May. 24th, 2017

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 Cooper had been staying mostly in his apartment since he'd returned from the Other Realm. It had been a sobering experience for the vampire. Sure, the fae who had kidnapped him had been a bunch of delusional zealots, but they did have a point. His actions had caused a lot of misery for the supernatural community. It had given him something to think about while he healed up from the worst of the wood-based injuries he had received. And then there was the ousting of Sylvia to consider. He had been plenty mad to see that the Council had voted without him being present. What a fine state of affairs he'd gotten himself into.

But he couldn't stay holed up inside with only Nancy for emotional support. He needed to get back out there and get back on his feet. As a first step, he actually got out of bed, and went down to the shops to pick up some much-needed supplies. While he was there, he saw a kid standing in the candy aisle. It was Joss, and the fact he looked that intent over deciding which chocolate bar to buy was rather amusing, not that Cooper was going to bring it up. He was trying to learn to curb his tongue better.

He walked up to the older vampire. "I assume you've been following everythin' that's been going on lately." He needed someone to talk to about what was going on and Joss was older, if not exactly wiser in Cooper's opinion.


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