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[ooc info: faolan has just gained a new metahuman power and he doesn't know how to process it. cue him feeling like he's going crazy! :')]



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What with the business with the medium and then the slight eruption of chaos in the city following the turnover within the Islington nest on Samhain, Faolan wasn't certain at first that he would get the chance to make this second attempt any time soon. But as the dust begins to settle, he realizes it's now or never, and with the holidays coming up and who knows what else might follow given the current political state of affairs, he knows he has to act now or not at all.

So it is one night that he turns to the other man, as they're packing up at work at the end of the day to go their separate ways -- Faolan hasn't quite been following Lancelot home after work as often as he might have done before the fiasco with the French restaurant, slightly self-conscious of the act now that, well. Lancelot's agreed to accept and even reciprocate his affections, for that matter. A fact that he can't quite wrap his mind around.

"Do you...have any plans this weekend?" he asks, trying (and most likely failing) to be nonchalant as he does.
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It takes Arthur a couple days to sort out his own thoughts and track down Faolan to talk about his meeting with Evie. Something's sticking for him about the deal she brought forward, and he definitely needs to sit down with Faolan to at least talk over those things before they even consider going back to agree on something final. Maybe Faolan won't like it at all, or maybe he'll be all for it. Arthur just finds it so frustratingly simple that he's thought himself in circles and needs to get it ironed out with another party.

Well, that, and it's Faolan's decision in the end. He has no disillusions about that; even if Arthur doesn't like part of it, Faolan can give the go ahead. He seems the kind of suspicious man that Arthur can trust to overthink things with him, but maybe he'll see something that Arthur doesn't.

So by the time Arthur winds up at Faolan's office knocking on the doorframe, he has that deepset frown of concentration on his face that usually indicates he's been thinking on something far too long. He doesn't bother with pleasantries.

"You have a minute?"
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Date: 17th to 31st of October, inclusive!
Plot: Medium, Live!
Areas: Manchester for the pre-London show, then Greenwich

[ pictures ] )

Worldwide phenomenon Sarah Silverton is coming to London. The British Born psychic, medium and all round lady of the supernatural is doing a special tour ending with a Halloween show in the enormous setting of the O2 arena.

She's booked out the placed, too, tickets are sold out. They weren't exactly cheap, either.

Silverton has plenty of critics, but nobody can deny that she does put on a good show. Some put it down to publicity stunts, but every time she takes over a stage there always seem to be mysterious problems. Lights flickering, sound problems, all sorts of spooky goings on while stage hands swear blind they didn't touch anything. There have even been some who quit because they couldn't take it any more, claiming members of Sarah's team must have been deliberating interfering to draw crowds.

It's no surprise, then, that the Night Council has taken any interest. With the reports of strange goings on escalating (including a falling piece of set in one show that caused injury to one unsuspecting audience member) they've launched a full investigation. While most believe Silverton to be a fraud simply putting together elaborate stunts to sell tickets, any chance that she's a real member of the community flagrantly breaking the Statute of Secrecy must be addressed. Lancelot is charged with putting together a team and investigating carefully. Sarah Silverton is a celebrity, and they can't risk drawing attention to themselves in the process or causing any kind of public scandal. They have just over two weeks until her live show in London, and a lot of work to get done....

[ ooc; Post for the medium, live! plot. Still time to sign up if you want! Spooky content likely, in the spirit of Halloween. ]
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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...


Aug. 31st, 2016 09:52 pm
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[August 31st, during the day] A Very Unhappy Birthday )

August 31st, evening] To Catch Three Killers )

September 3rd onward Job Hunt )

[OOC: If anyone's interested in posting to the plot to catch the real killers, feel free to run into him on the way there, in the middle of things, or after, just specify which. Otherwise, I'll just assumed all went according to plan.]
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The month has become a little rough for Lancelot. First there was his suspicions regarding Jean-Claude, then Raymond's declaration, then... then everything got a little worse. It was only a weekend hes spent in the basement with Raymond's lackeys, but he's still recovering from the blood loss -- and it's shaken him more than he'd care to admit.

i) Semi-Open: At Home, Richmond.
[ How long is this confinement for ] )

ii) Open: Night Council territory & various others.
[ How long before I stray off course ] )
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Kyle had been away for too long, first following Alex and then focusing on his own leads to try to find an old commanding officer. The hunt was futile, leaving him feeling played and used all at once. With Alex out of touch in her search and too many dead ends, the former soldier finally returned to London, feeling a bit reckless and angry while simultaneously eager to connect with recent friends.



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It's been a complicated few months for Lancelot.

As a Guardian, it isn't terribly great to know one of the Night Council has 'vanished' under mysterious circumstances. Gilbert Norrell may not have been a personal favourite of his, but he was still someone the Guardians were there to protect. Moreover, the investigation is going slowly.

Which is also not brilliant, considering he'd just been promoted.

As both a Police Officer and a Guardian both, there's little Lancelot likes less than the feeling of a dead end.

Then, of course, there's the vampire problem.

Lancelot thinks he can be forgiven for feeling a touch bitter over that.

Richmond -- Early August, Closed to Natasha

[ Alarms will ring ] )

Southwark -- backdated to June / Closed to Faolan.

[ I'm not dying but I bleed now ] )
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[Faolan - Jul 15] This revolution baby
Proves who you work for lately )

[Natasha - Jul 18] Release the castaways who run amok
From self appointed winds which blow and such )

[Sylvia - Jul 20] When present tense gets strangled in the mire
Made of our cozy decomposing wires )
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oh no, it's another catch-all for Shea's characters!
Private starters in the comments, hit me on plurk, or just drop something in.
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A Guardian has been murdered. Simon may have been young and inexperienced, but there is still something about the scenario that does not sit will with Faolan. Even if Sylvia had not instructed him to be investigating the case, there is a part of him that would have had him out on the streets, sniffing about for trouble anyway. It's just as well that his fieldwork here and now is officially sanctioned.

Of course, there's the small part of the fact that he doesn't know exactly where to begin. He finds himself wandering around near the scene of the crime, hoping that he'll come upon something new. It had been violent. Brutally so. Faolan didn't need to be an expert in vampires as he was to know that it had been one of them that had done the deed. But that was where the trail went dead. And considering the number of vampires in the city, and the fact that the entire population of them had been officially sanctioned to commit crimes like this by their leader... It isn't getting him very far.

On what is probably his third time circling around that area on that day alone, Faolan knows that he's going to have to adjust his tactics. But he'll be damned if he knows which direction to start in first.
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Sometime in early June, some posters start appearing in the halls of Hillingdon house. They read CLAN MEETING at the top in big bold letters, with the date, time, and location of the meeting below. Arthur's not looking to give a lot away here, but he tells a few people about it and how important it is to attend, hoping that the word will spread through the faction.

Arthur doesn't know what to anticipate. So far it's been a lot of stand-offish hunters and shifters, and they might not be eager to participate in an initiative that unites them and begets communication. Arthur was like that too, but now there's a need to be prepared and a need to act; getting the information out there is important.

People are late, of course. Arthur waits until it seems like people have stopped filtering in to start, waiting patiently at the front of one of Hillingdon House's grand ballrooms. He doesn't like being the center of attention, but he's been the lead on more than a few military briefings and debriefings in his day, so he's not totally out of his element in front of everyone there.

He starts with a small introduction, explaining that he's been with the clan for about a year and a half and before that he was in the US military. He leaves out the bit about his special-ops vampire-killing team, of course, but the fact is that he was trained to kill by the biggest military complex in the world.

He then goes on to explain why he called the meeting, telling everyone that Millicent has been murdered - just to get them all on the same page - and that she's been replaced by a far worse leader. Raymond Harris' new rules that Islington's vampires are allowed to feed on locals and that shapeshifter kills are reason enough for Hillingdon to start getting a little more pro-active, not to mention the fact that he'll allow children to be turned now. It's critical for Hillingdon to be prepared, not only for the inevitable rise in bounties, but for a more aggressive vampire population in general.

Not only that, it's critical for the faction to start sharing information between members a little more freely now. Information and skills.

He invites anyone who has more information to speak, and says that he'll offer anyone who wants them some extra training on marksmanship, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, any of the skills he has. He makes it clear that he's not looking for Hillingdon to go on a hunt - they don't need to be tracking down innocent vampires and killing them for sport - but it's time that they become a little more unified so they can use their skills to help deal with this if it gets worse.

[Please use the appropriate headers below if you character wanted to speak up during Arthur's presentation or for mingling! You can also start threads if you want to consolidate any threads that come up as a result of this, so skill sharing etc. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or to plurk me at [ profile] dreamalittlebigger!]
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The request for discretion in the matter of the kidnapping and rescue didn't surprise him. It happened quite a bit, especially for those who were higher profile in the London social circles - both supernatural and not. The divulging of who was actually in trouble and who they were related to, however, had Daryl walking on a tight rope while trying to track down whatever leads he could.

[ooc: kidnapping plot I was supposed to put log up for last week. Sorry for the late!]
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i - Blame the New Guy (3 May - locked to Lancelot and Faolan)

It turns out that putting a bounty on the head of a mostly harmless human stalker is not the best course of action when one is a Guardian representing the Night Council, particularly during the elections. Simon's made an even bigger mess of things than usual, it seems. Or at least that's the impression he got from Lancelot's reaction to the news.

"Daryl assured me he wasn't going to hurt her," Simon says for what feels like the twelfth time. "He just wanted to get information that I could use to get her off me." To blackmail the blackmailer. That was Eames' idea, though Simon isn't going to mention that to either of them. He's deep enough in the shit as it is without bringing a fae into things.

ii - Will Wonders Never Cease (7 May - locked to Daryl)

Simon has been expecting the worst for days now. It's hard not to, given his own overreaction and the reactions of those around him. So when he finally hears from Daryl that the job is done, he's mostly expecting there to be a body involved.

He certainly didn't think it would end up like this.

"And she just...agreed to stop?" He's completely dumbfounded. "What did you do to her?"

iii - Matinee Idol (13 May - OTA)

It feels strange to be around normal people. Simon has become so accustomed to being surrounded by the supernatural world in almost everything he does that even doing something as simple as going to the cinema with some friends from Uni and taking in Hollywood's latest semi-annual installment in one of its most venerable superhero franchises seems...wrong, somehow. It's a feeling he can't seem to shake afterwards, as he and the others loudly debate the merits of each member in the pantheon of heroes and how they'd stack up against each other in a fight. It's hard to compare hypotheticals when he personally knows people with powers just as fantastical as the ones dreamed up on screen.

After a while, his friends decide to continue the discussion at another pub, but he makes his excuses and stays behind, scowling at a mostly-untouched pint. The movie was supposed to take his mind off of things, and it was only making them worse.

iv - Choose Your Own Adventure (Anytime - OTA)

[Got an idea for a thread? Let me know at [ profile] colotheory!]
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Who: Lancelot and friends!
What: It's a birthday party! With both regular people and supernatural types. What could go wrong?
When: May 05
Where: Lancelot's flat & garden, Richmond!
Warnings: Gratuitous doggy! Probably a punch up later. Possibly some drunk kissing.

Lancelot's garden is not exactly an acre-large tented paradise.

He's not made of money.

It's big enough to just about fit the people invited across the patio and grass, with Lily variously herding them and rolling around, and he's flitting between them and the kitchen and living room and generally doing his best to butterfly around all of them making sure they're happy. The garden is relatively tidy, as tidy and well kept as a garden that suffers an enthusiastic dog can be. The hedges are neatly trimmed, the tree in one corner healthy and big enough to throw a little shade, and the one flowerbed border seems to mostly have some roses that are yet to fully bloom.

For those who he's only known since the incident last year he's given them a warning: not everyone who will be there is aware of the supernatural side of things, so try not to blurt it to people you don't know.

Despite it being his own birthday Lancelot is, of course, playing host. There's a table set up outside with finger food, salads, drinks and all sorts -- and food strategically inside for those who can't be out in the sun too. He appears to still be checking on more in the oven every so often too, but Lancelot does like to cook -- and he seems quite focused on making sure everyone has something they could eat.

Some of the drinks are alcoholic. The punch isn't that strong, but he has a few other drinks along the side for people who want them and some bottles of beer in an ice bucket. If someone decides to do a little mixing of course then it might wind up stronger.

His sound system is playing the soothing strains of Dire Straits through the place and all in all, for now at least things are going smoothly. So long as nobody says the wrong thing to the wrong person, it will probably be a nice evening. With the mixture of factions present alongside those who have no idea what a faction is, of course... that may be difficult.

[ OOC: Feel free to mingle away on the post with others here! ]
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What it says on the tin! Want to do something that I haven't written a prompt for! Either run it by me first if you like or just GO FOR IT!! c:
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Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown,
March 18th
Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown, )

And put a barren sceptre in my gripe,
March 19th
And put a barren sceptre in my gripe, )

Thence to be wrench'd with an unlineal hand,
March 20th
Thence to be wrench'd with an unlineal hand, )

No son of mine succeeding.
No son of mine succeeding. )


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