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All of an accord [for Seelie/Unseelie court members]

Meanwhile, in Green Wood...

It was relatively rare for the fae to involve themselves in the affairs of ordinary London. Recent events, however, had raised a few hackles among Seelie and Unseelie alike. Thus it was that members of both courts were extended an invitation to a talk. Or more succinctly, to a planning session for their foray into the mortal realm.

Food, drink, and music, of course, were nearby should anyone require it, and a large, exquisite outdoor table had been set up for those who chose to attend. The decision for the territory push had already been made and handed down; the only thing left now was the particulars of the fae strategy.

Heiji, for his part, had arrived dressed in formal kimono and haori. He nodded or bowed in greeting to those in attendance. Mainly, however, he was waiting to be called on, reasoning that he'd need to give a status report on events in the mortal realm.

[Open for any to take the floor. This log is mainly for Seelie and Unseelie court members to set up planning for next month's territory push.]
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Mab came into the clearing, frost left in her footsteps and her feet were bare. She'd forgone the traditional white for something in emerald green that draped behind her, trailing the ground. She touched Heiji's shoulder once as more of an announcement that she was there and sitting than anything else, before taking the seat next to him. Ice crept up the chair legs as she did, not as dramatic as it might have been, were it winter, but still, glittering now in the light.

"I am pleased to see action being taken." She murmured to him as the fae gathered. There was a distinct gleam of anticipation in her eyes.
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Tal had lingered on the outskirts at first, prowling along the furthest perimeter- as was the habit of any guard of worth. When all his senses had satisfied him that nothing was amiss, and that even the Unseelie present were without undue weapons, he slipped closer.

Being big and brawny as he was, there were few movements he could make subtly; but he was unnervingly quiet, for a man of so much bulk, and he ducked into a low bow from the waist as he approached Heiji and the Unseelie guest.

"I... beg an audience of you. Sir." His dark eyes implored the more familiar Seelie, and reached for the neatly folded parchment tucked into the belt over his tunic. "And apologies to you as well, milady, for the disruption. But... I'd been assigned guardianship of some of the gates to the mortal world. Took pains to record incursions, the shifting lines of territories. I thought... hoped... you might look upon it, your eyes being wiser than mine. If nothing else, might confirm your own... your own information." He was nervous enough that the last was a lame, boyishly hopeful finish.

Wolfishly, he licked the fronts of his sharp teeth, shifted his weight uneasily from foot to foot.
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Mab was fairly certain any color suited her but she nodded her appreciation for the compliment. Her eyes shifted though, head slowly turning to the werewolf who approached as if on slippered feet, and looked for all the world like a child doing his first part in a play, all nerves and anticipation and worry and excitement. She did not even attempt to make him comfortable, instead fixing a steady gaze on him as though seeing through to his very soul. So much deference. Slowly she smiled, even as Heiji answered. The fox was kind, encouraging and complimentary.

So very Seelie.

The Unseelie woman let her eyes drop finally to the leather though it wasn't being shown to her. If it was out and he was going to show it to them all anyway, it was fair game.
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The moment permission was given, he visibly relaxed, and ducked his head again, teeth flashing again in a broad grin, bright and warm as heat-lightning in summer. "Sir." For those familiar to the habits of those who had long been wolves, it all amounted to less-than-subtle submissive posturing.

His expression crumpled at the sight of the sigil, and he moistened his lips.

"Greenwich. Gonna be war there, I bet. Local pack's... in some disarray. I think one of the alpha-types is organising a sortie there, try to consolidate some power. Nothin' brings wolves together like a fight, yeah? An' the bloodsuckers are movin' in," He mentioned them and managed to flash the sharper ends of his teeth in a grimace, nose wrinkling as if he had smelled something rotten.

"Tryin' to gain a foothold closer the river. Any new territory for them is a spit in the eye of the wolves, so. Bound to come to a head. That.. that, um, mark, sir," and he tilted his head to include Mab in his explanation, chin ducking, "milady-- looks Vamp, to me. Add a slash toward the bottom and it'd be the symbol of the old Wallachian lifedrinkers. No good for anyone, if that's the case. They don't keep the Veil, don't care about cleanin' up after themselves or mortal eyes."
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"It's always something with the vampires."

Eames entered, late, but dressed in a nice suit. So that's something, right? He took a seat, making a note of who all the assembled were and the... Wolf. Trust a Seelie to bring a pet to the meeting. He was ready to dismiss Tal's comments - war between vampires and werewolves was nothing new, and he failed to see how that was anything they need be concerned about - but new vampires moving in, that could be a problem. New vampires without a care for the façade at that. Mortal awareness makes for a difficult time.

"I suppose we'd best nip this particular problem in the bud," he added, sighing. "There's already too many vampires. If they start gaining a significant foothold, that'll be trouble for us."
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Balem seemed to be summoned by the name of the district that held the Royal Observatory, his most beloved place in all of London. Briefly, his eyes shone bright like twin stars and a sliver of fire could be seen in the gem of his collar, but he took a deep breath and calmed down.

"If the blood-drinkers so much as touch my place in Greenwich," he said, referring to the Royal Observatory as 'his place' even though he had no rightful claim to it, "They will know the extent of my wrath."

He had no investment in the vampire-werewolf war aside from the fact that Islington sided too comfortably with the Night Council, but if he wouldn't visit without a vampire breathing down his neck for blood, that was his problem.
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Tybalt had arrived, slightly late just to prove he didn't care. Even though he did. Somewhat. He had his own ideas and desires for the city and territory within it, but they were long term plans, the sort that he wasn't really even ready to start on for at least a few months. Which meant it only made sense to back whatever the current plans were and potentially gain some political capital that way. Assuming he could do so with minimum risk to himself of course.

"Mmmm," he said, looking around at the small gathering. "Even with vampires and wolves at each other's throats, are we strong enough to step in? Perhaps it might be better to use that distraction to set ourselves up somewhere else."
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Mab listened to the discussion, drawing lines in her head, rearranging power structures in the human world. The mortals would overlook occasional body dumps but if the vampires started making it look like some sort of deranged serial killer they would be out in force. And mortals tended to fight things with iron, overreaction and assumption. Not a great combination for a fae mistaken for the offending vampires.

Eames slipped in and her eyes tracked him as he spoke. She had not had the chance to run into the vampires and was not yet aware they were quite so much of a problem. It was duly noted. Heiji was right, the werewolves generally hated the vampires and it seemed more worthwhile to let them deal with it.

Lord Balem's show of anger left her eyes dancing a little though she kept her face neutral. She might enjoy seeing such wrath. She reached forward to touch the symbol, pale finger tracing it to memorize. She agreed with Tybalt and Heiji about using the distraction, if not that they weren't strong enough.

Her eyes dropped to the map. If the pack found themselves in dire enough straits, it would make dealing with them even easier. Giving them a territory or two for retreat when necessary could be a nice carrot to dangle. "Has anyone spoken with the wolves?"
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"I don't trust Redbright, and wouldn't recommend either of you assembled lors or ladies place faith in them unwarrantedly," he murmured, the eager brightness of his eyes at having seen so many of the gathered fae dimming considerably.

Ducked into a hastily sketched out bow.

"My topside guard route starts in Havering, and it's where I maintain my topside post. Thin populated, like, less risk of mortal interference with doors. If good relations with the pack can be maintained, I could start work there. It's one of the only territories which has borders with only one other faction, rather than two or three. Ideal. From there could be easy to push south to Bexley. That way, no matter the season or location of the courts, there's an even spread: one territory to each Court, shared on the side of the river it claims."

His brows lifted over his keen green eyes, and he looked about hopefully, a little unnervingly like a loyal dog having spat out a ball or stick into an owner's lap and wanting praise.
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It's clever, Eames'll give him that, he looks at Tal and gives an approving nod as he leans forward in his seat, the way one does when they're actually engaged with the conversation.

"Taking territories either side of the river is a good idea, it'll maintain balance. But I do wonder if the reverse order wouldn't be smarter?" He drums his fingers on the table, pausing to put his thoughts in order before he speaks again, "the wolves control a considerable chunk of London, right next to Havering. Perhaps if we took Bexley and offered them our support in their takeover of Greenwich, it could act as something of a pact of non-aggression before we move north."
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"We must remember that Daybreak and the Redbright Institute are very likely to serve the same agenda," he said, "If we decide to go through with this plan, we should watch Bromley carefully, and Enfield as well if we ally with the pack. The Night Council is friendly to both of them as well, and may support efforts in overthrowing fae and werewolf alike if they think we're getting unruly. We have to be prepared for that."
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"The Night Council also support the vampires-- or at the very least they disapprove of their murders, and they're none too fond of the werewolves," he says on the back of an exhale, frowning deeply. "Loathe as I am to back down from a potential altercation with witches or vampires, that's a significant chunk of the city to potentially antagonise for the sake of two boroughs."
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Mab set her hands primly in her lap and looked at the map thoughtfully. The groups allied with the door closers already covered the western part of the city which left a cold burning irritation inside her. "If we contest Bexley and Bromely and help is given in Greenwich we can put the majority of our focus on Bromely, leave Havering for after tensions have cooled as it is in less danger for the moment.

She looked up and smiled a predatory smile at both Balem and Eames. "If they find us unruly then perhaps it is time to remind them that they should consider their own actions." Mab was in favor of kicking the hornet's nest and seeing what happened.
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"I agree, if we take Bromley and Bexley, we won't have any immediate rivals for Havering assuming we can get the wolves on our side. If we take Bexley and Havering, Daybreak will almost definitely make a move on Bromley before us," he said, "And as far as Enfield goes, my primary concern is that it doesn't go to Redbright. The last thing they need is another uncontested victory; if the pack or Midnight put up some resistance I'd support them."

He wasn't too worried about playing it safe. As far as he was concerned, the fae could decimate London entirely and were simply showing the humans that they couldn't be contained.
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Tal frowned down at the map, fingers flexing at his sides. "'S'long as there's balance kept, plans for both sides've the river.. I'm for it."

With a brow-tilted look, he appealed to Heiji, and tipped his head a little to include the Unseelie assembled. "We need to name a which to start at. Start runnin' borders, give it our stamp. Chase non-affiliated sorts out or have 'em acknowledge fealty of some kind."