May. 29th, 2017

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Set a few hours after this thread.

Warnings: likely mentions of child abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution, domestic abuse, and criminal activities.


There's a bit of grease on Nancy's jeans as she pushes open the door to Cooper's apartment, one arm carrying a large brown bag. She puts her purse down next to the front door immediately as she comes in, calling: "Cooper! I'm home- stopped in at the shops on my way home, thought I'd pick up some more gin, and that whiskey you like." He should be home- he didn't have a Night Council meeting, and since he'd been returned from the Other Realm, he'd been laying low. She didn't blame him.

She's fresh from work, clear from the smell of oil that clings to her skin as she puts the bag of alcohol on the front-hall table. The gin she'd grabbed for herself was the cheap brand she usually drank, while the whiskey, actually paid for, was from a higher shelf. She knew what her boyfriend liked to drink, and she wanted to provide it for him, when needed.

Once she turned to take her shoes off, that's when she noticed it. The tiny pieces of what she assumed had once been a vase, nearly pulverized. The alcohol is immediately forgotten about as she calls out again, a note of worry in her voice: "Cooper? What happened?" She steps further into the apartment. "Did Juliet break a vase?" She can only hope it was that. But this wasn't the first time she'd come home to broken vessels in her entry-way. Far, far from it.

As Cooper was about to learn.


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