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Fight like the night (OTA)

A Day

If anyone is up on current popular forms of social media, they’ll have noticed a certain trending topic on Instagram. Several pictures of two men beaten up and lashed to a lamppost have been making the rounds. If not for various injuries, one could almost mistake it for a frat house initiation hijink. Those knowing the signs will recognize several of their injuries as vampire bite marks. What makes the pictures quite extraordinary is that the two men are hunters. In another photo, there’s a picture of an unconscious female hunter also beaten to a pulp. While whoever took the photos is nowhere to be found in frame, he’s left several taunting messages at the bottom of each one. “Hillingdon: 0. Me: 3.” reads one. “All hail the mighty Hillingdon hunters,” reads another.

Cooper’s busy looking them over for about the fiftieth time, snickering as he does so. He’s sitting out on a park bench, taking advantage of his temporary immunity from the sun in a T-shirt and shorts. Anyone who gets close to him will notice the dilated pupils and disheveled look he has. He can’t remember the last time he slept. Not that he needs to, hyped up like he is on the fae blood. He glances down at his phone, flipping to another picture, letting out a cackle as he does so.

B Evening

The restless energy he can’t seem to shake hasn’t left him by the time the sun starts to set. There’s only one thing to do. He pulls his little BSA M20 out of the garage and takes it out for a spin. Cooper speeds recklessly all over the city, letting his energy get left far behind as the wind whips past his motorcycle. There’s nothing that soothes his mind like riding around.

Maybe you’re scrambling to make your way across the street just as he comes to a noisy, screeching halt. Maybe he spots you on the other side of the street and recklessly pulls a U-turn so that he can pull up next to where you are. Maybe he’s idling at the curb, waiting for you to come out of a shop after catching your scent. Any way you look at it, there’s a vampire sitting on top of a motorcycle who’s taken quite the interest in you.

C Night

Long after the last light has faded from the sky, Cooper knows he needs to feed. The problem is that he’s not craving human blood tonight. After accidentally tasting Will’s blood, all he can think about is fae blood. He resists the urges as long as he can. Alas, eventually, his will crumbles. He takes to the streets, stalking his prey. What he wants most of all is going to be hard to find, but in his current strung-out state, he’ll take anything and everything he can get.

Skulking down alleyways and climbing over rooftops, he’s not the perfect silent predator he usually is. People that he’s following will feel a prickle on the back of their necks, some sixth sense warning them that somebody is watching them. If they aren’t careful, he’ll strike them down and feed without pity.

D Wildcard

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He could disdain it all he liked, titles were important as far as Mab was concerned. "Are you still a Lieutenant?" He certainly did not come across as military. Which begged the question, why he'd been called that. Mab did not ask it just now. But her raised brow at the initial mention of it might as well have.

"I am called the Lady of Air and Darkness." She replied, something like amusement in her eyes. It was a miracle he could hold himself back so much when his whole body was on edge as it was now. "You may call me Ms. Sommerset if you like."
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-08-11 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)
It made no sense whatsoever to her. "Outcast?" And what did being outcast have to do with bicycles? Her eyes drifted to his motor bike and she internally corrected that to motorcycles. "Tell me about the Outcast, Lieutenant." Mab could always use information.

She did not miss that hint of sarcasm. But really he couldn't come off much worse than he already had so she let it slide. And the bit of respect countered the sarcasm enough that she was mollified.
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-08-12 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
Biker gangs. Well Americans always did find ways to be unique. Even the Supernatural set. She knew a wizard who advertised in the phone book as a private investigator of the supernatural. A vampire motorcycle gang wasn't any more odd. "Ahh, I see." But it made his condition now seem odd. Someone who was a trusted lieutenant should be able to show more restraint. "You still yearn to be a trusted right hand man."

Her expression was quizzical, she had some time before the person she was meant to meet would arrive so she asked. "Your habit became a problem?" It would explain some things. He was being forthcoming, no need to stop asking questions.
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-08-13 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
Not liking titles but being wistful about a specific one was erring on the obvious side, but she considered the question to be rhetorical.

Oh vampires, ego was rarely a problem for them. As a fae, beauty was kind of the the norm for the high sidhe. But he seemed to have amused himself with the comment. So perhaps it wasn't all ego. "You left because you lost control then?" He was quite forthright, this vampire.
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Ahh, and for the young vampire who didn't like to lose control he seemed to have realized he'd lost some here. She certainly knew much more about him now and it served him right, thinking he could just ask to sip from her. "And yet, your control does not seem to be at peak today." The subject change might seem a kindness but perhaps not considering how vulnerable he apparently is to running off at the mouth. Her head tilted in question. Why had partaken? Was he still struggling regularly with control? Was he losing his battle? At least he still had his looks.
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Her eyebrows rise at the almost angry response. And then the sulky addition. Her expression all but says 'come on Cooper, no one forced you to drink from a fae. In fact most fae would not even consider allowing themselves to be sampled as a favor. Which meant he most likely had to work for it.

"I believe the humans have an eight step program." She got the number of steps wrong. "Isn't there one about accepting responsibility for your actions?" Mab doesn't have a clue about AA. If there isn't a step like that there ought to be, and she generally thought people needed to either deal with their problems or die trying. If you weren't strong enough you were hardly useful to her.
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"Sloppiness in your battles will always leave room for error." She pointed out. Yes, she didn't have werewolf hearing but she also wasn't deaf. She watched him shift and his eyes start to move again. "Let us hope your hard lesson does not lead to your downfall, Mr. Cooper. And might I suggest you take care on whom you approach about sampling."
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-09-02 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
Even immortals were subject to certain exceptions to the rules. But if he liked to think that way that was his nevermind. She just watches him stand up. "Goodby, Mr. Cooper." And because she wasn't entirely sure he wouldn't get himself killed she just smiled a little. Because if he survived there was no doubt in her mind they'd see one another again.