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Havering was at the back of the East End Packs territories in London; which seemed to be - by general consensus - a Bad Thing. Emboldened by their ability to vote, the wolves of the East End pack rally behind their Alpha (or would-be Alpha depending on who you asked) and his choice to take the territory. Some decide that acting on this is in the interest of their safety, some are simply hungry for more, some want to see the Fae out of London - whatever their reason, people are rallying.

The affair is not without bloodshed however, but the fighting is not horrifying. The Fae knew this was coming and had prepared to struggle against it - but what they could not know was that the wolves brought numbers in the form of allies.

Daybreak witches mainly accompanied groups of wolves to help clear out areas and keep the fae from individually doing too much damage. Among the Daybreak witches, there is a small number of Midnight witches - spearheaded by Abigail Widdowson herself. Apparently there was some sort of agreement between Memon and herself.

Eventually, the Havering territory - after a day of little fighting and more than enough protests - falls to the wolves.

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I've been here for a million years
Through the joy, through the tears.

Redbright Institute, Beltane : open to all )

But when I am gone this will go on
And the circle starts again...

Geap Manor, early May : closed to Alex )

I've watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust

Geap Manor, early May : closed )

I had cried when the oceans died
And the circle starts again...

Westminster, mid May : open to all )
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Private for Sylvia

Show me how to lie )

Private for Norrell

You're getting better all the time )

Private for Abigail

And turning all against one )

Private for Eames & Finnick

Is an art that's hard to teach )
Drinking - Jolly Roger

Another clever word )

Settling pack disputes - Redbridge - first responder

Sets off an unsuspecting herd )

James can be found anywhere in the city you would like to encounter him, if you would like something more specific tailored to you - we can work that out, PP [ profile] cupcakepantry or PM my journal!
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catch-all for march & april for nancy.
PM me or plurk me for specific starters!
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Spring is in the air, and this little witch could not be more excited about it. Granted she is pretty excited about all seasons, but it's hard not to feel a little extra happy when the days start getting longer and you can feel the world waking up from it's long winter sleep. And happiness of course means SHENANIGANS so pick your adventure or make up your own.

pick your poison )
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Date: Catch-all for February
What: A crisis of conscience. But what can someone as separated from politics like her do?

Well now, I can fend for myself )
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Croydon is a dismal place at the best of times, but at this time of year it's damp and cold and miserable.

Amazing it's a place in such high demand.

December 7th will see preparations taken. Some of the fae in the area take serious issue with handing the area over to witches of any kind and vacate the area as soon as word gets to them. Others prepare for the inevitable fight coming to their doorsteps. The hope is to avoid as much bloodshed as possible, avoid alerting more mortals than necessary as to what's happening on their doorsteps, but it's foolish to assume Daybreak would catch a whiff of this and not step in.

December 8th. The day of the handoff. Several fae, Eames included, watch the witches coming in with a harsh gaze. It's kind of frustrating, how it's impossible to tell the allegiance of the witches by sight alone. It may seem threatening or intimidating, but it's important to be ready at moment's notice. One thing they'll not allow is to be bested again so soon.

December 9th is a strange day; likely on all sides. With so many involved, it's probably a surprise that all it lead to is a stalemate. Anyone sensitive enough to magic will feel an electric tension in the air; tempers are high, frustrations are high, crime... is surprisingly low actually. A place held in contention between fae and witches is bound to be a magical minefield, but the fae at least seem more concerned with fortifying their position than starting any fights in the immediate future.
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Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;

Enfield, early December )

He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

Ealing, near Redbright Institute, early December )

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near

Croydon, mid December )

Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

Waltham Forest, mid December )

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.

Barnet, mid December )

The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

Tower Hamlets, December 19th; first responder only )

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Westminster, late December )
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It's a little odd to work out of her livingroom, but in Njoki's experience it's a good idea to have regular clinic hours set up for those that aren't comfortable with house calls. Most of what she does during these times is a bit of basic consulting, the occasional spot of under the table first aid, and listening to people talk through their own worries. It's never very busy, but this is her calling, not her job. Some of her friends and family have been helpful and discretely passed out her contact information and she knows that a little pocket money is a fine thing, but she doesn't believe she'll ever make a living off it.

As she fills and puts the kettle on, she huffs in amusement. At least it's a good excuse to make sure her flat is scrubbed and clean enough for company once a week.
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Back to school )


All I want for Christmas is you )


Guardian work is never done )


Come for the friendship, stay for the food )
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Everything's been just so much lately, but it's important not to let that keep things from progressing. The day after the disaster at Lewisham, Abigail will have received an invitation inviting her and her coven to discuss an exchange that could be of benefit to her. He's been upfront, admitting on the invite that he's of the Unseelie court - it'll be obvious the second they get to talking anyway.

The restaurant probably looks a bit out of place somewhere like Croydon, it's not a borough known for elegant design and fine dining. Eames has had the place booked out, so no one will be there except them and a small gathering of staff; something to allow for some privacy. The table is set out with seats, glasses, pitchers of water. And menus, because you don't invite people to a restaurant not to eat. A handsome young man will show everyone to the table as they arrive and ask for any drink orders before they order their meals - he's not magic, but he does have the elegance and grace people expect of a fae. No wonder he works here.

At the table, Eames is sat reading with a glass of wine as he waits patiently for people to arrive. And he'll stand to greet them with a smile once they do.
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Backdated - October 31st - Cemetery

I guess that autumn, gets you remembering )

Mid-November - Shops

You use to call me on my cell phone )

Mid/Late-November - Hillingdon
Takin' care of business and working overtime )

Choose Your Own Adventure

[Whatever you'd liked]

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A: Tea Shop

It was mid afternoon and Zuko found himself hanging little pumpkin lanterns in the window of the Jasmine Dragon. His boss said it was good for tourist, to get them in the Halloween spirit while they were away from America. Zuko was just thankful it wasn't tiny witch's hats. Nothing like insulting any supernatural guests that found themselves stumbling into the quaint little tea shop. And from what Zuko knew witches tended to be a proud lot. Not that he could mention any of this to his very normal human boss.

There was a jangling at the store front door and Zuko looked down from the step ladder he was balancing on to whatever guest just entered. Immediately he could tell someone from a faction had just walked in. He slowly lowered himself back down on to the floor ready for a tense conversation of him skirting around his own affiliations.

"How can I help you?"

B: Streets At Night

It had been a long day and the only thing on Zuko's mind was crashing in bed and not moving for several hours. However, he was becoming aware of another set of footsteps following his own down the mostly deserted street. He took a sharp turn to his right and listened. Definitely following. He waited until the person rounded the corner after him before he conjured a fireball and blasted it in their direction.

"Stop following me," he bellowed.

C: Hillingdon House

Not matter how many times he came here he always ended up feeling like a stranger. It wasn't too long ago he found himself here, a drifter in need of help and the clan had extended a hand. It was grounding and Zuko was always thankful for anything that showed him what path to lead. He just wished he could feel more comfortable talking to his fellow clansman. It was a problem that stemmed from him and he knew it. There was only one way over that particular hurdle, so he stopped by someone who seemed free and waved a little.

"Hey," Zuko said, "Can I ask you a question? Say you were avoiding someone for a long time, because you weren't sure if they'd want to know you anymore. Things were complicated. But then you ran into them. What would you do? Would you pretend nothing happened and try to build a relationship, or would you try to avoid them?"

He really wished his uncle was here. He was always brimming with confusing, but good advice. A stranger would have to do for now.
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The last day of October has many meanings, as does almost every holiday. For a Widdowson, Samhain means one of two things, it not both.

Samhain might be a time to tap into the powerful magic that has bled into the walls of Geap Manor, centuries of darkness, sacrifice, and rituals mean to increase the abilities of those who walked these halls. It might also be a time to remember the dead, as the Widdowson line is filled with those who left the world earlier than they perhaps should have.

Abigail Widdowson has embraced the latter.

A great deal of the supernatural community is in mourning. Between the fae's attack on Croyden, the battle in Barnet between the circles, the Blood Moon, and the Islington 'recruitment drive' there are many dead who would otherwise be alive. Which is why Abigail has opened her home on Samhain to all those who wish to remember the ones lost.

(Headings will be provided but feel free to make your own! The whole of the supernatural community has been invited, again with the warning that hostilities will not be tolerated.)
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1 - @ the Seven Sisters (feel free to interrupt if you're not in Midnight!)

Read More )

2 - Tarot Booth

Read More )

3 - Holding Interviews @ the Jolly Roger

Read More )

4 - Stolen Vanity

Read More )

5 - Assulting a Vamp - for first response only

Read More )

6 - Wildcard!

Make your own prompt if you wanna!
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Dates: October 6 and 8.
What: Simon tries to keep his head down.
[ooc: This is a completely open post! Come torment him.]

Let's take a look, shall we? )
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Date: October 8
What: Elizabeth finds her way from Heathrow to her dorm in Westminster, then attempts to get settled in her new academic and magical lives.

says find a home )


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