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Dear Eliza [for Clara, Aradia, Liam, and Mab]

[This is the placeholder post for Faust's search for a way to communicate with his dead wife. Prompts inside!

Warning: probably contains mental torture and/or physical harm]
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Mab arrived some time later as her phone did not actually work in the Other Realm. That would have to be dealt with. Fortunately she'd had business in his realm and so found herself curious enough about what Faust had found to end up here on the doorstep of a house. She looked out over the street it sat on and then back at the house. She didn't sense any spirits about but they could easily hide behind a threshold.

Lifting her hand she pressed the bell and then slid her phone into her pocketbook.
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He answered the door as though it was his home. Which by all appearances, it wasn't. It didn't have the feel of him at all and in general looked far too normal and... well clean. She got the distinct impression unless it was important to him, Faust probably let things like dusting slide. She moved to step inside and she felt the threshold press back, an almost physical wall. Pausing she cleared her throat.

"Perhaps you might ask the owner to extend an invitation?" Really she could go in if she wanted to force things but it would mean leaving the majority of her power outside. And she didn't trust Faust's sanity in those circumstances.
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Mab waited, her eyes not straying to take in the sights. She listened to some thumps before she felt the threshold give and finally stepped into the house passing the threshold as though it was a curtain now. Walking in to the main room it looked generally as mundane as her first impression. She took it in with a sweep of her eyes before returning her gaze to the doctor.

"You wish for me to be present while you ask your questions?" She asked taking in the slightly mussier look.
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"Very well." She tried to decide if he meant it as some kind of reward. She certainly doesn't shy away from horrific things so he'll have no worries there at the very least. Not that he was the type to worry.

She followed him through the house, and down into the basement. Her eyes fell on the unfortunate soul. If she was tied down, she'd be concerned to have the necromancer around as well.

There was an open space to the side of the chair and Mab moved there with a fluid grace. The room's temperature dropped just a little as she moved but no frost formed on anything. "He does not wish to speak I take it?" She took in the bindings and it made her voice a little wry. From here on she would leave most of the speaking to Faust. It was his wife and her soul that he was after. Mab's part came later.
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Willing meant no torture was necessary. It was interesting that he didn't even seem to consider the possibility. She tilted her head a little, listening to the German. She spoke German enough to understand but her face remained impassive as the man looked close to panic.

Her expression did change when Faust pressed his fingers into his captive. That was complicated magic. Being able to pass through one layer and then becoming solid enough that she could hear bone being touched. Suddenly Mab was a whole lot more interested in the proceedings. She stepped closer, watching his work more carefully. Like an observer in a macabre surgery quorum but with a better seat. She remained silent, allowing Faust to do what work he found necessary.
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The human was impressive. Even racked with pain he was refusing Faust what he requested. Most humans would have passed out from pain such as that which the doctor was delivering. It was quick though. Mab tended to stretch such things out, Faust had an endgame though and as a mortal, far less time to devote to torture. She smiled a little at the idea that Faust kept company with monsters. That much was true.

It was honorable, what the man was trying to do. This summoning Faust was going to attempt could end up doing more harm to Eliza's spirit than he could possibly imagine. It could leave her broken or worse. None of that was Mab's problem though. Her eyes did not leave the man being tortured. Cool calm and assessing no concern for him at all. No expression really in the long run now that the smile had disappeared again.
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One had to wonder if he'd used the most painful approach out of vengeance or envy. Faust did seem the type to blame his wife's uncle for both knowing more about his wife than he did as well as not sharing it. The way he stopped the man's screams was not gentle but it seemed the spell he'd cast was almost worse. A man who had been proud and struggled against physical torture was reduced to tears when his free will was taken. It might have moved a mortal but Mab was more interested that Faust could so quickly construct a ... was it a truth spell?

Her lips worked over the name once, memorizing it herself. This was what he was missing, no doubt. But the man could still be hiding part of the name. She watched the necromancer, with passive patience.

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"You are certain you have all of it now?" She asked him, eyes drifting down to the broken man as the tape was removed. Her expression remained neutral. The house made soft noises around them, an old building settling, a clicking as power went on in another part of the home, perhaps an air conditioner or the refrigerator. "You will likely only have this chance to get everything you need."
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She gave him one last look as though trying to determine if he was confident because of how he had extracted the information or because he was slightly insane. Finally she nodded and moved toward the door as well, following the doctor toward the stairs.

"Does that bother you?" She asked. She didn't think it did but some humans were difficult to read. But if he thought a little playful torture would upset her, he was certainly mistaken. The man meant nothing to her, provided no use to her she had no reason to feel anything for the pain he suffered. She was the type to think the Romans had been hobbyists at torture. Ten minutes in a basement was hardly a problem. The man had served his purpose.
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"Ahh, then yes, I was not bothered."

She stepped out onto the landing and turned to him as he invited her to the summoning. She did not need to be present at the summoning but his magic was truly what was an interest to her so there was no reason not to attend. "I believe I would enjoy that."
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"Excellent. Send me the date and time and I will attend." She didn't even glance back at the basement door. Whatever Faust decided to do with the weeping man downstairs was up to him, it wasn't as though she had to concern herself with mortal authorities.

"One would hope." Summonings did not work well with large groups. Spirits could be temperamental about such things. She moved toward the door giving him a moment to decide if he needed her for anything else.