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01 ❄ Magical Grad School [open]

[A] Grading Essays (Redbright)

Elsa is not sure when using proper grammar went out of style, but some of the essays she has to grade are seriously terrible. Why is the Oxford comma optional? And someone actually used the word 'bro' in an attempted serious context. Elsa knows that she's a bit old-fashioned, a bit of a nerd when it comes to grammar, but by God, how hard is it to write properly when writing an essay for school?

She puts down her red pen and rubs her eyes. The dim light in her office (basically a closet) and close scrutiny of the papers in front of her are making her head hurt. And it's been at least 5 hours since she's had any caffeine and she's going to need to rectify that before she starts working on her own research. Elsa carefully packs the essays away in a folder and grabs her backpack, swinging her blonde braid over her shoulder.

In the hallway outside her office, she fights her way against the current of students walking opposite her like a salmon swimming upstream. One of the students accidentally bumps into her, causing her folder to drop to the floor, essays spilling out all over.


With a sigh, she bends to start picking them all up before they're trampled.

[B] Drinking Coffee (Out and about)

After retrieving the fallen essays, Elsa makes her way to the coffee shop a few blocks over from the University. She likes getting out of the bubble of Redbright and going into the "real world". Being a meta-human, she feels as though she kind of belongs in both worlds, magical and mundane. She has special powers, but the rest of her family does not. And while the relationship between she and her parents is strained, she still speaks to her sister, Anna, on a daily basis.

Which reminds her to check her phone. She fishes it out of her pocket and sees that Anna has indeed texted her. It's typical stuff about school, but Elsa texts her back as she waits in line at the coffee shop. Most of the time their conversations are unexciting, but she enjoys texting her sister and keeping up with what's going on in her life.

When she steps to the counter, she orders a large iced coffee. Even in the dead of winter she orders iced coffee because too much of the hot stuff causes her to overheat very quickly. She needs the caffeine, but not the heat. After the barista prepares her drink, Elsa carries it to a nearby table and pauses to check what Anna has texted her back.

[C] Doing Research (Redbright)

Coffee acquired, Elsa gathers a bunch of books at the library and sits down at a table off to the side. She begins to take notes on anything relevant - specifically related to meta-humans, which is her research area. She hasn't quite nailed down exactly what she wants to research, but she knows she wants it to be about her kind. There are still quite a few questions about meta-humans and how they are created. What makes one sibling "normal" and another sibling have extra-human powers? She wonders if it has to do with genetics and she feels as though the research will lead her there eventually. For now, she's still exploring.

Elsa takes a long swig of the iced coffee and goes back to reading and note-taking. She's technically working but she wouldn't be completely against an interruption.

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Mab was moving through the areas of London less open to the Fae and thus she looked almost entirely human, white hair piled up on her head in a bun, eyes green but no more abnormal than someone with colored contacts and clothes that would be expected inside any boardroom. She was a little more pale than normal, a little taller than most women but that aside no one would immediately peg her as inhuman unless they had the specific ability to do so. Mostly other Fae and very specific witches.

But that did not mean she did not feel it when another pale young woman brushed by her and a snap of electricity passed between them. Likely because both of them cooled the air naturally. Mab stopped and slowly turned, her eyes following the girl as she stepped into the coffee shop. The girl had power, Mab could feel it call to her. She did not feel fae but it brushed her own magic with a familiarity like a cousin. It took only a breath before her heels were clicking down the sidewalk in steady pursuit, pushing open the door and suddenly being assaulted by the smells of coffee.

It stopped her in her tracks and she titled her head a little taking in the heavy aroma that had hit her like a wall. She felt someone stop behind her and entered to keep them from touching her. Her own hands gloved in leather to protect against the metal bar of the door though even with that she only touched the glass. Fortunately the tables and chairs were wood, heavily scarred and well worn but sturdy.

She stepped toward the line, a few people back from the girl and pulled some money from a pocket, eyes scanning the lists and not knowing what any of it was. Which was annoying. Mab was not accustomed to not knowing things. She finally just settled for what the person in front of her ordered and took the whipcreamed concoction in the general direction the girl had drifted still looking at her phone.

She lets the girl finish before stopping next to her and asking, "Is this seat taken?" Gloved fingers curled around the back of the chair with the soft sound of giving only very expensive leather made.
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"Excellent." Mab's voice was amused at the look of sudden terror that flashed across Elsa's face, she pulled the chair out and sat, crossing her legs and smoothing her skirt. Her fingers curled around the cup but she focused on Elsa, feeling her control waver, magic that felt so similar to hers trickling out for a moment frosting the girl's cup over. "Sit, child, and breath."

Lifting the cup to her mouth she sips the steamy liquid, pauses, at looks at it as though it has mortally offended her. Sugary sweet, processed, coated in caramel and chocolate with that barely there undertone of bitter coffee. It is horrible. She sets it down on the table and stares at it for a moment longer. "Swill." She finally murmurs. "I was informed that this establishment had high standards."
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Humans. Never pleased with one flavor they needed to botch it all up with five other flavors and chemicals enough to destroy all the tastes. Pushing the cup away she raises her eyes to Elsa's again and tilts her head just a touch, finally smiling again. "What indeed?" she repeated unhelpfully, studying the girl which she does for longer seconds than is comfortable before her eyes drop back to the girl's frosted, slightly frothy drink.

"What do you think I am?" She finally asked, all curiosity.
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"Mmm," yes she was rather pale, it was an honest mistake for an amateur. "I have found I have no driving need to drink from human veins." She replied, enjoying herself. Games were something of a fondness for most of the sidhe. Now that the girl is more focused, her magic isn't leaking through like falling sand. It is instead a hidden spring, bubbling below the surface, more contained but young and fresh and full of promise.

It might be noted that she didn't mention if she ever drank blood just because she might enjoy it. Some of her kind did.

Her own power was well contained for now though she always seemed to make the air near her several degrees cooler. Drawing the straw out of the drink, she swirled it in the whipped cream, absently, gaze entirely focused on Elsa. "Would you like to try again?" She asked, something like merriment dancing in her eyes though it was cooler.
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Perhaps the girl could feel a brush of her own powers. It would feel something like a witches magic contained as it was. She lifted the straw and licked a bit of the whipped cream off of it. "Potions have never interested me." Yet again not a straight denial. Which Mab thought was a very large hint.

And now that she had given the girl two guesses, she smiled a little and pushed her drink aside, leaning in and putting her chin on her hand. "You are not a witch but I can feel your power." And if that expression was anything to go by, Mab liked it. The game wasn't over, but information was an exchange with a fae, never truly one sided. Mortals just tended to come out on the short end as a rule.
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"Ahh." She smiled. It made sense. And she had some of winter in her. The magic nearly chimed in concert with Mab's own. It is patently obvious she is aware of the supernatural given the extent of their conversation so she feels little need to agree with Elsa's comment to that effect. She basks in the girl's focus as she sorts through options in her mind.

And then she nails it. That smile widens more and she sits up, letting her hand settle on the table. "Well done, my dear." And she was clearly not terribly concerned with Elsa knowing. As for those around them, well, veils could greatly affect listening in even if they weren't concealing a person.

And she waited to see what Elsa would do with this information. She was quite curious to see how the young woman reacted.
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"I have had very little need to do so in the past." Translation? No. Though, surprisingly, it seems to be the place to get to know humanity. Much to Mab's chagrin. She isn't overly fond of the places. The young woman takes it all quite in stride. Her knowledge of fae is clearly not as in depth as some of the humans she has approached which is intriguing. That combined with her sympathetic magic make her a delicious morsel of interest for Mab.

"You are meta-human." She repeats, resting her chin on her hand. "I sensed your affinity to cold."
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She was a sweet thing, this girl. So open and inquisitive. Mab hasn't mentioned anything about her own magic so it was an interesting conclusion to jump to, although the natural coolness that surrounded her might have been a hint. "I have been known to toy with ice." She agrees. It doesn't give a lot of information but does at least give Elsa a jumping off point for similarities. Kind of alike a drug dealer giving the first hit free.

She made a small face, a moue of disapproval, "The summer is ... cloying in a city like this."
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Well technically they are answers, just very vague ones. She leans in and sets her chin on her hand watching Elsa get frustrated at her answers. It is understandable as the girl clearly showed an interest because she sensed something akin in Mab.

"Oh yes." She smiled at her, "Tell me, do you like games?" It was a non-sequitur and meant to throw her off a little. But the girl did know a bit about the fae. And they were known for loving a good game.
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Mab's eyes drift down to the frozen cup and then back up to Elsa. Who is smart enough to know games might not be safe when played with the fae. You may ask me a question and I will answer honestly. And for every question I answer honestly you will do the same for me." She lifts her free hand and a veil drops obviously around them so the conversations even nearby are indecipherable, the people a little difficult to make out. It will stop people from overhearing things that oughtn't be overheard and from reading lips.

"Either of us may chose not to answer a question if necessary."