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Litha Feast (Open to all court members and human guests, dated for the 21st)

The grounds were brightly lit and festooned with decoration: trees covered in sweet-smelling dew, leaves of gold and red, vividly-colored streamers woven with thread finer than spider's silk. All around, the tables were piled high with all the food and wine one might expect of a grand feast. (Apparently, the fae had spared no expense.)

The Seelie King and Queen were present, though distanced from the rest of the revellers -- and quite a few revellers there were. Men and women with petals in their hair, clothes of vibrant silk and satin, and a rainbow of rare feathers and gems. Some looked human, some looked animal. Some, such as in the case of a well-dressed gentleman with skin like birch bark, looked like none of the above.
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Kenzi shivers minutely as the breeze curls around her bare arms and she does her best not to jump when Mab speaks to her. A Fae, it was easy to tell. It seemed like this party was a place where they had free reign to make it super blatant what they were. Not that she blamed them, everyone had to have their safe space, right?

What she did blame them for was making their safe space a 'kidnap people and bring them along for funzies' space too. That was a big no-no on her list.

Still, considering how powerful these people were - it was smarter to just play along until you could figure a way out.

Kenzi gestures with the bottle and smiles; a little afraid.

"Thanks Miss. White Christmas."

Nicknames are her thing.
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Yes in this place Kenzi is the outsider. Though Mab is not in her own court she has little concern for appearing human in the Other Realm. It is her world, after all.

The Seelie were responsible for this kidnapping though Mab could not really stand on any higher ground. Unseelie had some of the most dangerous fae among them. The hunters and those that dwelt in dark places. When one was kidnapped by the Unseelie, one hoped the end was quick because many things could happen in dark places. In this Seelie feast, a small competition of beauty was the worst most there must need overcome. Unless a human was enraptured by a fae light or give a favor.

Mab's head tilts just a touch to one side. "White Christmas." Her lips curve up a bit at the corners and she makes a slight gesture with her hand. "Perhaps more levity than I am accustomed to." And a thank you was a little more obligation than Kenzi might have wanted to imply. "I am pleased to have provided assistance." That sounded awfully formal. Coupled with a slight dip of the head and a smile that might have been a little on the dangerous side Mab wasn't doing a lot to put the poor girl at ease.

"What shall I call you, child?" Don't worry Kenzi, she calls pretty much anyone under 1000 a child.
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Immediately her mind tells her - screams at her - to lie. Give her a fake name, you're not a Fae you can lie. Names have power here. And everywhere.


She doesn't know why she picked that name. Goddess of witchcraft and moonlight. Kenzi doesn't think of herself that highly. But she picked it. There's no going back on it now.
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The poor girl's eyes widen just a bit, not an obvious panic but it seems to be there in the tensing of muscles as well. If she'd listened carefully, she'd have noticed Mab did not technically ask for her name. It was only polite and she wasn't supposed to be taking advantage of the humans while she was a guest to the Seelie. But the panic and clearly fake name make a slow smile slip across Mab's lips.

"A worthy choice." She murmured, she picked up a small decanter and poured herself something in a faceted glass. When she lifted the glass, the whole thing frosted over and wisp of steam drifted off the top. "You are careful, it will serve you well, Mistress Hecate."
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God, these Fae and their weird speech patterns. Can't they just use modern slang like everyone else?

It takes her a second to remember what she was just thinking about how this is their party and their world. Technically. Fae are allowed to do what they want. Not that she really had any say in it from the get go.

Eager to change the subject, Kenzi puts down the bottle and clasps her hands behind her back. She doesn't know what to do with them.

"So what court are you in?"
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Mab's head tilted just a touch at the uncomfortable thank you. She considers thank you's a sign of a debt owed. Even when one is in the protection of the Seelie King and Queen. Her smile is slight but there as she takes a sip from the frosted glass.

The Unseelie Lady watches the girl set the bottle down and her eyes track the path her hands take behind her back. Mab blinks at the question and then looks down at the glass covered with ice and back at Kenzie. "Surely you can make a guess." They might be in the summer court, but never has cold been in Summer's purview. Summer is heat and fire and life. A witch child taking the name of a greek goddess of her craft would surely be able to put two and two together and come out with four. "Tell me what court you believe I should belong to."
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"That's a bit of a loaded question don't ya think?" Kenzi tries to laugh but it only comes off as comically uneasy, as if she were reciting lines for a show. Her eyes even shift to the side, like she's begging the universe for a way out of this.

She thinks if she answers wrong, she'll get cursed. If she answers right, she'll get Mab's attention and she doesn't know which is worse.

"I mean, I don't know how the court system really works for you...guys."

If she had to make a guess, however. She'd say Unseelie.
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Mab's smile grew to look almost genuine. "You did ask it." She pointed out. Kenzie had been the one to inquire as to her court to start with after all. Mab lifted her fingers and iced another bottle, looking pointedly at Kenzie. She certainly will not destroy the child for answering wrong. But she might think less of her if she can't put simple things together.

"The Seelie court rules summer, from Winter's wane to Summer's wax solstice to solstice, then the Unseelie court takes over it's Rule of Winter. Surely these things are still readily available in mortal libraries?" Mab had gone to great lengths to have the Grimm Brothers put tales of her kind into human hands. The Tuatha had been quite active in Ireland as well when Mab had been busy in the Black Forest. "Based on this information what might you guess?"
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"Un...seelie?" Kenzi answers like an unsure student who hasn't been paying attention in class enough and she's guessing at the answer.

Kenzi is vividly imagining getting turned into a tree if she answers wrong. She hopes it's not an ugly tree.
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"Well done." She tipped her head a little in acknowledgement. Though really that was simple observation. One would hope the child didn't have to have everything worked out for her. "Though you should speak with confidence when you come to the only logical conclusion."

Trees and life are summer's purview Kenzi, Mab wouldn't turn anyone into a tree.
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"Yeah, I'll make sure to do that in the future...uh, frosty ma'am."

If Kenzi sounds distracted, it's because she's trying to come up with a way to get out of this. But she is stuck at this party until they announce who won.
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Mab lets her twist a little. The girl is so uncomfortable it's actually amusing to watch. And Mab was never precisely known for being kind.

"Ms Sommerset is fine." She offers, "Why so tense, young Witch? Surely if something horrible was going to happen it would have done so already."
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"I'm Russian, I'm built to be tense."

And built for the cold, but Kenzi doesn't say as much. She's afraid Mab - Ms Sommerset - will like that.
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"Nonsense, I have seen the Russians dance." Mab replied, obviously not referring to ballet. This was more the drunken revelry. The Russians were insane for mortals.

She smiled a little and seemed to pull a card out of nowhere, offering it to the witch. "If your dire expectations are realized you may contact me." Of course, the phone won't work in this realm. But it never hurts to give a witch a way to contact you. Especially in the current climate in London.
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Kenzi hesitantly takes the card, at first looking at it like it'll try to bite her, but then considering.

Fae were an old danger to her, but at the same time, there was something intoxicating about the power they could promise a witch.

"Thanks...I'll keep this handy."

For once, she was not lying.
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Something like amusement dances in Mab's eyes as the lure of potential power seems to outweigh Kenzi's natural inclination to shy at everything like a frightened rabbit. "Enjoy the party Mistress Hecate."

Mab turned to move away, after dipping her head in farewell to the young witch.