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cross your heart && hope to die

[An August catch-all! Please note that Nancy has been cursed to compelled to tell the truth. This curse lasts until she reveals 3 things that she never would have otherwise, or until the next full moon (Aug 29). Please mention if a thread occurs AFTER the 29th as for now, she's defaulting to cursed.

Lots of fun. Please see these lovely starters, and check the comment section for a few starters. Want something specific? you know where to find me ([ profile] sheakespeare).]

Option A
The day after Lammas, Nancy woke up like any other day. She fed her cat, had some coffee and cooked up a bit of bacon to keep her hangover at bay. Today was supposed to be like any other day, grab a few bottles of Blood Replenisher to give to Cooper, more VT for her, and maybe stop by a local cafe to read for a while. And everything was going just great.

At least, until she got to the apothecary. When she was asked how she was doing, instead of just saying 'alright' and moving on like any normal person would do, she found herself looking at him and saying, "I'm bloody hungover and I don't know what just happened." But she'd said those words, even if they weren't the ones she wanted to. Blinking, she tried again, but the results were the same. Even after a third time.

"Fine, just ring me up I can tell you're impatient and think I'm crazy." He gave her a look, but rang up her purchases. Nancy was only too glad to get out of there.

Once on the street, that's where she was able to take stock of herself. Putting her bags down, she leaned against the wall. "Alright, Nancy. What's going on with you? This isn't like you." And that was the first of many incidents that day, where she thought one thing, and wound up saying something entirely else. Something, she found, that was true, and only occurred when she was lying.

Someone had cursed her. And she still had to run errands.

Option B

Nancy was determined not to let this curse keep her from working. So here she was, another night, another bar, dolled up. Whenever she approached men, however, she still couldn't, try as she might, even dance around telling the truth.

She sounded desperate, awful, and her game was at an all-time-low. At this rate, she'd have to ask Fagin for money, and he was notoriously tight with his purse strings. The only thing worse than that would be asking someone like Killian to help her out. Completely unacceptable.

Another failed solicitation, and the bartender finally nodded to the bouncer. said bouncer, who had once happily checked Nancy's ID, marched over to the petite girl and promptly informed her that this bar had no room for prostitutes, and she was therefore banned from the establishment for the rest of forever.

Shoulders sagging forward, Nancy trekked through London, trying to keep her tears at bay. Tonight, she decided, she was just going to walk home. Usually, she'd find herself at Fagin's, pouring herself a drink of gin on nights like tonight. But seeing the old man would only be a disaster tonight. Besides, she needed some time to think to herself.

Option C

If anyone has cared to notice, it's been a few days since Nancy'd been seen around London, or even responded to any sort of texts or anything. Her phone is off, and she's more than happy to spend her time right now sitting on the couch with her cat in her lap and read. Reading would lead to drinking and watching television, or even practicing videogaming but all the same, the fact remained she was lonely. Lonely and bored. First July kept her in the house for the Hunt, and now August had her nearly unable to open her mouth at all to have any sort of normal human interaction.

And, when it was feeling like it was going to be impossible to ever lift the curse, she started researching. She had a few books hidden away from when she lived at the Den, and poured over them, attempting to find a solution to her problem.

Option D
Wild Card. Make your own prompt.
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Mab passes Nancy on her way into the Apothecary and at first she almost didn't stop. But witch magic cloaks the girl drawing her attention and that's when she hears her murmuring to herself with frustration. It makes her look again. She seems familiar but likely only because she had been at Abigail's party and in the same general area as Abigail during the young Witch's announcement of a coven. The group was young.

So instead of heading into the shop, Mab stopped next to the girl feeling a complicated mix of magic twisting around her. Interesting. "Are you well?" She asked finally, like a concerned citizen might seeing a young lady slumped against a wall.
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The girl was barely blooming out of childhood and it was likely the way she whined up at Mab was making it more obvious how young she was. Mab dropped a hand to the top of the girl's head, in what could be construed as a comforting gesture and the touch was warm even if the air around them might seem strangely cool on a sweltering August day.

One had to wonder if a spell had backfired on the young witch. It would explain the complicated signature of magic around her. But then again, some of it felt fae in nature. "Come, child, we will get you a drink." Perhaps it would make the explanation make more sense. "And then you can explain the problem."
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It was amazing what something as simple as a touch could do. It was something she often took advantage of, touch was something humans craved, it soothed the soul and filled a void for them and if they didn't have someone who just touched them occasionally without expecting anything in return, it left a person vulnerable. It was difficult to tell how much Nancy needed it herself or what kind of interaction she normally received but she warmed to Mab almost immediately.

She didn't reply to the comment that she was kind. She also could not tell a lie. So she just didn't say anything in regards to it at all. Instead she steadied the girl with a hand on her elbow and then tucked a stray bit of hair behind her ear when some fell again after Nancy pushed it back. "You have all of your bags? Come along then."

It did not take them long to reach the closest pub and she moved toward a table in a corner, battered with age and worn down on the surface but clean. It was still early yet so most patrons were older and ignored the two women as they settled in.
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Mab murmured to a passing gentleman with a hand on his arm and then sat down opposite Nancy with absolute confidence he would fetch her the water she requested. He wasn't a waiter, just another customer. But he didn't hesitate and went to the bar immediately to speak to the woman behind the counter.

Once the girl was settled and her bags set down, Mab let her take a moment to look at her. She definitely had better things to do, but one did not pass up the opportunity to get to know a witch who might be of assistance later. "My tasks can wait." She replied. "I very much doubt that my afternoon is ruined, dear." She pulled out a small clutch and unzipped it to pull out a handkerchief, the old fashioned kind in a soft cloth instead of the disposable kind most people used. Handing it over to the girl to dry her eyes a bit, blow her nose if necessary.

The man came back with two large pint glasses of ice water and set them down looking at Mab with a hopeful expression. She smiled at him. "Well done, you may go back to your seat." The dismissal was obvious and she pushed a glass over to the girl. If she knew she was fae, a free drink from someone who was not fae would be an obvious lack of obligation. And it meant Mab could have done little to it. If she did not know Mab was fae, well, it would just be a glass of water.

"Why don't you explain the problem to me. You seem to be speaking just fine right now."
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Hmm the girl seemed to be gathering herself enough to be wary again. The clear mug did not drain appreciably even though Mab had been obvious about it never touching her fingers. Well, London was quite keyed in on the ins and outs of how to deal with the fae. Mab picked up her own glass and sipped from it.

She listened to Nancy's tale of woe and considered the possible curses that might be involved. It would certainly explain the complicated magical signature around the girl. Something with frankness involved. And perhaps a babbling potion. Dangerous to mix such things together. She set her hands in her lap and considered the girl's request. "Are you really certain you wish for me to ask you any question?" Even the most innocuous questions could give Mab a lot of information about her. "I will do so if that is what you want."
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Mab looked a little amused by that. "Perhaps a wise decision." She replied. As though the girl hadn't apologized to her at all. In her own way she was being kind, not forcing the girl to answer many questions that could put her under the fae's thumb. Make sure the girl could see that the drink was purely human and not an obligation. But Mab never really did anything without an ulterior motive. Earning this young witch's interest if not trust would certainly qualify as ulterior motive. "Interesting. Is it only the absolute truth you must tell? What if I were to ask you what you wish for me to call you?" It left the girl an opening to give absolute truth about her desires without giving out her real name. And because it was a suggestion instead of a request the young lady could remain completely silent and not say a word. It was a good test. Though Nancy might resent it if it backfired.
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"Mmm, it seems someone wished for you to... what is that phrase? Walk a mile in our shoes? It can be quite cumbersome to be truthful." Not to mention dangerous depending on the information you gave away. Humans were very tetchy about how the fae twisted things but if they spend any time required to tell only the truth they would also find ways to work around the rules.

Mab did not consider beauty to be a qualification in knowing her. One of her current bodyguards was a yeti and he was nothing particularly nice to look at. That aside, beauty could become dull all on it's own. But she did not know Fagan. She had, perhaps, heard of him simply because he took in strays.

Nancy, had apparently not fully learned her lesson because her question was not as politely put as Mab's had been. The Lady gave her a long level look so that she could realize her own faux pas now that she knew how important the questions asked were. Finally she said very clearly, "You may call me Ms. Sommerset, Emma."
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She was an adorable girl. The flush of her cheeks very becoming. It really was no wonder Fagan had chosen her. "There is never a better time to be cautions than when one is in a difficult situation." Mab replied but it was clear she had dismissed the affront. Nancy was clearly properly apologetic.

She set her chin on her hand and watched the girl, thinking. "Mmm, there are those who are simply that mischievous." She could see a fae playing a trick of the sort on an unsuspecting human. It could be worse. The hobs were known to just drag humans away to the darkness and feast. A truth curse was minor in comparison.

"If I ask you a question, can you tell me you do not wish to answer?" It would give her an option. Mab was enjoying testing the curse, it was one she hadn't seen in effect in this precice form before. Very clever work actually.
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That was better, Nancy was taking time to think, and breath. It would help her. She was not completely powerless in the situation. If worse came to worst she could always work with her fellow witches to take her voice away for a time. Not that Mab would make the suggestion just now. It never hurt for a witch to deal with something of this sort. A human would say it builds character.

"Well then, let us test it." She was quiet for a moment, considering. "Something benign, or obvious." Her eyes did not drift from Nancy's face before finally offering, "Do you fear me, child?"
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Mab puffed out a breath and reached out to pat the girl's hand. "It would be foolish of you not to." It was almost dismissive. "You have not told me anything I was not able to determine on my own. An unfortunate failure against your curse though." Comical or not, Mab did not laugh at Nancy.

She tapped her free finger on the rim of her own glass of water and it re-chilled, glass frosting over.
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The poor girl was starved for affection as far as Mab could tell. It left her sweetly vulnerable. She had grown up quickly under Fagan's care but under it all there was still a lonely child.

And even so, she was still alert, watching Mab's magic touch her glass. Mab squeezed her hand once and then released it to lift the cup to her lips and sip.

"There are likely several things you might attempt." She offered. "I am ... somewhat limited in what I might do to assist or even inform. You understand these limitations, I think." Balance. Some fae required it more than others. The stronger a sidhe was the more tightly they were bound by the need for balance.

She was thoughtful for a moment. "I might have one offer for you." Setting her cup down she considered the girl. "A geas. If there is something specific you do not wish to reveal, something very important, I can put a gag on the topic." And as always there is a catch. "I will, however, need to know enough about it to properly lay the geas." Even if Nancy tried to say it, no sound would leave her mouth. "It would be dangerous to do more than one specific topic at a time but, it would cost you the least."
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She smiled a little as Nancy first looked excited and then reconsidered the implications. Smart girl. Desperation often bred stupidity, but this girl was good under pressure. Fagan had taught her well.

"Understandable." She replied and considered the girl again before pulling out her clutch and plucking a card from inside. She slid it carefully across the table to the girl with two fingers. "Should the need outweigh the cost in the future you may contact me." She snapped the clutch shut again and it disappeared somewhere below table level.
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Ahh a thank you, a dangerous thing to give around fae. It implies obligation. A favor done. If one wasn't careful one could be cooking a fae's meals the rest of their life after a thank you. The girl's respectful bow of the head made Mab's lips curl up a little in a smile. She sipped her water again.

Setting the mug aside she touched the girl's cheek once more. "It is always pleasant to hear that my help was appreciated. Take time to collect yourself. All is not lost."

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