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waves that swallow quick and deep

oh no, it's another catch-all for Shea's characters!
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Cooper was in a relationship. This probably came as a surprise to everyone, but no more so than to the vampire himself. Relationships had just never worked out for him: he was too young, or too old, or just too something to make any relationship he'd ever gotten into work out for him. And the last time he'd been seriously considering anyone had been when James Dean was still alive and making movies.

But Nancy was different. She knew exactly who and what he was, the same way he knew the same thing about her. There was no hiding with each other, which he loved. He could be himself around her. And the fact she was extremely pretty didn't hurt matters at all either.

So when she'd suggested a picnic, he'd readily agreed. He'd even dressed in clothes that were neither worn nor torn for the occasion, wearing a clean white T-shirt and jeans on the bright sunny day. He twisted the daylight ring around his finger as he sat down, another tangible reminder of Nancy. "Beautiful day." He put his hand over her's, squeezing gently. He was a very lucky vampire.
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"Cheer, darling." He clinked his glass against her's, taking a sip of wine. It was the little things in life that he had to look forward to. Drinking wine in the bright sunlight with a pretty girl by his side was definitely one of them. He scooted just a few inches closer to Nancy so that their shoulders were just barely touching.

"Bah, my flat is no place t'be since Jean-Claude's bright idea to take over Southwark." That had imploded in spectacular fashion and Cooper was still sour about the fact that the territory was still in the hands of the Daybreak witches. He wouldn't be himself if he wasn't complaining about something or another.
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Cooper drank another sip of wine. He wasn't exactly the wine type of guy, more used to beer and whiskey. Reluctantly, he let go of Nancy's hand to perusing the picnic basket for what else Nancy had packed. He was half-listening as he pulled out a bag of crisps. Keeping Nancy safe definitely wasn't going to get any protests out of him. He couldn't be around 24/7.

"Two questions. Where is this new place and what's her name?" Of course, Cooper would assume it was a girl. It would never even cross his mind that she would be staying with a guy. When he realized that, his mood was definitely going to change.
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Nope, Kyle was most definitely not a girl's name. That changed the way the conversation was going considerably. No, he was not going to get jealous. There's a big difference between walking in on Nancy with a client and having her live with a man in what was surely just a platonic setting....or was it?

Okay, he was just a little jealous. He took a bite of crisps so that he didn't say the first thing that came into his mind, which was most likely, Absolutely not. He wasn't the type of guy to tell Nancy where she could go and what she could do. Deep breath, Cooper. And another. Alright, he was calm enough to continue on. "Strange that you've never mentioned him t'me before. How'd you two meet?"
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Cooper had heard word of the nightclub massacre. Frankly, he disapproved of any vampires that were that out of control. He'd been unaware that Nancy had been involved with it at all, but that had been the time when he'd been isolating himself. He told himself that this guy couldn't be all bad if he had been watching over Nancy when Cooper himself couldn't. It still didn't dispel the knot of jealousy sitting inside Cooper's stomach or the frown that was currently on his face.

"So's he human then?" Pity he already sounded like a living, breathing person. Cooper wouldn't have nearly felt as threatened as he did if the boy turned out to be a ghost. As far as he was concerned, this Kyle could stay on vacation a good while longer. Hell, a permanent one wouldn't make Cooper shed any tears.

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Well, at least he wouldn't have to worry about hiding any details about who or what he was. He took a sip of wine, mulling over this new turn of events. He could either be sour and sulk about this information or he could set it aside for right now and enjoy the day with Nancy. He didn't want to spoil anything. So he was going to be a mature, responsible adult about this and try to accept the fact that his girlfriend was going to be living with another man.

"Alright. I'll be nice." Well, as close to nice as Cooper was bound to come with someone he felt threatened by. He set down his wine and slipped his hands around Nancy's waist, pulling her close to him. "But if he's better-lookin' than I am, all bets are off." He was only half-joking.

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He tries to take comfort in Nancy's words. She's never lied to him intentionally, and if she says she's faithful, than he'll take her word for it. It's this mysterious Kyle that Cooper has is concerns over. Nancy was a beautiful girl and lord only knows what someone might think of living with her, seeing her in the morning in her pajamas or when she's just stepped out of the shower in nothing but a towel...well, at least now his train of thought had gone somewhere else.

He rubs out the spot on his cheek and picks his wine back up. "You be careful out there right now. It won't matter where you're staying if the wrong vamp gets a hold of you." He now has a personal stake in Harris' ridiculous edict that the vampires could feed off of whoever they wanted. Nancy's job has always been a risky one, but now it's doubly so.

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He winces when she jokes about him getting high off fae blood. Still, she's long-since forgiven him for that, so he'll let pass by. It's just water under the bridge now. He'll never be quite that foolish ever again.

"This is true. There's a few advantages t'being high up in the nest." If he had to throw his weight around to make sure Nancy stayed safe, then he would do so gladly. Lord only knew he didn't use his position often enough as it was.
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Cooper sighs contentedly when Nancy kisses him. This is not going to grow old for him anytime soon. He gives her a goofy little grin in response.

"Perish the thought, sweetpea. I'm content t'be the guy standin' behind the main guy. Same type of power, less of the spotlight." He's quite candid about anyone who asks what his plans being in the nest are. People tend to let their guard down around someone they feel is less of a threat.
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"Then you're livin' in the wrong city," Cooper replies cheerfully. London seems to be made up of nothing but politics sometimes. He will admit that it does grow dreadfully weary sometimes, trying to keep track of who had an alliance with whom and who were the real ones in power.

He pulls two sandwiches out of the picnic basket, offering one to Nancy. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been on a daytime picnic, with the bright sun on his face and a beautiful person by his side. One had to enjoy the little moments in life, otherwise there was nothing worth living for. "Maybe I can take you for a ride after we're done eating." That wasn't entirely a double entendre. He's been wanting to get Nancy on the back of one of his motorcycles for a while now. That way he could combine two of his biggest passions together.

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He takes a bite of his sandwich. He wonders if Nancy knows how to cook. Not that he needs to eat a whole lot, strictly speaking, but he does occasionally enjoy breaking up the monotony of drinking just blood with something a little more solid. Nancy is enough for him, though. He thinks he'll never get tired of drinking her blood.

"I promise not to run over anythin' this time." He, too, remembers their first meeting. Cooper is a maniac on the road. He's never had to deal with the caution that came from knowing he might die if he got into a car accident, so his driving skills could charitably be described as crazy at the best of times. He'll take all necessary precautions with Nancy at his back.

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"No way am I letting your pretty face get scraped up on the road." In response to the wink, he kisses her on the neck. It soon turns into a bite, not the kind designed to puncture the skin and lap up blood, just the loving, slightly possessive kind that any normal boyfriend might give his girlfriend.

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