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Out On The - Open To All

Natasha is out. It's been a while. She's been hitting the bars less since she started drinking blood again on the sly; she didn't need the poor substitute as much, and she didn't want the temptation that came with it.

She had to be careful with this. She didn't want to be who she was before, when she was feeding on humans. So far, she thinks she's doing okay.

So out tonight, it's because she really does want the drink. She also wants to be around people, to watch them, maybe to chat with them. She can be found out, sitting at the bar or at a table that can be seen, not hiding away in the corner, nursing a gin and tonic or maybe a whiskey sour.

If she sees someone she knows, she's quick to invite them to join her. "One on me?" she offers. "I could use some company."

Home Is Where - Closed to Evie

It's not a surprise when Natasha comes by. She texted on her way over, showing up with takeout Thai food and a bottle of red wine. It's normal. They do this so often—food, some drinks, maybe a movie, and time together on the couch.

The difference, this time, is that after dinner and before putting on a horror flick about a family moving into a haunted house, Natasha bows her head a little and licks her lips, a thoughtful, expression. She doesn't have many tells, and she hides them well when she wants to, ut Evie would know her well enough by now to know there's something on her mind.

It may still be a surprise when she says, "I was thinking, we should talk about that thing you brought up at the tournament."


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1. all of july: job hunting )

2. all of july: bird's eye view )

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Following This Thread

It's almost morning when Natasha shows up at Evie's doorstep. She looks good, her color better than anyone in in London would have ever seen. There's more energy in her step, in her stance. Subtly, more confidence. She feels better too, at least physically. It's been well over a year since she wasn't on the edge of starvation, and if she'd ever managed to convince herself that it wasn't so bad, that illusion is thoroughly dispelled now.

Emotionally... she's still sorting that out. Maybe that's why she came here instead of going home.

She can't escape the suspicion that Evie will know what she did the moment she opens the door. And for good reason. The clues are all there—and Natasha didn't pick herself a stupid woman.
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[Here we go again, new month, same ladies. A few starters in the comments, hmu for something specific. I just want a place to put stuff. Carry on!]
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The invitations go out a week in advance. Some of which are hand written (ink on parchment, of course), to those of whom he wishes to see personally, though of course they are welcome to bring guests. The more the merrier, or so the saying goes. Especially in the case of such an event as this. Jean-Claude is vying for the spot of President of the Night Council, after all, and while the event is not technically connected to the election, timing is everything, mes amis. And what an event it is.

The instructions on the invitation are quite simple. There is to be a ball. But not just any ball, a Vampire Ball. If you are a vampire, an ally, or interested in becoming both, you are more than welcome to attend. It is a night to celebrate the collective history of the Nest of London. Formal historical costume is a requirement of attendance. Masks will be allowed as well, though the event is technically not a masquerade. All wood and silver will be checked at the door, for this is a night of entertainment.

The event is being held in a private historic home, presumably for the atmosphere. In the foyer there is a coat check (along with wood and silver check, courtesy of Guilty Pleasure's well-loved bouncers). The guests are funneled through from there into the main ballroom, where yes, there is a live string quartet playing. How did Jean-Claude afford such decadence? It helps when you have lived for so long as he has and have had very little to spend money on besides clothes and decadence. It certainly couldn't be his own private residence -- could it?

Off to the side of the ballroom is an array of chaise lounges and other sofas and chairs, while on the other may be located several tables of refreshments. It is clearly indicated which table is intended for the vampires and which is for those who are still among the living. There is another bouncer posted on watch over the refreshments, and the punch in particular -- they need not have a repeat of the last time someone spiked their drinks in such a fashion after all. There is quite a selection of finger foods on the table for those who are so inclined to partake in such delicacies, and there are offers of champagne, wine, and punch for that table. There are finger foods on the other table as well, although not as many, and each one has an accompanying card indicating the donor's name and blood type, just in case you were wondering why they were for the vampires.

The house is of course bigger than the ballroom and the foyer, but few guests are allowed to venture up the front stairs or beyond the little hall to where the restrooms are located. That does not mean, of course, that there are not those who manage to sneak past the little corded ropes meant to keep such troublemakers within check, especially when the bouncers are otherwise preoccupied. There are all sorts of fun rooms to explore.

And so many costumes from so many eras! Guests are encouraged to talk amongst themselves and share memories of the good old days for those lived through them, or ask questions if there are curiosities from those who did not. Today is a golden age, Islington Nest is at its strongest yet, and it is a time to celebrate what it is to be Vampire. There is more to such a life than drinking blood and having fangs, a sophistication and experience beyond the hunger. If nothing else, Jean-Claude hopes to share this with the attendees on this evening.

Which at least manages to begin without a hitch, but if you should manage to stay for the end of the night, prepare for some fireworks to ensue. For what is a party without a little drama...

(ooc note: anyone is welcome to attend, though if you are anti-islington you will not get very far in the door before being turned away. certain allies/those who have helped jean-claude in the past will have received direct invitations, but there is a general buzz passed around the nest and islington allies ahead of time that will have spread through the supernatural community leading up to the day itself. as stated above, historical costume is a must -- vampires are encouraged to wear something from an era they lived through, though humans are welcome to whatever they desire! masks are fun so wear one if you like though there will be no anonymity here.

details will be in jean-claude's comment below, but his ex, asher, is going to be crashing the party at the end of the night, so if you're there for the end of the evening expect that as well. i will make a comment for asher as well on his own so you can tag with him before the main event if you decide you'd like to skip out on the fireworks as he and jean-claude butt heads for the first time in hundreds of years.)
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He'd been sucking it up for months. Holding back waiting to see if Daybreak would get off their ass and do something about the shit that had gone down in their territory since Raymond's rise (which ended promptly with his fall, a thing Daybreak had no hand in). But all they'd done in Richmond was decide to build that eye sore of an insult to all non-witches. 'Center for Magical Innovation'. Bullshit. Center for slavery of non-witches was more accurate. Starting with the fae.

When Faolan had spoken against it, Daryl had hopes that maybe what little loose leadership the clan had might be ready to get up off their ass and do something. But that didn't happen and a month passed while the Center sat there, getting used. It's visitors abusing folks in ways it was hard to get any proof of. Just rumor and small confessions of a few fae who'd been able to slip away. Some of the stray cats in the area talked about it, too. Didn't like how it 'felt'.

Another month had almost passed and Daryl was done with waiting. He'd set up small patrols with others he'd trusted among Hillingdon months ago. Stuff to help protect the residents in the ways that Daybreak had been neglecting to. It wouldn't take much to turn those patrols toward doing something more.

Richmond was basically his territory already. It was time to make it Hillingdon's too.

(Specific prompts in the comments)
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Date Night - Close to Evie

Tonight, it's dinner. Natasha's choice. She might not be able to appreciate the flavor of the food itself the way she used to, but she still enjoys the experience. The candlelight. The waiters. The wine.

She enjoys spending time with her girlfriend, the feeling of privacy that comes from being in a secluded table in a nice restaurant, while still existing in public. Most of all, she enjoys the company, the chance to make Evie smile.

It's strange to her, very very strange, like being in a new country and only barely speaking the language, but it's also good.

On Patrol

With so much going on, there's a lot of reason for Natasha to be out on the street. She needs to know what's going on, but that's only part of it. She also needs to be there if something goes wrong. This whole month seems to be one bomb dropped after another, and it makes her twitchy.

So she walks the area around Redbright looking for trouble. Maybe she finds it. Maybe she finds a friend instead?

And the Bar

Or maybe she'll run into a friend at the bar. She can hope. It'd be a pity to drink alone.

Natasha doesn't like the position she's in. Since she arrived in London, she's wanted nothing more than stability and a place where the supernatural communities observed at least the appearance of peaceful co-existence, and since she's arrived it seems like there's been nothing but threats to that in one form or another.

Not that she was optimistic about the situation. She's used to not getting what she wants.

But at this point, the situation is discouraging, and she'd like someone to have a drink with while she gets the disappointment out of her system.

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There's not so many things that Eames actually enjoys these days, which is probably a sad fact, but don't feel pity for him. Because he has the most excellent dog in the world. Do you have the best dog in the world? No. Because he is Eames' dog and he is called Boxer and he's two years old and a beautiful healthy rottweiler who is smart and handsome and very well behaved.

Generally after he's done with whatever morning/early afternoon business he has, it's followed by a trip to the nearest park if he's brought Boxer with him.

There's nothing fancy or special here, just feel free to find him walking his dog or playing catch. Boxer's a little wary around other dogs, but he doesn't shy away when other dogs come over like he did when Eames first got him, which is nice to see. It's always good to know you've raised your child well.

Honestly? At this stage there's not much to be gleaned from watching the place, but that doesn't mean Eames won't.

He's not here every day, because honestly why go to Richmond if you don't have to, but every now and then he stops for a few hours to watch the comings and goings. Partially a catalogue of faces, partially to see if there's anything odd going on that might spill into public view. Especially after they failed to hold on to some of their prizes from the last few months.

A glamour makes him hard to see in return — not hidden, not exactly, but it almost... Diverts attention. Makes him forgettable and uninteresting. Probably what makes him feel confident hanging about in such a particularly dangerous area for a fae.

C//WILDCARD [Hit me up over PM or Plurk if you wanna do something different or have something specific in mind!]
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They've done their research. They know where the fae in Bromley are hiding out, their movements, their numbers. As far as intelligence gathering goes, it's not a bad effort. They have a plan too. This at least is an improvement over some past witches that Mogget could mention, though in his opinion the plan is rather crude. Samantha could get a lot more resistance than she bargained for.

Which, it turns out, is exactly the case. Of course, Mogget is the one on the ground with the other witches, trying to control a situation that swiftly spirals out of control. Samantha is nowhere to be seen; she gets others to do her dirty work.

He's not looking forward to telling her what went wrong.

[ooc: Planning post here, individual threads for each day below! Feel free to make your own subthreads and let me know if you have any questions!]
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Evening, February 14th )

[[OOC: Thomas will be going around and talking to everyone, but this is a party mingle log so feel free to post amongst yourselves.]]

Mr. Sandman

Feb. 5th, 2017 09:53 am
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6 Feb.

It's February, still cold but Valentine's Day just around the corner and people starting to think of spring, it might not be surprising that romance seems to be in the air. Hard to pin down just what the difference is—but romance seems to be nagging at a lot of minds.

It might be because last night, you had a dream. Nothing clear, but bits and pieces stick with you. Maybe it was just stolen glances and light kisses, or maybe it was flashes and surprising jolts of something more physical, more raw. Either way, the dream doesn't quite fade away when daylight comes.

The strangest part? It's about someone you normally try not to think of that way.

Dreams are like that though, sometimes. It's probably nothing.

10 Feb.

A few days later, and the dreams keep on keeping on. For at least one person, it's every night. For others, it may be more intermittent. It may be just happening for the first time, after a visit to the Redbright Institute or passing through the surrounding neighbor, or after chatting with a particular vampire. It might happen spontaneously. Either way the dreams keep coming, and they continue to be about someone in particular, someone who you've been denying or ignoring your attraction to, but it's getting hard to pretend you don't feel a little warmer when you think about them.

It's starting to seem like there's something a little weird going on here. Even weirder? There's a chance that the person you're dreaming about is having the same dreams. Not just romantic dreams—the exact same shared dreams.

At least, they are if they're dreaming of you too.

14 Feb.

It's been a week now, and the dreams keep escalating. Not only do they become more frequent, they're more vivid. What started with disjointed images and feelings, more impressions than anything else, have evolved into full narratives—ranging from chastely romantic nonsense, imagining that the object of your desire is a knight coming to rescue you from a dragon, or arrived to offer comfort and support in a bleak moment, to intensely erotic. Some of them may be down right silly.

But the common thread is there. They are all about the same person, and they all expose the fact that you care about them in a way that's not as platonic as you've pretended.

And maybe it's about time you confronted that?

On the other hand, maybe you're just riding this out.

Either way, this is getting sorted out tonight. There's not going to be a better time for it
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[Another open post for both Evie and Nancy. Starters are in the comments, feel free to grab me at [plurk.com profile] sheakespeare if you want something specific, or write your own starter, I'm not picky.]
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Caroline has worked hard to put together the evening's event, which is not only a Christmas party but also hopefully a chance for the Nest to celebrate its new leadership. The room at the Angelo has been decorated with a winter wonderland theme which, while not exactly original, is quite lovely.

A string quartet is playing a selection of Christmas and other classical music. Any attempts to feed on the musicians will result in the perpetrator getting thrown out the party, or worse. But feeding on any of the hired help or performers should be unnecessary, since several varieties of "blood punch" are available to drink. There is also food and other drinks available for non-vampire guests and anyone else who wishes to partake.

There is a strict black tie only dress code and Caroline will tell anyone who is under-dressed to go home and change.

[The event is happening on Dec 17th but I wanted to get it up early so everyone had time to do get involved if they so desired.]
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There's a right nip in the air when the Dodger steps out in the early morning to begin his business for the day. Well, his business, Fagin's business, it's all the same when it comes down to brass coins dragged from the bottom of pockets. He rubs his hands together, making a note to lift himself some gloves at some point during the day - if he recollects correctly, the ones from last year weren't really as decent as he would have liked. Not terrible, but for a gent of taste like himself, they weren't up to scratch.

Scratch... scratchings... pork scratchings. Hm. His stomach grumbled a bit. Looks like the sausages at the den weren't enough. Right, well that decided the plan for the day then. Breakfast first, and then on with the work of the day. The markets would be the best places to check. Maybe the one down by St James, folks would be too distracted to pay attention to a kid nipping among them.

Seemed like a good plan, and the Dodger grinned, adjusting his hat to just the right angle.

Right. Time for work.
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[All those threads we meant to do during November and then never started. PM or PP [plurk.com profile] FiremanSam if you want something backdated for this month.]
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Natasha's never much been the sort to celebrate her birthdays. Wasn't even when she was alive and aging. Call it the result of not having anyone to celebrate with. Family had all died when she was young, and growing up in thin times, in and out of orphanages and boarding schools, there weren't many people interested in splurging to buy her presents or take her out to dinner. She could count the number of birthday parties she's had in her whole like—seventy-eight years today—on one hand and still have fingers leftover.

She's not sure why she's thinking of it at all this year. Maybe just because there's been so many changes. New city. New allegiances. New friends, maybe. New life, maybe.

Maybe she just didn't actually expect to live to see this one after she fled Russia.

Whatever it is, Natasha goes out drinking tonight with purpose, making the rounds and her regular bars and drinking a toast at each of them. Sometimes she drinks them to herself. Sometimes she drinks them to the people who didn't make it this far. If, along the way, she runs into anyone she knows? In the event that happens, they might find themselves with a bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey being set in front of them, a silent invitation to join her for this round.

If she doesn't, then she has her drink alone and moves on.
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With Raymond Harris dead, and the structure of Islington Nest potentially fragile, Cesare has a point to make. It is always during sudden changes in leadership that others have a tendency to fight for influence, a standoff of peace followed by a sudden rush for power and position. Cesare himself has done it many times, but just this once he would like to avoid it.

The Nest needs to assert its strength and Cesare is happy to be the one facilitating that. The assassination of Raymond Harris has whetted his appetite. He had missed this.

Although abhorring Sylvia, he decides not to attack her directly just yet, settling instead for the easy enemy, East End Pack. He tells only a few of those in his nest who he thinks he can trust, and sets out during the night, capturing strategic points, pushing out political figures and killing those who refuse to move. Cesare believes in fairness, but he does not believe in mercy.
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The Duke of Central London's Samhain festivities are open upon invitation only. Those who are fortunate enough to have received one, either from the Duke himself or from one of his guests, are privy to quite the affair. Raymond has obviously been planning this for some time now, and the bar is fully stocked, the room fully decorated for the festivities. Collected from the fae hunt that their leader had encouraged, fae blood flows freely, available freshly served in punch bowls or straight from the source itself, in the form of kidnapped fae off of the streets. The vampires who partake are drunk with it and high on the euphoria that it offers, a drug unlike any other their kind can partake in.

As promised by Raymond himself, it is a rave the likes that London has never seen before. And it's about to get a lot more memorable still...
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[ooc note: this is an open post for jean-claude's move on the territory of southwark. there are many threads within, some closed, some open. even if your character may not have participated in the claim itself, there is still opportunity for them to participate either talking to jean-claude before or after the claim, or just celebrating their victory with them! if you have any questions pleas private message me or private plurk me on [plurk.com profile] lycanthropy101!]
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1. Early evening - for Thomas )

2. The Party Begins - Open )

3. Later in the Evening - Open )

[Feel free to join the party even if your character doesn't know Caroline well enough for an invite, everyone's welcome]


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