Feb. 6th, 2017

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Night - February 8: Highgate Cemetery

Caroline's mother isn't buried in this cemetery. Elizabeth Forbes was buried almost a year ago in the family plot, back in Mystic Falls. Elena should have made sure that flowers had been put there today, flowers that Caroline had carefully ordered weeks ago.

But this is the closest she can get to marking the first anniversary of her mother's death - wandering through the graves of strangers in the moonlight.

She'd come a long way in the last year, both physically and otherwise. At first, she'd tried to shut it all away and only ended up getting consumed by anger and grief. Vampires, it would seem, had an extra stage of grief: carnage. But she'd moved past that and come to London, creating a whole new life for herself in the process.

There were some parts of her old life though that she wasn't ready to let go of. Her mother's memory was at the top of that list. And so, as she walked through past graves and crypts and some rather amazing trees, she began to sing softly the same song she'd sung at the funeral.

Go in peace, go in kindness
Go in love, go in faith
Leave the day, the day behind us
Day is done, go in grace
Let us go, into the dark
Not afraid, not alone
Let us hope, by some good pleasure
Safely to, arrive at home

[The cemetery is partially in Haringey, Camden, and Islington. She'd be coming and going through Camden and Islington, if your character isn't the type to wonder cemeteries in the middle of the night.]


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