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The June Detective [Open]

A: Everyone's a critic

The only negative thing about his promotion was that Heiji really only had a select few people he could even tell about it -- mention you weren't really a human in casual conversation, see how long till you ended up under psychiatric evaluation. Still, Heiji could hardly conceal his good mood. Thus he had rewarded himself with the latest moderately detective-themed airplane novel by a decent writer that he could find, and was rapidly making his way through it on the train, in the park, wherever.

"I dunno. I can understand likin' a writer a lot. I don't see why anyone would commit murder because of it, though. Ain't that goin' a little too far?"

B: I've just had a little fae experience

Provided they slipped through just the right set of trees, someone might just find the rest of London fade away -- the noise of traffic, the noise of the crowd. Dense forest would press in from all sides, but a stone walkway would lead up below a long row of brightly-painted red wooden gates of some ceremonial significance.

At the top of the stone steps: a small shrine, with two guardian fox statues on either side. How curious...

C Other! Open to suggestions and such; Heiji will also just be outright barging into the personal space of whoever he's friendly with and starting up conversations during the month, so that's a thing, too.
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Perhaps a little of A but in the Other Realm?

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A cool breeze preceded her, frosting the needles on the nearby trees as she made her way through the forest, only to hear the complaint off to the side. When she broke through the tree-line she glanced down at the man focused on his book, and tilted her head. "Sometimes it isn't a matter of making sense. If someone likes something they simply wish to keep it to themselves." Her voice broke the silence he'd lapsed back into as she looked down at him and his book, a little curve of her lip showing some amusement at having found him complaining about mortal literature. "Personally I find it a waste."
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To carry on a conversation without thought was impressive. But Heiji caught on quickly and he was respectably polite. Mab inclined her head in response to the bow, the cooling air seemed to settle into the quietness of the Other Realm naturally, though everything nearer to him was still summer warm.

"No, we have not." She had not had a chance to travel into Summer's demesne since he had joined the London Seelie court and therefore did not know his name. "I find myself at a disadvantage." She had heard that someone in the Seelie court had just become a knight, rumors flitted about the courts like leaves. Fae enjoy a little gossip.
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"Sir Heiji." She filed his name away for reference and pronounced his name exactly as he had, inflections and all. "Reading mortal literature about murdering authors is a hobby?"

Litha was fast approaching, and the balance of Seelie power in the north would soon begin to wane. "I expect it will be." She agreed. "Perhaps I shall find a way to make an appearance." No promises but it would be stupid to miss a court event. Knowledge was power, after all and how could one gain such knowledge without observation?
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Well, he was fae, it wasn't terribly surprising he enjoyed reading about murder. Her eyes followed the book settling as Heiji apparently gave her his undivided attention.

"No, humans truly are terrible about rules. It can be most irritating." She agreed, mystified by the detailed explanation about Murder Mysteries. Games though, those she understood. Perhaps there were not enough current games outside books to keep him truly occupied?

"Tell me, do you often find time to take in a book?"
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"Is that so? Sometimes the human mind can be a baffling thing. But yes, generally it is for Money, Power or Love, I have found. It is when the three are woven together that things become complicated."

Mab had no concerns about losing her faith in humanity. They were useful sometimes but for the most part, very little of her concern. "Less time due to affairs of this Realm?" Fae politics could certainly take over one's life. And the annoyances of some of the other creatures that roamed London had become more interesting as of late from what she'd heard. Ways blocked between worlds, Fae hunted by vampires.
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There were the seven deadly sins of course, but the reality was most things humans did could be chalked up the the big three. The deserved capitals. But it was true, Mab was really not current with the times.

"Is that so?" She asked, mildly curious. Witches could be both vastly annoying and sometimes quite useful. Her eyes gazed into the distance for a moment as the imagined the implications. "It might be interesting to keep an eye on that." She murmured as much to herself as to him. "And who is it that put the barrier between the worlds?"
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Heiji gave remarkably unencumbered information for a fae. Mab found it useful. "So this Sylvia Redbright is likely the instigator. That won't do at all." It wasn't like Mab particularly cared about getting into the human world. But to have someone lock her in like a naughty stepchild rankled. And it needed to be dealt with one way or another.

"Do you believe the dark witches will be able to push back properly?" She asked him and genuinely seemed to want to know his opinion. He'd clearly spent more time than her in the human world.
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One had to wonder if it was a difference between Summer and Winter or if freedom of information was more on a fae by fae basis. Mab horded it like a dragon some days unless it was useful to divulge.

"Hmm." Her mind was working but her face was impassive. If the woman in charge of the white witches was intent on closing off acess to the Other Realm the dark witches would be their best shot at opening ways back up if the need arose. But it probably said something that Mab's first solution was, "If they are so weak, it would be little difficulty to convince them of the benefits in swearing loyalty to a Fae."

That's right. Mab's first instinct is to enslave them. What? "Other factions?" Mab is so out of the loop right now. It's disconcerting to her.
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There was no reason in her mind anyone should turn down such an offer. Certainly it took away a good deal of free will, the fae could trap you tighter than a chinese finger trap, but it also meant gaining power. And who did not want power?

"Werewolves?" She looks displeased with the thought of dealing with werewolves. She knew a flighty fae who loved turning men into dogs, hellhounds really, but Mab had never acquired that taste. One had to made due with options available though. And if they were willing to work in tandem against Vampires and witches that thought it was their duty to police the ways between worlds Mab would simply have to suck it up. And perhaps invest time in creating a deodorizing spell. "You believe they would be amenable to assisting? They do tend to be touchy about other races, no?"

Her eyes widened a little at the question. "Certainly not." She wasn't going around giving witches her name. They must owe her a favor first. It would keep them careful about abusing the summoning. "Not in London, no."
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Trying to imagine a wereworlf sticking to a non-aggression pact was difficult, but if there was a proper alpha in place it was possible. "Do you know if they have an alpha?" She asked mildly. It was dangerous to show an interest in an alpha because if you could get their loyalty you tended to get the loyalty of a whole pack. Which was a delightful thought for someone like Mab who was very interested in such things.

"Mmm." Well, the witches thought it was something only a dark witch would do. Splitting hairs really. "A summoning is one spell, dark witches employ." Her agreement was offhanded and she touched her tongue to her teeth thoughtfully before adding to her response. "It can be terribly inconvenient. And yet, it can prove to be worthwhile, a quick way to test a witch's strength." And to begin to put them in debt.
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That information was being filed away in neat little pockets of her memory for use later. To do: Find the alpha, find out what his wants and needs are. Make him an offer he can't refuse. Hmm, could take time. She needed a better information network. "What... popped up?" She asked. "Aside from the fact that they have no voice in this council?"

She sniffed a little. "It is important to set boundaries if you allow a mortal to know your name. Rudeness comes at great cost. It is always important to make such impudence worth it's while to the Fae you summon." And if that flash of bloodthirstiness in her eyes wasn't a good indication of how well it would go over if someone was insolent enough to summon her for something stupid, nothing was. But having witches in your debt could pay off later. And Mab could be very patient.
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Well she would be crabby too if she had to deal with fleas. "He knew you were Fae?"

The summer court were entirely too easy on the humans if you asked Mab. But no one did. "Perhaps." She agreed. It wasn't like it couldn't change to fit a situation.

His focus switched to her more completely and she paused, smoothing a hand down her hip as she considered her answer. Nothing straight, she wasn't fond of giving out information like he was. "London's courts are some of the most powerful in the world, are they not? Scandanavia has it's place of course. But it is not London." It wasn't even Edinburgh.
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I will try to avoid prying too much then LOL she's using you like google.

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"Ah. That must have been entertaining." She murmured. A fox and a wolf walk into a bar...

She didn't contradict him. Certainly she considered it her duty to maintain the balance between the courts which did not seem to be problematic here yet, and of course to shore up her own power base. So yes it was a mission, or in her opinion, how Things worked.

"I do not originally come from the north." She replied and that was clearly all he would get on that topic. No need to share with a summer fae exactly why she'd gone up there to begin with, or where she'd caused enough tension to force the move. And she did not want to have to discuss her child.

Her head tilted, almost bird-like. "The title seems contradictory. Was it suitable?"

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