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they used to sing about the birds and the bees;

dirty paws and furry coat; (a)

It’s easier, now, to be human. Now that she has something like a pack. It doesn’t mean she prefers it by any means. Being human is still difficult, still something she doesn’t ‘get’. It might be easier to blend into the streets of London as a human, but Malia’s never really cared about easy.

Which is why she’s back to old habits, trotting around an area with multiple coffee shops, looking for breakfast. Or lunch. It’s late enough in the day to be either, at this point. It’s a particularly busy one that’s she decided to poke her face into the dumpster for, and she’s just managed to catch them after their morning rush, which means a lot of half eaten scones or donuts or toast or some kind of breakfast sandwich.

Her back paws are scrambling on the side of the dumpster as she tries to climb inside, and she finally does with a loud ‘Oof’. With that, she starts tearing through the bags.

After she’s eaten, she sticks to the shadows as best as she can as she makes her way around the city, doing her best to stay out of the way of people. She’s really not in the mood to deal with animal control now, thanks.

she ran down the forest slope; (b)

Sometimes, she remains human, because it’s the right thing to do. She has to learn eventually to navigate her way through this space. She can’t stay an animal forever. It helps having a family, even if it’s a small one. The gaping wound in her heart is still there, but it’s slowly starting to scab over.

She really hates having to pay for things, though. Malia may have found a family, but she has no income to speak of, and absolutely no job. She probably couldn’t get one even if she wanted one; she never went to school, still doesn’t go, and she has no credentials that she knows where to find them.

Malia’s standing outside that same coffee shop she was at for breakfast, now at the front door instead of the back. She’s got her arms crossed and she’s glaring at it like it’s personally offended her. It smells great, and her stomach is growling and she’d like to go inside, but--

But she can’t buy anything. And she’s sincerely contemplating just turning into a coyote and snagging lunch that way.

Ugh. Humanity.

the forest of the talking trees; (closed to derek hale)

Malia wasn’t going to argue that she probably needed a phone. Allying herself with her cousin’s pack meant that they were going to need a way to communicate with one another when they weren’t close by that wasn’t a series of complicated howls.

She was seated in the passenger side of his car, wrinkling her nose a little at the plastic smell of it.

“You really don’t have to do this,” she says, fastening her belt. Even though she knows that, yes, he kind of does. There was just some vague memory of her mother teaching her to be polite when it came to expensive gifts, and maybe still a little bit of wariness because of who Derek shared a surname with. She knows enough about Peter to know he probably won’t be an issue. It doesn’t keep her skin from crawling when she thinks about it.

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Traveling the wolf territories during the day is less likely to cause her problems just yet and so that is what she is doing, looking for a cellular phone store, when she sees a girl, standing outside a coffee shop, glaring at it as though it has done her a personal wrong. Mab paused on the sidewalk to watch her, cool gaze fascinated for a moment. Perhaps a fight with a friend who'd gone inside? The girl has an odd signature magic about her, like a wolf but not. It is always fun to catch the attention of a high ranking fae. In that usually it's not great for your personal well being. But who knew. Mab was trying to be friendly with the wolves for now.

Finally her curiosity got the better of her and she stepped up next to the girl, looking at the door that has her so upset. She can see their reflections in it and that is how she looks the girl in the eye, through her reflection. "You are angry with the store or someone inside?" She asks, all polite curiosity.
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The girl is delightfully straightforward. Mab, living in a world of fae who will talk in circles, and humans who know to take care delights in the young woman's bare response. Although she has to wonder "What is... dumpster diving?"

Mab will certainly get to an offer, but some things are important to understand.
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That earns a disturbed look from Mab. It would not kill a fae but it certainly would not be pleasant either. "I see."

She returns her attention to the shop in front of them and considers it for a moment. It would be a shame to let such an honest girl go too soon. Rarely has a human with a taste of magic about them be so open with her. "Perhaps we can come to an agreement." She offered. "I would be happy to purchase some food if you might do me a favor in return." It might be a bad choice for Mab to be considering using Malia as a source for understanding humanity. But she doesn't know that Malia struggles with a similar problem.
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"I have... been away from London and people for some time. I am not accustomed to some of the language." And it's true, her accent sounds like an amalgamation of America and something European. "It would be useful to have someone who might explain a turn of phrase such as you have."
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"You already have." Mab pointed out. It was true. And it probably said something about Mab that Malia knew more about current language among humans than she did. She turned her head to look directly into Malia's eyes. "Unless you believe otherwise." And there was the food to consider. Malia might be too honest for her own good. "I only ask that you try." She offered.
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Now that is interesting. Mab hasn't said she isn't human. And she hasn't made it clear that she believes Malia is anything but human. The sidhe woman tilts her head a little and curiosity enters her eyes. "Perhaps you are just what I need." Someone who struggles with the same things Mab does would run into the same pitfalls Mab would. It cannot hurt to try.

"We will not know unless we try." She points out and makes a gesture toward the door. It is always safer to have someone else open them. Humans love their metals and the anathema would rather give her away if she touched it. "If it does not work you, you still have a meal." So long as Malia gave it an honest effort Mab would not seek reprisals. It was more than she normally offered.
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Malia really does have the benefit of not letting all the thoughts in her head get in the way of simple facts. Many people could learn from her and it might save them some grief.

Not that it wouldn't keep things from going sideways for her but she was certainly quicker on the draw than many humans Mab had met. And some witches as well which was saying something.

Mab follows her inside, never touching the door, she hasn't been in a shop that doubles as a cafe yet, the other one just served coffee. This is new for her. She stepped past the girl and walked to the counter, waiting a moment to be sure the girl was still with her before ordering a tea for herself and one of the scones to go with it and then turning to the girl, "And whatever my companion would like as well." She said smoothly to the boy behind the counter like someone who was accustomed to people just doing as she asked.
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Ahh one of the frothy sugar drinks. Mab had not particularly liked the one she'd had. She looked curious when Malia only ordered the one thing. She'd seemed hungrier than that and they had little sandwiches as well. "This will be enough to sate your hunger?" She asked the girl who's stomach had only barely finished complaining.

But it is fascinating to see her order, she knows all the pieces and if she is k-9 in nature that makes perfect sense. She'd be able to smell each individual piece of the puzzle. And to see the reaction of the barista to the hodgepodge order. But the girl took it in stride and the Barista seemed to decide she was just unique. Which made Mab smile a little to herself as she handed money over. Just bills and nodded to the change cup to avoid touching the coins.
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The tea and scone make it over first, followed by Malia's sugar shock concoction and her additional sugar shock. Mab is always judging, it is how assessments are made. The fae woman takes her saucer of tea and scone and turns to slip through the crowded room toward a table. The people currently at the table pause, frown and look around nervously before murmuring about having forgotten something and Mab slips in, to sit in a chair that is still pulled out it was so hurriedly vacated.

The tea and saucer settle down and she pulls a napking from somewhere. And honest to goodness cloth napkin, and sets it in her lap before taking a sip of her steaming tea. Once she is properly settled in she looks up at Malia who she expects to have simply followed along and waits to be certain she has started sating her hunger before asking, "You have difficulties around others as well?"
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"Mmm," Mab lifts her tea and takes a sip, savoring for a moment before setting it back on the saucer. "I can deal with people." She looks thoughtful, "It is the changes in customs and phrases with which I will need to reacquaint myself."

Her eyes scan Malia's face for a moment as though she is trying to see into the young woman's soul, find the things that make her tick. "What has stunted your social growth, child?" Malia, unfortunately, does not hold the patent on blunt questions but Mab thinks she might be the type of person who can appreciate getting to the point.
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Malia's drop of her eyes, a sign of submission in a werewolf, is not so much in a Coyote. But it is interesting to see none the less. And Mab still isn't sure what kind of animal the girl is.

"Ahh." Mab considers this. "My sympathies for your loss, and at a tender age it can leave scars on the soul." Not everyone could retreat into a bestial nature to deal with loss. But one had to question if it was something to envy when it left her now on the outside trying to fit back in. "You make an effort now, though." And it was as much a question as a statement.
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"Family." Mab let the word sit between them as she considered it. Humans places such weight on these things but she had seen the things families could do to one another. It was not so much a thing show reverence to as some might. But the attachments were quite useful. "I hope they appreciate you efforts? It is no easy thing, coming back after such a time in a baser nature."
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Malia has given her a good deal of information, and Mab deems it useful to make it clear what she is. She is all for fair trade to some degree. "I have interacted only marginally with mortals in the last few decades." Harry Dresden barely counted. "I spent a good deal of time up north in the fae courts and their contact with humans is negligible." She tilts her head a little, "I find my communication lacking and as we have decided to take a more proactive role in your realm, I find it necessary to ... update my skills."

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