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There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg.

The Countryman took the eggs to market and soon began to get rich. But it was not long before he grew impatient with the Goose because she gave him only a single golden egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough.

Then one day, after he had finished counting his money, the idea came to him that he could get all the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when the deed was done, not a single golden egg did he find, and his precious Goose was dead.

-The Goose and the Golden Egg, Aesop's Fables
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Daryl wasn't happy to be doing this, but in terms of property matters, he had little recourse. He could keep Daybreak out of the center so long as they insisted on breaking Hillingdon laws. Once they stopped - and they had to stop if they wanted to be seen as doing things the proper way - he had no legal recourse for continuing to keep them out of the building. It wasn't like Hillingdon had the means to get away with occupying it.

Shame that a fire hadn't broken out at some point, too.

He sat on the steps outside the main doors in much the same manner as the day he'd forced Daybreak to retreat. Local stray cats gathered around him to both keep him company and to help him if the negotiations went bad. Daybreak had broached the topic of the center being returned to them as soon as the law was voted through. Trying to salvage something out of it, no doubt. Getting the Center back would feel like a win, however Pyrrhic.

So he was there, as the one that had led the take over, to be the one to return the Center to Daybreak's control.
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1. At Work
The bookshop that Wednesday works in is not so much as shop as it is a storage place for the owner's rather extensive collection of books. Since said owner is rather loathe to part with any of his precious collection, having Wednesday as a member of staff works quite well, as for some odd reason people are rather reluctant to make a purchase from her. So instead, she works on arranging the shelves, keeping them in good order and adding new items as and when they arrive.

Today, she is concentrating on the occult section, idly leafing through one of the books she is trying to arrange. The information isn't half bad - the author actually seemed to understand what it was they were talking about and she would smile if that was something she did. A ring of a bell drew her attention - the door had been opened.

"Do you require assistance?"

2. Market Time
It's her day off, and this is really one of the first times Wednesday has been able to look at some of the many markets London has to offer. She doubts that the mystic stall she passed has anything of real value, but there are some things that could possibly be used. The antiques interest her a little more, though sadly there's no weaponry. She hadn't been able to bring some of her favourites from the manor because of airport security rules and she found she was missing them. She'd need to see about finding a proper smith.

Still, it is rather fun, to wander about the market with no real purpose in mind. Even if people do keep muttering 'goth' when they see her dark parasol. She's going to curse the next person who says that.

3. Night Walk
London is at it's best at night, Wednesday believes. There's a hum from the city - ambitions, hopes, dreams, fears, and nightmares - that anyone could feel and at night it seems to be amplified. She strolls easily down a darkened street, not particularly bothered that the street lights aren't at their best. There's a pleasant chill in the air and it reaches the bones in such a comforting way. The sound of footsteps behind her isn't anything, either. They were just footsteps, after all.

"Are you following me, or are we merely headed in the same direction?"

Until they were introduced, that was.
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He'd been sucking it up for months. Holding back waiting to see if Daybreak would get off their ass and do something about the shit that had gone down in their territory since Raymond's rise (which ended promptly with his fall, a thing Daybreak had no hand in). But all they'd done in Richmond was decide to build that eye sore of an insult to all non-witches. 'Center for Magical Innovation'. Bullshit. Center for slavery of non-witches was more accurate. Starting with the fae.

When Faolan had spoken against it, Daryl had hopes that maybe what little loose leadership the clan had might be ready to get up off their ass and do something. But that didn't happen and a month passed while the Center sat there, getting used. It's visitors abusing folks in ways it was hard to get any proof of. Just rumor and small confessions of a few fae who'd been able to slip away. Some of the stray cats in the area talked about it, too. Didn't like how it 'felt'.

Another month had almost passed and Daryl was done with waiting. He'd set up small patrols with others he'd trusted among Hillingdon months ago. Stuff to help protect the residents in the ways that Daybreak had been neglecting to. It wouldn't take much to turn those patrols toward doing something more.

Richmond was basically his territory already. It was time to make it Hillingdon's too.

(Specific prompts in the comments)
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Gipsy on the road again felt good, like she always did, with that purr and the hum of the open road.  It had been five years of the road in her blood, wild and free with a mission under her belt.  Mako might have been at the top of her class five years ago but the road had sharpened her to the finest of points.  But for now, she was leaving that behind and relaxing a little - or trying to, at least.  Fishing was one of those things that gave her a little breathing room, not to mention a good snack.  She had a nice fire pit lit and crackling behind her, the warmth at her back, a rod in hand and an empty bucket for her catches.

A sound, the rustle of bushes, that preternatural prickling at the back of her neck, told her she wan't alone as she pulled a decent sized fish from the water.

" If you are looking for lunch," she said quietly as she put the fish into a bucket, "let me catch another fish and we'll see about that.  Meanwhile, you may enjoy the fire."

It is difficult, sometimes, to get a cup of coffee that is truly good.  Mako stood in line at Cafe Poirot debating her choices.  It was like picking some sort of jewel out of a line up of the finest in the world.  The cappuccino was good, the machination was fantastic, the lattes were among her favourite and--  She turned to the person behind her at a loss.

"Which do you like from the menu?  I am debating on the latte but everything looks so good today."

Far more than fishing, working with mechanics of any type makes Mako feel complete.  Anything with a motor, anything with gears, she knows how to put it together.  It's been like this her whole life.  Machines are an intrinsic part of her life, personal and professional.  Setting up her garage, her workspace, makes her stay official.

She's very much the newest member of Hillingdon House, now.

Mako even has a little sign that says: Gipsy Danger's Quick Fix.  Okay, so it's a borrowed garage and a borrowed workspace but it's off the road and she's had a shower - a long one.  It's real enough that she hopes it'll stick.  At the moment, Mako was working on restoring an old engine, which has been neatly disassembled and placed on a sheet as she went through each, cleaning them.  A noise makes her look up from her work and she stops what she's doing.

"Did you have something that needs to be fixed?"


New places are often difficult to navigate and getting the lay of the land is something that Mako had learned to do before truly settling anywhere.  She had been wary of it but in rather dire need as well.  She moved carefully, looking for the kitchen and hopefully some tea.  But mostly, she was just looking.  She turned the corner and nearly bumped into someone.

"I am so sorry!" she said quietly, backing up a little.  "I am Mako Mori and I am also very new to this place.  Is there somewhere that I may make tea?"

e. Wildcard; pick a situation and we'll roll with it.
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1 // "office hours" // mid-may // open to hillingdon
Arthur never thought he'd be in a position where he felt obligated to defend Sylvia Redbright from media slander. It's not even like he has to campaign for her, but if he managed to get cornered into a conversation about it, she is the lesser of two evils and still one of the biggest pieces on the board when it comes to dismantling Daybreak. He thinks it was a good move not to remain neutral like they have in the past, but it still manages to bug him.

Either way he's spending more time at Hillingdon House lately, realizing that his sprawling collection of research is too much to keep at his apartment. He's taken over one of the smaller rooms and sometimes he just sits there staring at a wall plastered with news articles and photocopied pages of old arcane books. He's still around to help give the hunters a bit of structure when and if they need it but mostly he's obsessing over the Daybreak problem and what exactly he can even do about it from his position.

Still, he'll try not to be too disgruntled if he gets interrupted from his long bouts of silence interspersed with cliche Edith Piaf "thinking music." His door is open, after all.

2 // he's still a hunter // may // open to all
The guy still has to eat, which means he's still taking bounties when he can get them. Islington shaping up has been a bit bad for business but it's good for humans in general, so he tries not to complain, but this does mean that he's taking a lot of low energy reconnaissance jobs instead of the more exciting ones he's used to. That means a lot of time at coffee shops and diners staking out offices and homes and various other places that are boring to watch. Clearly he needs a distraction.

(ooc: hit me up if you want a different/personalized prompt!)


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It's been decades since Mogget has wandered around London this freely. It's almost like discovering the city all over again. At first he sticks to exploring mainly at night, keeping his nose to the ground and sniffing out magical activity. During the day he switches to crow form for a bird's eye view of the city, updating the mental map in his head. He has a specific mission, however, and so in the latter half of the month he begins to target certain locations:

Bromley and Bexley )

Hillingdon House (17th-19th February) )

Abbott Mill, the East End Den (around end February) )
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[ooc info: faolan has just gained a new metahuman power and he doesn't know how to process it. cue him feeling like he's going crazy! :')]



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The Lanky Loon wasn't exactly Daryl's bar of choice on most days, but it did one thing that the majority of pubs in the area didn't: catered to Expats feeling a little lonely on Thanksgiving. Mostly becuase it was run by ex-Expats who'd settled down decades ago and thought it would be fun to do when they were hurting for friends. Turkey and potatoes with stuffing and cranberry were the only items on the menu today and several long tables set out so all the people with no family in the area could sit down next to each other like they were. They got to be as dysfunctional as expected but without any of the baggage that went with it and they could disown the rest when they left. The place was open all day and food was first come first serve.

Daryl had found it through his job since they like to hire state-side and this would be his third year going. He didn't know anyone's names but the owners and didn't really care if he remembered them or not. Didn't matter, the big game was on the tiny little screen that passed for a television and people were already getting loud and rowdy about it. Felt enough like home to be worth an hour or two of his time.

He grabbed a plate, a beer, and set himself down at an empty spot. Turned to whoever he was next to and raised the bottle up in toast, "Happy Turkey-day."

[we have a small cast of american characters so if anyone wants to mingle with each other and not just Daryl, go right ahead.]
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Caroline hadn't known what to expect when the box was delivered. She ordered a fair amount of things online - especially now that her shopping hours were so limited - but she was pretty sure this wasn't one of them. She was even more sure when she opened the box and discovered a bottle of perfume inside. She definitely hadn't order that.

It wasn't until a few days later that she actually tried it on. And when she did, it actually good. Like, really good.

And so, the next time she had a night off, she decided to pull out a super cute outfit, spent half an hour on her make-up, put on a generous amount of the perfume and headed out the door. She wasn't exactly sure where she was going but it really didn't matter. She just knew it was going to be an exciting night.

[Caroline's perfume has some strange properties, naturally. It will make her highly attractive to anyone of a different supernatural type and utterly repulsive to any vampires. There is no effect on humans. Feel free to run into her anywhere in London that is at least somewhat safe for a vampire to be.]
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The Duke of Central London's Samhain festivities are open upon invitation only. Those who are fortunate enough to have received one, either from the Duke himself or from one of his guests, are privy to quite the affair. Raymond has obviously been planning this for some time now, and the bar is fully stocked, the room fully decorated for the festivities. Collected from the fae hunt that their leader had encouraged, fae blood flows freely, available freshly served in punch bowls or straight from the source itself, in the form of kidnapped fae off of the streets. The vampires who partake are drunk with it and high on the euphoria that it offers, a drug unlike any other their kind can partake in.

As promised by Raymond himself, it is a rave the likes that London has never seen before. And it's about to get a lot more memorable still...
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[catch-all post for jean-claude for october! if you have any requests to thread with him, just hit me up by pm or at [plurk.com profile] lycanthropy101! c:]
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Date: 17th to 31st of October, inclusive!
Plot: Medium, Live!
Areas: Manchester for the pre-London show, then Greenwich

[ pictures ] )

Worldwide phenomenon Sarah Silverton is coming to London. The British Born psychic, medium and all round lady of the supernatural is doing a special tour ending with a Halloween show in the enormous setting of the O2 arena.

She's booked out the placed, too, tickets are sold out. They weren't exactly cheap, either.

Silverton has plenty of critics, but nobody can deny that she does put on a good show. Some put it down to publicity stunts, but every time she takes over a stage there always seem to be mysterious problems. Lights flickering, sound problems, all sorts of spooky goings on while stage hands swear blind they didn't touch anything. There have even been some who quit because they couldn't take it any more, claiming members of Sarah's team must have been deliberating interfering to draw crowds.

It's no surprise, then, that the Night Council has taken any interest. With the reports of strange goings on escalating (including a falling piece of set in one show that caused injury to one unsuspecting audience member) they've launched a full investigation. While most believe Silverton to be a fraud simply putting together elaborate stunts to sell tickets, any chance that she's a real member of the community flagrantly breaking the Statute of Secrecy must be addressed. Lancelot is charged with putting together a team and investigating carefully. Sarah Silverton is a celebrity, and they can't risk drawing attention to themselves in the process or causing any kind of public scandal. They have just over two weeks until her live show in London, and a lot of work to get done....

[ ooc; Post for the medium, live! plot. Still time to sign up if you want! Spooky content likely, in the spirit of Halloween. ]


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C. Choose your own adventure!
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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...


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