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By the Pricking of my Thumb

1.(This is backdated to the claim between the 5th and the 12th) for anyone who still wants to play anything out)  Mab's footsteps echoed through the evening air in Lewisham, her eyes scanning for any signs of trouble. For the most part there had been little resistance.  Many of the creatures here were already just scraping by to survive, though she'd had a few run in's that had been … trying.  Heiji had made a convenient list of possible problems and timelines for the commerce and traffic flows, as well as criminals and such. She was currently on her way toward one of these.  A small gang of outcast fae who could cause problems for her.  

2. There is a large gate open in Lewisham on the outskirts of Forest Hills.  Mab enlisted another fae to put a 'don't look here' spell on the entrance to keep regular humans from just wandering in but those who had been involved in the territory claim earlier that month both fae and non-fae could easily pass between the two trees marked with what seemed to be a snowflake symbol glistening on the trunks.  If a few humans made it in they'd probably survive.  On the Other Side, stepping just out of the trees there is a small hill on which stands a manor that glistens in the evening sunlight, and even while it's still light, the colors of the aurora borealis drift across the frozen surface of the building.  A short walk up the hill will bring you to a door that doesn't <i>appear</i> to be guarded though if anyone comes armed for bear, a yeti will show up to take care of the issue.  The door is merely an opening in the side of the manor and inside reveals a large entry hall and double staircases that wind up to a second floor balcony with doors and hallways.  Off to the right is the ballroom and the sound of a small ensemble rings out through the door and flashes of cool colors add to the festive feel as the glow of the house continues inside. 

To the left is a sitting room with drinks and finger foods and walking through the sitting room will bring you to a formal dining room which has full meals available if need be.  Servants move all along the bottom floor between the rooms with drinks and hors d'oeuvres.  

3. Anything I've missed
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Considering that she was simply outside, lingering in the playground a little bit to make sure the children will be fine in the late afternoon, it isn't too much of a surprise that she manages to get to the table on time.

Upon seeing the familiar face, she gives a respectful nod in greeting before settling herself in the chair. No gloves today, meaning she has to use her own energy to pull the chair back a bit to 'sit' down proper. It's getting easier to do little actions like these at least thanks to how often she's pushing herself to her limits, traveling further and further from her familiar areas to investigate, to probe.

She hopes what she's found during those time will be considered worthy. "It's good to see you again, Ms. Sommerset! I hope I didn't make you wait too long for me. I was making sure some of the kids outside wouldn't run off during a game of hide and seek."
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I'm assuming they're meeting on the 24th if that's cool with yo. :|a

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"Oh. Um, thank you!" She looks flattered by the compliment, surprised someone thought she looked well. The month had been nothing but short of exhausting. Poor Magra looked a bit tuckered out herself these days. Everyone seemed to be with what had been happening. Meeting the doctor as he was digging around corpses. The vampires. The werewolves. Of course poor Ellis comes to mind...

Except for Mab here. She seemed quite well, the ghost observed from her chair. "I didn't want to keep you. We have a lot to talk about. London has had a lot of busy little bees for the past few weeks. For good and for worse."
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Yay! \ o /

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"Well--" Where to start? There's been happening so much lately! She wasn't kidding there were a lot of busy people doing a lot of things this month.

She supposes she could begin with some of the easier things she's picked up from the last week or so. More recent will probably be more of help to Mab too. She takes a deep breath to both calm her nerves and ready herself for a long speech before she remembers wait. She has no lungs.

Right. "I suppose the obvious: There are a lot more vampires than usual over at Southwark. They've been patrolling the area much more often compared to last month and they do it in pairs also. Like a buddy system of some sorts. It could just be them keeping an eye out for any rogues like that Stephan Alkaev fellow or the vampire from the Barnet involved with a shady clinic.

"Compared to the vampires, the werewolves and werecreatures seem very scattered. There hasn't been a lot of activity from them besides keeping an eye on their areas. Though I do suspect they've been eyeing Havering for themselves. Some people there complained about more 'stray dogs' as of late."

In term of events... There's a lot to talk about in her opinion. "Well-- You already know Dr. Faust, of course, but I should let you know that if you're interested in seeing him again or running into him, I can tell you that you can keep an eye on cemeteries at night. He seems to be looking for rare ingredients."
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Well, it never hurt to be too careful. Clara liked to think she did her best when it came to giving all the information she could. So those were out of the way. What else?

Maybe the big plans... "I supposed I should also let you know that the school is planning to, um, try and expand. Claim another territory in the name of the Redbright Institute.."

That's the keyword. Planing to try. The school had just claimed an area some months back after all. The faculty and student council didn't want to appear greedy to the other factions, aware of the tension among others. At the same time Clara likes to think they've been given good cause. "We're only speaking about it, seeing if we can start scouting in September after we get approval from other higher ups. I-It's to make sure there are more safe zone for people, meta humans. Others.

"Better to be safe than sorry, they think. Have more places people can go to for guaranteed protection or, at the very least, guaranteed defence. They've been all on edge since--" Funny. All of the sudden she finds herself at a loss of words, no idea of how to properly put the death of a poor scared boy into a clean report of facts and observations. Her mouth twists in displeasure and the area around her becomes a touch cooler from her emotions before she pulls herself together, noticing her temperament and not wanting it to get the best of her.

Should she tell her everything about what happened? There are some things she won't ever tell Mab despite their arrangement but this maybe something she needs to know and prepare for. Only fair, right? "... The fae may also be in a bit of trouble with the Council in the future. I think that's something you should know. Over Ellis Harvey. You know him, don't you?"
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The school had little interest in starting fights since they were a place of education first, always, but they could tell themselves for this time that they were justified in what they were planning to do. Clara certainly believes in the cause. Seeing she had a fatal hand in it.

She looks down, biting her lower lip and needing a moment to compose herself. Only Mab can see her distress or sorrow but she'll feel self-conscious all the same so better be safe than sorry when recounting this.

"He ... He was a meta human who had the ability to produce fire," she starts off. "If you heard any news about a boy burning down three buildings -- That's him."

… was him. "Some others and I were trying to help him get to safety. He had little control over his powers! We wanted to help but someone else, a fae by the name of Akane, had other plans..."

Clara shudders as she remembers what she had seen when she gotten to the warehouse despite the barriers, what she was told. "I like to think he didn't suffer too much but the fact it happened-- They won't be happy with this. A lot of people have been gossiping, whispering, why there's been a sudden spike of activity with the fae. If they find out about this they won't be happy. Especially since it occurred in Richmond."

She thought she had taken him to Redbright territory, a safe zone so he had the shield of that for more. She's only learned now that it's actually an official Daybreak location which may make the tensions a little bit worse and she's kicking herself for it. One thoughtless point of a direction and look what happened to the boy.
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She needs to think for a second, trying to recall the reports and the messages she and others have been pouring through as they try to make a proper report of the incident of Ellis Harvey.

"From my knowledge -- He was just in trouble since he burned down buildings with his powers, exposing his identity to the public." She didn't know if people were hurt but yes. Most likely or not, some were injured. "We. We wanted to help him. Smooth things out and show him he wasn't alone."

In a way he wasn't alone when he died. Poor Ekko and Maera were there when it happened. "He... He was killed right there. The others tried to fight but there wasn't much they could do. Akane used fire, I think. There wasn't much anyone could do since it was so quick. He didn't suffer long, at least?"

There's that morbid silver lining. She tries her best to not feel angry or to feel a kneejerk reaction to blame the fae as a whole. Mab pointed it out that not all humans were the same, the same can be applied to the rest. Clara had thought as much when discussing things with Heiji back at the beach, seemingly so long ago. The fae are all different. They all have their own rules and whims, they're all so out there and scattered and it makes her worried.

There are a lot of fae, a lot of others -- Who do they go to when demanding justice for the boy? Just the fae? The Queen or the King? The more she tries to understand, the more she feels rather out of her element.
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"He was a good person, I'm sure. Just confused." She sighs, trying her best to stop being such a downer but something about his demise sparked something in Clara. Sorrow and loss and something more though she can't identify it yet. "I wish we could have had a chance to shown that to the Council..."

Clara's almost watery smile at the memory of the poor boy and the condolences warps into surprise as the Mab's comment of being able to help people in a special way finally registers in her grief-heavy head.

Truth to be told, she couldn't imaging the fae having such nurturing skills but, in hindsight, it make sense. Fae were quiet powerful in many respects if her conversations in the past and the things she's learning now were anything to indicate. Of course they could hold power over someone's life itself if the cards were right for them. That'll be a big 'trade' for them after all.

"You can--" She stops herself, remembering what she's been told about questions and the fae. Not wanting to force the woman into a corner and possibly resent it, Clara does her best to keep herself in check and make her questions into maybe statements. "I didn't know you can do that. That's quite an ability but you're right... I can only imagine what type of debt that must be traded if others asked for your help."
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She keeps what Mab said in mind. Maybe it'll come in useful. Maybe it won't. Clara likes to think it'll be more of the former since the possibilities are, frankly, endless if one plays their cards right.

And while Clara isn't much of a gambler, she likes to think she's learning more and more about the world by the day since she's found her new leash on (un)life.

Now to get back to topic and report what she's found. She's covered the vampires, the werewolves, the Courts... Oh!

"The Circles. Well, in terms of the witches themselves..." She tilts her head, trying to find a way to word her findings in an interesting and still useful way. "They seem to not be doing much for this month.

"Daybreak is focusing more on a festival coming up on September or something and are mostly converse in Wandsworth since it's closest to the Night Council territories, to collaborate I suppose, and near Richmond after the... incident. I suppose they feel angry something like that happened under their noises." Daybreak has become quite lax, truth be told. Back when she was still new to being a spirit, she couldn't help but feel there were more witches wandering around. Times sure have changed. "Midnight is the same? They've been quiet. I have noticed the sudden number of witches now making their homes at Enfield these days since an official coven came out for them."

3. A bit later on?

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Faust sat in the cafe with a cup of tea in front of him, seemingly serene. Seemingly, because if recent events were indication, he could snap into a volatile state at the drop of a hat.

"I believe I owe you some thanks for your part in reconnecting me with my wife," he said softly.

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He curled his fingers around the warmth of the cup.

"I won't bother you with false modesty, then. I'm a powerful spellcaster, as human sorcerers go. I've had to give up a lot to achieve that... which has made it even more clear that it is important to repay those who have helped me along. If there's something in particular that you want, tell me. I'll see what I can do to make it happen."

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"Doors to the Other Realm? Of course." Not that he'd ever had occasion to go through one of them. He took risks, but Faery had never really interested him as a tourist destination.

He steepled his fingers, tapping the first two fingertips together.

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"Sounds like a long-term research project. Do you have many problems with unexpected visitors?"

Likely this would require him to spend a fair amount of time examining at least one door -- which, while doable, might be a little dangerous. After all, he couldn't expect all fae to be friendly to him.

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"I see. That does sound like a bit of a sticking point." He could imagine for himself why Derek Hale might want to screen potential entrants into the Other Realm. Or perhaps prevent some from getting out into his own territories.

"Anything you can provide would be helpful. In addition, I would like to study a door in person. Texts are well and good, but firsthand research is usually the best source of ideas."

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"Certainly, if it's safe. I'm getting on in years, you know." Was that true? It was hard to tell how old Faust was because of the wild hair and the poor care he took of itself when it came to things like eating and sleeping.

"Oh, but I assume this library is in the Other Realm? Do you know, I've never been."

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He could talk about being old as much as he wanted, look how decrepit he was. "Arctis Minora? What a charming name. But yes, I'd be happy to examine your texts for you. Research is one of my specialties, even if doors to the Other Realm or not."

And besides, it might be good to take the air once in a while. "When would be most convenient for you, then?"

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"I see. As for myself, a doctor is always busy. However, I usually reserve my weekends and evenings for... personal research."

What sort of mischief would a fae need to clear their schedule for, he wondered. "I've given you my card already, haven't I?"

It was so difficult for him to remember sometimes...

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He shook his head. "No, that's all. Good afternoon, Ms. Sommerset."

And with that he'd leave her to her devices, however terrible they might be. Scruples, what were those?
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Esmeralda was stood, waiting, when Mab approached. Word had spread quickly throughout Lewisham: the outcast fae might band together, but they weren't above talking to the other gangs there. So Esmeralda was waiting calmly, at the entrance to the park where they had set up camp, for Mab to arrive.

Was she happy that the fae had taken over Lewisham? No, not at all. But it wasn't in Esmeralda's nature to turn to violence either, and though the other outcasts were reluctant, they had agreed to at least try her way first.

So, when Esmeralda saw Mab approach, she called out, "Do you plan to leave us with nowhere to go then, my Lady?"
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Esmeralda can see the sense in hiding themselves away a little, so she follows Mab quite willingly into the park. She glances back at the other outcasts, gesturing for them to remain a way away, for them not to get involved and escalate the situation.

"My friends aren't looking for trouble, my Lady," she retorts. "None of us are."

As they venture further away from the caravans, and the outcasts watching, Esmeralda's strides match Mab's

"We just want a place to live. These people have made this place their home when they have been left with nowhere else. Where are they supposed to go if you take control of Lewisham?"
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"Yes." Esmeraldaa replied simply. There was precious little else she could do, after all. And hearing terms didn't mean she had to agree with them. Then again, she couldn't imagine how Mab thought that this would work. Were these people not outcast for refusing to comply with their respective courts? How did Mab suppose she would make them comply now?

"I will listen, but that is all. I am making no promises for now. All we want is our freedom and equality for everyone, far, magic or human. But you may speak your terms and then I will put it to my people and they will decide."
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"Wait a minute." Esmeralda's brow creased. "You're offering... you're offering to just let us continue?" Well, that was unexpected - but definitely a good thing. "And you're willing to help us?"

If she didn't know that Fae were bound by the truth, she'd think she was hearing things, or that Mab was lying.
"And all the other Fae - the ones who dismissed us from our courts - they're okay with this as well?"

Esmeralda realised that Mab, of course, didn't have a clue who she was, or perhaps didn't know of Lord Frollo and his search for her, and that was fine by Esmeralda.
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Guests. Esmeralda's mouth cracked into a wry smile. Not accepted then... but it is indeed better than being chased out. For now.

She knew though, that she could not do as Mab wanted: there were reasons she and her friends were outcasts, and much of it was for refusing to abide by the Fae's rules. But for now, Esmeralda would agree. It would buy her companions time to find a new safe place to live free of rules. It would save a fight and allow them to move on, if that's what the group chose to do.

So she nodded.

"I will tell my people, my Lady. We are not looking for a fight. But we will judge each request ourselves, and act as we see fit. Those will be our terms."