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Litha Feast (Open to all court members and human guests, dated for the 21st)

The grounds were brightly lit and festooned with decoration: trees covered in sweet-smelling dew, leaves of gold and red, vividly-colored streamers woven with thread finer than spider's silk. All around, the tables were piled high with all the food and wine one might expect of a grand feast. (Apparently, the fae had spared no expense.)

The Seelie King and Queen were present, though distanced from the rest of the revellers -- and quite a few revellers there were. Men and women with petals in their hair, clothes of vibrant silk and satin, and a rainbow of rare feathers and gems. Some looked human, some looked animal. Some, such as in the case of a well-dressed gentleman with skin like birch bark, looked like none of the above.
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Abigail was attended to by a youth of the Seelie Court, though she knew his age was, at best, difficult to determine. He spoke like he might have been around humans last in the Victorian age. But he also had mannerisms she'd only really seen in poetry and stories from the Age of Chivalry. Still, he sought to gain further influence (standing as a knight in the court right now) with his king by bringing a 'guest' to the feast.

He brought her wine and bits of food, though she ate or drank none of it. She never refused it, however, and she had secured a promise that she would be unharmed and taken safely back to her home. For those reasons, she was a little at ease. Hungry and thirsty with all the good things around her but overly cautious because of her upbringing by Unthank. Still, she would remember the name the fae gentleman had given her. Whether or not his true name was Culann, son of Conchobhar, she'd find out later, should she attempt her summoning. It seemed a fair price to ask.

At times, she did lessen her guard enough to be pulled into group dances, especially around noon and sundown, keenly aware, though it felt like almost no time had passed since she was properly home, that Midsummer was close at hand. That this festival was Midsummer in the mortal realm. Whether dancing or socialising or forcing herself not to eat from the delicacies offered, Abigail kept, at the very least, a polite smile on her features so as not to offend her hosts.
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Mab had honestly not expected this child to have been caught. Nor to be so mild and calm in a place where she was in danger. It was lively enough that Mab could make her way over without drawing too much attention. The first brush of cool air would hit Abigail when she was about three meters away. Mab stepped up beside Abigail, and gazed out at the revelry. Now she looked nothing like the business woman she had portrayed before. There was no hiding the unearthliness of her, with long hair down, color shifting eyes with cat's pupils among the most noticeable of her fae features.

"Now this is not a place I expected to see thee again, mortal." Her voice was calm, almost amused. "Tell me, how didst thee fare with thine lawkeepers?"
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"You're fae."

A simple statement, but it comes nonetheless. Because, well, that changes a great deal of what she saw with the woman before. Had she known that, rather than the possibility of a powerful witch being present... Well. No. It likely wouldn't have changed anything. Abigail knew enough of the fae to be wary about things like that, even if she could trust one with her life. Still, she might not have called the police and might have been more interested in the card had she known. Still, the past was past, and Abigail gave a small, polite nod, as if she hadn't already spoken.

"The officer gave me a ride home and his card, in case the person following me should show up again." Cool, matter of fact, but not hostile. She was still trying to decide what to make of this woman. One of the older fae, she guessed, who was out of touch with the human world, by the way she spoke. Unthank had told her that some still used such a manner of speech. "So, quite well, actually."
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Mab inclined her head in agreement. "I am."

Mab has no doubt the girl would have been just as scared if not more so had she come across as otherworldly. Winter fae were not really known for their kindness, even in comparison to their summer brothers and sisters.

Mab could, fortunately, speak in more ancient patters as well as more current, in many languages. She did switch now. "The mortal authorities take their obligations almost as seriously as the fae in some places." There was approval there in her voice. "Have you found your sisters?" It was broad enough that Abby would not have to give details, perhaps it would not scare her as much as Mab had done previously.
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"I've found some. I think others are still waiting to see what comes of it."

She had her plans, certainly. Whether it would be enough to rally those in need or if it would simply be enough to get her killed, she wasn't sure. Still, one way or another, it would accomplish something. Even if that was only to get people talking. Maybe what Midnight needed was a public martyr.

Not a role Abby wanted to play. Survival was very much on her agenda, but... She could only hope to survive so much.
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"Congratulations," She intoned and looked assessingly at the girl who was holding up well this time amongst creatures that really should terrify her, especially in comparison to the last meeting she'd had with her. Curious. And interesting.

"And what kind of power are you and yours willing to reach for in order to obtain your places in your world?" She asked, curiously. Oh Mab. Talking shop at a party. The fae Lady was fairly sure calling on her brethren was a big chunk of what the Daybreak witches were worried about with the dark witches. There was a lot of power to be brokered. But what was Abby willing to do to get it?
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"Without paper, pen, and more time than I think this party will allow," Abigail said calmly, bowing her head politely, "no more power than is within us already."

To make a deal with a fae so soon was even more dangerous than what she was doing. She especially would not do so haphazardly. No deal could be made with fae that hadn't been reasoned greatly and carefully worded. She was in no position to do that now. But neither was she eager to offend.
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A slow smile spread across her face. "Nicely stated." She murmured, rare praise. "Will it be enough, do you think?"

She tapped her lower lip thoughtfully with one opalescent nail as she looked at the girl. "I very much look forward to seeing what you can accomplish." And if she could learn to reopen doors that would be all the better. Perhaps there would be opportunity to shape things properly. She lifted her hand as though to touch Abigail though she paused to give the child time to make it clear touch was uninvited and unwanted. Like a human to a stray cat. Abigail was under the protection of a seelie, Mab would not break the rules of those under who's invitation she attended, at least in this, Abigail could be certain she would not be harmed. But Mab could be a little touchier than some people were comfortable with.

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"I was raised, Lady," Abigail said in deference to the praise, "by a fae as well as my parents."

When Mab lifted her hand, Abigail's eyes flicked toward it, and her shoulders drew back, but she didn't visibly recoil. She stiffened, yes, with caution, but she could remind herself where she was. It was Midsummer, and they were in the land of the Fair Ones. Her escort was a fae, so none here would dare strike her, as he'd given his word that no harm would come to her. Still, she watched the hand. Just to be sure.
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Sometimes such a thing was known to happen. It was where the term faerie godmother originated. When Abigail didn't recoil, Mab's fingers picked up a section of the girl's hair, nothing to write home about but lovely in it's imperfections. "Such a pretty thing." The compliment was offhanded. She let the hair fall through her fingers as though dismissing it completely. "Your fae guardian has taught you well, it would seem." So young and full of potential.

"What is their name, child?" Someone to keep an eye out for. Someone with the foresight to shape a witchling to his own expectations. Her hand fell to her side, no longer a threat for the moment.
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She'd been taught to invoke his name if she needed to in the presence of the fae. He'd been away from the court for a long time, bound himself up in Geap Manor. It stood, and he drew strength from it. He lived, and its occupants were safe. Where fae ended and house began was something she couldn't imagine. She only knew that his life and his power were tied to those timbers, to the house that stood for all her family was. All the years they'd survived, despite the threat looming over them all. He protected their children, and their power furthered him.

"My family has a history of contracts with fae. He makes sure we understand the consequences if we do not word it carefully." She paused, giving a small cant of her head, as if to acknowledge some unspoken argument. "Some generations learn better than others."
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Unthank. The name is unfamiliar to her which is not terribly surprising, she knows few of the seelie and even less of the outcasts. Even her knowledge of the Unseelie was incomplete. The problems with coming back after a long time away.

"Ahh, I see." Well, it was good to know her family openly dealt with fae. Unthank would likely dislike interest Mab showed in his young witch. Not that that concerned Mab in the least. He did not stop her from coming here.

The last sentence makes her smile. "Yes, so it is with most humans." Her expression went curious, "And how did you come to find yourself here?"
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"I remember falling asleep in my flat, having some strange dreams, then waking up here with that gentleman," she motions briefly to the fae who'd brought her here, "telling me I was to be his guest for the feast."

It was a delicate position: wanting to see more of the world (even just of London) but also knowing she wasn't truly safe unless she was in the house under Unthank's protection. Still, she wouldn't contract if she remained there, and finding a husband or lover to carry on her family line would be almost impossible if she didn't remove herself from the house frequently.
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The gentleman in question glanced their way, started for a moment at the sight of the Unseelie Lady but after a long stare from her he went uncomfortably back to his conversation. Likely more afraid she'd commandeer his entry as her own than that she might do harm. The Summer King and Queen were overseeing things after all, and the Queen especially was not the type to allow breaking of oaths. Mab was known for keeping them as well. It was interesting the young seelie seemed to have taken her from her own home. Perhaps he'd lured her outside with something while she was still mostly asleep.

"This situation agrees with you." In other words, she was faking it like a pro. There was something like approval in Mab's tone.
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"He seems strangely sentimental for a fae. According to what Uncle always says about them, I didn't expect someone like him."

There might be a bit of fondness to her voice. The tone of a young girl. Not even a grown woman, no, but someone unused to such attention, even if she knew she ought to be careful. Not, perhaps, unlike the mortal story of Little Red Riding Hood. Though, thankfully, it was a Seelie fae who'd given his word and bond, not a wolf.

At her remark, she smiled just a little. 'Grace under pressure' ought to be the Widdowson family motto. Always holding their head up despite tragedy. This, at least, was a situation she could navigate without a great threat, she hoped.
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Summer tends more toward sentimentality than winter but he might also have more interaction with humans. Mab's gaze rests on the young Sidhe, thoughtfully. Of course, he could be good at faking it too. Mab could superficially show more human emotions.

She looks back at the girl and smiles a little. Even with the dire warnings from her fae godfather she is drawn to a fae. Interesting.

"Take care, mortal child, I look forward to seeing you compete."