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Wolf Like Me

Say, say, my playmate
The Jolly Roger, day or night - open

The pub's become like a second home for Skip. She buzzes between the bar, small kitchen, and tables. For the most part, she's usually pretty sociable. She moves to whatever music there is, an easy turn from one table to another with the beat and the like.

Of course, pity the poor fool who tries to cause trouble on her shift. Or anyone caught up in it who might be assumed to be guilty. There, something rather like the 'wrath of God' might descend upon them.

Part of her duties involve the backroom and its supernatural inhabitants. Not that they get away with anything more than the patrons in the proper pub. There's some leeway, yes. Vampires feed on willing victims, for one. But anyone who starts a fight? She'll shout them down the same as she would anyone else.

Lack of fear? Lack of self-preservation? Both?

But she tries to be attentive, eyes peeled for new faces, empty plates, or waiting glasses.

Mirror my melody
London streets, day - open

"Oi! Fuck you! Fucker!"

The completely useless cursing is done to the back of a bus, complete with her flipping it off. He can't hear her, no, but it makes her feel better to do it. Even if she's promptly honked at for standing in the street.

"Fuck you, too!"

The driver doesn't reply. He just keeps driving once she moves. Then, she throws herself onto the bench to wait for the next bus.

"Stupid fuckin' transportation. Fuck 'em all."

She really needs to think about getting a license and even a shitty little car before school starts. It wasn't bad when she lived a campus or had her father or brothers to drop her off. But living with an aunt working full-time? This is going to get old, fast.

Got a curse I cannot lift
London streets, night - open

Bravado. That's Skip's main battle plan. Bravado and keys. They're all car keys, collected from neighbours, friends, and family over the years. And some just found. But they protude from her closed right hand, between each finger.

She may or may not also have slightly-illegal-grade pepper spray in the messenger bag worn over her shoulder. Sure, no one ever bothered her in Waterford, but she can't be sure about London. She hasn't been in ages, and, even then, she doesn't know the neighbourhood too well.

Besides, streets at night are dangerous, even when you're just walking to your bus stop. And have to wait there. People and the supernatural have to be considered. She doesn't care about politics, but she also knows she reads as human. Which, to some, might mean 'meal.'

When the moon is round and full
The Jolly Roger - Aug 29th

The song always plays. Whenever Skip is on duty at the pub, that song will come on the jukebox. Only after it's sat unused for a bit. She never makes anyone wait for their music to indulge her. But tonight, well. Tonight it might seem more than particularly apt.

'Oh, don't go 'round tonight
For it's bound to take your life.
There's a bad moon on the rise.'

She even sings along as she weaves between the tables and checks on her pool-playing regulars. She has their bottles of beer right as they took their last drinks. They almost didn't know what to do when she moved in, took their bottles with her right hand and put a new bottle in its place with her left.

Then, she turns her attention elsewhere.
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Say, say, my playmate

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Cooper should know better than to start a fight here. Killian will probably kill him stone-cold dead if he ends up wrecking the bar. So usually, he's on his best behavior. Not tonight. After drinking more than just a few beers, he'd gotten a good buzz going. A drunk nearby had turned mean and ugly. He was busy cursing out anyone in the general vicinity. When he called Cooper a pot-licker, the old vampire managed to shrug it off.

But when the man started bringing politics into the ring, all bets were off. Cooper was staring up at his opponent, who was a good five inches taller than him. "Go on! Throw the first punch!" He was daring him, all riled up good and proper now. Unless someone intervened, there was going to be a full-blown bar brawl occurring in about ten seconds.
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The fury rising up inside Cooper found a new source as Skip stepped in. Rather than defusing the situation, it only made things worse. "Do not get in my way, girl, unless you wanna take his place!"

Cooper wouldn't actually take a swing at the little spitfire no matter how hammered he was. He did have some standards, after all. There was a big difference between a trained hunter like Ringer coming after him and a waitress who had more temper than common sense.
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Between the two of them with their Irish up, Robbie saw a retreat as being the better part of valor. He meekly sat back down when faced with the tempest that was Skip. That left Cooper, who was barely getting started.

"Ohohoho! Lookit the little girl go!" He said in a sarcastic, biting manner. His hands were on his hips now as he continued to yell at full volume. "Try t' toss me outta here an' see what happens. I could snap you in two with my pinkie finger, Red. Don't think that I won't!"
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Cooper moves with lightning speed, grabbing a hold of Skip's wrist before her hand ever makes contact with his face. He's holding her in an iron grip and pulls her in close. His eyes are flashing with anger. "Don't do that again. Or I'm gonna do somethin' we'll both end up regretting."

The mantra of "Don't lose control" looms like a dark omen inside of his mind. He remembers what happened the last time he snapped.
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"I doubt he'll throw me out." Cooper would like to think that he and Killian are on pretty good terms. Then again, that might change if he injures a waitress or generally becomes a drunken pain in the ass. Finding another bar that's welcome to vampires isn't going to be easy.

It doesn't mean that he's going to back down all nice and easy. "Does that rule apply t'you too, sweetheart? 'Cause you're doing your damndest to try my patience."
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He finally lets go of Skip's wrist, practically throwing the girl back as he does so. He's not happy about her ultimatum, but he'll back down. He's not willing to take this any further than it has already gone.

Cooper sits back down at the bar with bad grace. glaring at Skip. She better make good on getting him another drink.