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july catch-all for desmond

1. all of july: job hunting
Desmond might have a place to stay for now, but the little bit of money he was given isn't going to last forever, so that only means one thing: he needs to find a job. Keeping to Circle Daybreak and other witch-friendly territories, Desmond walks along the streets, keeping an eye out for any signs in windows that indicate a place might be looking to take on an extra pair of hands. Unfamiliarity with the city, though, means he has a hard time navigating, and it takes no time at all to get lost.

Meaning it's time to accost a stranger, giving them a sheepish grin. "Do you have a minute? I think I took a wrong turn somewhere."

Otherwise, you might see him come in to a bar or a shop, looking around for the owner or someone who looks like they might be in charge. If they're otherwise occupied, he might turn to you instead. "Sorry, but would you happen to know who I should talk to about getting a job here? I heard they're hiring."

2. all of july: bird's eye view
There's no better way to see the city than from the roofs, so Desmond can frequently be found hauling himself up along fire escapes and -- occasionally -- architecture, though he's careful to try and do it out of sight of main thoroughfares. Still that could mean you see someone scrambling up the side of a building,hear a scuffle of feet outside your window, or a soft thump and some low swearing from an alleyway when he doesn't quite stick his landing the way he's supposed to.

Once he does get to the rooftops, Desmond pulls out a pen and a map of London, turning it around in his hands and flipping through it until he gets to the page that corresponds to whatever he's looking at right now. Narrowing his eyes, he tries to match the skyline and the landmarks to the map.

"Guess who built this place never heard of urban planning, did they?" he says out loud, to no one in particular.

[ ooc; need me to write up a custom starter? want to tag in with something completely unrelated? just shoot me a pm! ]

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