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Kissing Frogs Doesn't Always Guarantee A Prince

Cooper should have known things wouldn't quiet down for long. He'd been back at his own apartment for only a few days when he awoke one evening to find a group of honest-to-God fairies in his room. They were small, multicolored, and absolutely lovely. They were also glaring at him like he was the devil himself. Their spokeswoman was quick to pipe up and inform him that, during his binge eating during the past month, they had lost several of their brethren and sistern. This was not to go unpunished. Before Cooper could say so much as a word in protest, he felt himself enveloped in a cloud of dust and felt himself suddenly shrinking in size.

When the dust settled, his clothes now on the ground around him, everything looked a lot bigger. He had a mirror in his bathroom and awkwardly walked into the room, perching on his new hind legs to get a good look at....just what was he? Whatever it was, this was not going to be good. He was well and truly cursed.

Wandering Around London (OTA)

Getting out of his apartment had been a hassle. After spending a full day in his new form, he'd given up hope that it was just going to magically wear off. He'd had to break a window and pray that he didn't end up with glass in his paws. He gingerly made his way down the fire escape.and then down to the street. He had an idea of getting into Circle Midnight territory and finding one of his witchy friends. They would know how to set things right. The fact he had to get from Southwark to Enfield on four legs was something he didn't want to think about. Shuffling down the street, people openly stared. Most had never even heard of a binturong before, let alone seen one with their own eyes. He heard several people talk about the 'weird-looking dog'. He hoped they didn't call animal control on him.

When a familiar scent hit his nose, Cooper looked up. Here was someone he knew. Maybe they could help him! He ran up to them with a clumsy gait, all big, pleading eyes and made a sound rather like a high-pitched siren and a wailing cat mixed together. Translation? "Help me!"

Fairy Tale Ending (Open to curse-breakers only)

After surviving London's mean streets, it was a relief to be among friends once more. Cooper was lying down with his whiskery little head on his paws, staring up at all the faces around him. There was a lot of discussion going on as to the best methods to lift a curse. Cooper didn't know the first thing about magic, so most of it went over his head. The occasional yes-or-no question, the only kind he was able to answer in his current form, was directed his way. He answered with brief shakes of his head. Sighing mournfully, he closed his eyes to the din of conversation going on around him. This was promising to be a very long night.
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Fairy Tale Ending

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"All of these books, you'd think one of them would have a way to reverse an animal curse! That's the oldest story there is!"

Frustrated, Abigail tossed the one book she'd been reading aside. 'Animal,' 'curse reversal,' 'transmogrification.' All of those had proven useless, even consulting the index. It was enough to make her want to scream.


"Maybe we have to go back to the stories."
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if you think Nancy isn't helping...

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"You're bloody telling me." Nancy's red hair was tossed up in a messy bun, from which stray hairs kept falling into her eyes. Irritatedly, she shoved her books back and stood up, they'd been working on this for hours, pouring through every book they had. And there were a lot of books.

"Stories? So we'll be bringing back a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, a cow as white as milk and a slipper as pure as gold?" She smirked to herself. Growing up, she'd heard plenty of musical recordings. For whatever reason, Fagin seemed to enjoy them. The Into The Woods reference came easily.

"What stories are there that've got transmogrification?" She was reaching into her small bag and pulling out a laptop that really shouldn't have fit in there by any means. "Hold up, this may be easier." Google. Gift from the gods. "Frog King, Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, those are classic ones, and the rest... I'm not too familiar with, off the top of my head. Here, take a look." She shoved the laptop over towards her companions.

She did not want to be the one to notice that it took a kiss to bring the transformed one. Not just any kiss. Their True Love's Kiss. Chances were, Cooper's had died long ago, as awful as that was.
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no posting order! IT'S ANARCHY!

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Nancy gave the small creature her best 'for real?' look. She was closer to Cooper than Abby was, she'd hazard a guess- someone here was his favorite snack, and someone wasn't, just sayin'- and tossed a look over to the blonde. With a deep breath, she beckoned for Cooper to lean closer.

"May as well give it a shot. I've kissed worse."

The last person Nancy had kissed, actually, was Stiles. He'd been leaving for the States, and throwing caution into the wind, she'd leaned forward and kissed him. Just as a good-bye present, and a reason for him to get his dad better so he could hurry up and come back to London. She was gonna miss him. But, regardless, the focus now was on Cooper, and his furry little snout.

She didn't usually kiss people. At least, not those she was on the clock with. But this was her own personal time, and her own personal friend. She was allowed to give him a kiss. It was just that it got complicated when you were actually working. And Cooper was a friend. She just couldn't kiss him after he drank her blood. No big deal, right?

She needed to stop justifying and just do it.

"C'mere," she said, but got up out of her chair. "If this doesn't work, I'm adding it to your bill." A joke that the curse had brought out, much to her chagrin. Kneeling in front of Cooper, she waited for the signal, before awkwardly leaning forward and kissing his bearcatty lips.

At least she knew where they'd been. Mostly.
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Kenzi is doing fuck all right now and is traipsing through the house with a bowl of cereal when she sees Nancy. Kissing a little...rat. Thing.

She pauses mid-chew and just....watches the scene unfold for a moment before announcing.

"...I don't think I want to know."

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"Someone," Abby said, nodding to the strange little creature, "got himself cursed. We're trying to figure out what'll reverse it."

Using fairy tales. But, hey, they'd become famous for a reason, right? Maybe there was some truth to them.
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For a moment, Abigail looked unmoved. Puppy dog eyes on that creature-- Okay. It was still absolutely adorable.

"Nancy's charging you. Me?" She pulls out her mobile phone, flashing a smile. "I get to take a picture of you first."

She is so having digital proof of this.
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"Oh my God, send that to me. I'm so making a meme."

Kenzi is perfectly content to park her butt onto the table and watch while she snacks. Kenzi vacuums another few bites down before she thinks to ask:

"So. Who is the little furball anyways?"
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"I wasn't joking," Nancy says, cursing the curse even as the words leave her lips. This thing needed to be over with. As of a month ago. Luckily, the full moon on the 29th would lift the curse at last.

Kenzi, please keep making everything into a joke, Nancy pleaded silently, giving her best friend a meaningful look before turning to said furball.

"This little furball happens to be our mutual friend Cooper. And he's cursed." She wouldn't say why, why she thought it was, at least.

You couldn't just munch on fae without shit going down.
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"So, we're trying to figure out how to uncurse him."

Which is why Abigail picks up the weird, weird little creature now that she has a photograph and gives him a peck on the... snout? It's worth a try, after all.

If it doesn't work, well... Back to the books, then.
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Kenzi stares back at the Cooper-rat (it's a rat right?) and there's a beat before she registers what he's asking. With his guilt-tripping big plastic teddy-bear eyes that mock you from your bed because you didn't invite him to tea.

"Oh no. No, I'm not kissing your nasty little rodent mouth, Cooper!"

Kenzi makes several interesting faces as she declines and slurps at her cereal. Charming girl.
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Nancy can't help it, and she ducks her head laughing at the exchange. "It's not that bad! But alright, Kenz, if you don't want to find out if he's your true love here and now, be my guest."

At Cooper's approach, she wasted no time in picking him up and setting him on her lap before once more turning her nails to his little bearcat head. Damn straight you better like her better. She's the only one here you get to snack on.
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She declares with all the certainty of a young woman who had seen plenty of heartbreak in her life, and slurps up more cereal in the messiest way possibly.

"Do you wanna make out, just to make sure Cooper?"

She's being disgusting on purpose, please don't try to kiss her.

Wandering Around London

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"My, you've gotten yourself into a spot, haven't you?" Faust could clock black magic from a mile away, and a curse -- well, those were his specialty. He looked rather intrigued by Cooper's unusual appearance in particular. Not a toad, not a rat, but an exotic animal.

Of course he hadn't the faintest what Cooper actually was; he was a doctor, not a veterinarian. "Crossed the wrong magical being, I see. Have we met before...?" Not that it really mattered.

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"There, there," said Faust, reaching down to pet the fur on top of Cooper's head. "The good news for you is that I've dealt with quite a few cases like yours. Yes... quite a few..."

His smile went vague and distant as he recalled fond memories of curses cast on unsuspecting enemies. Oh, the good old days. Bleeding profusely from multiple orifices, coming down with new and exciting diseases. Whatever happened to that fellow he afflicted with kuru? Ah, well.

"Of course, treating something like this is more of an art than a science."

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"I think the first thing we should do," said Faust amiably, "Is get you to the clinic. Or at least somewhere a bit more isolated. Otherwise, we might attract a little too much attention."

And technically, Faust was supposed to be keeping a low profile. It was how he kept his clinic operational without... well, interruptions. "Come along, then; it's practically next door."

A quick jaunt to Lambeth -- unless, of course, Cooper wanted to be carried.

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Faust rummaged about in his tray, donned a stethoscope, and set to work listening to Cooper's heartbeat. A formality, of course; he had no idea what kind of animal Cooper was, let alone what its heartbeat was supposed to sound like. But people liked it when he went through the motions.

What he was really looking for was clues, little magical traces left behind that might hint as to the reason for his condition. "Why don't I ask you a few questions, then? Perhaps you could simply nod or shake your head? In my experience, there are two main sources of curses cast on individuals such as yourself -- witches and fae. So I ask you first: have you angered any witches lately? And second: what about the fae?"

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"Hmm... unfortunate. Witch spells are a little easier to unravel. Well, let's see then. The fae are rather fond of tradition. Seven years, seven months, seven days, and seven hours spent knitting shirts out of nettles -- you know the sort of thing."

And even if Cooper didn't, of course, how was he to argue?

He reached over and dimmed the lights in the examination room, revealing that drawn on the floor was actually a faintly-glowing pentagram. "I'll just try a few basic measures first. Try not to move around too much, please."

Then Faust began to intone the words of a basic counterspell or two. The air around them radiated unseen power as he did so, and yet Cooper's furriness would remain unchanged.

He shifted tactics, trying instead to probe magically for information on how the magic had been woven together. At this point, Cooper might feel as though he was being prodded a bit, even watched by some invisible presence...

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"A dark and terrible magic," muttered Faust, though he was sort of distantly pleased that Cooper wasn't squirming about too much. He didn't like squirmers, especially in the midst of delicate operations.

Then he sat back, bumping the table behind him a bit as he did so. It was covered with papers, the odd bottle of medicine, little implements of his trade. "Well, I've good news and bad news for you, I think. The good news is that I am very nearly certain I know how to break your curse! The bad news is that the treatment may sting a bit."
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Jackson's kept a dog or two in his lifetime, up until wanderlust made keeping a pet impractical. So when the 'weird-looking dog' thing scrambles up to his patio table at a nearby biergarten, he can't resist giving the thing a gentle pat on the head. Strange how he'd appeared after Jackson had just pointed him out to the waitress refilling his beer, as if the animal had heard him.

Though now that Cooper's got a good view of Jackson's face... maybe he'd approached the wrong person. Trying to eat someone, even if only one time, rarely leaves a good impression.

Good thing he's sorta adorable right now.

"Have a peanut." Jackson raises a peanut to Cooper's mouth, expecting him to take it, as most greedy animals do. "You... ain't a dog are you? What the hell are you?"