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The school like to think their hand was forced in doing this. At best they hoped to do this plan maybe later in the year, at the end of the October when everyone was wrapped up with activities like storing ingredients for the coming winter or securing their residences for the chill.

But the death of a metahuman in an area where they should have been protected made some feel on edge, wondering amongst themselves if they can really trust their alliances with the others. Not everyone in the staff and the board felt like that, confident of the protection of Daybreak and Council, but there were enough people who were worried, were unsure.

Clara was one of the people who voted and argued for the push to go find a new area sooner rather than later. Better to show they were being proactive in wanting to protect others. Better to be safe than sorry. Though only a security guard, she wasn't alone and enough people agreed to the sentiment either out of that sentiment or for their own reason. It helped that someone else had suggested that they try to do this peacefully as possible to not raise the ire of the factions they were surrounded by -- Hillingdon, Midnight, the Council -- since they were supposed to be the closest thing a neutral party in the climate.

The questions were endless even after they reached the conclusion of trying to make a claim for themselves. Where do they go? How will they approach this? Who will help them? What do they need to do to get this to work?

That's what they had to find out.

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After an eventful day, Clara has the night to herself which she puts to good use for herself.

Technically Clara isn't supposed to be 64-years-old today. She shouldn't be here at all. A cold got her back then, a nasty one that she couldn't shake off thanks to her delicate health.

She was supposed to be gone a long, long time ago but here she is, defying expectations of life itself as she continues to linger on and see the passage of time continue marching on. She's around to see the dates she continues to hold dear to her heart come and go time and again: Her sons' birthdays, Antonio and Maja's deaths. In a few short months she'll be celebrating her wedding anniversary (by herself, of course) and Magra's 20th birthday.

Right now? She's including the celebrating her own birthday.

So, at evening, when Henrique is taking a well-deserved break from his job by taking a nice long sleep in his shack, Clara has set up a little 'party' that can be found at the family plot of gravestones that is supposed to be her final resting place along with Francisco and Antonio.

She did her best to make it look festive! No need to make it look depressing and gloomy after all. There are a few things she hopes can brighten up the place at this hour of the evening: Half-used scented candles she 'borrowed' from the coffee shop, relit them again with some of Henrique's matches. A few streamers from an employee's party at the shop, carefully decorated around her tombstone and her husband's and son's. There's a small cupcake too! Right on her marker, a little thoughtful gift from Bianca who had visited by earlier.

Most importantly to her there were flowers scattered across the grounds. Much as she wanted to add sampaguitas, they weren't native here in London, of course, so she was more than happy to use the wildflowers that were near the cemetery to add a burst of colours.

… She hopes no one will consider this a sinister activity.

[ OOC: Feel free to have known about this little party/birthday or just stumble upon it! Prose and brackets welcomed!]
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"Scotland Yard continues to search for Ellis Harvey, the seventeen-year-old wanted for questioning regarding the three fires in the Havering borough. The young man was last seen on August 4th, according to his mother. He is likely driving a 2005 blue Audi RS4. He is believed to be armed and dangerous."

"The Night Council seeks to bring Ellis Harvey, a suspected metahuman, to justice for the arson of three buildings in the Havering borough. Citizens are advised to contact Guardians if Ellis is spotted. He is rumoured to have powers connected to fire, which include being able to summon it at will, hot enough to burn blue."

Two reports, ultimately very similar. If Harvey was found by Scotland Yard, there could be no doubt that it would be officers who were also involved with the Night Council. They had their ways, after all.
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[This is the placeholder post for Faust's search for a way to communicate with his dead wife. Prompts inside!

Warning: probably contains mental torture and/or physical harm]
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An elephant never forgets and she likes to think that includes ghosts of elephants. It makes, doesn't it? Elephants have always been able to remember such uncanny things and since they weren't changed that much upon their passing, they should be able to retain their excellent memories.

So she wants to believe her memory is sharp as ever after all these years, able to keep information if she wants to keep it.

And she has a lot to keep with even more to tell to certain parties.

Clara heads to where she thinks they're most likely to be, calling out their name softly to make sure it'll be between her and them. It took a while to find them but she hopes, at long last, she found them and can have an important chat with them about some subjects she's itching to speak of.


They need to have a little chat.


Since most of her work hours in Redbright happen in the evening, she's free for the rest of the day when one of the people there, either Bianca Aster or a teacher, assure her they'll be fine and they tell her that she needs to take a break, that she can't always be doing something.

It's taken as a suggestion.

Currently she's channeling her energies back at Harrow, floating around to make arounds and keep an eye for anything strange or suspicious. Nothing too out of the blue so she plans to make her way through Harrow to the rest of the Redbright territories -- Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, and etc -- to see what is happening so far.


When Clara is on the job, she takes it very seriously.

For one thing-- It's the first real job she's had in over fifteen years and it involves looking after young ones. Of course she'll be doing her best to keep them safe, checking the corridors and inspecting the rooms.

Most of the time, she's merely a precaution to make sure they can say with a straight face that they've at least tired to stop anyone from doing antics in the school. Then there are the times she spots something from the corner of her eyes and she is after it.

"Excuse me! Who's there?"

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Some witch holidays were meant to be enjoyed by all, regardless of species, alliances or preference to magic. Holidays like Lammas! Think of it as witch Thanksgiving.

An old woman by the name of Agatha Chapman was of the personal opinion that there was just too much infighting between her fellow witches this year. Those Circle Midnight witches were practically children! Agatha had raised enough children to know they were just going through some rebellious phase. It would pass. But this wasn't the time for expressing such things. This was a time of togetherness! Which was why Agatha had, through her daughters and granddaughters, sent a very public invitation to the supernatural community:

~Lammas Day Celebration~

Come celebrate the great tradition of the first harvest and shorter days with a beach party and bonfire!
Food, fun, and sun! No limits on guests, bring your friends!

AUGUST 1st 2015
12 PM - 2 AM
(public rituals @ 10 PM)


Transportation from the city will be provided from Victoria Station. Present this invitation at the ticket office.

You totally want to go right?

Party time! )
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Hard at Work

Doctor Julian Monroe vanished unexpectedly. No one knew his body was in the Night Council's specific morgue, drained of blood and almost torn to shreds. That was what happened when you kidnapped vampires, drained them of their blood, and used it as a 'miracle cure' for humans.

The body is safely tucked away in the morgue for the Night Council. The man's money has been shifted around, so it looks like he fled town. Better to let him disappear and be thought a conman than to explain what really happened. It kept the secrets of the supernatural community. And it was proper justice.

Still, he makes it a point to check up on the clinic every so often. The doctor who inherited it had mentioned himself being in need of a partner. So, Henry had a variable schedule there. Which was nice, really. To be practicing medicine again. Of course, he still has to establish regular patients for when he has the time. But the only way to do it is to work the clinic.

Project Outreach

Henry has quite a few calls to make, especially in Barnet. While the Institute has their influence firmly established, there are still a lot of metahumans who might still need to learn about the Institute and all it could provide.

The list he has as he stops for coffee is innocent enough. Names, ages, and phone numbers. Along with the Redbright emblem on the top. And under it, enrollment applications, just visible. Obviously, to anyone who looked at him, a school recruiter.

He has a lot of places to visit, a lot of people to stay, and, possibly, a few detours to take if they seem appropriate.

Quasi Socializing

Henry Morgan is bad at being social. Back in New York, it was Lucas and Jo who were responsible for getting him out to join the group at a bar. It had been a slow process, but, now, he'd been missing that connection.

He didn't have the associates to start hanging out in cop bars. Though he missed that feeling. Maybe with his new work for the Night Council, he'd get it back soon.

Still, little hole-in-the-wall places were good. Quiet and intimate without being crowded. It made a good place to get a drink. And he knows the exact order he needs to make to decide if he's coming back to this place.

"Your oldest Scotch, please. Neat."


(Got another scenario you want? Hit me up.)
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Clara doesn't always snoop around the city and sometimes her work isn't always needed in the school. Sometimes she likes to stay in the shop. Sometimes she enjoys listening to idle conversation of the customers, not really listening in on them, that'll be rude, but nonetheless enjoying the buzz of activity the shop has during their busiest hours.

And sometimes that isn't enough. That's when she goes over and pokes around the lost and found box, seeing what's there and if anything is something that belongs to a current patron she can give back to without them looking. It's there that she finds a pair of marigold gloves during her search and about them draws her to them... Naturally she reaches out to and concentrates a bit to have a goodish grasp of it to see if there's a nametag anywhere when she notices a peculiar thing:

It feels... solid under her touch, real and tangible without the strange numbness to her fingertips she's become accustomed to at this rate. It takes her a second to realise what this means. She can touch them! She can hold them! She can do it with ease, most importantly of all.

Oh, what an exciting day for her as she mutters one little apology under her breath and zips off to the back of the shop with her new item. Already she has a little million ideas for them popping into mind, the excitement of the discovery along with the possibilities just enough to drown out her guilt for taking something out of the lost and found box that isn't hers.


After the last few days of activity, Clara decides it's time to be both proactive and to use her gloves to her advantage.

She'll now be found in areas that she usually doesn't snoop around in her attempts to glean information: The darker parts of the city, the seedier alleyways of the town, and etc. She'll peek through windows and go through walls, doing her best to stay invisible and quiet as a mouse while going through things with a newfound ease thanks to her gloves. (When she can bear the itching for long as she can, of course. Goodness do they chafe her skin.)

From Haringey to Hackney to Waltham Forest and then some, she'll be exploring and peeping into a lot of people today if she can. It's risky but she does her best. If she's to be a good observer of information, she needs to dig deep and hope she finds some things out, see what's going on in the heart of the city.

[ OOC: Or make your own scenario in your comment! Prose and brackets welcomed! A note, though, is that only one person can step in to help Clara get rid of the medium that she'll run into on July 25.]
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(This is a July catchall kind of post for Light/Snake so tag where you'd like or let me know if you want to work out something via plurk! You can also call him either name as both pretty much apply.)


Nothing like moving across the ocean and having to figure out where to go in a new town. Especially in a place like London. Light "Snake" Averly, armed with a braille map, takes the time to explore London when he's not teaching at university. Each street and bus route he can travel safely is another piece of London memorized. Perhaps he might also meet friendly (and not-so-friendly) faces as he travels...


He's heard about Redbright, now that he's been in London for a little bit. He'd heard rumors about the school having something to do with the supernatural, but nothing concrete. Snake would love to do nothing more than excise his powers from his brain, but the science hadn't gotten around to that. Yet. He didn't really feel any kinship to other supernatural, having stayed far the hell away from anything back home in Washington State. Still, he can't help but have some curiosity for the Institute.

C. Choose your own adventure.
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A: Faust's clinic, Lambeth:

Patients that had other options did not visit Dr. Faust. His bedside manner was impeccable during the day, of course, and his medical knowledge was near-encyclopedic. But often he looked as though he had not slept in days and there was a strange, distant component to his manner that had been present ever since the loss of his wife some years ago. And his touch, even to ordinary patients not overly sensitive to the supernatural, made the flesh crawl in inexplicable fashion.

But of course there were many patients that did not have other options. Faust opened the door to the waiting room, peeking his head through with a mildly encouraging smile. "Next?"

B: Night visits

Faust was out at the graveyard, peering down into a freshly-dug grave in the Earth. Empty, as of yet, but he preferred bodies that had had time to... settle. He looked over his shoulder at the skeleton trailing behind him. It was carrying a shovel and spade.

"Over on the east side, if you please."

Time to do a little grave robbing.

Feel free to make up your own! Faust's been in London for a few years and hands out business cards for his clinic on occasion, so your character may have heard of him by reputation :).


Jul. 17th, 2015 12:20 am
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A. Redbright Institute

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B. Everywhere

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C. Wildcard

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[Prose or brackets okay by me!]
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1) No remorse and no shame

No resmorse and no shame )

2) Fire, fury and flame

Fire, fury, and flame )

3) Cause the devil's to blame

Cause the devil's to blame )

4) And the angels proclaim

And the angels proclaim )

5) It's a dangerous game

It's a dangerous game )

6) Wildcard!

Wildcard! )
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You may then know, more or less, the incident of her granddaughter getting kidnapped by the vampires. It distressed her but she's fine. Honest to goodness she's fine.

It's normal for her to worry for people she cares for. It's pretty normal for her to think of all the worst case scenarios some of them could find themselves in due to their personalities/their histories/their everything.

It's very normal for her to suddenly check on them one day out of the blue, just appearing next to them without a warning or a heads up.

"Are you okay?"

She's totally calmed down about the incident last month. Really.


What do you mean by that?

Now you do as she suddenly phases through the wall and looks directly at you during her search for everyone she knows.

It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing. It doesn't matter if there are people there or you're supposed to be by yourself. Suddenly you have a woman staring at you in confusion for a second before it registers in her head that no. You're not someone she knows through passing.

"Um. Oops."

[ OOC: Or make your own scenario in your comment! Prose and brackets welcomed! ]

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A: After the full moon
Heiji had been lucky to walk away from his run-in with Tal as well as he had -- a werewolf during this particular time of year was even more dangerous than usual. But he was still badly hurting, and he did not yet want to return to the Other Realm, where one of his own kind might see an excellent opportunity to take advantage of his wounds. Nor could he wander the streets as a human slowly bleeding through his clothing.

So instead he limped along quietly in the early hours of the morning in the least energy-intensive form he could. A small black fox, looking for a burrow to hole up in and lick his wounds.

B: You are cordially invited (July 7)
In light of his new title as well as his decision to stay in London for the foreseeable future, Heiji had had a home constructed for himself in Faery -- a little out of the way for his non-fae acquaintances to come visit him, but much less likely to arouse undue interest from any neighbors. It was a Japanese-style house, of course, with a small pond and cherry trees outside the windows.

Now he sat out the steps, sipping at his sake and waiting for company.

C: Fox hunt (Evening in Richmond Park, July 11th-ish)
Hoofbeats sounded in the distance, accompanied by the distant baying of hounds. A flit of red fur through the grass, and then the sounds of the dogs took on a new, excited cast. Panicked and frightened, the young fox ran blindly through the trees. The paths looked the same, the woods were unfamiliar. Meanwhile, the sounds of her pursuit was getting closer...

Heiji ran through the park, looking for any sign, but he'd lost sight of the hunting party. All he had to go on now was the baying of the hounds. There were thousands of foxes in London, and why hadn't she listened to him?

He grimaced as he charged through the grass. "Of all the rotten luck...!"

D: Choose your own adventure :')
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1. Bulding glass houses )

2. Air and Darkness )

3. Newfangled technology )

4. Anything else!
Hit me up, I know there are a few people I mentioned wanting to meet, if these don't fit for you let's work something out, baby.
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Abandoned or not, it seemed that someone had negotiated to get the lights and elevators running again in the old Kitterick hotel. Of course, most of the windows were draped over, particularly those of the penthouse thirteenth floor. Still, bars of light could be seen poking out here and there on the lower levels.

If the residents of the neighborhood were curious about this new development, however, they were certainly not saying so. In fact, there seemed to be an unofficial chill in effect in the surrounding area. Those few souls who were out on the streets scurried along quickly and fearfully on their business, restricting their activity to the daytime as if by some unspoken consensus.

Point was, the streets were clear of activity by nightfall. Whether the night would remain peaceful was anyone's guess.
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she ain't messin with no broke broke )

no one man should have all that poooower )

C. MISC tell me whatever and we'll do it. brackets are awesome


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