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Dear Eliza [for Clara, Aradia, Liam, and Mab]

[This is the placeholder post for Faust's search for a way to communicate with his dead wife. Prompts inside!

Warning: probably contains mental torture and/or physical harm]
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"Wouldn't miss it." Truth be told, she'd been skulking around after helping find the dear old uncle who clearly did nothing wrong anyway, as curiosity quickly drove her to wonder what came next. So when an offer came to watch the spectacle, Aradia practically lept at the chance.

The pentacle makes her freeze, however - and confirms a shaky first guess about what type of existence Faust leads. She remembers enough to know what those are used for on a general basis, after all.

But then he thanks her - well, the group, but she's aware that she contributed - and all that gets is clear embarrassment and Aradia fidgeting with the hem of her shirt, attempting to play it cool in front of the other visitors. "I just hope you two have a happy conversation. It must be nice to get the chance."
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Mab entered the room in a cold breeze, stopping to observe the setup Faust had put in place. It was cleanly done and she circled the pentacle to his other side, before looking at the other's gathered either those already there, or those still trickling in. It wasn't surprising a necromancer had ghosts and the undead as his audience. They all seemed to be moving about of their own free will though.

She glances at Faust as he thanks them all. And this one does imply his obligation. One which will only increase when she assists him with getting her soul into a new body. "Yes." She replies, but her attention moves to the shy ghost who wishes the madman well.
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She smiles back at him from where she stands next to Aradia, nodding confidently with a little wistful expression on her face.

She admits: There were times that she missed Francisco and wished he had lingered for a little bit at least. He didn't have to stay with her. Oh no, that'll be rude. Clara just-- Had a little hope there would be a chance to to catch up with him. Chat with him for a little bit and really know that everything is okay.

It didn't happen though. Knowing that she and the others were able to help Faust get the opportunity warms where her heart should be. Everyone should be able to spend time with their loved ones if given the chance and a little helping hands. "I'm sure it'll go well for you two both! This is such an exciting occasion for you and her."
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She'd been about to reply, attention split between Faust's cheerful comment and Mab's curious staring - but then the ritual begins, and the pieces began to fall into place.

Aradia didn't know a lot about being a ghost, admittedly. She was still testing her boundaries and learning just how far her new existence could stretch, especially when compared to older ghosts like Clara or anyone who'd done more intense study into the subject matter. But she liked to think she knew quite a lot about the living side of being a medium from sheer immersion and practice, as far as a teenaged girl could be counted to have experience in anything.

So whatever innocent joy she'd had at the start faded when Eliza's ghost started to panic. That... probably wasn't a good sign, and she has no qualms about edging back and quietly whispering to the other two observers to rule out ideas. "M-maybe she doesn't know she's dead? I know some ghosts don't realize it at first, but..."
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Mab is pretty sure Eliza is aware she is dead. The reaction tells her that she also knows what Faust's plans are and doesn't approve. Of course, she doesn't need to approve if he can summon her and force her into a body. With Clara nearby she's certainly not going to mention that aloud. This is Faust's show, he gets to decide what is explained to his friends and what isn't.

She touched Aradia's wrist just momentarily in a soothing gesture and murmured, "I believe she is aware of the implications."