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ᴛʜᴇ ᴅaɴɢeʀ ɪs I'ᴍ ᴅaɴɢeʀoᴜs. aɴᴅ I ᴍiɢʜᴛ ᴊusᴛ ᴛeaʀ ʏou aᴘaʀᴛ.

ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ Nᴀɴᴄʏ.
He promised the girl a night out, and the night out he's going to give. He's arguably a bit late in keeping up with his promise, yet Killian isn't always known for his promptness. There were things that required his attention at the Nest, after his long stay away, and now it's a matter of putting all ducks in a row again. There's unrest about all the territories being siezed around them, but for all the whispers about it, Hook cares little for it. As long as the wolves don't accumulate much more land, he hopes to stay out of it. He likely won't be that lucky.

Perhaps this will be a welcome distraction for him as well as Nancy. He'd picked her up like a proper gentleman, and food had gone first — he may not eat much anymore, but he'd made sure to do it well for her sake — and now they're off to the second part of their adventure. It's not far a walk, so he suggested they do that, though that's perhaps hard on the poor girl's feet.

"If you can guess what's next I might have to give you a prize," he teases her with what is very nearly a grin. She's been a bit odd tonight, he has to say, yet it's been some time he spent time with someone he's genuinely fond of. Probably because he is not genuinely fond of many.

ᴛʜᴇ Jᴏʟʟʏ Rᴏɢᴇʀ. ( ᴏᴘᴇɴ )
Hook is nearly always at his pub by night, though not always in the front. He'll invite certain people to the back room — generally vampires, who are welcome to have a little blood with their alcohol thanks to the fangbangers that are friendly with the nest, but not necessarily just them. The only rule is no fighting on the premises, and if you break the rules you're not likely to stay long.

If Killian isn't found in the bar itself, he's probably in his office. At times working on problems for the nest. And if you're really lucky, you might spot him in the company of a small, precocious grey kitten. She has a bed in the corner but she always sleeps in the most inconvenient place imaginable.

ᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴏғ Lᴏɴᴅᴏɴ. ( ᴏᴘᴇɴ )
It doesn't matter how long it's been since his epic, sea-faring adventures; the pirate will always exist in him, and that means that he spends a lot of time by the water when he's landlocked to London. He is often there close to evening, wishing for the city lights to be a little dimmer so he can catch a glimpse at the stars, but sometimes he's there during the day.

He even takes on odd jobs aboard on occasion, when he misses being out on the water enough. It's not that he doesn't have his own boats, he just misses the sensation of working on a crew. If you spot him, don't expect him to stop until the day's work is done.

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Port of London

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Mab had to move into Southwark to meet the captain who carried her cargo. Fortunately it wasn't that far out of the way for her as she'd been spending time in Lewisham of late anyway. Grimalking was still strolling the streets of the territory she was claiming along with several others so it gave her a moment to slip away to pick up the order of rare books she'd been expecting. Sometimes it was very convenient to be the type of thing that lived for ages. It meant she had plenty of time to accumulate wealth enough to indulge in her own pursuit of useful tomes. Not that the fae really needed to worry about money anyway, a little glamor and they could hand over gold bars if they needed to. It was unnecessary now.

She stood on the stone wall of the lock and looked out over the smaller craft waiting for the captain to meet her when he'd promised. She had gone to a lot of trouble for this but it was rare to get access to books from the middle east. The humans there were nearly as exclusionary as the fae and guarded their treasures like dragons. The sun had set an hour ago and it was probably not the safest place for a woman to wait for a shady captain but if she was worried it did not even remotely appear on her face. Other sailors moved around her, only glancing occasionally in curiosity other than an occasional offer from a sailor coming back from a pub. She simply fixed the sailor with her coldest look and then turned away dismissing his importance completely. The most recent time with less than positive results. It took the sailor a moment to understand he'd been rejected, and then a moment longer for his face to turn red with embarrassment and anger.

From the outside it probably looked like she didn't notice the man advancing threateningly toward her back.
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Well, it was probably better that the vampire handled it than she did, it would be difficult to explain a human iceblock in the middle of August. She turned as he spoke to the gentleman who was spluttering profanities now and jerking in his jacket trying to get free. Her eyes moved from the indignant and definitely drunk sailor, to Killian.

His movement had been too quick to be human, and his magic was not fae or wolf so it made the conclusion that he was a vampire easier. That his magic felt a little like Baron Coopers helped as well. She'd already been propositioned for her blood once this month but he didn't seem to be high on it at least so perhaps it was just a coincidence that he decided to step in. The sailor settled a little in Hook's grip, drooping like he was giving up and Mab watched the Vampire with some interest to see what he would do.
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Considering the man thought he'd be assaulting a lone woman, and instead found himself dealing with a clearly in shape man, took a lot of wind out of the man's sails. He glared at Hook before stomping away, weaving a little on his trek. Mab ignored him in favor of the vampire who moved as though he'd spent some time in a different century. Something closer to her own natural movements.

"Mmm." The sound came out low and considering. "Is it?" She didn't look around though, or take in how much quieter it was now aside from the occasional call from a ship, or group of tourists passing by on the street above. "I have found it makes life more interesting if one is willing to step outside of other's comfort zone." There was a hint of amusement in her eyes and they might look a little bright as the sky darkened through twilight into true night. The charcoal grey suit she wore made her hair and skin almost glow as the streetlights turned on and a whisp of fog curled around her feet before disappearing again.

Her fingers moved to touch where a watch would be if she wore one and she lifted one shoulder. "I am to meet the captain of this vessel in ten minutes to pick up some inventory promised." Her teeth flashed, small and white and possibly a little sharp in a smile. "How fortunate for me that you happened along." Assuming he wasn't just chasing off competition to try to rob her or drain her. Of course if he was she did not look the least bit concerned about the prospect.
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"A rare quality I have found." She replied, "But it makes you more interesting." He assessed things and she didn't rush him while he did so. He was clearly at home down here next to the river, with boats creaking along the shore in the slight waves from the evening breeze and other passing ships. Not generally a place you'd think to find a vampire. But then again, many people along the shores of the Thames did not venture out for long spells in which anemic crews would cause a stir. They moved up and down the river mooring where desired especially the smaller vehicles.

Her head dipped, acknowledging the politeness of him noting she could likely handle herself. Even if it was more flattery than true belief. "You may linger if it suits you." She offered, lifting a hand in invitation that seemed to present the stones of the lock in general. They were, for the most part, alone and she played her hand a bit just to see how he'd handle it. "I hope I have not interrupted your hunt, Gentleman Vampire."
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It took a certain sense of humor to spread rumors about being bloodthirsty when one was actually bloodthirsty. Mab enjoyed the macabre humor in such things if she knew he'd done so. Though going easy on his enemies was perhaps a softness she didn't agree with.

She smiled a little as his jaw tensed, pleased that she had put him on edge. And putting him on edge brought out the sailor in him if his language was anything to go by. "Fools are not difficult to find in a city of this size." She pointed out and then tilted her head a little at his question. "I imagine it would depend on who you were hunting. I have allies in the area and I would certainly defend myself. I see no need to interfere otherwise." That's right, she's ok with draining the odd Tourist here and there. It was in his nature and Mab could understand a predator's nature.

Which meant she was likely not a hunter. And left Hook with his other option. But what would he suspect her to be. Not a light witch, likely as they had a bad habit of sticking their noses in where they didn't belong. She looked at him expectantly, waiting to see what conclusions her newly appointed bodyguard would draw.
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"No? How old would that be?" She asked, since he'd mentioned it, her eyes shifting across his face because she'd never be able to tell by the way he looked, obviously. The mannerisms were her only clue. He was being much less flippant now, so he'd clearly figured some things out. It was always nice when you ran into creatures who had brains. They were much more interesting.

She smiled a little as he made a vauge enough guess that he hadn't stated outright what he thought she was. Perhaps he thought she would immediately reveal herself, but where was the fun in that? "Have I played my hand?" She tilted her head again, touching her frozen berry colored lips with the tip of a pale finger as though considering her words. "I would hardly have provided you with clues if I was concerned about revealing myself to you. Tell me, what have you decided I am?"
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He was definitely squirrely. She liked it, well mostly she liked keeping people on edge, they were more interesting that way and Killian was certainly interesting. The waterway was clearing in the evening except a few party boats out on the water, the streetlights were all on now, even the ones that had taken their precious time to flicker to life and it left pools of darkness around them, he blended into the darkness well with his dark hair and dark clothes. She was so pale she still stood out along with that tumble of frost colored hair.

Somehow she doubted a Vampire this old hadn't seen a fae about the docks. There were enough that loved water that even if he hadn't known he was seeing a fae, he likely had. But there was no need to broadcast that to Vampires. There were certainly magical means of detecting a sidhe. "Well now, isn't that exciting." She murmured as though considering being his first. She looked at him assessingly. "I do hope you handle it better than the last of your kind I met. Though I was not his first, the poor fellow." So far he hadn't stopped traffic to ask her for a sip of her blood so really the bar was kind of low at this point.
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Definitely not young. The younger vampires were quicker to bite first and ask questions later (if that was possible after trying to bite first). Her teeth flashed in the darkness, shining in reflection of a nearby lamp and she took a step forward, hands still at her side but definitely in his personal space. "I would hate to find I've bored you." She murmured, voice silken. And it echoed a little off the stone walls around them and the water. He was smart and polite. She approved. "After you've been kind enough to stay and protect me."

She didn't attack but she did lift a hand as though to touch him, finally. "Yes, I believe you will, you are polite which is something that is clearly lacking in many I have met recently." So regardless of if he is a Vampire or a pirate he's doing pretty well for himself. It's just never a particularly good idea to get on a high sidhe's radar. The fae enjoyed playing with people. The unseelie weren't always gentle about it. But Hook was stepping through the etiquette minefield like a feather footed gymnast. "What shall I call you?"
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It was always so inconvenient to not be the apex predator. It meant you could always die horribly. But Vampires were pretty high up on the food chain at least.

She didn't miss the tightened jaw before he managed to flash his rakish grin. Her hand settled on his chest, right where his heart would beat if it did that kind of thing. "Mr. Jones." She had asked what she should call him instead of what his name was for a reason. One did not make requests one was not willing to fulfill oneself. "You may call me Ms. Sommerset for now." She offered it back in return and then her smile came again.

"Oh no, manners are important. They keep you alive." Her fingers slid up the collar of that jacket as though smoothing it, three fingers behind the lapel and thumb and pointer along the front. She was fae after all, the rules were important. If you were good at twisting them to your means that was even better. The Fae are definitely the lawyers of the supernatural species.
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It's not so much her hand itself that is cold as it is the air in direct proximity to her hand. It bites like snow on a winter day so it wasn't surprising he could feel it through his shirt and jacket. He didn't step back but other than that initial tightening of the jaw he also didn't complain or try to get her hand away from him. She wasn't a wolf who might give chase if someone ran at the very least.

"Yes, I imagine you aren't nearly as bound to them as my kind." Some fae would be jealous of that freedom. "And which rules do you enjoy breaking the most?" She seemed genuinely curious. Or perhaps it was passing the time while she waited for her goods. Either way he wasn't trying to make a meal of her she might as well enjoy his company. See what made him tick, this Vampire that saved ladies from drunken aggressors. She wondered if she had reacted more like a human, if she would have ended up a meal.
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"Mmm." She murmured. "Creatures with power enjoy flexing it." Yes, pretty much all the supernatural species fit that bill. Her hand slid off his chest and she looked at him like she was trying to see into his soul. Mab might have commiserated with the Vampires he hated so much in some ways. She was a predator after all. Death was something the fae were fascinated by. But then again she did not like attention drawn to the supernatural. It made things complicated.

"I see, does she still hold so much authority? I was given to understand she was mostly a figurehead."

She paused and looked at the boat rocking quietly. Then up at the street above, lips thinning in disapproval. "It would be ... thoughtless to miss such an appointment." He was being well paid. And if he wanted another job he should get his human butt to the meeting. But humans could be foolish. Her eyes drifted back too Hook. "Are you offering to burgle the ship?" She asked as though considering the option. She didn't care about paying for the item itself but it would certainly serve the man right. He was already almost five minutes late.