May. 8th, 2017

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1 // "office hours" // mid-may // open to hillingdon
Arthur never thought he'd be in a position where he felt obligated to defend Sylvia Redbright from media slander. It's not even like he has to campaign for her, but if he managed to get cornered into a conversation about it, she is the lesser of two evils and still one of the biggest pieces on the board when it comes to dismantling Daybreak. He thinks it was a good move not to remain neutral like they have in the past, but it still manages to bug him.

Either way he's spending more time at Hillingdon House lately, realizing that his sprawling collection of research is too much to keep at his apartment. He's taken over one of the smaller rooms and sometimes he just sits there staring at a wall plastered with news articles and photocopied pages of old arcane books. He's still around to help give the hunters a bit of structure when and if they need it but mostly he's obsessing over the Daybreak problem and what exactly he can even do about it from his position.

Still, he'll try not to be too disgruntled if he gets interrupted from his long bouts of silence interspersed with cliche Edith Piaf "thinking music." His door is open, after all.

2 // he's still a hunter // may // open to all
The guy still has to eat, which means he's still taking bounties when he can get them. Islington shaping up has been a bit bad for business but it's good for humans in general, so he tries not to complain, but this does mean that he's taking a lot of low energy reconnaissance jobs instead of the more exciting ones he's used to. That means a lot of time at coffee shops and diners staking out offices and homes and various other places that are boring to watch. Clearly he needs a distraction.

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 Cooper had spent the day in his office, mostly lost inside his own head. The upheaval of the Night Council was weighing heavily upon his mind. First Samantha had been made Mother of Witches. That in itself wouldn't have been cause for alarm, but now reading about the scandal that Sylvia Redbright was involved, he had to wonder. He could smell a power play from a mile off. After all, he'd been involved in more than one himself, both in his time running the Nest in Pemkowet with his mentor Stefan and the Nest here in London. The real question here is who was this going to benefit? Cooper could see part of the picture, but not the whole thing. He cursed himself for a fool, too stupid to put all the pieces together.

Ah well. Maybe it would come to him if he discussed with other members of the Nest. He turned out the light in his office and picked up his keys. A good ride back to his and Nancy's apartment would clear his head. He called home to let Nancy know that he was on his way. Just as he was about to hop onto his motorcycle, a woman with beautiful golden eyes came up to him. "Mr. Cooper? Might we have a word?" As he turned to answer her, the glamour melted away, revealing a fae with the ears and eyes of a doe, a pattern of dark dots surrounding her eyes and nose. Cooper felt a pair of strong hands grab him from behind, but before he could even begin to struggle, the doe blew powder towards him, and he slumped into unconsciousness.

Within minutes, there was no sign of what had happened to the vampire, save for a shattered cell phone and the keys still left in the ignition of his motorcycle.
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There's not so many things that Eames actually enjoys these days, which is probably a sad fact, but don't feel pity for him. Because he has the most excellent dog in the world. Do you have the best dog in the world? No. Because he is Eames' dog and he is called Boxer and he's two years old and a beautiful healthy rottweiler who is smart and handsome and very well behaved.

Generally after he's done with whatever morning/early afternoon business he has, it's followed by a trip to the nearest park if he's brought Boxer with him.

There's nothing fancy or special here, just feel free to find him walking his dog or playing catch. Boxer's a little wary around other dogs, but he doesn't shy away when other dogs come over like he did when Eames first got him, which is nice to see. It's always good to know you've raised your child well.

Honestly? At this stage there's not much to be gleaned from watching the place, but that doesn't mean Eames won't.

He's not here every day, because honestly why go to Richmond if you don't have to, but every now and then he stops for a few hours to watch the comings and goings. Partially a catalogue of faces, partially to see if there's anything odd going on that might spill into public view. Especially after they failed to hold on to some of their prizes from the last few months.

A glamour makes him hard to see in return — not hidden, not exactly, but it almost... Diverts attention. Makes him forgettable and uninteresting. Probably what makes him feel confident hanging about in such a particularly dangerous area for a fae.

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