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Hunting vampires

Closed to Girl

As the moon grows to full so too does Johanna’s innate desire to hunt. Johanna though, is disciplined. She can control herself when not immediately threatened.

This time though, the change is different. It’s the first time Johanna has changed so fully – feeling so awake, alive. Every time previous, she’s been drugged to her eyeballs, purposely weakened with the concoctions pumped into her body. But now, her desire to hunt, to kill has become unquenchable.

When she turns, she begins her stalk. It begins with a human, but quite quickly, Johanna loses interest. Why would she kill a human, just for the hell of it? No, Johanna’s grudges are against those who hunt werewolves, and against the vampires, those stinking corpses that destroyed her pack. Even in wolf form, Johanna grins. Let’s chuck a firework into the bonfire. Let’s kill a vampire.

She slinks through the streets of London, small for a wolf, and mangy. Patches of her fur are missing and she’s thin. But her eyes are keen and her teeth are sharp.

She runs for Islington. And she doesn’t stop until she realizes she’s being followed.


When all is said and done, and Johanna regains her senses, she realizes that she’s screwed. She’s killed a fucking vampire. There’s a bounty on her head and, she is sure, several corpses quite willing to murder her.
And Johanna kind of loves it.
She’s not an idiot though. She’ll totally call Cesare and his gang out but she has no intention of dying at a vampire’s hand. The problem is though, she has no pack to fall back on. No one’s obliged to help her, and Johanna isn’t exactly the type to actually ask for it.

She moves from her usual camp in the woods of the country park to a derelict house. It’s damp and unfurnished but that doesn’t bother Johanna either. She sleeps with her back against the back door and her axe in her hand. She is so ready. If anyone tries to attack, heads will roll.
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She usually stayed home during the moon instead of the den, trusting her uncle's chains and barred doors to keep her in line. Girl has been lulled into security by the familiarity because he kept telling her home much calmer she was than her father before her during the change and there in lay her mistake. There was something about the night that made her restless and pushing past the clumsily barred doors proved easy when she really tried.

London streets were different in wolf form, everything sharper and infinitely more interesting with the threads of smells she's never noticed before. For a while she's content to sniff around garbage and chase strays, but then she catches the scent of something familia; vague in the way her mind half connects it to someone she knows and intimately so in how it screams fellow wolf.

She follows quietly, remembering with puppy-like glee how much fun it is to track something. That is, until she begins to catch on to where the wolf is heading. When Johanna stops, she surges forward and jumps, landing heavy to get Johanna's attention. Girl snorts, shaking her head in the direction of the awful dead smell. 'Not there', she's trying to say.