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Stroke of Midnight [OPEN]

Miss Abigail Widdowson cordially invites you to Geap Manor on Wednesday, July 1st at 19:00.

Food, drinks, and music will be provided.

All are welcome, but individuals are to be aware that any hostilities during the evening's festivities will not be tolerated.

It is the first time in at least a generation that the doors of Geap Manor have been opened to the general population. Or, at least, as general as the supernatural community could be considered. Some invitiations were made personally, but most were formally sent to the higher ranking members of the various factions.

Dinner is announced precisely at 19:30. The small, intimate eating area for the family has been turned into a buffet room. The caterers Abigail hired have obviously been paid well to make sure there is something for everyone. Rich meat dishes, hearty vegetarian dishes, light fish dishes, plenty of accompaniments and finger food. There is also plenty of fairly fresh blood for vampires. For the others, there are wines, water, and tea available.

The grand dining room has had its large table removed, replaced, instead, by small tables that can comfortably hold four. They can, of course, be pushed together to allow for more room.

The ballroom is open to the guests, and the DJ has also been highly paid to make sure the music played is precisely to the hostess's tastes. There is plenty of modern music, good for dancing, as well as older classics. However, interspersed are classical pieces meant for waltzes and foxtrots and other such ballroom dances.

In the sitting room is a drink cart with wine, tea, water, and blood. Chairs and divans are available, as the room is a quiet place, a little away from the ballroom, so conversation can be had with ease. There is an unlit fireplace, and a portrait of Abigail a few years younger than she is now hangs above it.

Most of the rest of the house is locked. One can wander the hallways, but it may prove ultimately fruitless. One who simply walks up the stairways will find the walls of each lined with the Widdowson family portraits of every generation, starting with one of a ten-year-old Abby, her parents, and her six-year-old brother. As one takes in all the paintings, a pattern presents itself. Every Widdowson woman featured is pale, thin, and blonde.

The grounds are beautifully maintained and fenced in by wrought iron on top of stone. A very traditional look for such an imposing manor. On the path from the street to the house, there's little remarkable, save the knocker on the door. Behind the house, however, if one ventures away, one might get the keen sense of something from inside the house watching, waiting, and hungering. On the ground floor, the locked rooms are mostly unremarkable, save for the study at the back of the house. Linger too long near there, and one might hear a sound coming in a pattering set. It isn't a knock against the door, no. Instead, it is the sound of something hitting the wall. If someone were to force their way into the nursery on the second floor or the attic several stories up... Well. They likely won't be coming back to the party. Or to anything.

Wandering, of course, isn't a suggested enterprise. The old house doesn't like people poking around and trying to find its secrets.

(Everyone who has at least a familiarity with the supernatural is welcome, as the invitations were distributed widely. Mingle, make your own top comments, enjoy the food, etc!)
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Sitting Room

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When Mab entered the room Sirius was the only person inside and he seems content looking around. He looks a little scruffy but it doesn't seem out of place in Miss Widdowson's home. Though something tells her sitting in a quiet room admiring the filigreed bar ware is not his comfort space. She had on her human glamor, which toned down all the unnatural fae beauty at least. But he might be able to smell the scent of fresh snow on her.

"Have I intruded?" She asked more because apparently it was polite to do so than because she planned to leave if she had.
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The smell of snow was something that caught Sirius off guard, considering the old and musty smell of the room (it reminded him of the library in Grimmauld Place, which was both comforting and less than welcome). He glances around the room before settling on Mab.

"Not at all," he replies, "I was just looking around."
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He does not become immediately defensive which is helpful. He seems pleasant even, polite. Mab drifted further into the room, two fingers traveling along a wooden side table as her gaze moved first around the room taking it in and finally back to the man inside. "And have you found anything interesting to look at?" She asked him, some humor in her voice. Her drifting took her much closer to him, close enough that even toned down her coloring looks a little odd. Maybe she doesn't get out much.

His hair, she notices, is on the long side. It is a common length among the high Fae but not as common in adult males that she has met. And he carries a feel of magic but not fae. Not quite witch either. Curious. The sounds of the party are muted and the room itself feels more intimate, like a fire and a good book on a rainy day. "I do not believe we have met."
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There's really two ways that Sirius can approach his situation, treating everyone as a potential enemy or being polite. Considering his innocence and that he's had some time to think about it, the latter is likely more effective. He doesn't want to arouse any more suspicion than he already has. He keeps his wits about him though.

"A few things. The portraits at least."

It's hard not to be reminded of his own family in a place like this.

"But no, I don't think we have, miss..."
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Being polite is always a good choice when one does not know to whom they speak. Her eyes lift to the pictures on the wall and she sees the one Abigail mentioned to her earlier, in it's place above the fireplace. She is such a tiny thing, but she has spirit.

Her gaze shifted back to Sirius and she glided across the floor in even, graceful steps, unhurried, lifting one hand. "You may call me Ms. Sommerset." She offered. It was the name she had given Abigail Widdowson and not knowing how many dark witches were about, it was best to keep a lid on how many people could summon her for now. There was plenty of time to find witches with potential and offer them such a jewel.

Being fae meant she had no idea Sirius was any kind of escapee. He was simply another human with a faint feel of magic. Albeit a polite one. Mab could approve of politeness when it served.
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"Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Sommerset," Sirius replied with a polite nod, taking her hand. He's a tad suspicious, given the way she introduced herself, but that gets shoved to the back of his mind. It's probably nothing for him to worry about at the moment.

"Are you enjoying the party?"

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Her fingers curl around his, her own soft and smooth as though she does not work with her hands. His seem rougher. Strength and hesitation or wariness. Curious. He pushes that hesitation aside and moves right on past it with pleasantries. But does not give her his name she notices.

Enjoying is such a strong word. Though she supposes she is. "I have found it quite entertaining," she asserts. "And now mystery added to the mix. A
enigmatic gentleman in a quiet room. I believe it is customary to return an introduction?"
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"Indeed it is, my apologies," Sirius replies. He hasn't been to a party like this in a while and is forgetting his manners. "My name is Sirius."

He's still reluctant to give his whole name. While Abigail had insisted on no hostilities, he doesn't want to ruin her party by letting it be known that a wanted man is attending it.
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She dipped her head a little in acknowledgement. "Ahh, a heavenly body and a gentleman." She might be teasing a little. As much as a fae could.

She let her hand slide smoothly from his and glanced around the room once before looking pointedly at him. "Are you not enjoying the festivities, Mister Sirius? Or is this simply a break to recover?"
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He smiles slightly, manners having not quite deserted him. He was surprised by how quickly everything came back to him.

"Oh, I am, but yes, I was looking for a small break, and curious about some of the other rooms in the house."
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Considering how the fae guarded their information like a dragon guards it's gold, it is not surprising that Mab keeps turning the conversation back to him. Her eyes lifted in the general direction of the ceiling where she knew somewhere above a fae guarded this house just as jealously. She could feel him in the timbers and the mortar, in the air they breathed and the awareness of the place that ebbed and flowed. "The house might take it personally if you stray too far, Mr. Sirius." Her eyes dropped back to him and she smiled a little.

Then as though she hadn't said something completely unsettling she moved to the serving tray and poured herself some of the whiskey from the decanter, picking up the glass she turned. "It can be quite overwhelming. All the egos in one place."
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"I'll try not to then." He had mostly planned to look at the photographs and not wander into any rooms. Despite the urge to, being a born troublemaker. It takes a lot to remind himself that he shouldn't, and it's probably a good thing he's on his own, and not around anyone who could egg him on.

"And there are quite a lot of them here, I'm sure."

Not that he can really identify them on sight, apart from a handful.

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"Egos? Oh yes. I imagine it cannot be helped in a gathering of the sort." She had her own, massive ego, took one to know one. She moved silently over to the fainting couch and settled down for the moment, watching him thoughtfully. He looked like a rouge. All the hair both normal and facial. But a little twitchy too? It was hard to say, something felt ... off. Like he wasn't fitting quite right into his skin.

She sipped from the cup and studied him for a moment longer. Just long enough to make things really uncomfortable. Finally she broke it, "May I ask how you know our hostess?"
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He's still adjusting, and maybe threw himself into the deep end with a party like this. But Sirius is not one to sit around and wait for that to happen. Which it likely never will.

"We're acquaintances. I'm fairly new in town and this seemed a way to reconnect with the community."
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"Such an interesting girl, Mistress Widdowson." Mab acknowledged, and set her cup down on a coaster on the side table beside herself, leaning forward a little and resting an arm across the higher arm rest, giving a very Cleopatra vibe as she relaxed.

"New but reconnecting. I must confide I find myself in a similar situation. So much can change when years pass us by." Really she didn't look all that old. She had a kind of agelessness about her though so perhaps that explained it.
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"Indeed, she is." And vaguely familiar. The more he hears the name Widdowson, the more he becomes convinced that they've met before. Albeit very briefly and when they were both a lot younger. Funny how things worked out that way.

"That's for certain. There are days when I can barely recognize London."
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That answer earns him a chuckle from her, and it's almost musical, even veiled as she was. "For a place with walls that have stood for hundreds of years you would think it impossible, would you not? Did you know they still hold tours about the Ripper?" Half of what those guys said was just storytelling, she should know, she'd haunted these streets while he was sensationalized in the papers sold on street corners. "What is the greatest change you think you have seen, Sirius?"
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"I'm familiar with those," Sirius replied, though he's never been on one. He and his friends had considered sneaking off on a school trip to the Tower of London, but decided against it. They didn't need any more detentions.

"Maybe it's just because I haven't been here for a while, but things seem busier. More people."
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Mab chuckled at his answer. "Ah yes. People. There are always more people in greater concentrations." She puffed out a cooling breath. "And technology moves quickly, it makes people move quickly as well. One wonders when some people ever rest. It explains the driving need for coffee." She has never seen so many people in England so interested in coffee. Tea, yes. Coffee not so much. That was more Italy.
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"That too. Everyone seems to be on the go."

Cell phones have definitely been something he's noticed, since they weren't as prevalent before. A relatively new technology as he recalls.

"Can't say I'm much of a fan of coffee though."
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"Mortal lives pass quickly. Perhaps it is a matter of shoving as much into the limited time as possible."

Her eyes focus back in on him at the mention of not liking coffee. "Well, it is good to know some people here have taste." She'd probably chosen the wrong coffee to start with. Something loaded with chocolate and caramel and sugar.
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"Possibly." Although that just makes his time in prison feel even more like wasted time than anything else.

"I do try. Few things are better than a good cup of tea,"
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Mab lifted her little glass in a salute to that. "Cheers." Then she downed the last of the amber liquid.

She straightened up, setting the glass on the side table and rising. "If you find yourself venturing forth into the press of humanity again, do find me, I would enjoy a dance."
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Sirius mirrors the motion, draining his glass as well.

"Of course," he replies, and his initial thought is to remain in the sitting room. But how long had it been since he had danced? Too long was probably the answer. And while keeping a low profile was a priority, wasn't he already risking a lot solely by being there? The risk was what made it fun after all.

And so he headed out after her.

"No time like the present, right?"
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She paused in turning toward the door, a little surprised as he'd seemed to be avoiding things, but pleased none the less. She lifted a hand for him to take to lead her out. "Seize the moment?" She asked with a smile. "I am thrilled to hear you say so."

As they passed back into the main room, the noise ratcheted up several notches and the music flowed around them, something not quite classical but at least danceable. The look in his eyes, more devil may care than haunted was delightful to behold. It suited him more.

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