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[1 – The Royal Observatory – Open to All]

As detached as he acted, Balem did have a certain fondness for some places in London, and this was one of them. It was where he went whenever he felt like mingling with humans, or whenever he needed a change of scenery from his own observatory. While he knew a lot about space and the stars and planets in general, the humans knew them in a different way than he did. He was taught about magic and constellations and what the alignment of Earth and other planets in comparison to the stars meant, but not about physics and elements and the rest of the science behind it all. He learned that as the humans did.

He was dressed in a navy-blue suit and appeared to be a normal young man, although he had a certain dreamlike aura about him and those with a talent for seeing through magic would be able to tell that he was still wearing his golden collar, although he charmed it to be invisible to most. He stood alone, running one hand slowly over the old meteor that was on display. As with everything else here, he seemed to attach some deep significance to it.

[2 – Balem’s Observatory – Open to Fae (or anyone who would be in the Other Realm)]

The stars were finally more favorable to him than they had been the last few weeks, so Balem was in a much better mood than he had been. Redbright’s announcement still hung over his thoughts at times, but generally he was in a pleasant mood. And so, he decided to open his doors to visitors once more instead of sulking alone. The observatory itself as well as several rooms holding various artifacts he’d collected over the years were open; the only room closed off completely was the master bedroom, which had a marble slab blocking the knobs.

Balem himself was seated on a large ornate couch in the center of the observatory, bathed in starlight. Although it was night, the stars could be seen bright enough through the clear crystal roof that there was more than enough light to see by. Once in a while a lower-ranking fae in his servitude would scuttle by and ask him a question, but he was otherwise alone.

[3 – Wildcard!]

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Protocol dictated she at least try to make inroads with the other Fae near her own rank, and this one seemed more reclusive. The Lord of Stars, they'd said in court. Normally she would not intrude on another fae's domain without express permission but he'd opened the doors. And word had flitted back through the lesser fae that the observatory was worth the visit for the view alone.

Her dress trailed up the steps but she never stepped on it, sometimes it was handy being a magical creature. She spent a little time drifting through displays, noting the presentation. The man was proud. And that point was only punctuated by the fact that he'd arranged himself in the center of the room, like another of his treasured items, starlight making an already inhuman sidhe appear even more ethereal. One could never say the fae were not vain. Every one of them preened in their own way. Fickle as well. She came to a stop at the edge of the starlight, and it made her own pale skin nearly glow.

"Lord of Stars." There was no concern in the voice, she sounded absolutely confident. "It seemed time to become acquainted." Frozen-berry tinted lips lifted at the corners like frozen blood against her pale skin as she gazed at him. The woman waited for him to look before dipping her head forward like a bow to an equal. A sign of respect.
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She breathed out, pleased by the reception. "I am." She agreed, gaze travelling over him as starlight glinted here and there, the faerie make of his clothes and neck piece twinkling in answer. A lovely picture. Her own clothing looked like freshly fallen snow, the starlight glinting off of it in sparkles like the northern lights. It was not a dog an pony show, but it never hurt to project yourself properly. And one had to make good impressions on those who might prove to be allies.

"It is reassuring to know I have not intruded." If he didn't want her in his domain she would not be there, but it was polite to acknowledge his hospitality. And now that she had she let her eyes wander across the room in a slow sweep and then up to the ceiling where they focused on the glittering darkness. She took a moment of pure admiration, not having settled herself there was a twinge of appreciating a place that felt... akin to her in some way. Her eyes dropped back to his and she smiled. "Enchanting." And that could be describing a great many things right now.
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It is rather large for one person. But he has the servants at the very least, the move about occasionally but as all good servants, one does not notice them unless one wishes to. "The mortals choose not to notice a great many things. Some would call it willing blindness. Though I notice some have been quite actively taking action against us." And no doubt the humans would mention that maps actually talked now. Not that Mab knew that, she had yet to meet a Smart Phone.

His speaking voice is soft but in the large room it isn't a strain to hear him the shape of room seems to amplify sound. Mab's own voice, while musical is more significantly pronounced, and she does not try to match his cadence as some might. Like being shushed in a library.

"I am given to understand you enjoy the solitude." No one in the Other Realm can avoid gossip. "Do you attend court functions?" Will she see him there is really the question. And she feels him out a little to see if he is someone she needs to keep an eye on. Or perhaps they will have similar interests. That is the entire point of coming here, after all.
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Yes the stars, she took his meaning. Heavenly bodies that were his domain. Just as she could hear whispers on the winds and felt at home in darkness, he could likely speak to the stars. At least she could expect him at court functions. Another face to match the name. She was getting better acquainted with the court now. Knowledge was power, after all. "No, I don't imagine you are." She tilted her head in acknowledgement.

And that knowledge included knowing why there were places she couldn't cross between realms. Like being fenced out. It was vastly irritating. The mortals could be most presumptive.

"I have heard the same thing." Her voice sounded icy, little crackles of ice crept along the floor before she stopped it. It was satsifying to see someone else as aggravated as she was. "The age of iron made things more complicated." But she said it as if she still believed if the fae really wanted to they could destroy everything the humans held dear. It just took a little more creativity. She wasn't ready to announce that she was looking into the dark witches, she did not know this fae well enough yet to know if he would become direct competition. Instead she murmured, "I feel quite the same way myself. I am new here, do you have any plans as of yet, knowing the area better than I?"
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"That would be appreciated." Not thanks, but as close as. "I have been working some angles myself." It involved an unfortunate amount of time outside their Realm but some of it had provided her with useful information and some new connections.

His offer of a name made her pause, quiet. And then she smiled slowly, nothing big but enough to know placing his trust in her had been noted. It rather forced her to give him hers as well but she was just as interested in the dangers of others knowing her name in the court as not. "I do." Please that is and it was there in the timber of her voice, the thrill of being given something by someone as careful as she. With a soft gesture of her hand she responded, "Lord Balem, I am Mab." Mab did not have a last name. She could indeed be summoned or have magics worked against her with one simple name alone. She had been known to answer to it even spoken too many times in conversation.
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"It has been illuminating, returning after a time." She agreed, "I do feel quite welcomed." Her eyes drifted across his face, taking in every detail as though studying someone for a portrait and then she smiled again, her look predatory. "Oh yes. I think I will enjoy the re-balancing of powers." It did not mean she would continue ad nauseam to assist but she was eager to test herself against those who would seek to stop the fae from free travel between realms. It was currently in her best interest to help out. And if it meant some witches came out like popsicles? Well, they'd make lovely art pieces. And sometimes Mab collected.

She let the bloodlust subside a little and breathed in. "I have yet to fully establish myself here, but I will also find a time to make my home open." In other words, she would return her own intrusion with an invitation for him to intrude when she had a place to intrude upon. She had a few places she had been eying. In the meantime she was in her mother's tower. Which did not suit her tastes.
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"Does that not rebalance the powers as they ought to be?" She asked curiously, "Regardless of terminology, I believe I shall enjoy it mightily," she replied, flicking her fingers in a dismissive gesture.

"Indeed. I have plans to do so within the fortnight." Turning her head a little she glanced off toward the door, trying to decide how much she wanted to discover about her fellow lord before taking her leave of him. Lifting her eyes back to his she smiled, and this was was more friendly though it was never quite safe to assume much with the fae. "Perhaps I have taken enough of your time." It gave him an easy dismissal, before she started asking questions that he might not be as willing to answer.
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Mab had a thing about torture. She kind of enjoyed it especially in the vengeance vein.

She smiled and dipped her head again. The anticipation was certainly mutual. But it was unnecessary to voice as she turned and left the room, eyes drifting up once more to admire the stars as she went. Little reams of fog curled up around her skirts before fading into the ether in much the same way she disappeared through the darkened doorway.