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It takes Lydia some time to cool down after Mogget's revelations about Cesare.
It takes a smashed plate, several ripped photos and her holding her Louboutins over the dustbin (she couldn't let them go: the shoes don't deserve to suffer because of Cesare's actions) before she gets it together enough to text Cesare.

We need to talk. 10 minutes. You know where. (angry face, angry face)

Then she goes to the hotel, and stomps up to the room where they always meet, door slamming as she enters. Nobody stops her. The staff know Miss Lydia by now. By the time Cesare arrives, she's sat on the edge of the bed, scowling.

"I am gonna kill you, Cesare Borgia," she snaps.

Guys No

Jul. 27th, 2017 10:34 am
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So the march had been a mess. As Cesare sat hidden, watching from his office and paying close attention to the news, it became pretty clear that nobody knew quite what they wanted. At least it seemed that nobody could quite agree.

For Cesare, that's actually pretty helpful. When anything is vague, that means that he gets to define it. With the attack on Newham and the wolves getting increasingly audacious, something needs to be done. Tensions are escalating and he doesn't want this to end badly. He schedules a press conference for the next week. It's time to make a political play.

As he makes his way to the press room he has a carefully crafted speech already prepared:

"This month the people of London expressed their feelings of concern regarding their city. They used their voices and I have heard them. Peace and unity are vital to the strength and security of this city and for too long we have allowed London to be ruled by violence and crime.

Politics is one thing. Violence is different. There is never an excuse for bloodshed and enough is enough. From now on, all crimes, whether used for political purposes or not, will be treated as the crimes that they are. If you commit a crime, no matter the reason, you will be prosecuted. If you are violent, you will be punished. This applies to all races, all factions, everyone.

It is time to be peaceful and united. Any of those who act against that can either leave or face punishment."

[OOC note: This will in no way stop territory claims. It's mainly empty talk, supporting laws that are already in place. While Cesare is attempting to discourage violence, any actual punishments for such behaviour will not be properly enforced. Keep on doing your thing. Cesare is just firmly taking a personal stance against crime and bloodshed.]
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Cesare Borgia thought that Nancy and he were getting along well. In fact, he thought they were getting along very well indeed. They had shared drinks at this point, joked about the failures of their past lovers and even sassed about each other's prowess on occasion. Overall, things were going great.

So Cesare is....surprised when Nancy comes storming into his office with a look on her face that tells him nothing good is going to come of this.

"Please, Nancy. I'm in a meeting..." he says, sitting at his desk, gesturing at the young, beautiful woman opposite him. It's an excuse though. Quite frankly, he has no interest in the conversation that Nancy is about to throw at him, even if he has no idea just yet what it's actually going to be about.

(It's become gently NSFW in this thread btw with mentions of sex.)
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1. At Work
The bookshop that Wednesday works in is not so much as shop as it is a storage place for the owner's rather extensive collection of books. Since said owner is rather loathe to part with any of his precious collection, having Wednesday as a member of staff works quite well, as for some odd reason people are rather reluctant to make a purchase from her. So instead, she works on arranging the shelves, keeping them in good order and adding new items as and when they arrive.

Today, she is concentrating on the occult section, idly leafing through one of the books she is trying to arrange. The information isn't half bad - the author actually seemed to understand what it was they were talking about and she would smile if that was something she did. A ring of a bell drew her attention - the door had been opened.

"Do you require assistance?"

2. Market Time
It's her day off, and this is really one of the first times Wednesday has been able to look at some of the many markets London has to offer. She doubts that the mystic stall she passed has anything of real value, but there are some things that could possibly be used. The antiques interest her a little more, though sadly there's no weaponry. She hadn't been able to bring some of her favourites from the manor because of airport security rules and she found she was missing them. She'd need to see about finding a proper smith.

Still, it is rather fun, to wander about the market with no real purpose in mind. Even if people do keep muttering 'goth' when they see her dark parasol. She's going to curse the next person who says that.

3. Night Walk
London is at it's best at night, Wednesday believes. There's a hum from the city - ambitions, hopes, dreams, fears, and nightmares - that anyone could feel and at night it seems to be amplified. She strolls easily down a darkened street, not particularly bothered that the street lights aren't at their best. There's a pleasant chill in the air and it reaches the bones in such a comforting way. The sound of footsteps behind her isn't anything, either. They were just footsteps, after all.

"Are you following me, or are we merely headed in the same direction?"

Until they were introduced, that was.
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The invitations go out a week in advance. Some of which are hand written (ink on parchment, of course), to those of whom he wishes to see personally, though of course they are welcome to bring guests. The more the merrier, or so the saying goes. Especially in the case of such an event as this. Jean-Claude is vying for the spot of President of the Night Council, after all, and while the event is not technically connected to the election, timing is everything, mes amis. And what an event it is.

The instructions on the invitation are quite simple. There is to be a ball. But not just any ball, a Vampire Ball. If you are a vampire, an ally, or interested in becoming both, you are more than welcome to attend. It is a night to celebrate the collective history of the Nest of London. Formal historical costume is a requirement of attendance. Masks will be allowed as well, though the event is technically not a masquerade. All wood and silver will be checked at the door, for this is a night of entertainment.

The event is being held in a private historic home, presumably for the atmosphere. In the foyer there is a coat check (along with wood and silver check, courtesy of Guilty Pleasure's well-loved bouncers). The guests are funneled through from there into the main ballroom, where yes, there is a live string quartet playing. How did Jean-Claude afford such decadence? It helps when you have lived for so long as he has and have had very little to spend money on besides clothes and decadence. It certainly couldn't be his own private residence -- could it?

Off to the side of the ballroom is an array of chaise lounges and other sofas and chairs, while on the other may be located several tables of refreshments. It is clearly indicated which table is intended for the vampires and which is for those who are still among the living. There is another bouncer posted on watch over the refreshments, and the punch in particular -- they need not have a repeat of the last time someone spiked their drinks in such a fashion after all. There is quite a selection of finger foods on the table for those who are so inclined to partake in such delicacies, and there are offers of champagne, wine, and punch for that table. There are finger foods on the other table as well, although not as many, and each one has an accompanying card indicating the donor's name and blood type, just in case you were wondering why they were for the vampires.

The house is of course bigger than the ballroom and the foyer, but few guests are allowed to venture up the front stairs or beyond the little hall to where the restrooms are located. That does not mean, of course, that there are not those who manage to sneak past the little corded ropes meant to keep such troublemakers within check, especially when the bouncers are otherwise preoccupied. There are all sorts of fun rooms to explore.

And so many costumes from so many eras! Guests are encouraged to talk amongst themselves and share memories of the good old days for those lived through them, or ask questions if there are curiosities from those who did not. Today is a golden age, Islington Nest is at its strongest yet, and it is a time to celebrate what it is to be Vampire. There is more to such a life than drinking blood and having fangs, a sophistication and experience beyond the hunger. If nothing else, Jean-Claude hopes to share this with the attendees on this evening.

Which at least manages to begin without a hitch, but if you should manage to stay for the end of the night, prepare for some fireworks to ensue. For what is a party without a little drama...

(ooc note: anyone is welcome to attend, though if you are anti-islington you will not get very far in the door before being turned away. certain allies/those who have helped jean-claude in the past will have received direct invitations, but there is a general buzz passed around the nest and islington allies ahead of time that will have spread through the supernatural community leading up to the day itself. as stated above, historical costume is a must -- vampires are encouraged to wear something from an era they lived through, though humans are welcome to whatever they desire! masks are fun so wear one if you like though there will be no anonymity here.

details will be in jean-claude's comment below, but his ex, asher, is going to be crashing the party at the end of the night, so if you're there for the end of the evening expect that as well. i will make a comment for asher as well on his own so you can tag with him before the main event if you decide you'd like to skip out on the fireworks as he and jean-claude butt heads for the first time in hundreds of years.)
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Popping. Locking. Bumping. Grinding. Since getting out of Meryton, Lydia's eyes have really been opened. Long gone are the elegant waltzes she had dutifully practiced to shut her mother up. Now Lydia spends every weekend, and then some, in London's clubs. Vodka flows, money is swallowed by hungry registers and Lydia stumbles out, exhausted and in search of cheesy chips, chicken nuggets and gravy.

Tonight though, she's gone someplace a little classier. She''s on the last of her money, but for now, she doesn't care. Lydia's learned enough to work out how to get guys to buy her drinks. Who needs magic when they have charm in buckets? Even several vodkas later though, Lydia's alert enough to spot a famous face when he walks in, and what a handsome face.

She zeroes in, dancing closer and closer to Cesare in what she supposes is a subtle manner, until after about half an hour of careful inching and meandering back and forth from nearby, she accidentally on purpose bangs into him.

"Oh my, I am so sorry!" she twitters, eyelashes batting and not sounding at all sorry.
"I didn't see you there, though how I managed to miss a man so handsome is beyond me."
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Cesare was reading the paper, sipping his morning coffee when the news of the Sylvia Redbright scandal broke. Good. He appreciated that so far Samantha had held up to her end of the bargain. All things considered, he had hoped she would but certainly hadn't expected it from her. Over time, Cesare has learned that people can be slippery like that, especially when you give them an opportunity for it. So far, Samantha has been solid. He likes her.

That morning he arranges a meeting with the press in one of the private function rooms of his hotel, somewhere private, where he cannot be interrupted. He's dressed in a suit, though his normal, somewhat ostentatious cufflinks are traded in for something more modest, and he's standing at a lectern on which his speech is written, a speech that he had written weeks prior.

"I am not the representative for my Nest and I speak solely for myself. However, I am certain when I say that President Redbright's behaviour has been shocking, appalling and harrowing. She has lead not one, not two, but three of the most prominent factions within this city and she has done so with underhand deals, deception and subterfuge. It is dishonest. It is corrupt. And it is undiplomatic.

When given the opportunity to be the voice of the people, she has used this power not for good, but for her own crooked personal gain. She has betrayed the people she was charged with representing, and that is why it is only right that she surrender a portion of the territories that she has dishonestly acquired, and give them to the Night Council that she has cheated for so long.

I am asking not for my own personal gain, but as a concerned citizen who has had enough of her corruption. It is time that she be held to account for her actions."
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The meeting between Cesare and Samantha had gone well. Surprisingly well. Cesare had promised her money for her centre, some large donations had been made and now all that was left was seeing how Samantha felt about the deal.

Not intending to waste time, Cesare sends Samantha a text the morning the payment goes through: Dinner? -C . Normally he would sign off with both of his initials, but he thinks now is a time to invite Samantha to be on first name terms with him, if she would like.

He invites Samantha to dinner in his hotel, in a half power move, half attempt to give them some privacy. It would be unfortunate if the two of them were seen together and rumours started. As such, they're in a private dining room with their own set of waitstaff.

Their conversation goes well and Cesare enjoys it, but they don't talk business. It's only when the two of them are sipping their nightcaps, looking over the night view of London that Cesare finally mentions something.

"So have you thought about my offer?"
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It had all been a surprising coincidence. Cesare had merely been chatting about the political climate as he always did, when he mentioned Natasha in passing. Someone happened to know about Natasha. Know a lot, in fact. And eventually, as more drinks were poured and they had some discussions, so did Cesare.

Now, part of Cesare thinks he should keep this information to himself. After all, he might need it at some point. But another part of him, the more persuasive part, is too tempted to watch Natasha squirm. She's always been so composed and stoic. Cesare is curious to find out if, all in good fun, he can make that facade crack.

He invites her to afternoon drinks, as he's grown accustomed to doing. (After all, it's always helpful to keep the door to fellow vampires open when they've chosen to sit on the wrong side). For Natasha at least, it seems like any other day.

"How have you been?" he asks politely, standing when she enters because he's a gentleman like that. And also because he's old as sin.
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Jean-Claude sits in the office of Guilty Pleasures, staring down at the account book laid before him on the desk. He is usually a lot more productive than he finds himself at such a time as this, but the air in the room is somewhat oppressive with the weight of time and memory that he feels bearing down on him, and he finds it difficult to concentrate on much of anything for long periods of time. The city is in turmoil over this business with the witches and the fae, and the wolves have begun causing trouble of their own.

He has made decrees of his own in response to these problems -- all vampires sympathetic to the Daybreak cause are to be expelled from the Nest. And the wolves? Well, since they were going about killing any vampire on sight that set foot in East End Pack territory, Jean-Claude made his own declaration in return. Any werewolf caught trespassing will be subject to punishment of that vampire's choice. He does not want an all-out bloodbath on his hands, to decree that they might kill on sight in return would be downright foolhardy. But he cannot let this go either. Perhaps he should have thought things through more, but he had been a bit preoccupied of late.

And that preoccupation had everything to do with the new portrait hanging on the wall above his couch. New, in the sense that it had not been there before, but definitely not new in age. Oil on canvas, painted over five hundred years ago, depicting three people dressed in the style of the 1600's. The woman wears white and silver with a square bodice showing quite a bit of decolletage, her brown hair styled in careful ringlets, with a red rose held loosely in one hand. A man stands behind her, tall and slender, with dark gold hair in ringlets over his shoulders. He has a mustache and a Vandyke beard, so dark gold they are nearly brown. On his head he wears a large floppy hat with feathers, his entire outfit of white and gold. It is the third that the onlooker will recognize. Seated just behind the woman, dressed in black with silver embroidery and a wide lace collar and cuffs, he too has his own wide-brimmed floppy hat, with a single quite feather and a silver buckle, this one black. Though he does not wear it, instead resting it across his lap. His black hair falls in ringlets across his shoulders, and his face is clean-shaven, his eyes strikingly blue even despite the medium. The other two depicted are smiling, but the third man -- Jean-Claude -- is solemn. A darkness to their light.

Jean-Claude does not know why Belle decided to send this painting to him. He has not gathered the courage in himself to ask, just yet. Neither has he gathered the courage to do anything with it but hang the piece on his wall. It is a reminder of what feels now as if a different life. He should have known, as the portrait artist had done, that he would bring a darkness in their lives. These two people he had cherished the most in all the world. Julianna. Asher. How happy they had been...

He pushes himself back from the desk with a sigh, feeling their gazes heavy upon himself. He will get no work done on this night. Perhaps he should take a turn about the floor of the club instead. Though he doubts that will do much to lighten his mood.

[ooc: feel free to visit him being maudlin in his office, or as he mopes around on the floor, or perhaps once he has found himself a corner of the bar and a glass of wine to nurse as well! c: ]
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Caroline has worked hard to put together the evening's event, which is not only a Christmas party but also hopefully a chance for the Nest to celebrate its new leadership. The room at the Angelo has been decorated with a winter wonderland theme which, while not exactly original, is quite lovely.

A string quartet is playing a selection of Christmas and other classical music. Any attempts to feed on the musicians will result in the perpetrator getting thrown out the party, or worse. But feeding on any of the hired help or performers should be unnecessary, since several varieties of "blood punch" are available to drink. There is also food and other drinks available for non-vampire guests and anyone else who wishes to partake.

There is a strict black tie only dress code and Caroline will tell anyone who is under-dressed to go home and change.

[The event is happening on Dec 17th but I wanted to get it up early so everyone had time to do get involved if they so desired.]
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With Raymond Harris dead, and the structure of Islington Nest potentially fragile, Cesare has a point to make. It is always during sudden changes in leadership that others have a tendency to fight for influence, a standoff of peace followed by a sudden rush for power and position. Cesare himself has done it many times, but just this once he would like to avoid it.

The Nest needs to assert its strength and Cesare is happy to be the one facilitating that. The assassination of Raymond Harris has whetted his appetite. He had missed this.

Although abhorring Sylvia, he decides not to attack her directly just yet, settling instead for the easy enemy, East End Pack. He tells only a few of those in his nest who he thinks he can trust, and sets out during the night, capturing strategic points, pushing out political figures and killing those who refuse to move. Cesare believes in fairness, but he does not believe in mercy.
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Caroline hadn't known what to expect when the box was delivered. She ordered a fair amount of things online - especially now that her shopping hours were so limited - but she was pretty sure this wasn't one of them. She was even more sure when she opened the box and discovered a bottle of perfume inside. She definitely hadn't order that.

It wasn't until a few days later that she actually tried it on. And when she did, it actually good. Like, really good.

And so, the next time she had a night off, she decided to pull out a super cute outfit, spent half an hour on her make-up, put on a generous amount of the perfume and headed out the door. She wasn't exactly sure where she was going but it really didn't matter. She just knew it was going to be an exciting night.

[Caroline's perfume has some strange properties, naturally. It will make her highly attractive to anyone of a different supernatural type and utterly repulsive to any vampires. There is no effect on humans. Feel free to run into her anywhere in London that is at least somewhat safe for a vampire to be.]
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The Duke of Central London's Samhain festivities are open upon invitation only. Those who are fortunate enough to have received one, either from the Duke himself or from one of his guests, are privy to quite the affair. Raymond has obviously been planning this for some time now, and the bar is fully stocked, the room fully decorated for the festivities. Collected from the fae hunt that their leader had encouraged, fae blood flows freely, available freshly served in punch bowls or straight from the source itself, in the form of kidnapped fae off of the streets. The vampires who partake are drunk with it and high on the euphoria that it offers, a drug unlike any other their kind can partake in.

As promised by Raymond himself, it is a rave the likes that London has never seen before. And it's about to get a lot more memorable still...
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[ooc note: this is an open post for jean-claude's move on the territory of southwark. there are many threads within, some closed, some open. even if your character may not have participated in the claim itself, there is still opportunity for them to participate either talking to jean-claude before or after the claim, or just celebrating their victory with them! if you have any questions pleas private message me or private plurk me on [ profile] lycanthropy101!]
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September 6, late night: open
we stood next to tragedy )

September 7, early morning: closed to Cooper
everybody cried but me )

September. 12, afternoon: Closed to Eames
what are you supposed to say? )

Mid September: open
things look different in the day )

[ooc: toss a post in if you'd like, or grab me at [ profile] sheakespeare!]
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Three days was ample enough time to cool down, right? Nancy certainly hoped so, as she dressed her best and made for the sight of her boyfriend's narrowly-avoided murder: the Angelo.

Tonight, she'd set a good chunk of time aside for Cesare Borgia. She needed to speak to him, to apologize on Cooper's behalf. She knew he would never on his own, so she just wasn't going to tell Cooper about her mission. Or that she was seeing Cesare at all. She had enough forethought this time at least, to know it wouldn't end well if Cooper knew where she was ducking off to.

What she didn't get, though, was why it was such a big deal. Why Cesare was so offended that her boyfriend wanted to take her out, and show her around. It was no different than if Cesare had taken her, which he'd done so many times in the past.

Regardless, she made her way into the hotel, and to reception. A minutes later, and Nancy was being escorted to Cesare's private office. Never mind that she knew the way.


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