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I'm fairly local; I've been around (OPEN)

[ creature of the night he may be, Derek's life is far from nocturnal. admittedly, this is partially because he sleeps less than he probably ought to, especially these days. however, it's also because even in London, there are places that aren't 24/7. yet. a bank. a decent mechanic. somewhere that sells smores flavoured pop tarts. combined with his own restlessness, and a sense that he still doesn't quite belong, Derek is unable to hang around at the den all day.

when he's out, he's watchful. even on the streets of the city centre, Derek has come to learn that he can't afford to overlook anything. perhaps it's an inhuman kind of scent that has his gaze catching, lingering, or perhaps a face he recognizes from the Redbright ball has him staring in heavy, curious scrutiny. maybe he simply has to squeeze past the same PETA collector on the street, muttering something about no goddamn escape. ]
[ after the sun sets, Derek retreats to his own territory. generally speaking, he's not looking for a fight, and lurking around other areas of London at night is sometimes as much a provocation as is necessary. he keeps to the east end, hemming along every county line like a sentry, watching - waiting, maybe - for any suggestion that things are not as they should be on his turf. his. he'd never considered it in those terms when he'd been following Laura's lead, when there had been another alpha running things. aside from an inherent wolfish sense of territory, he'd felt little investment. now, his position has changed, but the disconnect here lingers. in the wake of his own hasty decision making, he still feels like he's standing in. that only makes him all the more tense.

and all the more eager to work. he covers a surprising amount of distance on foot, keeps his ear to the ground to keep track of what's going on. maybe it's quiet. maybe it's not. but he stays out late.

if, on his unofficial patrol, he comes across something or someone that seems like they shouldn't be here - well, Derek follows. ]
( catch all! feel free to tag in with your own starter - just give me a heads up if you're looking for anything in particular - or let me know if you'd like a specific heading! 8] )
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The night was quiet mostly the sounds of cars in the distance broken only by the occasional car closer to the border between Havering and the East End Pack's territory. A nearby streetlamp flickered and then burnt out dropping the area into a pool of darkness. After a few minutes, almost like a trick of light, one of the plate glass shop windows seemed to take on a luminescence. It rippled into blues and greens starting so dark it was almost impossible to see and then beginning to glow brighter until light shifted through the surface enough to spill out onto the sidewalk below and as it did, frost started forming. Around the edges of the window it crackled downward in lovely bursts and fleurettes, small puddles from an earlier cleaning cracking suddenly into ice. The surface of the glass rippled again and a woman stepped through, gracefully but with an ease that seemed as though people commonly walked through plate glass windows that glowed. As she stepped through the scent of fresh snow spilled out and the air turned suddenly so cold that between the new coldness and the old heat of summer, fog congealed, spilling around her feet. Once she was through the window the colors dimmed and the door closed, slowly resolving itself back into a standard storefront with mannequins in the window and safety lights behind it.

Her gaze was almost eerie, eyes lambent in the darkness, the pale skin almost seemed to glow as well. She smoothed her hands down what seemed to be a sort of evening gown that looked off in this quiet part of town where no apparent galas were occurring. It looked odd as well because it was difficult to tell where dress and long hair ended and fog began. If the fact that she seemed out of place bothered her you wouldn't be able to tell it, instead she spent a moment taking in the area, breathing in once but rather than relying on a sense of smell (and really what good could that possibly be in a place like London that was rife with every smell imaginable, unless you were built for such things) she instead seemed to be sensing with something else. In this case she let her magic twist out with the fog, checking for hostility or anything of interest. This was a part of the area some of her associates had described as being uncontested as of yet and it was important to know what it was you were expecting to assist in taking over. Not the werewolf territory but that territory next door.
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It wasn't completely still, occasional lights would flash as cars drove by on the busier nearby street but it was slow enough to notice a person arriving and she turned her head to look at him as he came to an abrupt stop. Ahh yes, it had been some time since a mortal had fully appreciated what she was and she could see it overwhelm him for a moment, his awe made her smile.

He overcame it surprisingly quickly though he had to close his eyes to do so. Even more interesting. Few mortals would have realized closing their eyes might help. The glowing, shifting colors of her eyes and jewels tended to stun as much as she did. Mab turned, and walked toward him, fog flowing around her feet and hiding them from view. "I am known by many names, Mortal." It wasn't like she was particularly hiding what she was, and calling him mortal just struck it home. Her eyes drifted along his figure, taking in the strong build, rugged features and slightly feral quality to him. She could feel a magic coming off him that took her a few moments and the closeness to their territory to decide he was a wolf. One of those mortals cursed by the light of the full moon. "I am the Lady of Air and Darkness." She offered, stopping within touching distance of him and studying his face which appeared almost innocent when he wasn't glowering. The soft lines between his eyebrows where they are normally drawn together tell a different story than the innocent expression. Suspicion or anger are her best guesses at what may have caused such lines to appear. Human's faces are so telling. Lovely in their imperfections.

"And what is your name, wolfling?"
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He does not submit, per say, but it seems to be a struggle for him, a man who knew power when he could sense it. He has power of his own, not the same kind as her own but it is there, prickling beneath his skin, even dormant as it was now. Werewolves tended to bristle when a predator challenged them and she was delighted to see he had enough control not to do so himself. But he was smart enough not to back away either. And ahhh... he met her eyes. Very nice.

"Derek Hale." She even had the California accent correct as she repeated his name, like she was tasting it, trying it on for size and there was power in the saying of it.

His question, she decided, was bold as though he was slowly regaining his strength in the face of meeting a Lady of the Unseelie court. She lifted a hand slowly, her lips curling up a little at the corners as she considered the question. If he didn't step away nor stop her, that hand would touch his cheek. "I am here to determine what is to be done." She replied finally, "The witches overstep." Something in her eyes flashed irritation at the audacity and cold pushed out around them making more puddles freeze though her hand was still warm.
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Her hand stayed raised though she did not follow him back, the rasp of his beard still a shadowy prickling sensation on her fingertips. So much power held inside this young man. It made her smile. Oh yes, he would be a wonderful tool if she could find a way to wield him. His instincts were clearly warring with his rational mind. It wasn't often one had to find a way to deal with the fae and unless you had experience it could be dangerous in so many ways.

His breaking contact with her eyes likely helped a little with his trouble thinking. The shifting colors could really do a number on someone caught in their snare without her even making any effort to ensnare at all. His voice is rough like the animal inside him when he speaks and she wonders if it is like that always or if it is just the struggle to come back to himself that makes it thus.

She finally turns her head, allowing her hand to fall back to her side and looks out across what she can see of the street, pools of light showing empty sidewalks. "You are correct." She agreed, a soft sigh of breath cooling the air again, keeping that low fog rolling away from her feet. "We are patient." Meaning they weren't like the wolves, they wouldn't go haring in and attacking at the heart of Daybreak's power. Though some of them might like to. It is more Mab's style to encroach slow and steady, glacial in her progress, inevitable.

"I understand some of your brethren will ally with us." Let's see if Mab can avoid making the wolves take that back. Sometimes she can freak people out.
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There was a restlessness about him. Like he wanted to move, to pace but he was either too determined to show it, or he was as enthralled with her as he looked. That second thought made her lips curl just a little at the corners. It was always nice to be appreciated for what she was. The mortals so rarely grasped it. One nice thing about dealing with creatures that listened more often to their instincts.

And to have the support of his pack was delightfully heady. Of their own free will they offered alliance as it should be. Heiji did good work. He came across better to people than she did. His power was less overbearing. Heiji seemed like a friend. Mab didn't really project friendliness and camaraderie, she probably didn't have the ability to do so as she was. Considering she'd suborned Malia into being her introduction to humanity it could be a while before she managed to pull off anything remotely normal. But she definitely came across as capable. So long as she was working on your side you could at least assume your enemies would have their hands full. And possibly completely frozen.

Mab dipped her head a little, acknowledging his explanation of the alliance. Most of, not all. Interesting. Some Alpha's wouldn't give such things as an option. Perhaps some were staying in the wolf territories to defend them. Which would be the smart thing to do. "A generous alliance." She replied. "What has Sir Heiji offered in return?" She was not there for negotiations. It is good to know how she is expected to hold up her end of the bargain. Obviously they would allow free use of their own territories for the wolves. She did not know how much Heiji had offered in defense of the wolf territories though.
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Perhaps someday he can ask her for lessons. Mab is a very good teacher, depending on who you ask, other's might think she's a terrifying teacher. She gets results though. It helps not to be as emotional as a mortal.

Mab had only recently allied with Heiji and the fae had not invited her to the actual negotiations so everything she was getting was second hand. She would ask Heiji what was decided later as well, but why not get it straight from the wolf's mouth? Such a lovely mouth. She lifted her eyes from his lips back to his eyes and assessed his explanation. Non-aggression was what she'd agreed to with Heiji as well.

One had to assume not treating the wolves as playthings meant no hurting his people. Which was non-agression anyway and Mab was fine with that. Teasing though, well, they would come to it if the issue arose. No harm would come of anyone allied with the fae in their territory so long as they abided themselves as guests and the fae would in fact assist an ally should someone threaten them in the fae territory. Any fae in wolf territory would comport themselves as a guest as well, and expect the same. Someone who did not abide but this rule would be immediately considered hostile and could be treated as such. Mab was a litte more strict about such rules herself. The seelie seemed a little more laid back. "Guesting laws were agreed upon with the Seelie. Have you also agreed to allow well managed doorway use?" She asked. If Heiji hadn't added that to the deal she'd be irritated. It was really the only way to keep the lesser fae from snatching people when the mood hit anyway. But the whole point was to have exit opportunities if something happened.
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Mab looked pleased with his answer. "If you find a doorway left open in your territory without your permission, inform me. I will find the offending party and deal with them personally." Yeah, Mab pretty much walked the walk in taking responsibility. He could tell Heiji too but the uneelie Lady thought the fox would be less influential in instilling the fear of god in offenders.

"What details would you require? Location and length of viable time as a portal?" She was thoughtful for a moment. In an emergency a door might have to be opened on the fly. But such emergencies also required immediate closure in general. "So long as it might be opened for more than thirty seconds?" She added on just to give herself a little wiggle room.

Fair. He was so cute.
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Oh she likes that. He went from puppy to alpha so quickly. The look in her eyes is appreciative, interested. "There is nothing more you wish of the fae territories?" She asked to assuage any concerns that he might be giving too much to the fae. She was being reasonable, you see?

The wolves probably had few needs besides being able to roam without harassment. They would have to eventually find a way the wolves could tell a door was a door either way, but she wasn't going to just hand him terms. It was important for him to think of them himself. It might be interesting if the wolves knew how to find the doors to the other realm. They might even find hunting there agreeable. The Other Realm still had large swaths of forest and game that could truly challenge a pack.
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She can almost feel his reaction to her interest in the expression his face. And it makes her smile a little. His calming breath ticks the corner of her lips up a couple of centimeters. He was absolutely delightful.

She lifted a hand, palm up in acknowledgement to his request. "I had assumed this was expected in the alliance." She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before closing her fingers and opening them back up reveal a card. "You may contact me there, should a problem arise." Implying both of the aggressive sort or the gate left open and wolves going missing sort. Mab had a pretty terrible teacher for the phone but she can manage phone calls and emails.
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Mab had been passing the cards out like candy. Though most had her pseudonym instead of her real name. There was the real danger to him. She would not be happy if everyone and their dog knew her name. It was a sign of something close to respect that he had one with her real name on it. Also a double edged sword as saying her name aloud tended to draw her attention even if she wasn't present.

"I am assisting both Sir Heiji and the Lord of Stars this month. I imagine I will make my own personal foray into this realm not long afterward." And she wasn't going for something simple when she did it. Perhaps one of the lawless territories. Mab was fond of laws.
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It was good that he took a moment to really let her information sink in. If he had dismissed it too easily she'd have been disappointed in his forethought. Everything Mab did was sort of a test. She was fairly judgy.

Her hand fell back to her side now that he had the card and she looked curious about the question. "I believe both will be south of the Thames, yes." She hadn't heard that there was any reason for the fae to avoid North of the river though.
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Keeping an eye on it. As far as she knew it was surrounded by his own territory, it seemed like a logical choice to her to claim it officially. "You need but ask for assistance should you decide to make your move." She replied, not knowing his inner turmoil but the lack of decision on Havering seemed to say something about his mental state none the less. "I believe the others are selecting Bromley and Bexley." Though her being north of the river now meant she'd been looking at Havering for a reason. Perhaps to see if it would pose a problem. If the wolves claimed it and the alliance stuck it would pose no problems. It narrowed down quite a bit of her own land she would need to cover.

She considered the place herself. "I imagine I will eventually move on Greenwich or Lewisham myself if not Croydon. I am still assessing the situation."