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One Year Deader (Backdated)


After an eventful day, Clara has the night to herself which she puts to good use for herself.

Technically Clara isn't supposed to be 64-years-old today. She shouldn't be here at all. A cold got her back then, a nasty one that she couldn't shake off thanks to her delicate health.

She was supposed to be gone a long, long time ago but here she is, defying expectations of life itself as she continues to linger on and see the passage of time continue marching on. She's around to see the dates she continues to hold dear to her heart come and go time and again: Her sons' birthdays, Antonio and Maja's deaths. In a few short months she'll be celebrating her wedding anniversary (by herself, of course) and Magra's 20th birthday.

Right now? She's including the celebrating her own birthday.

So, at evening, when Henrique is taking a well-deserved break from his job by taking a nice long sleep in his shack, Clara has set up a little 'party' that can be found at the family plot of gravestones that is supposed to be her final resting place along with Francisco and Antonio.

She did her best to make it look festive! No need to make it look depressing and gloomy after all. There are a few things she hopes can brighten up the place at this hour of the evening: Half-used scented candles she 'borrowed' from the coffee shop, relit them again with some of Henrique's matches. A few streamers from an employee's party at the shop, carefully decorated around her tombstone and her husband's and son's. There's a small cupcake too! Right on her marker, a little thoughtful gift from Bianca who had visited by earlier.

Most importantly to her there were flowers scattered across the grounds. Much as she wanted to add sampaguitas, they weren't native here in London, of course, so she was more than happy to use the wildflowers that were near the cemetery to add a burst of colours.

… She hopes no one will consider this a sinister activity.

[ OOC: Feel free to have known about this little party/birthday or just stumble upon it! Prose and brackets welcomed!]
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Mab arrived a little bit after Heiji, in a swirl of snow that melted before it hit the ground. Because that's how she rolls. She stepped through the gate and let it close almost instantly behind her then strolls over to Clara and Heiji, dress sparkling in the candlelight in dark shades of blue. She stopped at Clara's grave and set a small jet bracelet on the grass in front of her headstone. The cameo housed a lock of her daughter's hair she'd made Grimalkin collect when the child had gone to the hairdresser for a trim. It was only appropriate to give the woman something as she was doing a great service for the Lady.

She nodded at Heiji and then turned her full attention to the birthday shade. "Clara, you are looking well." And she was as Heiji had taken away her irritation with him gift.
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"Aww, don't worry about it," he started, only to stop as Mab arrived.

"Wait -- what're you doin' here? You guys know each other?" He couldn't quite bring himself to believe that Mab cared about unbirthday parties (unless revenge was being served cold), but... Clara, what on earth had you gotten yourself into?
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Well Heiji's expression was certainly worthwhile. Let him stew and consider why Mab would attend a ghost's birthday. She smiled a little and her teeth flashed. She continued Clara's explanation as the ghost moved to pick up the bracelet. "She is really quite industrious. I think we will have a wonderful relationship."

She turned to Clara and nodded. "I am pleased that you like it. I understand Jet is traditional." At British funerals in the 1800's but Mab's a little behind the times and not so good with social mores either. She doesn't point out that the locket opens, Clara will figure it out at some point and there's no real rush.
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Why... did Clara look so cheerful about it, though? Seriously?

"Was she the one warnin' you about powers sweeping into the city and changing things?" Because if so, he was apparently worried about nothing. What kind of name was Sommerset, anyway? Sounded like some prim and proper British lady that drank tea and rode on trains. i.e. not Mab. As long as Mab wasn't going to try and hurt Clara, he supposed there wasn't too much harm...

"Kinda funny comin' here and seeing your own tombstone, huh? Is Henrique takin' the day off?"
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Mab gave Heiji a long look like she could hear him judging her alias in his head. Then she returned her attention to Clara who this gathering was for and looked pleased she was admiring her present. She had no idea who Henrique was, likely someone back at the coffee place.

"Doors can be opened between to compatible places in the realms." She replied with a soft shrug. "Care should be taken when doing so."
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"Oh, yeah, almost forget about Halloween!" He grinned widely; Heiji had never actually experienced Halloween in a country other than Japan, where it wasn't exactly the huge honking deal it could be in, say, the U.S. What would it be like in the U.K....?

"Poor guy's gonna have to pull out all the stops to keep the place nice and tended! Although I bet it's fun for the kids."
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Ahh the grounds keeper. Well at least she could make a determination based on the conversation. Halloween though. It took her a moment to remember some of the humans celebrated Samhain with Halloween. All Hallows eve. An important day in the witch and fae community as well and a favorite for the wild hunt.

It is interesting that children would go to the cemetery in an area that has high vampire activity. Perhaps the more than occasional disappearances adds to the danger. "Human children?" She asked after a moment. Unless someone asked a favor to make it worthwhile she wasn't going into vampire territory on Samhain. But she should at least show she felt something for the human children who might act so foolishly. Though cemetaries would likely have higher security on such an evening at the very least.
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Excellent job, Mab, A+ pretending-you-care skills. Heiji frowned.

"You worried about Islington? They ain't supposed to target kids, though, right? Or is that more of a 'guideline' than a real rule?" And even if it was a rule, he supposed not everyone followed it.

"Kids do dumb things all the time, but if they're really gonna be doing something dangerous..." He looked at Clara, who probably had a better handle on the pulse of childish plans than he did.
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Mab has plans, don't screw them up with sarcasm inner Heiji.

They're all children to her, she's far older than Clara so it makes some sense that if Clara thinks they're children from her perspective, Mab should think so as well. She does narrow her eyes at the idea of the Vampires being tense though. The needing new blood sounded more like recruitment to her.

"Yes, they're close by. They have been mostly harmless up to this point but perhaps I need to pay closer attention."
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"'New blood'? That does sound like they're planning on doin' some recruiting." Maybe the fae were making them nervous? Not that they had any real reason to have a beef with what the fae had been doing thus far -- they hadn't even touched Islington's territory.

"Listen, if you need help lookin' after some of those kids, I don't mind pitching in... but maybe the best thing to do would be to try the non-supernatural route. You know, to get them off the streets. If there was some scare goin' around to make parents think their kids would be safer at school parties or at home, then we wouldn't have to worry about tryin' to keep the vampires away from them, right?"

Of course, manufacturing imaginary scares was not necessarily the most law-abiding of actions to take, but since they weren't allowed to tell the public of supernatural dangers at large...
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Mab watched them quietly. Heiji looked like he genuinely might help but he wasn't especially eager to do so from what she could see. She was spared from having to decline her assistance by Clara remembering etiquette. Etiquette was always helpful.

She manages to lift the plate which is impressive actually. "You are stronger than I remember." Mab murmurs, taking a cookie politely because lets face it, Clara would never do anything to any of her food. It wouldn't be polite. Her lips quirk up a little. "Are you enjoying your birthday? And how is your daughter?"
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"Cookies, huh? Thanks!" Heiji took one and started munching away at it. How very grandmotherly of Clara to have someone on hand. He laughed, however, at Clara's follow-up.

"You guys sure have weird ideas about the fae. But yeah, how've you been?" Certainly he thought Clara would have mentioned something if Magra had taken a turn for the worse after that vampire fiasco, but things seemed to be humming along.