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August investigations (open)

Battleshots fired
Evening in the Black Bear Tavern, and someone had set up what looked like an oversized game of Battleship on one of the tables, with one major exception: all the ships had gleaming shot glasses carefully set into them at even intervals.

The bar was dark. The board was illuminated. There were cheesy underwater sonar noises involved. And Heiji stood on the other side of the board. "So. You ready?"

Handy Battleshots board here. Gameplay video here.

Battleshots works like Battleship. You and your opponent each have your own ocean grid, which is hidden from your opponent. You secretly place your ships on your ocean grid horizontally or vertically.

You and your opponent then alternate calling shots on the grid (for example, A1 or D5). If you pick a spot that your opponent has a ship in, it's a hit. Your opponent must then announce the hit and drink the appropriate shot off their ship. The middle shot on each ship is tequila served in a black cup.

Gameplay continues until you annihilate your opponent's ships, force a surrender, or someone passes out.

Groundwork (throughout August)
Heiji could be found throughout August in regular libraries throughout the city -- and libraries-underneath-libraries as well, looking through records and old archived newspapers. Or, occasionally, falling asleep with his face in a book or pressed against a handy keyboard. His topic of investigation? The East End Pack, and in particular one Derek Hale. It was all a matter of public record, which meant this was A-OK and totally aboveboard, right?


Reconnoitering (mid-August)
Lewisham was not a particularly safe place for the faint of heart -- in fact, it was a no man's land, a veritable hive of scum and villainy. But during a few evenings in mid-August, there was one extra supernatural beastie about: a black fox the size of a full-grown tiger, lurking about the rooftops and getting the size of the activity there. Heiji was doing a little reconnaissance work, though he could also be found scoping out the neighborhood in Havering.

[Or lemme know if you want anything in particular o7]
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It probably said something about Mab's character that she wasn't terribly concerned about the dangers Lewisham posed. She seemed to take great delight in walking those streets, observing what she would be tasked with cleaning up or not cleaning up as the decision was still up in the air. She had laws she would most definitely be enforcing but those would come after she'd laid claim to the land. It shouldn't be much longer now. She glanced up as she felt a familiar presence, walking through the streets that evening, hand pressed against a solid brick wall where she was closing a stray door a lesser fae had opened.

"Lord Heiji." She murmured, not stopping her work though she did smile just a little. "How nice to see you this evening."
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The fae did enjoy their grand entrances, Heiji was no exception, shifting to human in a quick blaze of blue flame. She took a moment longer and then removed her hand from the door that was again solid wall and surveying him. "In a manner of speaking, yes." She agreed.

Her fingers flexed once, like she was stretching them after spending some time at one task and she glanced down the street absently. "The dredges of their specific societies. You would be amazed at how quickly the lost can fall in line." She smiled mostly to herself and looked back at the fox fae. "You were doing the same?" She doesn't specifically thank him for his assistance but there is something like gratitude there. Even if he was simply repaying her for her own assistance during his claim.
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Heiji was remarkably organized. She took the book from him and flipped it open. Where Mab had memorized what she needed, he had documented everything and his maps were passably readable which was not the case for Grimalkin. She had noted a few of the places he had as well. Once she had control of the territory she planned to make an announcement to anything supernatural in the area. She had few rules but some were iron tight. She had alliances to keep, after all.

"The dark witches are broken." She murmured, looking at the list, "I anticipate no problems with them. They may even prove grateful if they are introduced to Mistress Widdowson." The vampires could be more problematic. She flipped pages, taking in his observations. "You have been doing remarkable work."
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Mind the house. Heiji could sound very domestic when he chose to. "It is always wise to leave a guard." She agreed. It would really be annoying if someone came around and tried to snap up their territories while they were off cleaning up Lewisham.

"There is a small nest at the Brockley and Ladywell cemetery." That was wasn't on the list but that just meant Heiji had been covering other ground when Mab came upon it. And it also didn't look like it would present her any specific problems. She had planned to go and deal with them in the evening. Glancing up she realized that wasn't actually far off.
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Technically it had been an observation. She considered Heiji for a moment. It wasn't something that couldn't be done on her own. And this time it wasn't humans. The question was, would he give her free reign to do what needed to be done or would he interfere?

"You will not intervene in what I deem necessary?" Yeah she still kind of holds that grudge.
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Mab gave Heiji a dry look. "Certainly not. Just do not stop me if I find it necessary to take more lethal measures." He could do whatever he wanted as long as she didn't have a repeat of the Ringer experience. "Other than that you may do as you wish."

She closed the book and offered it back to him in case he had not finished his observations.
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Mab tucked the book away in her clutch and turned to follow him. She noticed he made no promises about stopping her. Finally her heels began clicking on the sidewalk, long stride catching her up to him quickly.

"Patience, Lord Heiji, they have some time before they will waken." And she did intend to speak with them first. Minions were more useful than dead vampires. But one had to see if they could be dealt with first.
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If her expression was anything to go by, Mab wasn't overly concerned with weaponry. She rarely seemed to worry about such things. But if it would help him feel useful, he'd be happier about sending his vassals to assist her later. "No interest in the excitement of the unknown?" She asked him with amusement. He likely knew her well enough now to know she valued knowledge as well.

They didn't have far to go and soon enough they passed through the gates of the cemetery. Really, it was cliche for the nest to be in a tomb but sometimes the classics were classic for a reason. Old enough tombs weren't visited often and tended to be light tight where as newer buildings had windows that needed to be boarded up. The sun was low on the horizon but they had a good 15 minutes before it actually set.
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"When it will hit." She replied as though the excitement of it should be more interesting than he was making it.

She paused just outside the entrance and lifted a hand, preparing a shield just in case. She shifted enough that the actual projectile missed her and her shield caught the rest of the blowback. Well, perhaps these vampires weren't as destitute as they had appeared if they could booby trap their nest. Her eyes scanned the inside of the entrance looking for a trigger or a person hiding. "Do you see anything?"
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His response with bullet speeds earned him a dour look before she returned her attention to the tomb. Her shield dropped and she touched the stone near the door. "Yes, jumpy." She agreed. She lifted her fingers and they sparkled with ice for a moment. "Would you like to deal with them or shall I?"

Tiresome but it was actually rather impressive that these outcast vampires had managed to cobble together enough loyalty in a human to be able to post one as a sentry.
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Considering she meant you never knew when someone would actually shoot at you as opposed to the interesting but useless information about how quickly it traveled seeing as once the shot was fired there wasn't much time to dodge anyway, it was more likely a 'stop being a smartass' look. If Mab said such things.

She looked down at the weapon and then back up at the man on top of the tomb. Did this man think they gave out deeds to cemetery plots? Sometimes one had to wonder how many brains some humans could cobble together. She was sorely tempted to just freeze him up there. She would have if Heiji wasn't with her. Better than leaving a human at their backs. As it was she raised a hand and froze the gun into a very large block of ice on the ground. It would take at least a day to melt and that did not mean it would fire at that point either.

"Come down or stay up there permanently." Her voice wasn't raised but it carried in the quiet pre-dusk light.
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Mab gave the man a razor's edge smile. "Oh no, not the Night Council. My rules are very different from theirs." Heiji bumped the man off the roof about then and she lifted a hand, forming what looked like horseshoes of ice in the air and slamming one down on each of his wrists to pin him to the ground, the two ends digging into the grass and dirt to hold him there.

"Now let's see if we can approach this again, with more manners, shall we?" Steam curled around the ice at his wrists from the massive temperature difference and how quickly it had happened.
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Sex dungeon? Mab raised an eyebrow at Heiji. Just who had this man been speaking with and what kinds of things were they filling his obviously addled mind with?

"I am less concerned with your ameobas than with your inability to shut your mouth." She replied dryly. Standing next to him she frowned. She knelt down and turned his head toward her by touching his chin, until he was forced to look her in the eye. "Now let us come to an agreement. You will remain here, and quiet while my associate and I have a discussion with your masters." Her eyes shifted still, and there was some natural fairy magic working here. "And if you interrupt, I will freeze your tongue within your skull."

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