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Arthur pays attention to things like police bulletins for a reason. He knows there's tampering but there are still patterns that emerge when you have a city as full of supernaturals as London is and if someone knows what to look for they can probably tell that someone's getting a little rowdy. When everything happens so close to the full moon, that's another clue, so Arthur has a pretty good idea that he's going to uncover something when he starts reaching out to his fellow hunters and contacts within Hillingdon. He starts asking very pointed questions about the werewolves and whether anyone's noticed anything and if someone comes into the office he's taken over they'll notice a portion of his board has now been taken over by fishy news articles and notes about the wolves.

Arthur doesn't get much from within Hillingdon alone, so he ends up contracting a few hunters to go out and gather some information for him. That's just to cover more ground while he goes out himself and does a little snooping of his own. He finds himself at a few community centres and shops during the day, and during the night he finds himself at the bars that are run and frequented by werewolves. He doesn't quite fit in there but he does his best, keeping his head down and keeping chatter light so he doesn't draw too much attention to himself. Sometimes he's meeting a contact, but other times he's just trying to overhear something that might give away the plan of everything that's going on.

One of these particular nights he shows up to a bar and looks around briefly before he makes a beeline for the bartender. It's a short conversation - he describes the person he's looking for and the bartender gestures to the door as he tells him they've already left - and Arthur looks pretty perturbed as he turns away and curses under his breath. He knew this particular contact was flighty and he even showed up a few minutes early to try and catch them if they were going to bolt. The problem is, Arthur doesn't know now if he's been told on to any of the wolves in this bar, and if he has he's in a bit of a dangerous situation.

And he didn't bring a gun.

Well, fuck.

The bruises haven't quite healed up yet but he looks somewhat presentable again, so when a hunter trades him a bit of info about a particular wolf who isn't following the pack directive, Arthur follows up as soon as he can. The best way to reach her just seems to be showing up at her work, so Arthur shows up later one afternoon after school's been out an hour or so. It'd be weird enough barging in with a bunch of kids still around, so they don't need to see his black eye. After he slips into the building he does a quick search of the classrooms until he finds her sitting at her desk. He knocks on the door frame and tilts his head curiously.


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[a catchall for june; prompts will be added to the top post as I write them!]

open to hillingdon & visitors )

for eames )

for jean-claude )
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He'd been sucking it up for months. Holding back waiting to see if Daybreak would get off their ass and do something about the shit that had gone down in their territory since Raymond's rise (which ended promptly with his fall, a thing Daybreak had no hand in). But all they'd done in Richmond was decide to build that eye sore of an insult to all non-witches. 'Center for Magical Innovation'. Bullshit. Center for slavery of non-witches was more accurate. Starting with the fae.

When Faolan had spoken against it, Daryl had hopes that maybe what little loose leadership the clan had might be ready to get up off their ass and do something. But that didn't happen and a month passed while the Center sat there, getting used. It's visitors abusing folks in ways it was hard to get any proof of. Just rumor and small confessions of a few fae who'd been able to slip away. Some of the stray cats in the area talked about it, too. Didn't like how it 'felt'.

Another month had almost passed and Daryl was done with waiting. He'd set up small patrols with others he'd trusted among Hillingdon months ago. Stuff to help protect the residents in the ways that Daybreak had been neglecting to. It wouldn't take much to turn those patrols toward doing something more.

Richmond was basically his territory already. It was time to make it Hillingdon's too.

(Specific prompts in the comments)
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1 // "office hours" // mid-may // open to hillingdon
Arthur never thought he'd be in a position where he felt obligated to defend Sylvia Redbright from media slander. It's not even like he has to campaign for her, but if he managed to get cornered into a conversation about it, she is the lesser of two evils and still one of the biggest pieces on the board when it comes to dismantling Daybreak. He thinks it was a good move not to remain neutral like they have in the past, but it still manages to bug him.

Either way he's spending more time at Hillingdon House lately, realizing that his sprawling collection of research is too much to keep at his apartment. He's taken over one of the smaller rooms and sometimes he just sits there staring at a wall plastered with news articles and photocopied pages of old arcane books. He's still around to help give the hunters a bit of structure when and if they need it but mostly he's obsessing over the Daybreak problem and what exactly he can even do about it from his position.

Still, he'll try not to be too disgruntled if he gets interrupted from his long bouts of silence interspersed with cliche Edith Piaf "thinking music." His door is open, after all.

2 // he's still a hunter // may // open to all
The guy still has to eat, which means he's still taking bounties when he can get them. Islington shaping up has been a bit bad for business but it's good for humans in general, so he tries not to complain, but this does mean that he's taking a lot of low energy reconnaissance jobs instead of the more exciting ones he's used to. That means a lot of time at coffee shops and diners staking out offices and homes and various other places that are boring to watch. Clearly he needs a distraction.

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Fuel for Thought

The final bell had rung for the weekend, and good lord if there wasn’t anything that was going to stop Laura from a cup of coffee for her way home. Some genius had decided the optimal place for a Starbucks was across the street from her school, and Laura couldn’t have been happier. Given that it was a primary school, she didn’t have to really risk running into any students, more so their parents. Still, it was a a sacrifice she was willing to make, and most parents weren’t getting coffee after picking up their kid, anyway.

She pushes her way into the crowded cafe where a line was already starting to form with others that had the same craving for an afternoon coffee to start their Friday off right. Already knowing what she wants, she’s lost in her phone when she feels someone brush up against her, pushing into the spot ahead of her.

“Excuse me,” she begins, tapping them on the shoulder. “I believe the line starts behind me.”

Which Way?

Despite having been in London for a few months now, there was one thing that always managed to confuse Laura. The Tube. She should have been able to figure it out- DC had metro transit, and she’d lived in upstate New York most of her life. But being a politician, she’d never had to worry about getting anywhere, someone would drive her. So her knowledge of how to navigate the underground system was severely lacking.

Which is how she’s found herself on some track, looking up at the sign telling her the next train would arrive in 7 minutes. It had been at 7 minute for the last 10. She wasn’t even sure this one was headed in the right direction- but the color was right. Circle line. So… where was the train?

She sighs, and starts peering down the hallway toward the other side of the track where a train just exited in the opposite direction.


“…was that the Circle going toward Monument?” Honestly, it sounds like gibberish to her.

Fun Den (For Ghoul)

"...Fun Ghoul, did I hear you say?" Laura isn't about to judge the youth for his colorful name, but it gets a slight eyebrow raise. She'd been in London for a few months, getting to know the city, but now it was time to truly get to know her pack. She thought she'd start with a tour of the den and was promptly put in contact with a Mr. Fun Ghoul. Something something Americans something, she figured.

Fine by her. she figured the younger man would be honest with her about the tour, and she liked being around younger people. probably why she was a teacher.

She extends a hand to her guide. "Laura Roslin- you can just call me Laura. I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to give me a tour. Would you like something to drink before we start? Coffee?" She had something of an addiction.

What's your rush? (For Joss)

the sun has set about an hour ago, but Laura was still out. She'd had a few errands to run before returning to her small flat for a glass of wine and a smoke before grading homework. Best way to do it, maybe with some trashy Housewives tv show on in the background.

really, that's all she was thinking about as she made her way through the neighborhood, purse over one shoulder, bags in hand. She should have been paying better attention to her surroundings, but all she was really thinking about was just how comfortable her slippers we're going to be when she walked through her front door.

write your own! or grab me for a starter.
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[A general catchall for Arthur for April! PM or plurk me if you want to plot!]
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Catchall for Eames to keep clutter to a minimum! As always, PM or PP to chat it up, or just throw a starter down I'm probably amenable.
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A. What Do Vampires Do Best?

So, Cooper had won the seat on the Night Council. He had to admit that he wasn't sure that he was going to win the election. The competition had been fierce. But apparently the vampires of London had their heads screwed on straight. When he found out the news, he immediately let out a whoop and holler. Then he remembered that he was now a representative and now had to act with more decorum. He'd accepted the position gratefully.

So how to celebrate? Well, there was the traditional vampire method. He was throwing a party in his apartment, which let's face it, was spacious enough for about three parties going on at once. Everyone was invited. Yes, everyone, even those from factions the Nest was in conflict with, or those people that Cooper didn't particularly personally care for. He wanted it to be known he wasn't just exclusively about vampires and was willing to work with other supernatural types for the greater good. It was as good a time as any to approach with any issues other vampires may have wanted him to approach the Council about.

While he is his usual cheerful self as he goes around greeting everyone, those who know Cooper well will notice that he seems a bit distracted. Lately, he's been picking up on the emotions of those around him. It's not entirely a surprise. These things sometimes happen to vampires when they sire a certain number of vampires, or in Cooper's case, reach a certain age. However, suddenly developing empathic powers can be hard to adjust to. Knowing when everyone's lying, feeling sad, or suddenly horny is not the best thing in the world.

B. With Great Power...

Despite his usual irreverent personality, Cooper is taking his duties seriously. Now they're double-fold thanks to being both a Marquess and the Representative. Only one thing to do when he's got a list of vampires who all want to talk to him about their grievances. Out comes the motorcycle and off into London he goes. First up was the lawyer who specialized in keeping vampires out of trouble. Getting some of them to obey the laws of London and actually serve their sentences when they were caught by mortal police was a pain. Occasionally, calling in for back-up in the form of the Marquess was required.

He went along his day, checking in on one of his favorite blood donors to make sure she wasn't being taken advantage of by the older vampires in the nest. After talking to Shady Heavens, the infamous drag queen and her tally of grievances that ran sky high, Cooper decided he needed a break. Stopping at a fish 'n chips place, he was perched on his motorcycle, gnawing away at his lunch, and occasionally drinking from a flask of blood at his hip. He was bracing himself against the brushes of emotions he kept feeling from different passerby. Oh, he would be so glad when he got this new gift under control.

C. Wildcard!

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Arthur isn't the kind of person who makes a point of celebrating their own birthday. At 31 it's difficult to get too excited unless you're looking for an excuse to party, which Arthur most definitely is not. He treats himself to one of those expensive breakfast sandwiches and a gourmet coffee before he goes about business as usual for the rest of the day, though he has to hit pause on his work at Hillingdon a few times throughout the day as he accepts the routine phone calls from close friends and family congratulating him on making it another year, despite the fact that most of them don't even know what a high-risk life he leads.

In the evening he treats himself a little more, stopping into a few bars on the way home to buy himself a drink and check in with some friends and contacts alike, though he avoids any business-related discussion as he gets progressively intoxicated.

The rest of the month finds Arthur doing a fair amount of recon on the state of Islington. He spends a fair amount of time in bars populated primarily by vampires, or by the kind of people who know what's happening in the Nest. He'd like to know how the election is going to go before it happens, but mostly he wants to know how each of the candidates could change the landscape in London. He's much more open to doing small jobs in exchange for information but he plays his cards close to the chest as always. If it's relevant he'll share with his fellow Hillingdon clanmates but for the time being he sees no need for action on their part.

Otherwise it's business as usual. His day job is slow this time of year, but it'll pick up soon, so he's using this time to stay on top of the goings-on in the Underground.

[This post also serves as an open post for Arthur for the month of January! If you have anything you want to do with him just hit me up and I can write up a starter! Otherwise you can use anything above to get something going!]
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The Lanky Loon wasn't exactly Daryl's bar of choice on most days, but it did one thing that the majority of pubs in the area didn't: catered to Expats feeling a little lonely on Thanksgiving. Mostly becuase it was run by ex-Expats who'd settled down decades ago and thought it would be fun to do when they were hurting for friends. Turkey and potatoes with stuffing and cranberry were the only items on the menu today and several long tables set out so all the people with no family in the area could sit down next to each other like they were. They got to be as dysfunctional as expected but without any of the baggage that went with it and they could disown the rest when they left. The place was open all day and food was first come first serve.

Daryl had found it through his job since they like to hire state-side and this would be his third year going. He didn't know anyone's names but the owners and didn't really care if he remembered them or not. Didn't matter, the big game was on the tiny little screen that passed for a television and people were already getting loud and rowdy about it. Felt enough like home to be worth an hour or two of his time.

He grabbed a plate, a beer, and set himself down at an empty spot. Turned to whoever he was next to and raised the bottle up in toast, "Happy Turkey-day."

[we have a small cast of american characters so if anyone wants to mingle with each other and not just Daryl, go right ahead.]
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It takes Arthur a couple days to sort out his own thoughts and track down Faolan to talk about his meeting with Evie. Something's sticking for him about the deal she brought forward, and he definitely needs to sit down with Faolan to at least talk over those things before they even consider going back to agree on something final. Maybe Faolan won't like it at all, or maybe he'll be all for it. Arthur just finds it so frustratingly simple that he's thought himself in circles and needs to get it ironed out with another party.

Well, that, and it's Faolan's decision in the end. He has no disillusions about that; even if Arthur doesn't like part of it, Faolan can give the go ahead. He seems the kind of suspicious man that Arthur can trust to overthink things with him, but maybe he'll see something that Arthur doesn't.

So by the time Arthur winds up at Faolan's office knocking on the doorframe, he has that deepset frown of concentration on his face that usually indicates he's been thinking on something far too long. He doesn't bother with pleasantries.

"You have a minute?"
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[general open post for Shea's characters. Starters in the comments! Feel free to leave something, or contact me at [plurk.com profile] sheakespeare for something specific.]
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As per this month's faction reward, the Hillingdon Clan will successfully take the territory of Hounslow from the Redbright Institute.

Here is how that comes to pass and the agreements made to make it possible...
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What: Dinner party! Hope you like appetizers for dinner. And wine. And disaster.
Where: Nancy's flat in Enfield
Who: Eames, Arthur, Cooper, Kyle- time to meet the boyfriend, everyone!
When: September 1st.

Though the affair is set to be somewhat casual, Nancy has spent hours on that Thursday cleaning her flat, preparing food, and generally getting ready. Thursday night because Friday nights tended to be good nights for business, so she wasn't sacrificing nearly as much if she had everyone over on a Thursday.

The idea she'd had was to introduce everyone to Cooper officially. Get Eames to see that it was a great idea to date him, and maybe Kyle would be completely smitten with the idea of Cooper's existence in her life and allow Nancy to invite the vampire in to their future apartment. Cooper was important to her, she loved him. And she wanted others to see what she saw in him as well.

When the first guests arrive, Nancy's already had a glass of wine in her hand, ready to play dutiful hostess immediately. There's wine, magically chilled, as well as whisky and gin and some beer. For food, it's a lot of little appetizers, finger food, really. She has no idea what she's doing, truthfully, and just hopes that everyone has a good time.

Oh, and she made a cake.

If you're wondering where Juliet is, she's trying to eat the shrimp.
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The month has become a little rough for Lancelot. First there was his suspicions regarding Jean-Claude, then Raymond's declaration, then... then everything got a little worse. It was only a weekend hes spent in the basement with Raymond's lackeys, but he's still recovering from the blood loss -- and it's shaken him more than he'd care to admit.

i) Semi-Open: At Home, Richmond.
[ How long is this confinement for ] )

ii) Open: Night Council territory & various others.
[ How long before I stray off course ] )
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It doesn't take Arthur terribly long to get bored of the vampire party. He doesn't manage to establish more connections than he already has within Islington, and those being as weak as they are don't turn up much on Raymond Harris. Nothing he can use or should be brought back to Hillingdon immediately, in any case.

So he texts Eames asking if he's still around, hoping to at least end this night on a positive note. There's a few texts back and forth until Arthur is outside, spotting Eames through the open back window of an Uber waiting to leave. He slips into the car on the other side, noticing nothing wrong at first, and asks, "back to mine?"
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Sometime in early June, some posters start appearing in the halls of Hillingdon house. They read CLAN MEETING at the top in big bold letters, with the date, time, and location of the meeting below. Arthur's not looking to give a lot away here, but he tells a few people about it and how important it is to attend, hoping that the word will spread through the faction.

Arthur doesn't know what to anticipate. So far it's been a lot of stand-offish hunters and shifters, and they might not be eager to participate in an initiative that unites them and begets communication. Arthur was like that too, but now there's a need to be prepared and a need to act; getting the information out there is important.

People are late, of course. Arthur waits until it seems like people have stopped filtering in to start, waiting patiently at the front of one of Hillingdon House's grand ballrooms. He doesn't like being the center of attention, but he's been the lead on more than a few military briefings and debriefings in his day, so he's not totally out of his element in front of everyone there.

He starts with a small introduction, explaining that he's been with the clan for about a year and a half and before that he was in the US military. He leaves out the bit about his special-ops vampire-killing team, of course, but the fact is that he was trained to kill by the biggest military complex in the world.

He then goes on to explain why he called the meeting, telling everyone that Millicent has been murdered - just to get them all on the same page - and that she's been replaced by a far worse leader. Raymond Harris' new rules that Islington's vampires are allowed to feed on locals and that shapeshifter kills are reason enough for Hillingdon to start getting a little more pro-active, not to mention the fact that he'll allow children to be turned now. It's critical for Hillingdon to be prepared, not only for the inevitable rise in bounties, but for a more aggressive vampire population in general.

Not only that, it's critical for the faction to start sharing information between members a little more freely now. Information and skills.

He invites anyone who has more information to speak, and says that he'll offer anyone who wants them some extra training on marksmanship, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, any of the skills he has. He makes it clear that he's not looking for Hillingdon to go on a hunt - they don't need to be tracking down innocent vampires and killing them for sport - but it's time that they become a little more unified so they can use their skills to help deal with this if it gets worse.

[Please use the appropriate headers below if you character wanted to speak up during Arthur's presentation or for mingling! You can also start threads if you want to consolidate any threads that come up as a result of this, so skill sharing etc. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or to plurk me at [plurk.com profile] dreamalittlebigger!]
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Who: Lancelot and friends!
What: It's a birthday party! With both regular people and supernatural types. What could go wrong?
When: May 05
Where: Lancelot's flat & garden, Richmond!
Warnings: Gratuitous doggy! Probably a punch up later. Possibly some drunk kissing.

Lancelot's garden is not exactly an acre-large tented paradise.

He's not made of money.

It's big enough to just about fit the people invited across the patio and grass, with Lily variously herding them and rolling around, and he's flitting between them and the kitchen and living room and generally doing his best to butterfly around all of them making sure they're happy. The garden is relatively tidy, as tidy and well kept as a garden that suffers an enthusiastic dog can be. The hedges are neatly trimmed, the tree in one corner healthy and big enough to throw a little shade, and the one flowerbed border seems to mostly have some roses that are yet to fully bloom.

For those who he's only known since the incident last year he's given them a warning: not everyone who will be there is aware of the supernatural side of things, so try not to blurt it to people you don't know.

Despite it being his own birthday Lancelot is, of course, playing host. There's a table set up outside with finger food, salads, drinks and all sorts -- and food strategically inside for those who can't be out in the sun too. He appears to still be checking on more in the oven every so often too, but Lancelot does like to cook -- and he seems quite focused on making sure everyone has something they could eat.

Some of the drinks are alcoholic. The punch isn't that strong, but he has a few other drinks along the side for people who want them and some bottles of beer in an ice bucket. If someone decides to do a little mixing of course then it might wind up stronger.

His sound system is playing the soothing strains of Dire Straits through the place and all in all, for now at least things are going smoothly. So long as nobody says the wrong thing to the wrong person, it will probably be a nice evening. With the mixture of factions present alongside those who have no idea what a faction is, of course... that may be difficult.

[ OOC: Feel free to mingle away on the post with others here! ]
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Catch-all post; starters within. PM this journal or PP [plurk.com profile] FiremanSam if you wanna plot something out!
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