them may notice it's a little easier than they might have first expected...

[ ooc; log for the Daybreak territory claim! This is the Daybreak faction reward claim, and being used as plot distract Millicent! It is being run by Lance in response to the general bullshittery Millicent has pulled, via persuasion by Jean-Claude. Once he realises he has been used he will most likely be reasonably upset, as he has no idea he is in fact a distraction! ]
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Despite however unpopular Norrell may be among the people, Childermass knew as soon as the man lost the election that there was something more to it than a simple loss. And while the man himself ranted and raved about recounts and injustices, Childermass knows that there is something more to it than that. So he sets himself to investigating.

Of course, it isn't easy to determine just what had happened. Which is rather the point, he suspects, as he follows dead end after dead end obviously set up for exactly this purpose -- to lead him off the trail. (Not that he wouldn't put it past a Midnight coven to have tried something like this, but certainly not this one, not on a scale such as this one.)

It isn't until he's nearly given up that one of the younger, mouthier members mentions something about the fae that catches his attention. Enough to merit looking in that direction as well. Of course, the fae would always be suspect anyway, considering Norrell's targeting of their people, but with little else to go on Childermass hardly knows where to begin. Save to listen in on all of them and go from there, he supposes.

And thus does Childermass find himself disguised in shadows and patrolling an area where the fae have congregated, in hopes of...what? An answer falling into his lap? He doesn't quite know yet, but he will when he finds it, that's for certain.
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Havering was at the back of the East End Packs territories in London; which seemed to be - by general consensus - a Bad Thing. Emboldened by their ability to vote, the wolves of the East End pack rally behind their Alpha (or would-be Alpha depending on who you asked) and his choice to take the territory. Some decide that acting on this is in the interest of their safety, some are simply hungry for more, some want to see the Fae out of London - whatever their reason, people are rallying.

The affair is not without bloodshed however, but the fighting is not horrifying. The Fae knew this was coming and had prepared to struggle against it - but what they could not know was that the wolves brought numbers in the form of allies.

Daybreak witches mainly accompanied groups of wolves to help clear out areas and keep the fae from individually doing too much damage. Among the Daybreak witches, there is a small number of Midnight witches - spearheaded by Abigail Widdowson herself. Apparently there was some sort of agreement between Memon and herself.

Eventually, the Havering territory - after a day of little fighting and more than enough protests - falls to the wolves.

(Feel free to use this post as an event log! Make starters, tag other people, ect.)
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a. keeping the deal )

b. off the clock )

[If you want a different/more specific prompt just PM me or hit up [ profile] dreamalittlebigger. Also if you want brackets instead of prose just do your thing and I'll respond in kind!]
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Private for Sylvia

Show me how to lie )

Private for Norrell

You're getting better all the time )

Private for Abigail

And turning all against one )

Private for Eames & Finnick

Is an art that's hard to teach )
Drinking - Jolly Roger

Another clever word )

Settling pack disputes - Redbridge - first responder

Sets off an unsuspecting herd )

James can be found anywhere in the city you would like to encounter him, if you would like something more specific tailored to you - we can work that out, PP [ profile] cupcakepantry or PM my journal!
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[With new lords come new excuses to party.]

[Some time on the 19th, the fae stage a takeover of the club fabric in Smithfield. Invitations are sent out to all the fae in London, touting the glorious coming out of the Lords of Rivers and Illusions, Seelie and Unseelie respectively. It's one of those times where fae of both courts just want an excuse to throw a party, and the invitation is all the notice said new lords get that they are going to be guests of honour.]

[It's a typical fae affair; the magic is heavy in all three rooms, one of which is decorated like a ballroom in Other Realm fashion. The food and drink served at the bar remains untouched by fae charms, but the fae presence itself seems to be intoxicating. Some of the activities happening in dark corners seem to be a little beyond what's regularly allowed at any reputable nightclub, but don't pay attention to that just enjoy the party.]

[If you manage to cause any trouble, a team of large fae is here to escort you out. You may have seen them faithfully guarding the door, sniffing out those who may want to cause harm to the high concentration of fae inside. Vampires can be let through if they have a fae companion with them, and otherwise all types of humans and supernatural alike are allowed in.]

[The party goes on for precisely 72 hours, and on the 22nd the party winds down and mysteriously disappears. The club is left a little cleaner than when it started, the staff left completely befuddled about what just occurred.] (x)
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January 7th-14th: Once the purge really gets going, it's pretty obvious that Croydon's being targeted disproportionately. It's less of a surprise than some might like; the area's a source of numerous bruised egos - Eames' included - but more than that, every side involved clearly wants to put this to bed. Daybreak, unfortunately, has a lot more backing and more official channels to go through to get the upper hand. Numerous people are taken in by the Night Council on whatever charges of using dark magic can be used against them, and it leaves a not insignificant dent in their power. Clever, one might suppose, reduce the numbers before Daybreak - Norrell, let's all be honest here - send the bodies in to take the area. Eames has the fae on his side and the people in his employ do what they can to undermine this though. Moving people out of the area quickly and under the noses of the Council guardians sweeping the area, goods hidden, the odd person stored away safely in Faery. More than anything, it's a move of solidarity with those living here. A gentle suggestion that those witches, fae, metas, etc. in the area can trust him and his to look after them.

January 15th: This is a losing fight, and Eames makes it clear no one is obligated to join in before things start. There's too many extenuating circumstances to have a hope of keeping their hands on Croydon. Still. Eames is too frustrated with the current state of affairs to let it go easily, and he amasses a small militia of the like-minded. They may not be able to keep Croydon, but they can make it difficult as hell to take. The plan is simple: In the early hours of the morning, before the sun has risen, they'll attack. The intent was to avoid bloodshed last time, but this time the intent is clearly to kill as many as possible. By the evening they'll have withdrawn, and Norrell can have fun explaining to the families of the deceased that they died for a shithole like Croydon.
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Catch-All for January for this lovely Midnight witch, and another lovely Irish hunter. Specific starters can be found in the comments! Please feel free to write your own, or PM me if you'd like something specific!

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The lead up to the claim is deceptively quiet. Although he already knows that most of the would-be interested parties will have their eyes on Croydon come the 8th, Finnick still doesn't want to attract any undue attention. He's quiet as he pokes around the borough, identifying places where he and his group might visit and checking for any large gatherings of Daybreak witches or vampires that might resist them. He's unarmed while he does this, knowing that a trident would attract all that undue attention he doesn't want, so he's ready to open a door and flee in the face of trouble.


When it's time, Finnick gathers his group and they start in the south of Havering, opening doors for allies to walk in and out of as they start visiting supernatural communities in the borough. They stop in any known meeting places along with anywhere they can sense a significant magical presence - a witch or two in an apartment won't draw them, but a dozen werewolves camped out in some basement brings them knocking. Every time they meet with someone, Finnick gently explains the situation: the fae are claiming this territory and nothing has to change, as long as no one tries to attack any fae.

The trident strapped to Finnick's back is ever present - a quiet threat of what may happen if anyone tries to object. He slips in and out of shadows when there are humans present so as not to draw attention, but in the empty streets he walks freely, towing his group behind him or letting them spread throughout the borough without him. He's mostly here to oversee, after all, and he'll appear at a moment's notice if any of his Seelie fae are attacked.


Finnick is a man of his word, and come morning little has changed in the territory. Fae have started moving in (many pre-emptively from Croydon), and a number of doors have been left open for the faery folk to walk freely in and out of the Other Realm. Finnick has found himself a spot near the window of a cafe, still easily found by any fae that may need him, but he's also making sure he's present in case any other factions decide they don't like what's happened. He stays there a few hours, ordering a couple coffees and a sandwich once lunchtime comes around. Waiting for signs of trouble and news of Croydon.

[OOC: As discussed, this is a quiet claim because of the hand-off happening the same night in Croydon, but if you want to make a top-level for yourself go ahead! Alternatively hit me up on plurk or on the plotting post if you want a more specific prompt!]
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[Finnick has been standing outside Eames' door for approximately twenty seven minutes. He's trying very hard to look calm and composed, staring at the opposite wall of the hallway with his jaw set stubbornly and his arms crossed across his chest.]

[The reason he's here will become abundantly obvious when Eames comes back home. It took Finnick a couple days to start piecing it together; he didn't have enough information at first, but he finally heard rumours about some sort of hand-off was going to be happening next week this morning and he has to confirm it. He has to know if this man he met in Lewisham would be so stupid, so naive... to think that handing over territory to lawless witches would be a good idea.]

[But he's just here to talk. Really.]
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Or close the wall up with our English dead
November 20th, afternoon

Or close the wall up with our English dead )

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
November 23rd, morning

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man )

As modest stillness and humility,
November 23rd, evening

As modest stillness and humility, )

But when the blast of war blows in our ears
November 24th, midday

But when the blast of war blows in our ears )

Then imitate the action of the tiger
November 24th, night

Then imitate the action of the tiger )

(And, of course, feel free to make your own top levels for others during the claim.)
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Ringer didn't particularly frequent the House. It was the sort of destination she only recalled when she needed something, be that information, work, or a random need to connect with something beyond her own life. University and her private hunting kept her busy often enough that it could be isolating at times and while she wasn't one to mind the time to herself, the girl knew that she stood a better chance of survival if she had more allies. Besides, sometimes it was nice to spend time with people who could hold a conversation about vampires, witches, and the other allegedly fictitious creatures of the night.

She ran a hand through her hair, a perfunctory gesture to push it out of her face, and took a seat off to the side by the wall. One of the counselors at her old school said she would probably continue to want her back to a wall for quite some time, called it Post Traumatic Stress. The woman may have been right. Ringer considered it a logical and safer choice in places that might be less than friendly. Still, she had taken to talking to strangers and acquaintances alike, trying to follow that whole 'no man is an island' practice. For that reason, she glanced up to the person who seemed unoccupied and offered a simple, "Hey."


Ringer was an intelligent person. Unfortunately, she was also fairly new at this whole hunting thing and made more mistakes than she'd care to acknowledge. When she came upon a dead body in central vampire territory, it never occurred to her that it would be anything other than a supernatural death and supernatural creatures to deal with. Crouching over the body, she turned the young woman's head and pushed her hair back, examining her neck for the telltale injury. Except there wasn't one. Turning the body over completely, she found the mark instead on the woman's breast and rolled her eyes at the cliche, gloved fingers tugging the clothing to cover in a more chaste fashion.

It wasn't until she heard sirens suddenly roar to life not far away, her black gloves covered in blood, that it occurred to her how bad this might look. She stood from the body, frozen with momentary panic, wondering if she should stay and admit to finding the body or if she should bolt and hope there were no witnesses to her presence here.


The London Library was known for its vast resources, one of the largest such public institutions in the whole of the country. It was here that Ringer went to conduct her latest research, seated at one of the many long tables and absorbed in her own world despite the people wandering by. At least she had the table to herself at present.

It was a two birds with one stone kind of day, her homework from uni scattered in front of her with her laptop to the right, while the research she had yet to do stood in stacks both on her left and in the center of the table. She was nearly finished studying for her exam on psychology, at which point she could switch to studying the horde of archive clippings on mass deaths from the London area stretching back the last 20 or so years.

Unless, of course, someone decided to interrupt.
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who: Britain's sweethearts
what: Finnick bought a harp. Annie plays harp. nothing will go wrong.
where: Chateau Odair
when: Oct 19
warnings: two mentally unstable kids with a harp that causes depression and grief. you tell me.

play )


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